A TiLT webinar with Julia Morris on ChatGPT – Part 2


In Part 1 (February 21st 2023\0 , Julia covered many uses for ChatGPT, and a great variety of speakers shared their own experience. Here is a link to a page with recording, chat and links.

But there is more!  See below …!




ChatGPT is a new, free AI text generator that can very quickly produce texts in many styles and in most languages. It has great potential for the preparation of language lessons, daily teacher admin and the way students can practise interactions. It can save time for teachers well as some of the potential downsides and how schools can adapt to them.

In this session, Julia is sharing some further examples, and then we take the time to allow for a more relaxed open discussion and play!


Julia Morris is a German teacher at a private school in the South-West and a keen early adopter of technology for language teaching. She is a Microsoft Educator Trainer, Genial.ly Ambassador and author of “Escape Rooms in Education”.


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Presentation resources

Thanks so much to Julia for so generously sharing her preparation:

PowerPoint here

Word document here


00:29:16 natyj: Can you change my name please. Nancy Jakins
00:29:58 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:30:10 Annegret Beere: Good evening from Somerset.
00:30:15 Joe Dale: https://mflcraft.blogspot.com/p/giving-students-wings-series-of-6.html
00:30:16 Ester Borin Bonillo: Reacted to “Here is the recordin…” with 😍
00:30:31 Karina Silva: hi!! Can I ask if this do diagrames? or any sort ? thank you so much
00:31:11 Joe Dale: https://ppli.ie/resource/mfl-teachers-talk-podcast/
00:32:47 Jo Barber: Brilliant organisation and looking forward to the conference!
00:32:51 Hugo: Looking forward to it
00:33:35 Fatima: I am a member and very proud to be one as I feel I am with my small family.
00:35:00 Joe Dale: It’s so lovely to see everyone here!
00:37:40 Fatima: Could we have the link please. Thank you.
00:38:08 Jackie Robbins: https://chat.openai.com/
00:38:11 Hugo: The Spanish is good
00:38:35 Fatima: Thank you very much Jackie
00:39:58 Helen Myers: Good advice there – thanks Julia
00:41:00 Helen Myers: Here’s the webpage for last week: https://all-london.org.uk/webinars/a-tilt-webinar-with-julia-morris-on-chatgpt-part-1/
00:41:08 Alex F (Seven Kings MFL): Keep the formatting trick secret from pupils! lol.
00:41:22 Helen Myers: Reacted to “Keep the formatting …” with 😄
00:42:11 Fatima: Thank you Helen.
00:42:16 Hugo: Reacted to “Thank you Helen.” with 👌
00:42:22 Hugo: Reacted to “Keep the formatting …” with 😂
00:42:31 Julie Mason: Reacted to “Keep the formatting …” with 😂
00:43:16 Cecilia: Reacted to “Keep the formatting …” with 😄
00:45:00 Maksimka: Q: Can ChatGPT produce comprehension questions on a text inputted eg a full news article in a foreign language?
00:45:40 Helen Myers: Replying to “Q: Can ChatGPT produ…”

