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Past Webinars [most recently added on top]

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194. A Webinar with David Blow: Grading in ML examinations 21/05/24

193. A Webinar with Julien Violette: Raising attainment at GCSE, tackling the productive skills 14/03/24

192. ALL Consultation briefing on the Advanced British Standard 11/03/24ALL Consultation briefing on the Advanced British Standard

191. A Webinar with Mathilde Bouquin: Raising attainment at GCSE, tackling the receptive skills 05/03/24

190. A Webinar with Sarah Hau: Organising residential trips to Paris 29/02/24

189. A TiLT webinar with Julia Morris: Language Learning with ChatGPT: Exploring Opportunities and Risk 28/02/23 Part 3  12/07/23

188. A TiLT Webinar with Dominik Lukeš: ChatGPT is a weird linguist: What should language teachers know about how LLMs work? 01/02/24

187. An ALL London webinar with Helen Myers: Getting to grips with the new GCSE 19/10/23

186. A TiLT Webinar with Maureen Gassert Lamb: Making AI Work for Language Teachers 15/06/23

12/07/23: See Number 189 A TiLT webinar with Julia Morris: Language Learning with ChatGPT: Exploring Opportunities and Risk 28/02/23 Part 3 

185. A TiLT webinar with Julia Morris: Language Learning with ChatGPT: Exploring Opportunities and Risk 28/02/23 Part 2

184. A TiLT webinar with Julia Morris: Language Learning with ChatGPT: Exploring Opportunities and Risks 21/02/23 Part 1

183. A TiLT Webinar with Caroline Schlegel and Aubrey Swisher: Authentic Grammar Acquisition: DUU It Right! (Thursday 9th February 2023)

182. Looking back at 2022 and forward to 2023 for AQA GCSE MFL (Monday 6th February 2023)

181. A TiLT Webinar with Melinda Bailey – Tools for Dyslexic Learners (Thursday 24th January 2023)

180. Pearson Edexcel Summer exams 2023 (Tuesday 24th January 2023)

179. ALL Ofqual Consultation on Subject conditions (Thursday 7th April 2022)

178. Language Trends 2022 (Tuesday 25th January 2022)

177. THE ALL LONDON JANUARY EVENT 2022 (Saturday 22nd January 2022)

176. A TiLT Webinar with Carlos Lindade Enabling Learner Agency through free Apps

175. STALL 1: Secondary Teachers at ALL (for ALL members) (Monday 13th December)

174. A TiLT Christmas ‘Show and Tell’ (Thursday 9th December)

173. ALL Roadshow conversation November 2021 (ALL members only)

172. Third Thursdays (Thursday 25th November)

171. A TiLT Webinar with Dr Florencia Henshaw: We need to talk. Tech tools and tasks to foster interaction in the classroom and beyond. (Thursday November 18th 2021)

170. Language Show: Show and Tell (Saturday November 13th)

169.ALL Ofsted Curriculum Research Review Part 2 – Primary ( Tuesday 9th November 2021)

168. A webinar  with Nick Brown: EPQ Part 2. (Thursday 21st October 2021)

167. ALL Ofsted Curriculum Research Review Part 2 Secondary  (Tuesday 19th October )

166. A TiLT webinar with Michelle Worgan: Designing interactive 360 degree adventures for the secondary classroom (Thursday 14th October 2021)

