A TiLT webinar with Julia Morris on ChatGPT – Part 1


Please note that there is a ‘Part 2’ – Tuesday 28th February, 20:00 – 21:30 GMT

Here is a link to the Part 2 page.


Session description:

ChatGPT is a new, free AI text generator that can very quickly produce texts in many styles and in most languages. It has great potential for the preparation of language lessons, daily teacher admin and the way students can practise interactions. We  look at lots of examples how it can save time for teachers well as some of the potential downsides and how schools can adapt to them.

Julia Morris is a German teacher at a private school in the South-West and a keen early adopter of teachnology for language teaching. She is a Microsoft Educator Trainer, Genial.ly Ambassador and author of “Escape Rooms in Education”.

Presentation resources

Thanks so much to Julia for so generously sharing her preparation for both this and the second webinar:

PowerPoint here

Word document here

The presentation is followed by a ‘Show and Tell’ coordinated by Joe Dale featuring

  • Sandra Aktas: Create a full lesson with chatgpt for AL students. Reflection on efficiency and pedagogical
  • Sarah Shooter: Using ChatGPT to create a variety of reading and listening activities at KS2+3
  • Sonja Fedrizzi: how to create narrow reading and listening activities for the BGE and SQA National 5 and Higher students
  • François Stalder: How to use ChatGPT for your day-to-day business to work smarter, not harder, and how you can impress people and have more time for yourself and your students to focus on what really matters.
  • Vincent Everett: quick notes on what chat gpt is and what it isn’t, including cultural bias
  • Jerome Nogues: Extracting the script from a video with Transcript in Word and use Chat.GPT to create some questions on the actual text, grammatical questions as well give some cultural background.
  • Steve Morgan: extract text from images, use text to speech and CHATGPT to create listening and reading tasks
  • Caroline Schlegel and Aubrey Swisher: Using ChatGPT and direct web sources (links) to curate scaffolded learning experiences.
  • Claudia Elliott: Creating comprehensible, compelling input

