TiLT webinar with Vincent Everett

Creativity in Language Learning

Tuesday 28th April 2020

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Session description: In this series of webinars on Technology in Language Teaching, we are pleased to welcome Vincent Everett for a session of two halves. The first section will be “unplugged” with no central technological focus. Vincent talked to us about Creativity in Language Learning. He聽 showed us examples of tasks and projects with creative and tangible outcomes for a real audience, and considered the implications of this as a driver of the curriculum. In the second half, Vincent redeemed himself (1) with some creative new approaches to using technology tools for language learning.

Bio: Vincent Everett is a teacher and writer based in Norfolk in the UK. He has been a member of ALL for 25 years and is a regular contributor of articles and conference talks, as well as having served on the Executive Committee in the past. You can find him on Twitter as @veverettmfl.

Vincent Everett
Tuesday 28th April 2020
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00:25:53 Bina Patel: Im a member
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00:29:24 ALL London: Thanks for declaring your ALL status!
00:30:43 ALL London: I like that: ‘only in English do we decribe things before we say what it is …’ I’ll use that!
00:31:05 victoria: agreed 馃檪
00:31:13 Esmeralda Salgado: I like the Art exhibition idea!
00:31:34 ALL London: What a lovely piece of writing
00:33:25 bella bennett: Lovely work from year 7
00:33:40 Joe Dale: This is lovely
00:33:56 Karen McMillan: Q: Do you give them freedom to draw/ paint whatever they like?
00:33:58 alisonbibby: Lovely idea
00:36:18 Bina Patel: Q do they do the writing first or drawing?
00:36:55 victoria: is wikidot a paid subscription site?
00:37:02 Karine Cook: no
00:37:04 Esmeralda Salgado: no
00:37:10 Esmeralda Salgado: it’s part of ALL
00:37:15 Esmeralda Salgado: ALL resources
00:37:17 victoria: thanks!
00:37:19 Chiara Bendiscioli: I can’t see the shared screen clearly, is it only me?
00:37:28 Esmeralda Salgado: me neither
00:37:43 Karine Cook: are you on ipad?
00:38:00 Laura: me neither
00:38:00 Gillian Oldbury: the shared screen is blurred
00:38:08 Chiara Bendiscioli: Chrome on laptop
00:38:11 Esmeralda Salgado: Not, laptop
00:38:31 Hannah Purdy: Same, my screen is blurred too. #
00:38:32 Esmeralda Salgado: we do a Picasso, abstract art project in Y7, very similar to this
00:39:45 ALL London: There are so many in the room .. I suppose this may affect quality fo shared image.
00:39:47 Ramesh: Try this link if you can麓t see it clearly… http://all-writingtranslation.wdfiles.com/local–files/dataentry%3Afrench-writing/French_writing_l%27art.docx
00:40:42 Ania: thanks a lot Ramesh
00:40:50 Ramesh: no problem
00:41:08 Esmeralda Salgado: That’s so true, Vincent!
00:42:24 Chiara Bendiscioli: Thanks ramesh
00:45:14 bella bennett: I can see students responding to this really well
00:45:39 Esmeralda Salgado: agreed! all practical. Nice metaphor
00:46:01 Joe Dale: wheelofnames.com
00:46:18 H W: C Great idea!
00:46:26 ALL London: https://wheelofnames.com/
00:46:26 Joe Dale: Works really nicely with emojis too
00:46:34 Karen McMillan: Q: Sorry to ask, but just to clarify, what year were these pupils? I’m sure u said, just forgot.
00:46:42 Esmeralda Salgado: all any pictures!
00:46:47 bella bennett: year 9 boys?
00:46:50 Noelia RG: i love this, I want to do the machine!
00:48:08 Ana Gonzalez: it looks a bit messy to me…
00:48:14 ALL London: I can really see you doing this NOelia!
00:51:51 Bina Patel: I like this idea!!
00:52:30 bella bennett: The students love it 馃檪
00:52:35 Jose Ros: we do it and its amazing! Students love it
00:52:58 ALL London: The Institut fran莽ais ‘s pop vido competiton deadline has been extended.. woudl be good to plan for that.
00:53:20 Joe Dale: Great idea Helen
00:53:39 ALL London: https://www.institut-francais.org.uk/events-calendar/whats-on/festivals-series/french-pop-video-competition/
00:53:43 Karen McMillan: Helen, is the pop video just a video to an existing song?
00:54:02 Joe Dale: The song has to be original
00:54:09 ALL London: It says deadline is 23rd April, but I spoke with Benoit today and they are extending it