166. A TiLT webinar with Dr Kevin Gaugler: Post-pandemic language Instruction (Thursday October 7th)

165. ALL Ofsted Curriculum Research Review (Monday 13th September 2021)

164. Making a good start 2021: An ALL August Webinar for ECTs with Verónica González Otero (Tuesday 31st August 2021)

163. A webinar with Esther Park: using technology to swirl into learning (Thursday 15th July 2021)

162. A webinar with David Shanks.  Preparing for your ECT years. (Wednesday 14th July 2021)

161. A TilT webinar with Dr Peggy Semingson (Thursday 8th July 2021)

160. First Fridays (Friday 2nd July 2021)

159. ALL Roadshow conversation (Wednesday 30th June 2021)

158. STALL 1: Secondary Teachers at ALL (for ALL members) (Friday 25th June 2021)

157. ALL Chinese Zone launch webinar (Wednesday 23rd June 2021)

156. ALL Arabic Zone launch webinar (Tuesday 22nd  June 2021)

155. How to enhance your learners’ cultural knowledge through EPQ (Thursday 17th June 2021)

154. Using short films and videos creatively in the Arabic language classroom. (Thursday 17th June 2021)

153. The ALL London June Event 2021 (Saturday 12th June 2021)

152. First Fridays (Friday 11th June 2021)

151. A TiLT webinar with Thomas Smith (Thursday 10th June 2021)

150. A TiLT webinar with Cecilia Gorey and Orianna Speicher (Thursday 3rd June 2021)

149. A TilT webinar with Dannielle Warren (Thursday 27th May 2021)

148. A TilT webinar with Shiva Rahmani (Thursday 6th May 2021)

147. A TiLT webinar with Dr Wes Fryer (Saturday 24th April 2021)

146. ALL GCSE Content Review Webinar 2 (Thursday 22nd April 2021)

145. A TiLT webinar with Ellie Chettle Cully (Thursday 15th April 2021)

144. A TiLT Webinar with Sarah Bell (Saturday  10th April 2021)

143. A TiLT Webinar with Jérôme Nogues and Anna Grainger: Canva Part, Part 2 (Thursday 8th April 2021)

142. A TiLT Webinar with Eneida Garcia Villanueva (Saturday 3rd April 2021)

141. A TiLT webinar with Jérôme Nogues and Anna Grainger: Canva Party Part 1 (Monday 29th March 2021)

140. ALL GCSE Content Review 2021 Webinar 1

139. ALL London webinar with Dr Rachel Hawkes, David Binns and Helen Myers (Monday 8th March 2021)

138. ALL TiLT Webinar with Gloria Enrique (Saturday 6th March 2021)

137. First Fridays (Friday 5th March 2021)

136.ALL London TiLT Microsoft Workhop (8) (Wednesday 3rd March 2021)

135. A TiLT webinar with Sonja Fedrizzi (Saturday 27th February 2021)

134. ALL South London Primary Hub (Thursday 25th February)

133. ALL Roadshow February 2021 (Wednesday 24th February)

132. ALL London TiLT Microsoft Workshop (07) (Monday 22nd February 2021)

131. A TiLT Webinar with Jimena Licitra (2) (Saturday 20th February 2021)

130. ALL London TiLT Microsoft Workshop (6) (Monday 15th February 2021)

129. ALL Speaking Endorsement Sharing Webinar 2 (Tuesday 9th February 2021)

128. ALL London  TiLT Microsoft Workshop (5) (Monday 8th February 2021)

127. First Fridays with Nick Mair (Friday 5th February 2021)

126. ALL London  TiLT Microsoft Workshop (4) (Wednesday 3rd February 2021)

125. A TiLT Webinar with Swavesey VC MFL department (Saturday 30th January 2021)

124. ALL London Webinar with Richard Tallaron (Wednesday 27th January 2021)

123. ALL London TiLT Microsoft Workshop (3) (Monday 25th January 2021)

122. A TiLT webinar with Karine Longman (Saturday 23rd January 2021)

121. ALL London TiLT Google Clinic (Thursday 21st January 2021)

120. ALL London TiLT Microsoft Clinic (2) (Wednesday 20th January 2021)

119. ALL ITET Webinar Transmedia (Monday 18th January 2021)

118. A TiLT January 2021 Show and Tell – Part 2

117. ALL London January Event 2021 (Saturday 16th January 2021)

116. ALL Language Trends 2021 Webinar (Thursday 14th January 2021)

115. ALL London TiLT Microsoft Clinic (1)

114. A TiLT January  Show and Tell – Part 1

113. First Fridays – (Friday 8th January)

112. A TiLT Webinar with Louise Whyte, Maria Bourke and Morag Skinner (Thursday 17th December 2020)

111. ALL London Christmas Party (Saturday 14th December 2020)

110. A Webinar with Dr Rachel Hawkes: Making Practice Meaningful  (Saturday 14th December 2020)

109. ALL Speaking Endorsement Sharing Webinar (Thursday 10th December 2020)

108. A Webinar with Dr Rachel Hawkes: Culture and Cultural Capital in the Language Classroom (Saturday 5th December 2020)

