Past Events

To see reports on events prior to April 2017, see our archived site.

We write a report page on each event with links to references given and pictures.  Click on the titles below to reach the page.  Most recent on top.  [For webinars, see Webinar tab]

ALL London January Event 2024 13/01/24

ALL London Trainee Teacher Reception 02/10/23

ALL London June Event 2023 10/06/23

ALL London January Event 2023 21/01/23

ALL London  ‘Show and Tell’ at Language Show 2022

ALL Trainee Teacher Event 2022

ALL London June Event 2022

For most lockdown events March 2020 onwards, please see list on webinar page

ALL TiLT 2022 (Saturday April 23rd 2022) [Link given to those who attended]

ALL London June Event 2020

ALL London January Event 2020 [13th January 2022]

ALL Trainee Teacher and NQT Social 2019

ALL London June Event 2019

#mfltwitterati conference 2019

ALL London January Event 2019

Language Show: ‘Show and Tell’ 2018

ALL London Trainee Teacher Reception 2018

June Event 2018

ICT Event 2018

January Event 2018

Language Show London 2017

ALL London Trainee Teacher Reception.  (More to come!)

ALL London June Event 2017 

ICT conference 2017 report.