00:45:43 Joe Dale: @Maksimka – ChatGPT will tell you if the text is too long, but yes
00:45:45 Elena Knight: Q: Same query, please! Can you upload your own text for manipulation or summary ?
00:46:03 Joe Dale: @Elena – Yes, you just copy and paste
00:46:05 @MrStalder: Yes, it does, Maksimka. I have tried it and it works like magic, but make sure you adapt the questions for your students.
00:46:14 Elena Knight: Thank you!
00:47:16 Hugo: Reacted to “@Elena – Yes, you ju…” with 👌
00:47:32 Helen Myers: I think that for ‘level of language’ you can refer it to CFER levels
00:47:37 Fatima: This is really amazing. Save lot off time
00:47:41 Joe Dale: Yes, you can
00:47:44 Maksimka: Reacted to “I think that for ‘le…” with 👍
00:47:55 @MrStalder: Reacted to “I think that for ‘le…” with 👍
00:47:55 Maksimka: Reacted to “Yes!” with 👍
00:48:32 Hugo: It recognises ielts levels too for elt teachers
00:50:11 Joe Dale: Yes, I’ve heard it described as a confident liar!
00:50:34 Hugo: Also, it changes the names of characters in films and novels…sometimes
00:50:58 Hugo: Replying to “Yes, I’ve heard it d…”
Thanks. I was the adviser
00:51:56 Hugo: We can’t hear or seeher
00:52:00 Fatima: Same experience Helen
00:52:10 Joe Dale: That’s right, Hugo
00:53:07 Elle: I have made a few worksheets already in French, thanks to the webinar last week. It’s brilliant, so thank you so much for enlightening me!
00:54:13 Julia Morris: Im back, sorry
00:54:22 Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis: add 👍
00:54:52 Julia Morris: I can’t turn my camera on!
00:55:02 Hugo: Reacted to “Im back, sorry” with 👌
00:55:07 Cecilia: Reacted to “Im back, sorry” with 👍
00:55:14 Hugo: Reacted to “I can’t turn my came…” with 💩
00:55:55 Margarita Mortimer: Q. I have been using it since December for creating texts and activities on the texts and also to create a booklet on activities on Granada for the exchange trip.
00:56:54 Helen Myers: !!!!!
00:57:18 Joe Dale: The elephant in the room 😉
00:57:22 Hugo: Would I lie to you?
00:57:25 Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis: It’s happy to oblige…
00:57:27 Hugo: Reacted to “The elephant in the …” with 😂
00:57:34 Helen Myers: I have a feeling that you can give it prompts to tell it not to make up anything!
00:58:41 Naziha Badich: It does say on Chatgpt that it does not have any data after 2021 if I am not mistaken
00:58:52 Hugo: Of course, teachers know the students’ style…
00:58:56 Hugo: Reacted to “It does say on Chatg…” with 👌
00:59:04 Joe Dale: Yes it does Naziha
01:01:02 Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis: I thought I should keep quiet about ChatGPT so my students wouldn’t get wind of its existence. The other day I heard a student ask another student in the computer lab: “What’s ChatGPT?” “Oh, just another AI engine.” They’re always two steps ahead of me, I guess. 🙁
01:01:20 Alex F (Seven Kings MFL): Reacted to “I thought I should k…” with 👍
01:01:22 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:02:35 Alex F (Seven Kings MFL): I brought two pupils along to the session I did, introducing staff to ChatGPT, a colleague suggested we use these pupils as ‘moles’ whereby we ask them to use chatGPT on their independent learning, and see if the teacher/s discover it.
01:03:08 Hugo: Replying to “I brought two pupils…”
How very trusting!
01:04:49 Maksimka: take it as a yes
01:05:12 Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis: One of my students (not the sharpest tool in the shed) submitted an excellent assignment. I used one of the online verification tools and, lo and behold, 99% AI generated.
01:05:31 Hugo: Reacted to “One of my students (…” with 👌
01:05:43 Elena Knight: Will the example prompts be made available to us and if yes, via what medium, please?
01:05:50 Naziha Badich: They have started developing AI detector that is able to determine if the text was written with an AI tool
01:05:52 Joe Dale: Yes
01:06:00 Maksimka: Reacted to “One of my students (…” with 😂
01:06:17 Fatima: Yes I can. Thank you
01:06:27 Hugo: Yes, it is sponsored by the Tories.
01:06:43 Julie Mason: Reacted to “Yes, it is sponsored…” with 😂
01:06:59 Joe Dale: @Elena – Word doc on the ALL London page
01:07:14 Julie Mason: Replying to “Yes, it is sponsored…”

Except they don’t take any notice when instructed not to lie
01:07:21 Julia Morris: Sorry, back again!
01:07:34 Elena Knight: Thank you, Joe! Alas, I am not a member.
01:07:49 Hugo: Reacted to “Except they don’t ta…” with 👌
01:07:58 Joe Dale: It is free available on the web
01:08:03 Joe Dale: freely
01:08:24 Elena Knight: Splendid! Thank you again!
01:09:02 Maksimka: I wonder if it can do a “Find the French for [x]” – type exercise
01:10:00 Joe Dale: @Maksimka – I think Sandra Aktas showed how to do that last week
01:10:22 Maksimka: Reacted to “@Maksimka – I think …” with 👍
01:11:00 Hugo: Reacted to “@Maksimka – I think …” with 👌
01:12:08 Laura: can you then ask it to make a vocab list in the target language for that document?
01:12:21 Joe Dale: Yes, Laura
01:12:32 Julie Mason: When generating gapfill activities – presumably you can specify the type of word you want in the gap eg all past participles – is that correct?
01:12:51 Laura: Replying to “Yes, Laura”

Thank you – I guessed it would! It’s extraordinary
01:12:59 Cecilia: Replying to “@Elena – Word doc on…”

