Webinar with Carol Hughes: Mentoring Teacher Trainees

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Invitation: ‘Help!  They’ve given us a trainee!’

We have invited Carol Hughes to repeat an excellent session which she delivered alongside Liz Black at ALL’s 2017 Language World. It is packed with useful tips and gudance and is very appropriate to present near the start of the school year.

With schools and language departments taking on increasing responsibility in training the next generation of language teachers, Carol will provide practical advice on how mentors can ensure the progression of new teachers through the training year into their NQT year, drawing on her own and others’ experience.  She shows how the experience can be extremely rewarding for trainer and trainee alike.

About Carol Hughes.

Carol Hughes has been a head of department in comprehensive and grammar schools, contributes a great deal to online fora, and has been involved with teacher training for over 20 years.  A ‘regular’ at our ALL meetings, she is a committed member of ALL and serves on its council.