Webinar: GCSE 9-1 Sharing ideas

GCSE 9-1: Sharing ideas.  Part 1.

Sunday 18th June 2017.

Event description

View the recording here.

GCSE 9-1 Part 1 uneditedTranscripts. (16 sides!)

GCSE 9-1: Sharing Ideas.  Part 2.

Thursday 22nd June 2017

Event description

View the recording here

GCSE 9-1 part 2 unedited transcripts

PowerPoint giving ASCL and Ofqual guidance on grades (Presented by Helen – will upload when I find the original!).

Show and Tell June 2017 GCSE Sharing Ideas draft(please send us more if anyone else took notes!)

Dr Rachel Hawkes’ wonderful talk to ALL London June Event 2017 – see this page  which includes many other brilliant talks.