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ALL London TiLT (Technology in Language Teaching) webinars

In order to support language teachers faced with ‘lockdown’ ALL London (with its Zoom account and  website) has teamed up with Joe Dale (Chief Talent Scout and tech networker extraordinaire)  to host a wide variety of practising teachers and lecturers from across the world who share their experience of using technology to connect with students during periods when they cannot meet face-to-face.  Sessions cover a wide range of aspects to consider for all sectors:

  • common platforms for communication,
  • designing a curriculum which can pivot between no tech / all tech and the spectrum of hybridity between,
  • finding, creating and storing online resources and activities for all skills at all stages of the learning process (e.g. presentation, practice, production) which will motivate and interest learners working in isolation, all with their own individual needs and perspectives
  • Tools and resources to assess learning formatively and summatively, providing learners with helpful feedback (rewards and indication about how to progress)

The list of 50 webinars recorded since 19th March  is available on the home webinar page of the ALL London site.   Each webinar title links to a separate page with description, link to recording, participant chat record, class photo, and any links to presentations where available.

Here is a direct link to a searchable index which is being maintained on an on-going basis, allowing you to investigate whatever aspect of remote teaching and learning interests you.


As you watch, it would be extremely helpful if you could contact @HelenMyers to suggest any other ‘tags’ which will make the resource even more useful to others and also any other aspects you feel we have not covered.