00:54:13 Karen McMillan: tx joe
00:54:33 ALL London: It’ san excellent talk
00:56:59 ALL London: (Link to Vincent’s talk from ALL Langauge World .. packed with metaphors! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfwRR2G3YOs)
00:59:10 Esmeralda Salgado: etwinning projects are great for that!
00:59:20 ALL London: You did!
00:59:22 Esmeralda Salgado: in a bigger scale Erasmus!
00:59:26 Catherine Cantin: Blown away by these ideas!
00:59:30 ALL London: You were ahead of the game!
00:59:57 Esmeralda Salgado: I love that!
01:00:21 ALL London: (I have disbaled waiting room.. but that shoudl not be showing on the shared screen .. will investigate)
01:01:01 Isaac Belazouz: That s impressive
01:01:31 Esmeralda Salgado: Brilliant language!
01:01:38 Noelia RG: impressive level!
01:01:44 bella bennett: Great. Thank you
01:03:05 ALL London: Link to LInguascope webinars which have been fantastic .. scroll down to Vincent’s ‘A Game of Two Halves’ https://blog.linguascope.com/free-online-training-opportunities-for-language-teachers/
01:04:43 ALL London: YOu must be so proud of this, Vincent!
01:06:17 ALL London: WE will put links onto the website .. they are alreayd in the chat above
01:06:18 Esmeralda Salgado: I agree Vincent! Kids can learn very complex structures by lots of repetition.
01:07:45 Joe Dale: 馃檪
01:07:59 Esmeralda Salgado: QwiQR is great for you to give feedback!
01:08:12 Esmeralda Salgado: It saves ages in marking
01:09:28 Laura Edmundson: Is this better than using Mote?
01:09:44 Joe Dale: It’s different
01:09:53 Joe Dale: I would try both
01:10:54 Joe Dale: Here are lots of ideas around speaking and listening in a remote context https://www.facebook.com/groups/modernlanguagesteacherslounge/permalink/513109076052493/
01:11:05 Thais L贸pez: This can be fantastic for practising summary listening tasks for A level classes
01:12:13 Joe Dale: Here are some more ideas around Street View and Google Earth from this morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJbdvvPgHq4
01:17:14 ALL London: Love Vincent’s sense of understated humour
01:17:21 Joe Dale: Me too
01:17:42 Thais L贸pez: This is great- thank you. So many ideas going through my head right now
01:17:43 ALL London: Yes – very clear
01:17:47 Laura Edmundson: Great resource 馃憤
01:17:47 Bina Patel: yes
01:17:54 alisonbibby: Yes, really good fun!
01:17:58 Candida Javaid: What a great idea!
01:18:08 Naiya A: 馃憤
01:18:15 Karen McMillan: wow! Amazing resource, but it must have taken hours!
01:18:21 Chiara Bendiscioli: Amazing
01:18:30 Gillian Oldbury: ghe screen is very blurred
01:18:36 Gillian Oldbury: the
01:18:57 nadia: Q has it gone all black for everyone or just me?
01:19:03 alisonbibby: Can鈥檛 see what you are doing now
01:19:04 Karen McMillan: can’t see anything
01:19:06 Paula Hevia-Pacheco: We can’t see much…
01:19:10 Thais L贸pez: cant’ see
01:19:11 Jose Ros: Mine is blue
01:19:12 Eleonora Longo: Q. Are the Street view activities only in French?
01:19:12 Nerea L贸pez: Can鈥檛 see anything
01:19:15 victoria: cant see
01:19:16 Abi: i see a blue screen
01:19:17 Candida Javaid: The screen is off centre.
01:20:20 Thais L贸pez: this is very clever! 馃檪
01:20:37 Noelia RG: simple but fun!
01:21:05 Nerea L贸pez: That鈥檚 so good! So fast and simple but very useful!
01:21:09 Thais L贸pez: fun way of doing tangled translations- this could be great for modelling
01:21:16 Joe Dale: Teachers Pet Word plugin is great for these types of activities
01:21:17 Catherine Cantin: Love that!
01:21:48 Joe Dale: http://www.teachers-pet.org/index.php
01:22:30 Chiara Bendiscioli: Wow! So many great ideas, thanks!
01:22:42 Naiya A: very nice 馃憣
01:22:46 Catherine Cantin: Thank you so very much!
01:22:48 Karen McMillan: WOW, thanks so much
01:22:50 Nerea L贸pez: Really useful webinar!
01:22:50 cgrant: Lovely! Many thanks, Vincent 馃檪
01:22:52 Paula Hevia-Pacheco: Thank you!
01:22:53 Caroline McKinlay: So many fantastic ideas, thank you so much!
01:22:53 karen.vernon: thank you so very much – some lovely ideas
01:22:56 Katie Seager: That was brilliant, thank you!
01:22:57 nadia: how brilliant – thank you so much, you’re a creative genius!
01:23:01 Candida Javaid: Thank you so much!
