A TiLT webinar with Julia Morris on ChatGPT – Part 3


Thanks so much to Julia for being so generous in sharing her knowledge and practice concerning AI.

This page is dedicated to Part 3 of her story.

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

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Session Description

At a time when there is a plethora of possibilities relating to AI which could be quite overwhelming and expensive, this session will take us back to the basics of Artificial Intelligence, focusing on ChatGPT and what it can do for our day-to-day job. Julia will show really practical examples of preparing lessons for different age groups as well as some teacher admin tasks such as writing emails/reports. In Part 1 (February 21st 2023, Julia covered many uses for ChatGPT, and a great variety of speakers shared their own experience. In Part 2 Julia continued to share her ideas. Here is a link to a page with recording, chat and links. 

Session presenter

Julia Morris is a German teacher at a private school in the South-West and a keen early adopter of teachnology for language teaching. She is a Microsoft Educator Trainer, Genial.ly Ambassador and author of “Escape Rooms in Education”.  She gave unstintingly of her time during lockdown to present and assist the planning and moderation of ALL London TiLT webinars.

Twitter: @JuschMo

Chat transcript

00:37:57 Jackie Durbin: greetings from Co Wicklow, Ireland. Spanish and German secondary school teachers
00:38:11 Tonantzin Martínez-Borgfeldt (she/her): Secondary teacher. I teach Spanish in the San Francisco Bay Area (California, US). I have not used ChatGpt in my class. Looking forward to learning!
00:38:22 Anna Zacharatou: Hello from Greece!! I am an EFL teacher and have used Ghat GTP quite a lot..
00:38:32 Joe Dale: https://www.facebook.com/groups/languageteachingwithai
00:38:36 Carinne Di Francesco: Good evening from County Clare in Ireland. French and German teacher here
00:38:39 Carol Daubney: Hi from Switzerland. I teach English to university students.
00:38:47 Neil Harris, CELT Cardiff: Great FB group btw!
00:38:55 Sarah Brooks: Q Are there some recordings of the first 2 webinars available for ALL members who couldn’t make it!
00:39:42 Joe Dale: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/unleashing-the-power-of-chatgpt-enhance-your-language-teaching-with-ai-tickets-666026532287
00:39:54 ALL London: Yes – all are available via the ALL London page
00:40:06 Joe Dale: https://avantassessment.com/chat-gpt-for-language-teachers
00:40:15 ALL London: there was a link from the Eventbrite registration
00:40:29 Jeanne NTNU ipad: Hello from Norway, EFL to elementary students, with 70% of my students who have EAL. Never used ChatGPT. I know nothing.
00:40:48 Julia Morris: Here are the links to part 1 and 2 of our ChatGPT webinars: https://all-london.org.uk/webinars/
00:41:07 Wendy: Wendy Walker here from London.
00:41:19 Klaudia Schwenk: Klaudia joining from Germany
00:41:32 Anna de Oliveira: Hello from TAFE Queensland Australia.
00:41:43 Tonantzin Martínez-Borgfeldt (she/her): Reacted to “Here are the links t…” with ❤️
00:42:03 Joe Dale: https://www.youtube.com/@joedale
00:42:27 Georgina Irvine: Profesora Irvine in Bolton, England. 🇪🇸
00:53:43 ALL London: So this is a great idea for reformatting something which you are copyiong and pasting from an existing text
00:54:07 Joe Dale: Definitely
00:54:19 ALL London: Great!
00:54:33 ALL London: I think it is great to see the process here
00:56:10 ALL London: This has made a massive difference to me when creating lessons
00:56:21 Joe Dale: https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/9NBLGGH4S87W?hl=sk-sk&gl=SK
00:56:26 ALL London: especially for 6th form texts
00:57:03 Tonantzin Martínez-Borgfeldt (she/her): Is it available for Mac?
00:57:15 ALL London: for me it is ctrl wondows keen + s
00:57:24 Steve Morgan: windows key + Shift + S
00:57:34 Joe Dale: I use that shortcut all the time
00:57:55 Julie Mason: Is photoscan a phone app or for PC?