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Chat Log

00:22:14 Naziha Badich: Reacted to “Hi, everyone! super …” with ❤️
00:22:21 Maria Cristina Rodriguez Villa: Hello from Miami, Florida!🌴
00:22:31 mag: Ni hao, Maggie from Edinburgh
00:22:44 Hugo: Good evening from Lancaster
00:23:01 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:23:05 Sarah Shooter: Hey Doaa ♥️
00:23:08 Mary Cooch: Hello Hugo in Lancaster
00:23:11 Joe Dale: https://mflcraft.blogspot.com/p/giving-students-wings-series-of-6.html
00:23:28 Joe Dale: https://ppli.ie/resource/mfl-teachers-talk-podcast/
00:23:37 DoaaElansari: Hey Sarah
00:23:42 DoaaElansari: Hi everyone
00:23:43 Simon Piesse: Joe has recently done a great session for my colleagues on using ed tech in MFL.
00:23:58 Joe Dale: Thank you, Simon!
00:24:06 Vincent Everett: Forgot to mention in my Hello that I am an ALL member.
00:24:12 Sheena Bell: Hi, I’m Sheena from SCILT in Scotland ☺️
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00:25:38 Jackie Robbins: Julia is the BEST!!!!
00:25:43 Esmeralda Salgado: Our next STALL meeting for Secondary will take place on 30th March for all ALL members.
00:25:45 Sarah Shooter: Oh Vincent sorry 🤣 haven’t got the hang of zoom chat!
00:26:01 Vincent Everett: Don’t worry about the chat. Don’t know what it did there!
00:26:13 Esmeralda Salgado: Julia is amazing, a very talented lady. 🙂
00:26:54 Cecilia: Reacted to “https://ppli.ie/reso…” with 👍🏽
00:26:56 Cecilia: Reacted to “https://mflcraft.blo…” with 👍🏽
00:26:59 Cecilia: Reacted to “https://docs.google….” with 👍🏽
00:27:18 Hugo: But can she make pancakes?
00:27:36 Sarah Shooter: Could you play the video? I am on Calpol and cuddle duty 🙂
00:33:40 Hugo: It does the same conversation for a 12 year old!
00:34:50 Elisabeth Howell: You have to ask for questions in the prompt I think
00:36:20 Hugo: Reacted to “You have to ask for …” with 👌
00:36:58 Jo Barber: I like the paragraphs in boxes… that is very exciting
00:37:09 Hugo: Replying to “I like the paragraph…”
I agree
00:37:26 Vincent Everett: But we can’t see your screen
00:37:36 A SALT: Yes, I like the table idea. Plus the dialogue and questions
00:37:42 Vincent Everett: all good now
00:37:52 Hugo: Reacted to “Yes, I like the tabl…” with 👌
00:37:57 Esmeralda Salgado: it would be great for report writing!
00:38:12 Claudio Gebbia – 友劲慧: Reacted to “it would be great fo…” with 🤣
00:38:27 Esmeralda Salgado: and promotional stuff
00:43:27 Hugo: I asked chatgtp who will won the FA cup. It failed to answer.
00:43:41 Vincent Everett: Ask it what’s for dinner
00:43:42 Hugo: And I asked for the nuclear codes
00:43:54 Mary Cooch: that’s a lot
00:44:01 Cecilia: Reacted to “And I asked for the …” with 😂
00:44:28 DoaaElansari: OpenAI’s services are not available in your country.
00:44:41 DoaaElansari: I am getting this message
00:46:14 Vincent Everett: Available countries https://platform.openai.com/docs/supported-countries
00:46:31 Mary Cooch: I agree that it can be superficial
00:46:36 Hugo: Reacted to “I agree that it can …” with 👌
00:47:05 Vincent Everett: If you think it is superficial you can ask it to do better on specific points and it will try
00:47:16 Hugo: It is very superficial on literary questions…yes…no better than wikipedia
00:47:16 Elena Nowitzki: It also makes up summaries of e.g. short stories that it doesn’t know. The summaries are usually „based on“ the title and the author…
00:49:28 Ceri Anwen James: A friend who is a professional musician asked for information about himself. A very impressive blurb appeared, which wouldn’t look out of place in a concert programme. However, lots of the information was wrong!
