The ALL London January Event 2023

This page contains information about the ALL London January 2023 event. It is a work in progress!


Thanks first and foremost to our good friend Mark Reid who not only arranges for us to use the superb BFI premises, but also mucks in with furniture removal and gently watches over our time-keeping!  You can tell he was a teacher ..!   Mark enthused us all to use film for our teaching (are there any students who do not like watching moving images on a  screen?”) and showed us the page which lists all the wonderful opportunities on offer to bring students to the BFI for study days.  These are very popular, so do book early if you can! Mark also invited us to get in contact with local cinemas to see if the BFI can come to a town near you! (It’s great that ALL is featured on the list of BFI recommended sites for teaching film)

Thank SO much to our wonderful presenters for preparing excellent talks:

  • Team Primary + KS3: Cara Bleiman, Nathalie Blondeau, Nadine Chadier and Miriam Paridjanian with special guest star, Chevonne James from ‘Into Film’!
  • Team GCSE: David Blow, Oliver Hopwood, Adam Lamb, Eva McManamon, Helen Myers, Judith Rowland-Jones, Naomi Taylor.
  • Team A Level: Tim Crapper and Mike Elliott
  • Team Employment: Nick Mair (a one-man team who always enthuses students, those seeking jobs and those offering jobs as well as being generally enthusiastic and creative!)
  • Corporate members and Language Institutes who held attractive stands during the breaks and financed our refreshments: AQA, Consejeria, Eduqas, European Schoolbooks,  LanguageNut, L’Institut français, Goethe Institut, Maison Claire Fontaine, Pearson Edexcel,  and Thisislanguage.  Many, many thanks to Angela Murphy who coordinated this, even though she was not able to be with us on the day.  A real star!
  • Judith Rowland-Jones of AQA gave us an update to AQA for 2023 (slides here: GCSE French German Spanish Looking back at 2022 and forward to 2023 Spring update).
  • Pearson  updated us on exams 2023 on Tuesday 24th January at 7.30 pm in our Zoom room.  Here is a link to the page with recording + slides.
  • We will shortly publish a link for an Eduqas update on exams 2023.

Thanks to the committed committee for rolling up their sleeves and ensuring  the smooth-running of the day: Sharon Mangion, Peter More and Miriam Paridjanian were wonderful bar-tenders,  Fatima Khaled brought us delicious sweets for the AGM, Liz Fotheringham made sure you were all signed in, Richard Margerison took photos and cheered us with his ready smile,  Wanda Marshall braved the London traffic and overcame a bicycle puncture to be present at the AGM in order to contribute great ideas,   and Julien Violette had obviously done a great job at encouraging his teachers to come along!  Thanks to  Darnelle Constant-Shepherd,  who shared some lovely. encouraging comments from delegates.  Welcome to Mary Heath and Antonio da Silva who are joining the committee!  We are so sorry that Judith Rifeser who had planned to be with us  could not make it on the day,  especially as she has a passion for film and meeting ALL members,  but she was there in the background, online,  encouraging us and wishing everyone a Happy New  Chinese Year of the Rabbit!

And finally, thanks to the delegates.  The vast majority of you are ALL members.  It was lovely to see a sea of hands raised when we asked the question ‘are you a member of ALL?’!  What a friendly, warm bunch of people who make up our special ‘Saturday Morning Keenie Club’!  If you are not a member yet, please join your professional home  here!

Photos so far: (more to be added)

ALL London January Event 2023

Links to presentations

Those who registered for the event will receive a private link and password to a page  containing  resources shared in talks.  If you registered and do not receive  this information, please contact us via Eventbrite.

Save the date please!

Saturday June 10th 2023 when we will be holding our June Event.  We look forward to seeing you already!


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We look forward to welcoming you!