107. First Fridays – Veronica’s Vocabulary Tips! (Friday 4th December 2020)

106. A TiLT webinar with Jimena Licitra:  “Super teachers in the new normal” (25th November 2020)

105. Language Show Live (14th November 2020)

104. Elapse Launch November 2020

103. First Fridays: November 2020 (November 6th 2020)

102. ALL Local Roadshow Conversation November 2020

101. A TiLT Webinar with Catherine Ritz: “Re-Tooled Practices for World Language Proficiency”  (29th October 2020)

100. A TiLT webinar with Meredith White: All the modes à la mode (21st October 2020)

99. ALL webinar about Ofqual GCSE ML Proposals 2021 (20th October 2020)

98. A TiLT Webinar with Arjana Blazic: “Student voice and choice.” (14th October 2020)

97. First Fridays: October (2nd October 2020)

96. A TiLT Webinar with Belén Albarracín: “Virtuality is the real thing! Integrating VR in Remote teaching” (21st September 2020)

95. First Fridays: September (4th September 2020)

94. A TiLT Webinar with Isabelle Jones: “Music and Technology: Making Language Learning Memorable”  (29th August 2020)

93. Making a good start : An ALL August Webinar for NQTs (25th August 2020)

92. A TiLT Webinar with Priscila Mateini: “Going online SEN: How to adapt material in an inclusive education (virtual) classroom.”  (22nd August 2020)

91. A TiLT Webinar with Marie Allirot and Natasha Witham: “Using gamification, culture and art to motivate language learners” (20th August 2020)

90. A TiLT Webinar with Mark Connolly: “Keeping Connected in Complicated Times: Using Audio Tools to Support Remote and Hybrid Language Learning” (18th August 2020)

89. A TiLT Webinar with Dr Felix Kronenberg: The New Normal – Rethinking Hybrid Course design (12th August 2020)

88. A TiLT webinar with Catherine Ousselin:  iCan Integrate Social Media and Authentic Resource Curation Tools: Communicative Tasks for all Three Modes (10th August 2020)

87. A Textivate-User Webinar with Julia Morris (5th August 2020)

86. TiLT Webinar with Heidi Trude: AppSmashing with Google Geo Tools and Flipgrid in the World Language Classroom (30th July 2020)

85. A TiLT Webinar with Sophia Mavridi: Going hybrid during Covid-19 (28th July 2020)

84. A TiLT webinar with Melissa Gould-Drakeley: Remote teaching and assessment – a shift towards blended learning models  [Not recorded, but detailed presentationslides an p lentiful handouts] (25th July 2020)

83. A  TiLT Webinar with Stephan Caspar: This is America – Teaching in light of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter. (23rd July 2020)

82. TiLT Show and Tell July 2020 (18th July 2020)

81. A  TiLT Webinar with Carmen Scoggins: Is it time to reboot or recalculate? (16th July 2020)

80. A TiLT Webinar with Graham Stanley: Interactive storytelling games (14th July 2020)

79. ALL Summer Social (11th July 2020)

78. ALL Ofqual Consultation webinar (10th July 2020)

77. A TiLT webinar with Claire Wilson: Interactivity, Creativity and Community (9th July 2020)

76. A TiLT webinar with Emma Ferris: an Introduction to Book Widgets for MFL teachers (6th July 2020)

75. A TilT webinar with Paul Raine: Digital assignments (4th July 2020)

74. A TiLT webinar with Florence Lyons: Improving writing (2nd July 2020)

73. A TiLT webinar with Rachel Smith: Apple apps for blended learning (30th June 2020)

72 .A Webinar with Charlotte Ryland and Katrina Barnes: Creative translation in the classroom (29th June 2020)

71. TiLT Webinar with Raquel Ribiero: Mobile Learning for Remote Learning (25th June 2020)

70. ALL London June Event 2020 (20th June 2020

69. TiLT webinar with Chris Harte: Beyond the Languages’ Classroom with Google. (12th June 2020)

68.Webinar for Trainee MFL Teachers (Part 2)   with Steven Fawkes (11th June 2020)

67.TiLT Webinar with Julia Morris; Escape with Google! (10th June 2020)

66. Webinar for Trainee MFL Teachers (Part 1)   with Steven Fawkes (9th June 2020)

65. Webinar with Steven Fawkes: Q&A Languages Update June 2020 (12th June 2020)

64. TILT Webinar with Carmen Quirós: Making and introducing online escape rooms in the languages classroom  (2nd June 2020)