00:49:46 Hugo: Reacted to “A friend who is a pr…” with ☺️
00:49:57 Vincent Everett: It’s a language bot. Not a source of knowledge.
00:50:09 Joe Dale: Yes, it’s not so good on facts but great for creating texts, dialogues etc
00:50:11 Vincent Everett: It’s like a very good parrot.
00:50:20 Mary Cooch: Reacted to “Yes, it’s not so goo…” with 👍
00:50:50 Hugo: Replying to “It’s like a very goo…”
And multi lingual….a pollyglot ….stet
00:50:59 Jo Barber: Reacted to “Yes, it’s not so goo…” with 👍
00:51:03 Claudio Gebbia – 友劲慧: Reacted to “And multi lingual….a…” with 🤣
00:51:15 Esmeralda Salgado: I found it really good to have a written typical GCSE conversation with it on a given topic. That will have lots of potential to prepare for oral exams, albeit in written form.
00:51:26 mag: it is not a search engine
00:51:46 Ceri Anwen James: Indeed, but if our pupils just want the job done, as many do, and as quickly as possible, they aren’t going to be very bothered whether it’s right or not.
00:51:47 Joe Dale: Yes, Esmeralda, it’s great for that sort of content
00:51:48 Hugo: Replying to “I found it really go…”
Copy and paste into a speech reader et voila!
00:51:55 Penelope Bishop: Reacted to “Yes, it’s not so goo…” with 😒
00:51:58 Vincent Everett: It’s not as multilingual as you maybe think, either. I’ll say something about this if I get a slot later.
00:52:02 Penelope Bishop: Reacted to “It’s not as multilin…” with 😒
00:52:06 Penelope Bishop: Reacted to “A friend who is a pr…” with 😒
00:52:12 Penelope Bishop: Reacted to “A friend who is a pr…” with 👉
00:52:18 Penelope Bishop: Reacted to “A friend who is a pr…” with 👌
00:52:32 Penelope Bishop: Reacted to “A friend who is a pr…” with 😩
00:52:40 Penelope Bishop: Reacted to “A friend who is a pr…” with 😫
00:52:43 Vincent Everett: Students are not allowed to get a teacher to correct for the A Level IRP. What about this?
00:52:45 Penelope Bishop: Reacted to “A friend who is a pr…” with 😉
00:53:08 Helen Myers: Reacted to “You should join. And…” with 👍🏻
00:53:18 Helen Myers: Reacted to “I’m an ALL member – …” with 👍🏻
00:56:15 Hugo: Thanks Helen et al. Chatgpt has advised me that I need to out a fiver on Liverpool to win 3 1.
Good night all. I will catch up with the recording.
00:56:38 Sarah Shooter: Reacted to “Thanks Helen et al. …” with 😂
00:56:46 mag: Reacted to “Thanks Helen et al…” with 😂
00:57:55 Joe Dale: It’s important to state that you have to be 18 and above to sign up for an account https://openai.com/terms/
00:58:21 Vincent Everett: How to export it or share it with others is something they need to work on
00:59:06 Steve Morgan: Replying to “How to export it or …”
I read that the ability to share is coming
00:59:12 Joe Dale: Yes, it’s copy and paste atm
01:01:15 Sarah Shooter: The more questions you ask in a single thread the more diluted it gets, and it will start getting a bit odd and unhelpful. A bit like me around 6pm 🤣
01:02:10 Jackie Robbins: Reacted to “The more questions y…” with 🤣
01:02:28 Sarah Shooter: Reacted to “The more questions y…” with 🤣
01:03:05 Vincent Everett: You can ask it to rewrite for a certain ability level etc
01:03:18 schlcaro: There are certainly ways to ask ChatGPT to for info that work better than others!
01:03:58 Joe Dale: You can say aimed at a certain age or use the CEFR levels B1 etc
01:04:27 Helen Myers: You can also tell it to write using the ‘du’ / ‘tu’ form
01:04:30 Vincent Everett: Yes. Although it sometimes pretends to do things when it hasn’t really
01:04:30 Esmeralda Salgado: it understands quite nicely GCSE/Alevel/Beginner
01:04:40 Helen McFarlane: Replying to “You can say aimed at…”

