Webinar with ALL London for student teachers 2019

We hope that student teachers who attended our Webinar have got the message that ALL London is keen to welcome them into the Association for Language Learning.

This recording starts with an overview of the benefits of joining the association , then is followed by a series of ‘tips’ from five members of the committee:

  • Liz Fotheringham: A Picture in my Pocket
  • Kerry Phipps: Ideas for primary language teaching
  • Dan Collis : Quick wins – Low prep activities
  • Judith Rifeser: ‘My Treasure Box’
  • David Shanks: ’10 Tech wins for MFL Teachers’

Link to the recording here

Link to the original Eventbrite invitation here

We very much hope to see trainee and NQT teachers at our forthcoming social event.  To benefit from free cocktails and a free booklet of top tips, register here.