00:58:26 Blanca: My screen is gone black
01:09:05 Jackie Durbin: please share screen Julia
01:09:09 ALL London: From Bianca: I have forgotten my password f Chat and when I ask it to send me an email to reset, it doesn’t. So, I’m stuck! Any help?
01:10:36 Sandra Tessier: Can’t hear anything 😞
01:11:07 Joe Dale: @Sandra I can hear fine. Try going to audio settings
01:11:47 ALL London: Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!
01:12:23 ALL London: If only there had been such a things as transcripts when I started teaching ..!
01:12:42 Alison: Does ChatGPT only understand instructions in English?
01:13:08 Jeanne NTNU ipad: Q Is it possible to make a vocabulary list with three languages WITH a picture/symbol with ChatGPT? Norwegian, English and a first language – for 8 year-olds with EAL
01:13:15 Joe Dale: YouTube & Article Summary powered by ChatGPT is great for this too https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/youtube-article-summary-p/nmmicjeknamkfloonkhhcjmomieiodli
01:13:41 Joe Dale: @Alison It understands many languages
01:14:17 Joe Dale: @Jeanne – Probably. I would just ask it to make a table and say what you want in the 3 columns
01:14:49 Joe Dale: @Jeanne – You can use emojis instead of pictures
01:17:40 Joe Dale: I also include a demonstration in my course and one for Google Slides too 🙂
01:17:54 Mgt: Can you do such in google slides or just powerpoint? Thank you
01:18:10 Joe Dale: You can in Google Slides yes
01:18:37 Mgt: Thanks, any guidance for doing this please?
01:18:48 Joe Dale: It’s a different approach though
01:25:26 Joe Dale: Great idea
01:28:16 Joe Dale: In my series, I cover how to use ChatGPT to write the content for the spreadsheet import option for tools like Kahoot, Quizizz, Blooket, Quizalise, Socrative and Microsoft Forms
01:29:42 Joe Dale: Here is the link to my series again. Recordings are available https://avantassessment.com/chat-gpt-for-language-teachers
01:29:54 Blanca: Reacted to “Here is the link to …” with ❤️
01:30:16 Tonantzin Martínez-Borgfeldt (she/her): Reacted to “In my series, I cove…” with ❤️
01:31:02 Joe Dale: Registrants get the recordings, presentations, extensions, all the prompts and can request a certificate too
01:33:35 Laura D: Reacted to “Registrants get the …” with 😌
01:35:28 Enrico Cecconi: Thanks for the link Joe. Can we register to the series using a normal debit card as a payment method? It seems to be possible only via PayPal or Wire Transfer
01:36:33 Joe Dale: Credit cards only work for US clients. You can request an invoice or contact me privately after this session
01:37:01 Enrico Cecconi: Reacted to “Credit cards only wo…” with 👍
01:40:38 Joe Dale: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/editgpt/mognjodfeldknhobgbnkoomipkmlnnhk
01:40:49 ALL London: Marking is so time consuming. this is an excellent sue of AI
01:40:53 Joe Dale: I demonstrate this in my series too 😉
01:41:30 Anna Zacharatou: Great tool!!
01:41:38 Joe Dale: It is!
01:41:47 jacquesverschuren: Truly amazing
01:41:57 ALL London: Brilliant!
01:41:57 jacquesverschuren: Julia, you rock
01:42:38 Samia Saci: Amazing!
01:43:19 Mgt: In awe of all your knowledge, and generosity in sharing with all of us
01:43:31 Sarah Ferretti: I always do this ‘by hand’ in Word… and add comments… takes ages!
01:43:51 Julie Mason: Is this extension always on once you’ve installed it, or do you need to ask it to use it/switch it on?
01:44:18 Joe Dale: It will always be there, but you need to enable it when you want to use it
01:44:22 Anna Zacharatou: We can use this as a rubric…
01:46:04 Mgt: Do students have to be over 18 / restricted from using it?
01:46:16 Julie Mason: I liked the Lily app you mentioned
01:46:23 Joe Dale: They have to be 13 or above but have parental permission
01:46:37 Mgt: Thank you for clarification
01:54:30 ALL London: Wow!
01:55:47 Laura D: Bingchat?
01:56:30 jacquesverschuren: Replying to “I liked the Lily app…”

Missed this one
01:56:53 jacquesverschuren: Replying to “Bingchat?”