That’s helpful, Joe. I typically use CEFR levels.
01:05:08 Esmeralda Salgado: so a text at GCSE level in + language + number of words and topics + tenses you want it to use
01:05:08 Mary Cooch: Replying to “You can say aimed at…”

oh that would be useful
01:05:17 Helen Myers: Excellent idea to ask for a mind map in text form …
01:05:29 Helen McFarlane: Replying to “You can say aimed at…”

How easy is it to spot plagiarism?
01:05:34 Eric Normand: I use it to create short text on an A Level topic and give it to students to use with immersive reader and reading progress to practice pronunciation and broaden their AO4 knowledge
01:05:41 Hannah White: Does anyone know how good it is at translating into languages like Farsi or Dari? I’m wondering if I can use it to create work for my EAL group….
01:05:52 Helen Myers: Great that you can train it!
01:06:03 Esmeralda Salgado: like a pet! lol
01:06:09 schlcaro: Reacted to “like a pet! lol” with 😂
01:06:22 Joe Dale: Here is the code I asked it to generate to create a mind map in Mindmeister https://twitter.com/joedale/status/1611758771524767744?s=20
01:06:22 Sarah Shooter: Reacted to “like a pet! lol” with 😂
01:06:49 Vincent Everett: Or use it for therapy
01:08:18 Esmeralda Salgado: Nice for translation tasks too
01:08:34 Esmeralda Salgado: from English to TL so you don’t need to start from scratch
01:08:46 Vincent Everett: How rude!
01:09:51 Helen Myers: IT is just amazing, isn’t it?!
01:09:54 Hannah White: Very good time-saver! (Clearly I’m lazy ;-))
01:10:51 schlcaro: I don’t think it is about being lazy, at all. It is about managing your time, decreasing your workload, and using technology to augment lesson planning. You are still the teacher, professional, and you are the one who knows your students best! Not lazy- efficient!
01:11:07 Sarah Shooter: Reacted to “I don’t think it is …” with ❤️
01:11:16 Esmeralda Salgado: Replying to “I don’t think it is …”

01:11:17 Eric Normand: Reacted to “I don’t think it is …” with 👍
01:11:20 Helen Myers: Excellent response, schclaro!
01:11:50 schlcaro: 🙂 Thanks! I couldn’t change my name using the dots! Caroline Schlegel here 🙂
01:12:02 schlcaro: Reacted to “Excellent response, …” with 💯
01:12:19 Vincent Everett: Helen can change your name if you need
01:12:30 schlcaro: Replying to “Helen can change you…”

