A TiLT Webinar with Maureen Gassert Lamb


Thank you so much to Maureen Gassert-Lamb for her wonderful; session on AI.Β  There is SO much to follow up!

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00:37:03 Joe Dale: https://ppli.ie/resource/mfl-teachers-talk-podcast/
00:37:48 Joe Dale: https://avantassessment.com/chat-gpt-for-language-teachers
00:38:36 Chris Fry: Hi from Barcelona
00:39:03 Joe Dale: https://www.facebook.com/groups/languageteachingwithai/requests?notif_id=1686849367882273&notif_t=group_r2j&ref=notif
00:39:52 Marie Allirot: Great Facebook group Joe! Already read about great ideas!
00:39:55 Birgit Kury – Germany: A very warm good evening from Freiburg in the south of Germany.
00:40:02 Joe Dale: https://www.facebook.com/groups/languageteachingwithai
00:40:23 Joe Dale: Thanks Marie!
00:43:10 Maureen Lamb (she/her): https://tinyurl.com/tiltlambai
00:43:30 Ravinder Minhas: I’ve just requested to join the group- very excited!
00:49:41 ALL London: Wow, this has advanced so much since I first dabbled in this!
00:50:03 Joe Dale: I know! Maureen is on the cutting edge!
00:51:39 Joe Dale: Voice Control for ChatGPT https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/voice-control-for-chatgpt/eollffkcakegifhacjnlnegohfdlidhn
00:51:50 Joe Dale: You just need the extension πŸ™‚
00:52:36 ALL London: Brilliant!
00:55:34 Joe Dale: YouTube Summary is great!
00:58:11 Anna Zacharatou: Twee is really good!
00:58:31 Joe Dale: Definitely
00:59:26 Joe Dale: Any questions for Maureen?
00:59:36 ALL London: I can really recommend following along with the ppt and clicking on the links as we go along https://tinyurl.com/tiltlambai
01:00:23 Caroline Afolabi-Deleu: Indeed. Wow!
01:01:03 Olivia: Very informative ! Love it πŸ™‚ Thank you, Maureen.
01:03:42 Marie Allirot: So many ideas to try! Thanks Maureen.
01:03:52 Joe Dale: I know!
01:04:14 ALL London: Yes – such a good idea to use it at least as a starting point for checking language. Especially when advanced students use language which just might exist, but I@m not sure…!
01:06:57 Chris Fry: I’ve been using Language Tool on my writing for my Catalan course. My teacher knew what i was doing
01:07:49 Olivia: Brilliant !
01:08:20 ALL London: I just used language Tool for the comment I just made,,, it is very polite. ‘Did you mean I@m?’ …!!!
01:08:53 Joe Dale: EditGPT https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/editgpt/mognjodfeldknhobgbnkoomipkmlnnhk
01:09:12 Karine: Absolutely love Q-chat
01:09:36 Joe Dale: Awesome!
01:09:47 Anna Zacharatou: Great!!
01:11:15 Joe Dale: Diffit is awesome
01:12:34 Joe Dale: Any questions or is everyone too wowed πŸ˜‰
01:13:05 Jenny: Reacted to “Any questions or is …” with πŸ‘Œ
01:13:47 Caroline Afolabi-Deleu: If you are completely new to Chat GTP, as a language teacher, where would you recommend to start?
01:13:48 Olivia: Reacted to “If you are completel…” with πŸ‘
01:14:13 Karine: I love the image generator on Canva
01:14:26 Samia Saci: Very insightful and detailed. No room for questions
01:15:57 ALL London: https://all-london.org.uk/webinars/a-tilt-webinar-with-julia-morris-on-chatgpt-part-1/
01:16:06 ALL London: https://all-london.org.uk/webinars/a-tilt-webinar-with-julia-morris-on-chatgpt-part-2/
01:16:07 Caroline Afolabi-Deleu: Thanks for the recommendation.
01:16:35 ALL London: The pages include a link to Julia;s documents
01:16:46 Joe Dale: I would recommend watching our first TiLT webinar: Language Learning with ChatGPT: Exploring Opportunities and Risks https://youtu.be/RikLVi8iGIM
01:17:04 Joe Dale: Thanks Helen!
01:18:27 Joe Dale: Love it!
01:18:51 ALL London: Loving these ideas!
01:20:09 Magalie Lalor: Maureen, your enthusiasm is infectious and your teaching suggestions are fabulously inspiring!
01:20:19 Joe Dale: I agree!
01:20:35 Olivia: Totally agree! πŸ™‚
01:21:55 Chris Fry: PowerPoint gave my coaching tips on my presentation. It said my speed was just right 125 wpm, but that i used too may fillers
01:22:11 Joe Dale: Audiopen is another amazing audio AI tool. Here is an interview I recorded with the founder – Interview with Louis Pereira from AudioPen https://youtu.be/ARMv5JEiz8U
01:22:22 Samia Saci: Can you learn a new language from scratch using Speak?
