Webinar with Dan Collis: Total Recall

Thanks so much to Dan Collis for sharing an incredible range of ideas for helping pupils to retain language.  The webinar was held on Wednesday 11th December 2019.


Here is a link to the recording on Adobe.

Here is a downloadable document with the chat transcript: Webinar with Dan Collis Total Recall

The session

“Metacognition is factor which has been proved to improve pupil progress and has made a big difference to my students’ retention of language this year. In this session, I will introduce the benefits of training students in the use of metacognitive strategies. I will also share a wide range of effective strategies for developing students’ learning in the Modern Languages classroom.”

About Dan Collis

Dan is a German, Spanish and French teacher at St Crispin’s School, Wokingham. Dan also worked as an English teacher in Poland for two years.