Thank you!
01:12:49 Hannah White: Wow, that’s so useful!
01:13:14 catherine Bellars: Reacted to “I don’t think it is …” with 👍
01:13:16 A SALT: So much potential
01:13:23 Esmeralda Salgado: Great for a starter activity
01:13:37 Sabrea Oughton: could it summarise the English text in another language?
01:13:44 Hannah White: Its so helpful -you can always edit it a little but it will save so much time!
01:14:11 Joe Dale: Sabrea – I’m sure it could
01:14:22 Sabrea Oughton: Reacted to “Sabrea – I’m sure it…” with 👍
01:14:41 Vincent Everett: It probably would summarise it in English and then translate it . That’s how it works.
01:14:54 Joe Dale: Yes, I presume so
01:14:58 Vincent Everett: It works in English.
01:15:01 Vincent Everett: at the moment
01:15:06 Vincent Everett: And then translates
01:15:11 Sarah Shooter: You can ask it to make a précis
01:15:24 Sarah Shooter: That’s not the English word is it? 🤣
01:16:10 Joe Dale: Sounds like a GCSE exam 😉
01:17:01 Vincent Everett: to chat with
01:18:38 Esmeralda Salgado: This is what I found so useful! but if you need to be 18 to open an account, it can only be done with Alevel students
01:19:29 Esmeralda Salgado: It is fantastic!!!
01:19:33 Simon Piesse: Thank you, Julia, for such a jam-packed hour. Much food for thought!
01:19:34 Ceri Anwen James: Julia Part B is a really good idea!
01:19:50 Sabrea Oughton: 👍
01:20:12 A SALT: Thank you so much. I’d love the Word doc with ideas
01:20:17 Esmeralda Salgado: It would be great if you could share this document with the ideas. It is fantastic!
01:20:24 Claudia Gaspard: Reacted to “It would be great if…” with 👍
01:20:26 Sabrea Oughton: Thank you so much for sharing.All so useful.
01:20:28 catherine Bellars: Thank you so much Julia. Very grateful that you shared your expertise with us
01:20:44 Karine Longman: Thanks a lot!!!! 🥳
01:20:44 Will: 👏
01:20:46 Bridgette Claery: Thank you so much, this was amazing!!
01:20:47 Laoise OBoyle (Sp): That was amazing Julia!
01:20:48 Laura Schofield: Thank you so much Julia ❤️
01:20:49 Juan Luis Beas: Thank you Julia!
01:20:50 Hannah White: So helpful, thank you so much Julia!
01:20:50 Jackie Robbins: 👏
01:20:50 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you so much, Julia. It has been amazing!!!!
01:20:51 Paola: Thank you so much Julia!
01:20:51 Sabrea Oughton: 👏
01:20:53 Claudio Gebbia – 友劲慧: Thank you so much
01:20:54 DoaaElansari: Thank you so much
01:20:55 Vincent Everett: Thank you!!!!!!!! That was excellent.
01:20:55 Rebecca Echevarria: Thank you Julia. What a great explanation and I really like your ideas for. Ore specific prompts!
01:20:55 Elaine Bond: Thank you so much
01:20:55 orlamccarthy: Thanks so much Julia👏
01:20:56 p.puertogarcia: Thank you Julia- this is amazing !
01:20:57 Laura D: Amazing
01:20:58 Jo Barber: thank you
01:21:00 Eleonora Mattiuzzo: Vielen Dank, Julia!
01:21:00 A SALT: Brill!
01:21:02 Cecilia: 👏🏽
01:21:05 DoaaElansari: Amazing
01:21:07 Viliana Terzieva: Thank you
01:21:07 Trainee Astrid: Vielen Dank!
01:21:07 Emma Moreno de Purdie: Thank you very much, Julia
01:21:08 Caroline Schlegel: 🔥Thank you!
01:21:09 Honor Harbridge: Thanks so much Julia, really enlightening!
01:21:09 Dorothy Anderson: Thank you!
01:21:10 Sarah Quilliam: Thank you very much. Loads of ideas.
01:21:13 Helen McFarlane: Vielen Dank, Julia!
01:21:15 Sheena Bell: Thank you so much Julia – really interesting! Thank you for sharing your wonderful materials too. ☺️
01:21:19 Morgane: Excellent presentation, thank you very much!
01:21:20 Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis: 👍
01:21:21 heidigibson: Thank you Julia, so many great ideas! I can’t wait to see the list you wrote.
01:21:31 Minrong Zhang: Thank you so much! Can’t wait to give it a try!
01:21:37 J Fitzwater: Thank you Julia! So informative, so much potential in this new tool.
01:21:39 Mary Cooch: 👏
01:21:50 Laura Schofield: 👏👏👏
01:21:55 mag: Thank you!
01:22:15 Hannah White: Oh wow, thank you Joe & Helen, I have to go now but will catch up on the recording, don’t want to miss them 👍
01:22:16 Karina Silva: Thank you very much!!
01:22:41 Will: Thanks Julia
01:22:46 Helen McFarlane: Sorry – I have a deadline! Dw i’n weithio heno – I’m working! I look forward to catching up with the recording. Thanks to Helen, Julia and Joe. Diolch yn fawr iawn.
01:23:19 JM: Thanks so much, I had to watch on YouTube as couldn’t get audio on zoom, but was brilliant 🙂
01:29:39 Helen Myers: Merci Sandra!
01:29:43 Will: 👏
01:29:44 Trainee Astrid: Merci!
01:29:48 Laoise OBoyle (Sp): Thanks Sandra
01:29:55 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you!
01:30:03 Bridgette Claery: Thank you Sandra!
01:30:14 Laura Schofield: Wow, thank you Sandra ☺️
01:30:54 Rebecca Echevarria: Merci Sandra!
01:32:50 Sarah Shooter: I did not breathe 🤣
01:35:18 Laoise OBoyle (Sp): Thanks a million Sarah!
01:35:19 Bridgette Claery: Thanks, Sarah!
01:35:21 Helen Myers: I think there could be scope for us to put together a document with model ‘prompts’ for different tasks.
01:35:28 Mary Cooch: thanks!
01:35:29 Helen Myers: Thanks Sarah!
01:35:34 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you, Sarah!
01:35:35 Karina Silva: thank you
01:35:35 Cecilia: Reacted to “I think there could …” with 👍🏽
01:35:37 Rebecca Echevarria: Thanks Sarah!
01:35:38 Sheena Bell: Fantastic! Thank you Sarah.
01:35:58 Sarah Shooter: You’re very welcome ☺️
01:36:16 DoaaElansari: Thank you Sarah
01:36:19 Laura Schofield: Thank you Sarah
01:36:39 Rebecca Echevarria: Reacted to “I think there could …” with 👍
01:36:54 Sarah Shooter: Reacted to “Thank you Sarah ” with ❤️
01:37:01 Sarah Shooter: Reacted to “I think there could …” with 👌
01:41:32 Esmeralda Salgado: thank you, Sonja!
01:41:37 Helen Myers: Thanks Sonja!
01:41:41 Mary Cooch: great! thanks
01:41:58 Sheena Bell: Thanks Sonja – get well soon! ☺️
01:43:18 Vincent Everett: Being very careful to say GPT in English not French
01:43:27 Joe Dale: 😉
01:43:43 Vincent Everett: We haven’t mentioned what it stands for
01:44:03 Helen Myers: Reacted to “Being very careful t…” with 😂
01:44:18 Helen Myers: Replying to “Being very careful t…”

