Webinar with Jennifer Wozniak: Grammar is Fun!

May 4th 2020

Watch the video here, and scroll down for more information.

Helen is hosting the video on her YouTube account while we sort out technical issues on the ALL London account.

Grammar is key with the new GCSE and therefore it is important that our pupils master it. This seminar will present a lot of different engaging, interesting, up-to-date strategies to make all your students enjoy learning grammar. Jennifer will offer practical ideas for teaching grammar in a fun way and still preparing students to achieve their best with confidence. Ideas and activities presented can very easily be adapted for every language and can be used straight away back in the classroom.

Jennifer Wozniak, Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning and Specialist Leader of Education in T&L and MFL at The Hollins in Lancashire has a wide experience of teaching French from KS1 to KS4. She has been involved in school-to -school support. Jennifer has a real passion for teaching languages as we have had the pleasure of witnessed when she has presented at ALL national and ALL London events.

The Class of May 4th 2020!

Chat Transcript here:Chat for A webinar with Jennifer Wozniak

Links generously provided by Jennifer

Zoom Chat:

00:28:58 Ramesh Patel: Helen if you move your mouse over your name (top right), you should have rename as an option (far right)
00:29:28 Paula Hevia: Quick question. Will the content be the same as the webinar Jennifer gave a couple of weeks back on Linguascope?
00:29:29 Helen Bohorquez: thank you
00:30:27 Céleste Robillard: I think it will be only grammar tonight Paula
00:30:30 Ramesh Patel: no problem
00:30:36 Paula Hevia: Thank you!
00:30:43 Céleste Robillard: And it’s always nice to have more of Jennifer anyway haha
00:31:32 Paula Hevia: Just to let colleagues that did not make it to this webinar know…
00:31:41 Antigone Margariti: A memberalready!
00:31:43 Sylvie: Member already
00:31:44 Laurence Gillham: sorry not a member
00:31:46 kmason5: Yes we are
00:31:47 Hannah Wilson: im a member!
00:31:49 Paula Hevia: Member
00:31:50 Ana Winebrenner: I’m a member
00:31:50 Negin Shabestari: I am a member.
00:31:51 Céleste Robillard: Join ALL it’s great! Especially as trainee teacher!!
00:31:54 Helen Bohorquez: no but I used to be
00:31:59 Ann-Gaelle Cox: Member – join, it’s great!
00:32:02 Heather Jones: not yet
00:32:03 Vicky Fern: Member as a MFL faculty
00:32:03 Helen Kingdom-farrar: not a member yet.
00:32:09 Karen Greenwood: yes member
00:32:09 Krisztina Kovacs: not yet
00:32:20 MVCC: Not yet
00:32:21 kimg: Not currently but would like to be
00:32:21 CoDodge: Yes been so for years, ALL is well worth it!
00:32:22 Ali Koubaa: Not a member but probably will be soon…
00:32:29 Adriana Lopes: Not yet but doing today!
00:32:40 MVCC: yes
00:32:41 Saida Belkhadir: yes
00:32:41 Sylvie: yes
00:32:42 Krisztina Kovacs: yes
00:32:42 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Yes, we can see it
00:32:43 Florence: I can
00:32:43 Adriana Lopes: yes
00:32:44 Louise Ellis: yes
00:32:45 Laila El-Kheshen: yes
00:32:45 Negin Shabestari: yes
00:32:47 Sofia Papagiannaki: yes
00:32:47 kimg: yes
00:32:51 Keisha: yes
00:32:56 Sofia Papagiannaki: yes can I see
00:33:04 Helen Bohorquez: yes
00:35:06 kimg: Has live streaming started yet on YouTube please –
00:39:59 ALL London: Live stream now working .. !
00:40:13 Anna Grainger: Thanks Helen!
00:40:37 kimg: Thankyou
00:42:19 Ana Winebrenner: I also use wheel of names to achieve the same effect
00:42:46 Alkelda McClelland: tried this for hwk this week. They loved it!
00:43:26 ALL London: Ths is making me hungry!
00:43:56 CATHY FITZSIMONS: Love this idea!
00:45:00 ALL London: Yes Cathy!
00:45:08 Bella Bennett: lol! brilliant idea
00:46:46 ALL London: Great idea.. I need to get a ghost picture
00:47:00 Alex Panconi: love the ghost idea!!
00:48:04 ALL London: Q: What is the reference for the ais song?
00:49:03 Céleste Robillard: It’s Etienne
00:49:05 Alkelda McClelland: check out Señor Jordan on YoutTube for Spanish verb ending songs. Especially AR verbs. We still siing it with Year 11! 🙂
00:49:22 Negin Shabestari: ethienne