63. Webinar with David Shanks: Preparing for your NQT year  (27th May 2020)

62. TiLT Webinar with François Stalder: Time for a virtual adventure? Engaging students through video storytelling and critical thinking (26th May 2020)

61. TiLT Webinar with Ceri Anwen James: ‘Interactive quizzing for Distance Learning’ (21st |May 2020)

60. TiLT webinar with Guiomar Mancho (19th May 2020) ‘Appsmashing Languages’ 

59. TiLT webinar with Paco Fernandez (14th May 2020) ‘Harness the Power of Music’

58. TiLT webinar with Natalie Campbell (12th May 2020) ‘Showbie for remote language learning’

57. TiLT webinar with Institut français du Royaume Uni (7th May 2020)

56. Webinar with Jennifer Wozniak (4th May 2020) ‘Grammar is fun’

55. TiLT webinar with Samantha Broom ‘Google Education’

54. TiLT webinar with Vincent Everett (28th April 2020) ‘Creative Language Learning’

53. TiLT webinar: Show and Tell (25th April 2020)

52. TiLT WEbinar with Daren White (23rd April 2020) ‘Using Google meet to enhance remote learning

51. TiLT webinar with Dr Judith Rifeser (22nd April 2020) ‘ Connecting school and home: Creative Language Projects’

50. TiLT  webinar with Esmeralda Salgado (16th April 2020) ‘A few of my favourite ICT things’

49.  TiLT Webinar with Jan Chalmer (14th April 2020) ClassKick

48. TiLT Webinar with Jane Basnett (13th April 2020) ‘How to sharpen your Microsoft Tools and Related apps for teaching and learning.  Part 2.

47. A Webinar with Glenn Cake (11th April 2020) That’s Edutainment! (Digital games)

46. TiLT Webinar with Heike Philp (9th April).  Remote learning with video.

45. TiLT Webinar with Jane Basnett (7th April 2020).  ‘How to sharpen your Microsoft Tools and related apps for teaching and learning’.

44. TiLT Thursday with Sandra Aktas (2nd April 2020).   ‘The Paperless classroom…How can digital learning improve Teaching and Learning?’

43. TiLT Thursday with Lissa Cook (26th March 2020) ‘Screencasting and Video teaching by trial and error’

42. TiLT Extra Time with Georgina Dorr ‘Online Learning: Where to start?!’ (23rd March 2020)

41. TiLT Extra Time with Michael Williams (22nd March 2020)

40. TiLT Thursday Webinars (19th March 2020)

Webinars 1-39 below were conducted in Adobe Connect.  If you have problems viewing / hearing, please switch to Classic View and it will work!

39. Webinar with ELAPSE(11/03/20)

38. Webinar with Steven Fawkes: Spring Roadshow 2020 (04/03/20)

37. Total Recall,  Metacognitive Strategies: Dan Collis (11/12/19)

36. Stepping stones to GCSE – Nick Mair: (12/11/19)

35. ALL Roadshow 2019: A webinar with Steven Fawkes

34. ALL London Student Teacher Webinar 2019 (30/09/19)

33. Ofsted Framework 2019 and MFL: Wendy Adeniji (26/6/19)

32. Pragmatic use of ICT: David Shanks (6/6/19)

31. Preparing for your NQT year: David Shanks 23/5/19

30. Job Clinic: Nick Mair 19/03/19

29. Developing a Mastery Approach for Success at GCSE: Wendy Adeniji 06/03/19

28. Speaking in the primary school: Suzi Bewell 5/12/18

27. Laying the foundations: Phonics and Behaviour Management: Prim Herridge 10/10/18

26. Becoming and Outstanding MFL NQT: David Shanks 5/7/18

25. Physical Phonics: Sue Cave 15/11/17

24. Mentoring trainee teachers: Carol Hughes 5/10/17

23. eTwinning: the tools to manage Europe-wide projects – 19/9/17

22. Setting up Duolingo for schools: David Shanks 25/06/17

21. GCSE Sharing ideas,  18/06/17 + 22/06/17

Please follow this link to reports and links to recordings of the 20 Webinars we had before April 2017.