Sorry @Joe, where exactly on the ALL London page? I don’t see it on https://all-london.org.uk/webinars/a-tilt-webinar-with-julia-morris-on-chatgpt-part-1/ Thanks!
01:13:17 Joe Dale: Yes, but sometimes I find it finds making gapfills difficult e.g doesn’t make the gaps where I want them.
01:13:41 Helen Myers: The word doc is not there yet – as said at the start, we will share when both webinars complete.
01:13:52 Cecilia: Reacted to “The word doc is not …” with 👍🏽
01:14:00 Fatima: This is magic. Amazing.
01:14:08 Joe Dale: @Cecilia – The page is there but I think Julia hasn’t shared the Word doc yet but has kindly said she would
01:14:16 Cecilia: Reacted to “@Cecilia – The page …” with 👍🏽
01:14:50 jayne: How do you convert a table to Quizlet?
01:15:29 Joe Dale: @jayne You just paste it in. Well that works for Blooket and Wordwall
01:16:00 Julie Mason: re summaries – has anyone tried pasting an A level past paper summary task into Chat GPT and compared the points with the A level mark scheme for that particular text?
01:16:58 Maksimka: Replying to “re summaries – has a…”

was just thinking that – you could get it to make sure it covers specific points in the summary (and equate these to bullet points)
01:17:29 Julie Mason: Reacted to “was just thinking th…” with 👍
01:17:33 Naziha Badich: It can also create a pyramid of words.
01:17:46 Naziha Badich: 🙂
01:18:03 Joe Dale: What prompt would you use for that, Naziha?
01:18:27 Naziha Badich: create a pyramid with 10 french words
01:18:38 Joe Dale: Thanks
01:18:54 Naziha Badich: N worries Joe
01:19:00 Naziha Badich: *no
01:19:01 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:19:23 Julie Mason: Reacted to “Yes, but sometimes I…” with 👍
01:19:32 Joe Dale: create a pyramid with 10 french words Voici une pyramide de 10 mots français : A UN TAS DE MOTS FRANÇAIS FORMIDABLES À DÉCOUVRIR ET À APPRENDRE Note : Cette pyramide est construite en utilisant le modèle d’une pyramide inversée, où le mot le plus court est placé en haut et les mots progressivement plus longs sont ajoutés en dessous.
01:20:55 Elisabeth Schaludek-Paletschek: Will we receive Julia’s prompt script?
01:21:34 Joe Dale: Probably Elisabeth 🙂
01:21:46 Elisabeth Schaludek-Paletschek: OK 😉
01:21:51 Maksimka: I suppose the danger is you get student work from ChatGPT, and then ChatGPT ends up correcting its own input!
01:22:14 Joe Dale: Yes 🙂
01:24:18 Maksimka: but you have to distinguish marking CONTENT from ACCURACY. Two separate models…
01:24:39 Maksimka: because that is how it’snormally marked
01:26:00 Joe Dale: I recommend asking it to add an answer key
01:26:48 Annegret Beere: Reacted to “I recommend asking…” with 👍
01:27:10 Margarita Mortimer: Q. I asked to give me a grade C essay answer following AQA marking scheme on the use of thd special effects on El Laberinto del Fauno and afterwards I asked it to give us some feedback on improvements to turn it to a grade A and it was very accurate.
01:33:33 Joe Dale: I do that too with the Munchkin 🙂
01:35:42 Julie Mason: Replying to “Q. I asked to give m…”

Did you provide the mark scheme, or did it know it?
01:36:59 Maksimka: I’ve just set my Y10 ten speaking questions to write up over the next week. If I were them, I’d be putting them into ChatGPT!
01:37:20 Naziha Badich: I have to go but looking forward to listen to the rest. Thanks Julia, Helen and of course Joe. See you on Twitter 😉
01:37:38 Joe Dale: Thanks for coming, Naziha!
01:37:50 Naziha Badich: 😉
01:40:49 Jo Barber: It’s like setting up the French roleplay card!
01:40:57 Joe Dale: Yes
01:42:29 Joe Dale: Love it
01:43:43 Ester Borin Bonillo: I need to go now, but I really enjoyed it! Such a massive work that Julia put together! I will catch up the rest of the webinar on your YouTube channel. Also, another AI I used that it puts images is Chatsonic but if you use the free version you just can generate one document per day. Thank for today’s webinar
01:43:53 Julie Mason: idea: the bot could ask students random questions about their IRP title so they have a practice convo
01:44:34 Ester Borin Bonillo: I used chatgpt for beginners students in order to have conversation with Chat GPT in Spanish
01:44:41 Joe Dale: Yes, Julie or it could generate a 1000 questions and you could paste them into Wheel of Names
01:44:53 Fatima: Can you ask it to give pictures with the text.
01:45:00 Joe Dale: No
01:45:04 Julie Mason: Reacted to “Yes, Julie or it cou…” with 👍
01:45:10 Joe Dale: Not at the moment
01:45:17 Fatima: Thank you joe.
01:45:21 Ester Borin Bonillo: Replying to “Can you ask it to gi…”