00:49:32 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thanks for the suggestion, Alkelda!
00:49:52 Alkelda McClelland: He’s ace. Honestly 🙂
00:50:01 Laurence Gillham: reference for ais song: https://youtu.be/xEOHD2V7Y2k
00:50:04 Beatrice Fontana: Q: what is teh reference for this song, video?
00:50:11 ALL London: Love seeing Jennifer’s expression!!
00:50:16 Christina Balsom: Is there one for German, I can’t find any
00:50:48 Lexie Walton: Christins
00:50:55 Anna Grainger: I do the Señor Jordan -ar song with Year 6. They love it.
00:51:03 Lexie Walton: Christina have you seen ich put the e on? For present tense
00:51:07 Alex Panconi: I lost the sound….anyone else??
00:51:15 Laila El-Kheshen: thank you! it’s hard to find the right song sometimes
00:51:27 ALL London: I stil hav esound ..
00:51:50 Christina Balsom: Thank you Lexie, I will look that one up
00:51:50 Amy: Q: what was the name of the IR present tense song?
00:51:53 Alkelda McClelland: Yeah, Anna! We do it while I fake line dance around room.Poor kids!!
00:51:54 Alex Panconi: 🙁 thanks
00:51:54 Viviane Vick: Best activity ever
00:52:18 CoDodge: Spanish -ar verbs search bringing conjugations back for present tense
00:52:26 Lexie Walton: Christina it’s terribly cheesy but it sticks!
00:52:28 Viviane Vick: Started using it after a conference of yours, all of the students are engaged and translate like they have never done in the past!
00:53:00 Flo Robles: Used it with my Spanish Year 9s and they LOVED it!
00:53:11 Viviane Vick: It’s brilliant
00:53:23 ALL London: Q from Leah in You Tube livestea m… WHAT WAS THE SONG FOR THE IR VERBS? I MISSED IT
00:53:41 ALL London: (apologies for caps)
00:54:25 Laurence Gillham: type ir remix and you’ll find it
00:54:52 orla nagle: Ir song: https://youtu.be/Mp6xPrItAtk
00:54:55 ALL London: apologies – didn;t realise my mic was open .. whoops!!
00:57:24 Florence: I have used it but have not got the master so yes please!
00:57:57 Beatrice Fontana: template please
00:58:30 ALL London: I’ll put any links Jennifer giewvs us on this web pages .. it will be live when I get the recirding link etc,,, http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/webinar-with-jennifer-wozniak-grammar-is-fun/
00:58:39 Viviane Vick: This is another brilliant one, which involves all students
01:01:19 Céleste Robillard: c’est le béret des langues 🙂
01:03:24 Joanne Davies: My students love using whiteboard markers on the desks! I always have wet wipes in my desk to clean them afterwards.
01:05:47 ALL London: Whiteboard love on the YouTUbe stream too! Rosemary Hicks Love my mini whiteboards
01:06:14 ALL London: I am learning French here too .. love ‘restoppe’!!
01:06:30 ALL London: cecilia giordano: Wow, so many ideas!!! this is great.
01:07:09 ALL London: .. I can see why you would only do this with classes you trust …!!!
01:07:39 Sylvie: family of words. Topic revision works well too.
01:08:02 Alkelda McClelland: love the swapping card game! my Year 9s will love this.
01:08:09 Laila El-Kheshen: @ cecilia I think the kids at the last school I was supplying would have just been popping the balloons :’D
01:08:14 Laila El-Kheshen: so yes
01:11:05 Céleste Robillard: I want to know how to make these!
01:11:30 ALL London: We’ll ask, Céleste!
01:11:42 Viviane Vick: Yes please
01:11:48 Céleste Robillard: thank you 🙂
01:12:34 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I think we all have the same frustration with numbers… they forget them so easily!
01:13:00 ALL London: 🙂 so many lovely ideas!
01:13:05 Mrs Flint: one grape 🙂
01:13:20 Alkelda McClelland: do you have a wee template for this? I love the grape idea. !
01:13:50 ALL London: I can see why Jennifer called her webinar ‘Grammar is fun!’
01:13:50 Mrs Flint: I know! We always think chocolate first. Bring on the grapes!
01:14:19 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Yes, it’s true. Grammar with her is fun for sure! 🙂
01:14:21 ALL London: Quot eo fthe webinar I feel . ‘Bring on the grapes’ (may even beat ‘grab a frog’)
01:14:50 Florence: I got caught once, they could se e the treasure chest, used the wrong colours to hide the chest!