Thinkchat…I think
01:57:24 Joe Dale: Bingchat
01:57:46 Laura D: Thank you 🤗
01:58:39 jacquesverschuren: Reacted to “Bingchat” with 👍🏻
01:59:01 Julie Mason: Replying to “I liked the Lily app…”

Sorry – it was mentioned on twitter, not in this webinar – it was https://tutorlily.com/home?lang=en
01:59:11 jacquesverschuren: Reacted to “Sorry – it was menti…” with 👍🏻
02:00:22 Julie Mason: Same for me – I’m not getting a summary option
02:02:29 Sarah Brooks: I’ve got it workig and I haven’t signed up for anything!
02:02:52 Sarah Brooks: I have asked it to summarise the article and then pasted the link to the article
02:03:04 Julie Mason: I get the key pointsof the web page under ‘insights’, but nothing in ‘chat’ and no questions either
02:03:39 Sarah Brooks: Yes, thank you very much Julia – this has really got me going from complete beginner level!
02:04:07 Neil Harris, CELT Cardiff: I think the issue here is that you need to have the new Bing for this option to work
02:04:45 I Nic: I only had to click on BingChat and it took a few mins to refresh. Working now
02:05:10 Wendy: A great session, Julia. Danke schön!
02:05:22 Neil Harris, CELT Cardiff: One you are in Edge and got the latest version of Bing, open a web page and then click on the Bing symbol top right
02:05:34 Neil Harris, CELT Cardiff: That should open the automatic summary page
02:10:41 Neil Harris, CELT Cardiff: Fantastic webinar, Vielen Dank Julia und Joe
02:16:28 Sarah Ferretti: You could have a column next to the students’ names wit Student 1, 2 etc and export that maybe…
02:16:37 Joe Dale: Yes
02:16:54 Samia Saci: Thank you
02:17:31 Sally Yelland: Thank you.
02:21:02 Anna de Oliveira: Many thanks! A great session.
02:24:29 Jackie Durbin: can it actually see the videos on the web site and that way get the tags (know what they are about)?
02:25:20 Joe Dale: I’ll ask
02:28:21 Jackie Durbin: thanks!
02:29:11 jacquesverschuren: Maybe the obvious question…..can this webinar be watched back?
02:29:21 Joe Dale: Yes
02:29:26 jacquesverschuren: Reacted to “Yes” with 👍🏻
02:30:18 Julie Mason: How much is the aid – is it $20 per month?
02:30:21 Julie Mason: Paid
02:32:03 Anna Zacharatou: Thank you!! So many useful tips and ideas!!
02:32:04 Jackie Durbin: das war wirklich super interessant – vielen Dank und gute Nacht, jackie
02:32:20 Laura D: Reacted to “das war wirklich sup…” with 👍
02:33:29 Sarah Ferretti: Thank you so much! Very useful, great ideas! 🙏
02:33:55 PaulaBrady: Thank you both. Very informative.
02:34:03 I Nic: Thank you very much
02:34:04 Julie Mason: Thanks so much 🙂
02:34:05 Laura D: Vielen Dank😀!!
02:34:19 Tonantzin Martínez-Borgfeldt (she/her): Thank you so much! <3
02:34:43 Steve Morgan: well done, Julia. it’s the nature of ChatGPT to not play ball some times, all part of the fun. Great job, thanks!
02:34:50 jacquesverschuren: Thank you VERY much ! Enjoy your holidays