01:23:02 Bina Patel: Very good presentation. Well done!! I will try some of the ideas. Thank you all for your time
01:23:02 Helena Butterfield: Brilliant thank you.
01:23:02 Gillian Oldbury: Thank you very much
01:23:03 Antigone Margariti: Brilliant ideas! Thank you!
01:23:04 H W: Thank you 馃檪
01:23:09 Jose Ros: Thank so much for sharing all these ideas!!
01:23:11 Hannah Wilson: thank you very much! inspiring ideas
01:23:12 alisonbibby: Thanks very much Vincent! So cool!
01:23:12 Lauren Pavitt: Fantastic, thank you
01:23:12 Johanna Johnson: Thank you so much. Lots a fab ideas.
01:23:13 Anneliese Yafai: How did the box activity work? Maybe me being thick
01:23:17 Noelia RG: Such a fantastic presentation, thank you very much
01:23:18 Laura Wilson: Amazing – so many great ideas – thank you!
01:23:28 Oksana Issom: Such great ideas! Thank you.
01:23:32 Helena: how long does it take to do the google street view activity?
01:23:33 Anita: Excellent Thanks lots ideas
01:23:37 Angela Baffos: Thank you – some fantastic ideas.
01:23:40 victoria: thank you! Gracias!
01:23:43 Coni Marquez-Godoy: Thank you! great ideas! 馃檪
01:23:44 Candida Javaid: Thanks Helen.
01:23:44 Val茅rie Smith: thanks so much, very enriching!
01:23:45 Esmeralda Salgado: Fantastic ideas! thank you!
01:24:04 Eleonora Longo: Q. Are the Street view activities only in French?
01:24:04 Jesus: Fantastic ideas! Thanks a lot
01:24:12 Laura Edmundson: Thanks so much 馃槉
01:24:13 Grace: Thank you!
01:24:16 Manjit Basra: thanks some amazing ideas
01:24:18 bella bennett: Thank you so much. Very interesting
01:24:33 Chiara Bendiscioli: Sorry my webcam is not working…
01:24:34 Catherine Cantin: Q: where can i find some advice about making writing /speaking frames for primary school children?
01:24:45 Candida Javaid: I managed to join in the past ten minutes! I am so glad!
01:24:53 Laura Wilson: host has stopeed my viedo?
01:25:03 Esmeralda Salgado: You need to able the camera,, Helen
01:25:12 Katie Seager: The host isn鈥檛 letting e share video
01:25:13 Jesus: host has stopeed my viedo?
01:25:20 Jesus: me too
01:25:21 Helena Butterfield: I’ll put my background on so I disappear
01:25:22 Jesus: 馃檨
01:25:27 Jose Ros: same problem here
01:25:45 Jose Ros: the host has stopped it
01:25:52 Iryna: thank you so much
01:25:52 Nerea L贸pez: I can鈥檛 either
01:25:53 alisonbibby: Sorry I need to go! Thank you!
01:26:02 Helena Butterfield: Hi Rosemary!
01:26:23 Nerea L贸pez: It also ask me to leave
01:26:24 Jose Ros: I can not either
01:28:04 Jose Ros: mine doesn’t work yet
01:28:29 Helena Butterfield: I’ve got my wine out of shot
01:29:00 cgrant: Sorry, leaving now. Have a phone call. Thank you lots x
01:29:12 Naiya A: I hv got chance to join in last 20 minutes..won’t allow m
01:29:17 Val茅rie Smith: I haven’t got a camera
01:29:46 Eleonora Longo: Thank you bye
01:30:21 Naiya A: thank you…can I hv recording plz
01:30:24 Jessica Bennaceur: Thank you for all the great ideas x
01:30:31 karen.vernon: thank you Bye
01:30:35 Noelia RG: I have to leave now you lovely people. Thank you very much Vincent, Helen and Joe, I loved the session
01:30:56 Coni Marquez-Godoy: gracias por todo! adios 馃檪
01:30:57 Helena Butterfield: I’m going to have to go. Thank you for this, it was fab! Bye
01:31:02 Johanna Johnson: Thank you. Have to leave now. It was great.
01:31:20 Anita: I have leave now – this was great
01:31:23 Naiya A: gracias…
01:31:40 Steph : Thanks to all of the hosts for their time
01:31:43 Caroline Okerika: Thank you!
01:32:18 Laura Edmundson: I’d love to do a tour around a different French or Spanish speaking country
01:32:18 Hannah Wilson: thank you Vince! excellent talk! and thanks ALL!
01:32:49 Helena: thank you
01:34:02 victoria: clap clap clap 馃檪 excelente gracias
01:34:05 Anneliese Yafai: Ahhh thank you!
01:34:09 Anneliese Yafai: Makes sense
01:35:27 Isa: Thank you, excellent talk.
01:35:52 Catherine Cantin: great – thank you so much!
01:36:45 Charlie Berney: Thanks! Great to connect and learn 馃檪
01:37:25 Catherine Cantin: I liked the ideas you gave for listening and speaking activities with QuicQR – I need to watch that bit again.
01:38:32 Rosa McQuade: Gracias!
01:39:01 Chiara Bendiscioli: Thank you again!
01:39:05 Catherine Cantin: Thank you et au revoir!