01:15:51 Anna Grainger: I’ve used normal board markers on the windows before now. They work fine.
01:15:55 María Victoria: I wasn’t allowed to use grapes on my Christmas lessons 🙁 maybe 12 is too much?
01:16:51 Laila El-Kheshen: where you trying to do the campanadas?
01:17:02 María Victoria: Yes
01:17:30 María Victoria: I didn’t, I wanted to
01:18:00 Alkelda McClelland: I did it once but it can be dangerous ha ha ha. We haven’t done it since !!
01:18:07 Laila El-Kheshen: maybe they would let you use the ones that are like harribo sweets instead of real grapes? less dangeroous
01:18:11 Laila El-Kheshen: but not as healthy
01:18:16 María Victoria: quite dangerous, yes 🙁
01:18:16 ALL London: Three cheers for Jennifer’s husband!!!
01:18:19 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I do it every year and they love it!
01:18:32 Mrs Flint: Half a grape safer? 🙂
01:18:38 María Victoria: haha
01:18:46 María Victoria: “Lacasitos”?
01:18:50 Laila El-Kheshen: they sell them in MErcadona in Spain, little green sweets shaped like grapes
01:19:00 Laila El-Kheshen: at least they used to hah
01:19:02 María Victoria: nice to know!!
01:19:02 ALL London: Mrs Flint – your comnments get better an dbetter!!
01:20:15 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Really? Sweets with the shape of grapes? Hahaha, that’s hilarious
01:21:24 Céleste Robillard: The grammar auction works really well!
01:22:15 Laila El-Kheshen: 🙂
01:23:02 Alkelda McClelland: Are magic whiteboards re-useable?
01:23:41 Joanna Barber: I love dice… I even keep my dice in a box that is a dice!
01:25:10 ALL London: Love the word Scramblinator …
01:25:21 Candida Javaid: What was the word jumble website? I didn’t get the link.
01:26:01 Laurence Gillham: We call the corner game – PACman, the kids love to “eat” the next corner player
01:26:02 ALL London: Scramblinator
01:26:04 Saida Belkhadir: www.alastic.com/scramblinator/
01:26:22 Candida Javaid: Thanks!
01:26:35 Saida Belkhadir: *altastic/sramblinator
01:26:40 Saida Belkhadir: sorry – typo!
01:27:00 María Victoria: Thanks!
01:27:54 ALL London: This is where you’ll find th etemplates from earlier I think ..
01:28:11 María Victoria: Great!
01:28:55 Helen Bohorquez: Did anyone get the website for the colour by numbers activity please?
01:29:28 Amy: jeuxdecole.net
01:29:57 Helen Bohorquez: Thank you
01:31:16 ALL London: From Youtube stream: Marina Pereira Amazing ideas
01:32:03 Helen Bohorquez: Great, thank you
01:36:21 Viviane Vick: Thank you so much
01:36:25 Céleste Robillard: Thank you 🙂
01:36:25 Adriana Lopes: Thank you!
01:36:26 Charlotte Wallace: Thank you, that was great
01:36:26 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Wooooow! Merci beaucoup!!!!
01:36:29 Grace: thank you!!
01:36:30 Saida Belkhadir: yes – MERCI!!!
01:36:32 Laurence Gillham: Merci beaucoup!
01:36:33 Florence: This was simply fantastic!
01:36:34 Candida Javaid: This was spectacular! Thank you!
01:36:36 Saida Belkhadir: Lots of ideas!!!
01:36:37 Helen Bohorquez: That was brilliant thank you
01:36:38 Keisha: Thank you. Loved it. Thanks for all the ideas.
01:36:42 Amy MacMahon: Merci beaucoup!
01:36:43 Jo Petts: Thank you so much!
01:36:45 Alkelda McClelland: These ideas are wonderful. Really re-energise my teaching. Merci
01:36:46 Ann-Gaelle Cox: thank you – amazing!
01:36:46 CATHY FITZSIMONS: Thank you very much Jenny!
01:36:47 Ramesh Patel: Merci beaucoup !
01:36:48 Karen Greenwood: thank you
01:36:50 Ali Koubaa: Merci !!!
01:36:50 Miss M Comiati: will we be getting the powerpoint for this?
01:36:51 Jo Patisso: Thank you for so many excellent ideas!
01:36:52 kimg: Absolutely fantastic session . Thank you so much 🙂
01:36:54 Daniela Thacker: Thank you sooo much
01:36:54 Valérie Smith: thanks so much! a wealth of ideas!
01:36:55 Negin Shabestari: It was fantastic, many thanks 🙏
01:36:55 Isabelle: it was brillant!Merci
01:36:57 María Victoria: Thank you so much! Amazing ideas!!!
01:36:57 susan.mahiva: Merci infiniment!
01:36:58 Sofia Papagiannaki: Thank you very much Great one…Lots of ideas
01:36:59 Saida Belkhadir: un vrai florilège!!!!
01:37:05 Laura: Thanks so much 🙂
01:37:08 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Sooooo many ideas