Hadn’t thought of that!!!
01:44:31 Joe Dale: https://twitter.com/joedale/status/1625224509534904335?s=20
01:44:56 Joe Dale: That tweet has been liked 146 times!
01:45:06 Ceri Anwen James: Reacted to “I think there could …” with 👍🏽
01:46:25 Joe Dale: I love it when Francois says I’m a believer!
01:47:07 Sheena Bell: Reacted to “Being very careful t…” with 🤣
01:47:39 Helen Myers: Reacted to “I love it when Franc…” with 😄
01:49:34 Esmeralda Salgado: Excellent examples, thank you, Francois!
01:49:47 Claudia Gaspard: Reacted to “Excellent examples, …” with 👍
01:50:25 Karina Silva: Thank you !
01:51:06 Helen Myers: Thanks to François – love the idea of getting ChatGPT to explain mistakes they hav emade in a text.
01:51:28 Esmeralda Salgado: Reacted to “Thanks to François -…” with 👍
01:52:22 Esmeralda Salgado: very interesting, Vincent!
01:52:27 Mary Cooch: yes
01:54:20 Claudia Gaspard: Culture: Do not try ChatGPT to plan a tour in Antwerp/Belgium in Dutch/Flemish, it is hallucinating. (I tried out, being a cityguide beside my job as language teacher).
01:54:20 Eleonora Mattiuzzo: Thanks, Vincent, for bringing attention to this, as I find this is one of the main limitations of CHAT gpt for us. It’s translating from English, so by definition the foreign text is not authentic.
01:54:24 Karine Longman: really useful Vincent!
01:54:39 Laoise OBoyle (Sp): Great to know this
01:55:16 Sheena Bell: Really useful info Vincent – thank you!
01:55:29 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you, Vincent. Very useful!!!
01:55:34 Bridgette Claery: Thank you!
01:55:36 Rebecca Echevarria: Thanks Vincent!
01:55:41 Ceri Anwen James: Very useful, Vincent. Thanks!
01:55:42 Vincent Everett: IT was good fun trying to mess with it!
01:55:54 Helen Myers: Thanks Vincent!
01:55:59 Mary Cooch: Fascinating. I just asked it to write a poem in the style of Paul Verlaine but it basically plagiarised his most famous poems 🙂 You have inspired me to explore it more Vincent
01:56:12 Laoise OBoyle (Sp): What is your twitter handle Vincent if you don’t mind sharing
01:56:53 Joe Dale: @VEverettmfl
01:57:08 Laoise OBoyle (Sp): Thanks
01:57:45 Joe Dale: Great tip!
01:59:28 Mary Cooch: Very clever
02:00:37 Helen Myers: Vincent – I found that Chat GPT did manage a rhyming poem in French – and I’ve just checked again. Write a poem in French about pets Les animaux domestiques sont les meilleurs amis, Toujours là pour nous, avec leurs yeux remplis, De tendresse et d’amour, et leur fidélité, Ils nous offrent un réconfort, une sécurité. Les chiens sont des compagnons loyaux, Qui aboient joyeusement, quand on rentre chez soi, Ils nous apportent de la joie et de la gaieté, Et ils nous protègent, de toute leur fierté. Les chats sont des créatures gracieuses, Qui aiment jouer et chasser avec adresse, Ils nous tiennent compagnie, avec leur élégance, Et nous offrent des moments de douceur et de silence. Les poissons sont des animaux fascinants, Qui nagent dans leur monde paisible et brillant, Ils nous offrent un spectacle de couleurs et de mouvements, Et nous aident à nous détendre, en un instant. Les animaux de compagnie sont nos amis les plus chers, Ils nous offrent leur amour et leur présence sincère, Nous les aimons pour le
02:00:47 Esmeralda Salgado: I love the appsmashing with the transcribe idea! thanks, Jerome
02:00:48 Helen Myers: Thanks Jerome!
02:01:10 Mary Cooch: Reacted to “I love the appsmashi…” with 👍
02:02:34 Julia Morris: To get text from pictures I can recommend a PC app called “photo scan”
02:02:56 Helen Myers: Brilliant idea, Steve! This will save loads of time!
02:03:27 Caroline Schlegel: If you have an iPhone, you can use the camera to grab the text, convert to a note and forward the note to your email!
02:03:31 Joe Dale: Yes you can also use Google Keep to grab image text
02:04:22 Helen Myers: http://www.fromtexttospeech.com/
02:05:19 Helen Myers: Thanks Steve!
02:05:23 Mary Cooch: thanks!
02:05:32 Esmeralda Salgado: I loved it!, thanks, steve
02:05:41 Julia Morris: Thank you for all you ideas here and on Twitter, Steve, especially you prompt collection!
02:05:55 Aubrey Swisher-A/Cquisition: It says that you will not allow me
02:06:14 Aubrey Swisher-A/Cquisition: Can he allow me?
02:06:15 Aubrey Swisher-A/Cquisition: Nope
02:06:28 Helen Myers: Doe
02:06:32 Helen Myers: Done
02:11:47 Rebecca Echevarria: Thank you to everyone for your time and brilliant ideas, much appreciated!
02:11:58 Aubrey Swisher-A/Cquisition: We are throwing our twitter handles in the chat!
Thank you all so much!