01:23:27 Chris Fry: Will the chat be saved and made available,?
01:23:31 Joe Dale: Yes
01:23:50 Maureen Lamb (she/her): https://tinyurl.com/tiltlambai
01:24:10 Olivia: Thank you so much !
01:24:18 Marie Allirot: Thank you Maureen, I want to experiment with lots of the ideas you have suggested.
01:24:19 ALL London: Thanks so much!
01:24:27 Chris Fry: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
01:24:38 Caroline: Excellent, thank you so much!
01:24:41 AranchaLorente Kings Ely: Thank you very much, lots to play with
01:24:41 Jenny: Thank you so much! So much to think about 😊
01:24:49 Margarita Mortimer: Mind blowing!!! Really great resources
01:24:49 Samia Saci: Amazing and very generous, thank you!
01:25:06 Jackie Robbins: Thank you!!
01:25:09 Birgit Kury – Germany: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
01:25:17 Margarita Mortimer: Q. What do your students use AI for currently?
01:25:30 ALL London: Yes – chat, an dlinks to video and presentation will be on ALL Lonodn page … I’ll send link to Eventbrite attendees
01:25:31 Anna Zacharatou: Thank you so much!! A wealth of ideas!!
01:25:33 Olivia: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
01:25:42 Chris Fry: It’ll take me weeks to digest all this
01:26:08 Caroline Afolabi-Deleu: πŸ‘ŒReally really interesting. Can’t wait to start playing around with some of these tools. I’m also thinking of exploring them with my students.
01:26:21 Margarita Mortimer: Q.do you think we should limit the students on how much AI they could use?
01:26:30 Ravinder Minhas: I’m looking forward to trying it all out.
01:27:38 Chris Fry: I’m more interested in how to train students to use AI to help them learn more efficiently
01:28:16 Karine: Reacted to “I’m more interested …” with πŸ‘
01:28:21 AranchaLorente Kings Ely: Reacted to “I’m more interested …” with πŸ‘
01:28:22 Chris Fry: Reacted to “I’m more interested …” with πŸ‘
01:28:24 Chris Fry: Reacted to “I’m more interested …” with πŸ‘
01:28:57 Margarita Mortimer: Should AI mention the authors in your opinion as we do with quotes?
01:28:58 David GonzΓ‘lez: We as parents that we can do for our children do not abuse the use of AI?
01:29:34 David GonzΓ‘lez: what
01:29:59 Magalie Lalor: Do you have an AI policy in your school?
01:30:07 Caroline Afolabi-Deleu: Reacted to “Do you have an AI po…” with πŸ‘Œ
01:30:39 Margarita Mortimer: Will AI transform exam expectations and the learning progress?
01:30:47 Chris Fry: AI working to help you learn more rather than AI just to help your scores
01:31:23 Karine: Reacted to “AI working to help y…” with πŸ‘
01:31:54 Margarita Mortimer: Will AI replace teachers???
01:33:34 ALL London: The ALL London page will be updated here when the video and chat are ready to share: https://all-london.org.uk/webinars/a-tilt-webinar-with-maureen-gassert-lamb/
01:34:53 Chris Fry: Language Tool used to ask me if they could use some of my mistakes in their database
01:36:58 Marie Allirot: Really useful conversation as we are about to write a policy in our school.
01:37:49 Chris Fry: I asked my students for permission in writing to use their work for research
01:40:16 Chris Fry: For writing, recordings and photos
01:42:44 Olivia: Excellent answer, Maureen.
01:42:57 AranchaLorente Kings Ely: Reacted to “Excellent answer, Ma…” with πŸ‘
01:43:17 Margarita Mortimer: I have really enjoyed your talk Maureen. Thank you so much!!!❀
01:44:00 Alexandra: Thank you so much! I can’t wait to use everything
01:44:35 Chris Fry: Passion is infectious. Your students are really lucky, Maureen
01:44:43 Olivia: Reacted to “Passion is infectiou…” with πŸ‘
01:45:26 Joe Dale: Any more questions?
01:46:10 Magalie Lalor: Reacted to “Passion is infectiou…” with ❀️
01:46:16 Marie Allirot: Reacted to “Passion is infecti…” with πŸ‘
01:46:20 Samia Saci: Reacted to “Passion is infectiou…” with πŸ‘
01:46:29 AranchaLorente Kings Ely: Reacted to “Passion is infectiou…” with πŸ‘
01:46:37 AranchaLorente Kings Ely: Thank you!
01:46:39 Olivia: ❀️
01:47:23 Samia Saci: yes homework for summer defo
01:48:53 Chris Fry: I love the idea of making slides available to everyone. I believe this could be combined with live and recorded audio from multiple speakers at conferences