no, for this you should use chatsonic
01:45:23 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:47:21 Jo Barber: yeah – they haven’t got pcge!
01:47:52 Jo Barber: Ooops PGCE – it’s been a long day!
01:50:41 Julie Mason: Re programming – I put in my final assignment title after doing an 8 week course in Python – it did the whole assignment in 30 seconds!
01:51:12 Julie Mason: ps this was after I had done the assignment myself, not instead of!
01:52:27 Joe Dale: Thanks for clarifying, Julie 🙂
01:54:07 Julie Mason: Reacted to “Thanks for clarifyin…” with 😂
01:56:45 Maksimka: can I chip in on gap fills please
01:57:38 Cecilia: I think “fill in the blank” in American English.
02:01:01 Nancy Jakins: I am sorry I have to leave. Thanks very much for such a great session. It is my first time I hear about ChatGPT. surely I will try to use it.
02:01:50 Joe Dale: Thanks Nancy
02:05:02 Julie Mason: Thanks so much – I need to go now. will catch up on the last bit when the recording is ready :0
02:05:15 Joe Dale: Thanks Julie
02:10:40 Alex F (Seven Kings MFL): Many thanks, very useful and generous.
02:10:51 Jo Barber: Thank you… so many possibilities
02:10:51 Annegret Beere: Thanks so much for your inspiring ideas. I have to leave now.
02:11:02 Laura: this is wonderful, thank you everyone
02:11:12 Fatima: Thank you ever so much for all this hard work. This is the first time to hear about chat box. Very interesting and useful.
02:11:23 Cecilia: Thank you for sharing your ideas and experience!
02:11:31 Maksimka: can you enable my video and audio please
02:11:38 Helen Myers: Dome!
02:11:47 Elena Knight: Thank you ever so much, Julia, Joe and Helen!
02:12:18 Maksimka: ClozeIt
02:13:08 p.puertogarcia: Trying to play with chatGPT to experiment but all I get is this , yet it works on my phone with the same log in…any ideas ? Not getting much help from the help centre!
02:13:57 Fatima: Thank you Helen and joe for all your hard work as well. I have to go now. Thank you.
02:14:09 Maksimka: Syed Khairi – ClozeIt
02:14:11 Julia Morris: Sorry, it sometimes helps closing the whole browser and opening again to get rid of the problem,
02:14:20 Elena Knight: I get the same too. No idea why.
02:14:52 p.puertogarcia: Reacted to “Sorry, it sometimes …” with 👍
02:16:11 p.puertogarcia: Replying to “Sorry, it sometimes …”

Ok thanks, I will keep trying! Thank you so much for all these ideas.
02:17:12 Will: Thank you all for a great session. It’s been very useful.👍
02:17:44 Elena Knight: Instruct to reuse but extend previous line?
02:18:36 Adeline Moston: What I you give it the first word and then the final sentence and get it to add a bit each time?
02:19:21 Elena Knight: You just keep typing “extend this”
02:27:04 Jo Barber: Thank you. great ideas tonight… need to go use it to save me for my planning for tomorrow! I am loving creating texts then transferring them into word and doing things with them! Perfect for A Level. Thank you again and have a good evening.
02:29:09 Elena Knight: If you don’t have access to Word online you can use Happy Scribe. It allows 5 transcripts per month.
02:29:39 Adeline Moston: Jerome is Learn with J on YouTube
02:30:03 Joe Dale: Thanks Adeline
02:30:08 Elena Knight: I used it to transcribe my students speaking mock audio. So much faster to mark.
02:30:36 Jerome Nogues: The link: https://youtu.be/qw3pJaCE9aQ
02:30:43 Maksimka: I used it to transcribe my students speaking mock audio. So much faster to mark. used what precisely? Jerome?
02:31:03 Jerome Nogues: Use Word
02:35:25 Jerome Nogues: Got Covid! Not looking good!
02:36:42 Helen Myers: Le pauvre homme!
02:36:45 Maksimka: I’m going to head off – thanks so much! Saving me so much work…
02:37:04 Helen Myers: Great to meet you Max!
02:43:12 Jerome Nogues: Mike Tholsen asked Chat.GPT in his video about creating text a certain size, bold, etc… It could work out…
02:46:07 Jerome Nogues: Yes it tells you how long people have spent watching
02:46:16 Jerome Nogues: Usually seconds