Twitter handles:
Collab: @cquisition
Aubrey: @swishaub
Caroline: @senoraschlegel
02:11:59 Bridgette Claery: Thank you!
02:12:04 Aubrey Swisher-A/Cquisition: We are throwing our twitter handles in the chat!
Thank you all so much!

Twitter handles:
Collab: @cquisition
Aubrey: @swishaub
Caroline: @senoraschlegel
02:12:05 Helen Myers: Thank you!
02:12:24 Esmeralda Salgado: Great, I didn’t know you could ask Chat to refer to anURL!
02:12:30 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you, ladies!
02:13:11 DoaaElansari: Will we get the recording of this session?
02:13:15 Aubrey Swisher-A/Cquisition: You are so welcome! What a time-saver. Enjoy!
02:13:33 Joe Dale: Yes, it will be on my YouTube channel tomorrow
02:13:46 Caroline Schlegel: Replying to “Great, I didn’t know…”

Yes! It is awesome!
02:14:02 Sabrea Oughton: Thank you to all presenters and organisers.
02:14:24 DoaaElansari: Thank you
02:15:58 Joe Dale: Great idea to add emojis!
02:16:12 Maria Cristina Rodriguez Villa: ¡Genial!
02:17:01 Helen Myers: Lovely idea to get emojis!
02:17:24 Joe Dale: Here is Claudia’s podcast https://growingwithproficiency.com/
02:17:32 Esmeralda Salgado: I love the emojis and story element
02:19:49 Bridgette Claery: Thank you Claudia!
02:19:51 Helen Myers: THank you Claudia
02:20:05 Esmeralda Salgado: Amazing, Claudia!
02:20:28 Jo Barber: only 2 screens?
02:20:41 Bridgette Claery: This was really great! I loved being here, thank you everyone.
02:20:43 Laurence Seltzer: So grateful for all you do, Joe & Ellen!!
02:20:43 Claudia Elliott (ella, she, her): You´re welcome! I love the emojis too!!!
02:21:55 Ceri Anwen James: A list of effective prompts would be really handy
02:22:07 Esmeralda Salgado: An amazing, webinar to all of you! Thank you, Julia
02:22:15 Elle: This was absolutely amazing, thank you so much for organising it. My brain is about to explode but I can’t wait to share some of these ideas with my department. Will wait for the recording with great anticipation.
02:22:33 Laoise OBoyle (Sp): This was brilliant! Thank you so much and looking forward to next Tuesday
02:22:48 Sandra Aktas: Thank you everyone! Very inspiring! 🙂
02:22:50 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, Joe created a prompt edexcel document which is excellent!
02:22:51 Lizzie R: Thank you all!
02:22:55 Carmen Aguilar: Fantastic webinar. Thank you.
02:23:02 Karina Silva: Great that Thank you Joe very much
02:23:11 Ana: Thank you! Great, as usual!
02:23:12 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, you are right, Helen !
02:23:21 Laurence Seltzer: Thank you all, it was great!
02:23:24 Esther A.: 👏 Thank you
02:23:25 Maria Cristina Rodriguez Villa: Thank you!!
02:23:25 Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis: This was amazing! Thank you all so much for taking the time to put this seminar together. It’s already past midnight here in Greece and I would have hung around for much longer. Thanks again!
02:23:38 p.puertogarcia: Thank you very much to all presenters
02:23:48 Jo Barber: Thank you to everyone – a really interesting evening and I am now going to put this straight to work as I prepare a double for year 11 tomorrow! I have already started using it in some ways but so many more to use now~! Thank you.
02:23:48 Kate W: Fantastic, thanks very much!
02:23:55 Cecilia: Thank you, this has been incredibly useful and inspiring.
02:24:16 Esmeralda Salgado: This reminds me of Teams and Onenote!!! lol
02:24:29 Laura D: Amazing… Thank you!
02:24:40 Jo Barber: 🙂
02:24:52 Jo Barber: Thank you
02:25:03 Will: Cheers, this has been very enlightening.
02:25:11 Claudia Elliott (ella, she, her): Thank you!
02:25:13 Ceri Anwen James: Thanks Joe and Helen. True pros, as usual! Huge thanks to Julia too. Off to see how well it works in Welsh …