A webinar with Helen Myers: Getting to grips with the new GCSE

Thursday 19th October 2023 8.00pm – 8.45 pm

It was lovely to see so many at our Thursday evening webinar.  We know that many signed up who were not able to attend, and we hope that this page is of interest!  Scroll down to see the description, recording, pdf of the presentation, class photo (!) and chat transcript.


ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar is open to all MFL teachers. We hope that you will like us and want to join!

With a focus on the exam papers, using Sample Assessment Materials [SAMS] and mark schemes, Helen looks at the following questions:
1. To what extent do they have the same or different requirements compared with current?
2. To what extent do the exam boards have a common or different approach?
3. To what extent are there implications for your scheme of work?

To support this webinar, Helen has made a detailed analysis of the requirements of the new GCSE, written a comprehensive document presenting the subject content, Ofqual requirements and exam board specification, and recorded a series of related videos. See her blogpost here for info and download.

This webinar is open to all, but of course we hope you will want to join ALL if you are not already a member in order to ensure you have access to all the great member benefits! https://www.all-languages.org.uk/join/

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Download Presentation pdf here: ALL London Webinar Oct 23 V2 for sending

Please note the really useful slides at the end supplied by AQA and Edexcel, giving links to their training programmes and resources.

Class photo!

Chat transcript

00:27:40 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Thank you all for joining. It is great to see you.
00:27:45 Judith Rifeser (ALL): This session is recorded.
00:28:01 E Serrano Ramos: Spanish / French Teacher from Cowplain School – good evening to all
00:28:11 E Serrano Ramos: Esther Serrano
00:28:19 Judith Rifeser (ALL): https://www.all-languages.org.uk
00:28:22 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Please join us
00:28:25 Hugo Jasniak: Already a member, yes!
00:28:33 Connor Marston: We both have departmental memberships with our teams 🙂
00:28:35 Capucine: French / Spanish PGCE Student Teacher from UCL
00:28:37 Judith Rifeser (ALL): https://languageshowlive.co.uk
00:28:48 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Please join us for these events.
00:28:57 Nancy Jakins: I am a Spanish teacher – I am a member.
00:29:03 Judith Rifeser (ALL): https://all-london.org.uk
00:29:07 Nathalie S: Not yet but planning to be
00:29:24 Judith Rifeser (ALL): https://all-london.org.uk/event/all-london-january-event/
00:29:41 Fatima: I am a member of ALL and proud to be part of this amazing family.
00:30:06 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Register for our ALL London January event here: https://buytickets.at/associationforlanguagelearninglondonregionalbranch/1041922
00:30:34 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Language World 2024: Please submit your abstract and join us: https://www.delegate-reg.co.uk/lw2024/call-for-contributions
00:31:00 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Submissions for abstracts open till 8 November
00:31:21 Judith Rifeser (ALL): ALL London Webinars: https://all-london.org.uk/webinars/
00:31:33 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Helen’s blogpost: http://helenmyers.blogspot.com
00:31:34 Doug Chamberlain: Helen is a Legend!
00:31:48 Judith Rifeser (ALL): I fully agree, Doug.
00:32:00 Doug Chamberlain: Reacted to “I fully agree, Doug.” with 👍
00:32:28 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Helen’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/HelenMyers
00:33:18 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Please feel free to enable closed captions, if useful.
00:33:36 Fatima: Helen is an asset to the family of ALL.
00:35:07 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Reacted to “Helen is an asset to…” with ❤️
00:38:33 Laura D: Reacted to “Helen is an asset to…” with ❤️
00:40:25 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Scroll down to the bottom for these spreadsheets: http://helenmyers.blogspot.com
00:51:00 Fatima: If any one has a question. Please write it in the chat. Thank you.
00:52:13 Laura D: Where can we find the recording of this webinar? Thanks
00:53:28 Judith Rifeser (ALL): The recording will be available here: https://www.youtube.com/c/HelenMyers
00:53:38 Fatima: Thank you for your question. Helen will answer the question at the end of the webinar.
00:54:10 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Helen has generously made all documents available to be downloaded here: http://helenmyers.blogspot.com scroll to the bottom
00:54:15 Fatima: Thank you Judith 😊
00:54:19 Laura D: Reacted to “The recording will b…” with 👍
00:54:24 Judith Rifeser (ALL): Reacted to “Thank you Judith 😊” with 😃
00:59:47 cris vela: Thank you very much 😊
Excellent webinar
01:01:10 JFrackowiak: Where exactly could we find the spreadsheets? Thanks
01:01:19 Julie Bennett: I would be interested to know if people are considering buying new textbooks (budget permitting), or will you continue to use existing ones?
01:01:27 Erica: Thank you very much!
01:01:32 caroline: Super helpful as always, Helen 🙂 Many thanks x
01:01:37 Judith Rifeser (ALL): http://helenmyers.blogspot.com Spreadsheets at the very bottom
01:01:50 Alex Panconi: thank you Helen
01:01:53 Margarita Mortimer: Q. Are there any published textbooks?
01:01:55 Mike Elliott: Thank you so much Helen. Brilliant, as ever.
01:01:59 Julie Bennett: Thanks too, Helen, this has been great!
01:02:02 Judith Rifeser (ALL): The recording is available here: https://www.youtube.com/c/HelenMyers
01:02:03 Amy MacMahon: Thanks!
01:02:07 Nathalie S: Thank you very much Helen. Very useful, as always 🙂
01:02:08 Claire Duff-Tytler: Thank you so much Helen, very useful!
01:02:18 Bryony Gutman: thank you-really helpful
01:02:31 Judith Rifeser (ALL): helenmyers007@gmail.com
01:02:36 Judith Rifeser (ALL): https://all-london.org.uk/event/all-london-january-event/
01:02:43 Jonathan Peace: Thank you so much – really helpful!