01:37:12 EPreston: Thank you so much!
01:37:13 Rossana Hoseason: Great ideas …merci!
01:37:15 nat22: Just wonderful!!
01:37:18 Flo Robles: Whaou! Bravo Jennifer! C’était GENIAL!!!! Merci, merci!
01:37:19 Kayleigh Sexton-Henry: Many thanks!
01:37:19 Louise Ellis: Thank you so much, amazing ideas!
01:37:20 Samantha Kinmont: Brilliant – great ideas. thank you.
01:37:22 Katharine Hughes: Thank you very much!
01:37:23 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Merci beaucoup
01:37:23 Mrs Flint: Amazing Jenny – your pupils are very lucky
01:37:23 Miss M Comiati: Many thanks Jennifer, you’re just brilliant!!!
01:37:24 Michaela Bishop: Merci beaucoup!
01:37:24 Alex Panconi: fantastique merci beaucoup
01:37:25 Christina Balsom: Wow, that was amazing! So many simple and very usable ideas!
01:37:27 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Muchas gracias
01:37:28 Antigone Margariti: Brilliant ideas! Thank you
01:37:28 Antigone Margariti: 1
01:37:29 Anna Grainger: Thank you so much. That was brilliant! So many ideas to try out 🙂
01:37:31 Sam Matthews: Thank you so much, so many amazing ideas !
01:37:32 Cristina Roebuck: Thank you very much
01:37:34 Bella Bennett: wonderful! thank you for so many ideas!
01:37:34 Gillian Oldbury: Thank you so much! You are so passionate and animated about your job – very inspiring! Thank you again!
01:37:35 Antigone Margariti: YOu are an inspiration
01:37:35 sandra: thank you !
01:37:37 Rhonda: Absolutely fabulous!
01:37:38 Vicky Fern: Absolutely brilliant, thank you so much!
01:37:38 Joanna Barber: Thank you – lots of great ideas.
01:37:40 Philippa Rivaldi: Thanks so much for so many wonderful ideas – this was perfect.
01:37:50 HBrighton: Thank you fabulous ideas!
01:37:50 Cristina Soto-Kelly: muchas gracias for so many ideas!
01:37:54 Pilar Navarro: One of the best Webinars for a long time to gather ideas. Un millón de gracias
01:37:58 Antigone Margariti: You are an inspiration!
01:38:01 CoDodge: Thank you for all the energy and great ideas!
01:38:03 tanyacanavan: Brill – Thanks, eventhoughI joined you late! 🙂
01:38:06 Dalila Gomes: Amazing Jennifer!!!! another great session! I adore your enthusiasm and your amazeballs ideas!!!
01:38:10 Helen Kingdom-farrar: Thank you
01:38:19 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: IT will be great to put these into practice once we’re back in the classroom 🙂
01:38:33 Candida Javaid: This should just be a must watch for all trainee teachers!
01:38:50 Viviane Vick: Definitely
01:39:10 kimg: A great session to you too Helen .
01:39:15 Sophie Klasan: Q: May I share the youtube link with some people in my department? I know some of the things will be so useful to us
01:39:42 Candida Javaid: Thank you so much! I have to go. Have a lovely evening!
01:39:49 Daniela Thacker: I am going to include your ideas in the new SoW I am writing now for the new framework.
01:39:57 Helen Bohorquez: how will you send us all that information please?
01:39:58 CoDodge: Thank you to all you ALL guys as well for everything you are doing 🙂
01:40:06 Daniela Thacker: Thank you soooo much for this amazing presentation
01:40:49 Cate: Amazing ideas and fabulous presentation. There was definitely something for everyone. Many many thanks
01:41:03 Alkelda McClelland: will put ideas in our new SOW too. Once again thank you.
01:41:07 Helen Bohorquez: Yes how will you send us all the information, where will we find the resurces and templates?
01:41:52 ALL London: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/webinar-with-jennifer-wozniak-grammar-is-fun/
01:41:53 Helen Bohorquez: Do we have to be a member?
01:42:13 Helen Bohorquez: Thank you very much
01:42:27 Alkelda McClelland: how much is it to join?
01:44:13 Florence: Thank you again!
01:44:14 Céleste Robillard: it’s really cheap for trainees

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Leah: Ir song: https://youtu.be/Mp6xPrItAtk

Helen Myers
reference for ais song: https://youtu.be/xEOHD2V7Y2k

Helen Myers
check out Señor Jordan on YoutTube for Spanish verb ending songs. Especially AR verbs. We still siing it with Year 11! 🙂

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