Webinar: David Shanks – Duolingo

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Setting up Duolingo for your Schools: How can you make the most of the free language-learning program ‘Duolingo’ for your students?

David Shanks led a fantastic session at 2017 ICT in Language Conference, inspiring us to use Duolingo and offering extremely helpful resources to use with our classes. We  are delighted that he accepted our invitation to  share his experience during a webinar.  He will take us through the practical steps needed to set up a successful Duolingo class which will motivate and enhance our pupils’ progress in language learning.

Harris Federation MFL Consultant and Lead Practitioner:MFL, David is always keen to promote and support collabortaion between institutions and to share good practice and is an active member of ALL – recently appointed to its national Council.

Link to David’s wonderful dropbox containing Duolingo goodies here.

Webinar Duolingo David Shanks references – click to open word document which includes all unedited chat and notes which Helen made.