2023 Trainee Teacher Event

Trainee Reception 2023
Thank you to Camilla Smith for hosting our annual Teacher Trainee Reception at the Institute of Education, UCL.  Click on the photo above to see our gallery!

After an icebreaker activity put together by Wanda Marshall [‘Find someone who..’] Helen presented information about ALL [see pdf of presentation here] and urged everyone to join our lovely language family.  Here is a pdf of her presentation.

Committee members then  shared their ‘top tips’.

  • Helen Myers demonstrated some ‘secret choice’ games which make a game of rigorous practice drills and shared her love of using Stromae songs to promote sound spelling recognition such as ‘Formidable’.
  • Nadine Chadier promoted primary practice which would equally be at home in a secondary classroom, for example practising simple dialogues moving around the classroom, film and singing.
  • Fatima Khaled urged us all to recognise the richness brought to any language classroom by those who speak another language at home and invited us to go to see her school.  Wanda  Marshall added that German Saturday schools would also be interested in visits and help.
  • Antonio da Silva shared some superb ideas for using  technology in a way which saves time on resource preparation.
  • Sharon Mangion told us about her ‘Bake-Off’ event for European day of languages’ and even shared a winning cake with us!
  • Nick Mair gave some fun practical ideas for engaging pupils through competition and CLIL.

Those who registered have access to the top tips presentations.

A ‘Top Tips’ booklet produced by the committee a few years ago can be downloaded here for free. (Thank you, Linguascope, for producing the hard copy and hosting this on your site).

We look forward to seeing as many trainees as possible at our events this year.  Please save these dates:

  • 11th November- Language Show Live webinar
  • 13th January 2024 – The January Event