TiLT webinar with Samantha Broom: Google for Education

April 30th 2020  @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Google for Education: Top Tips 

Recording link [Thanks to Joe Dale for hosting the video.  A public apology from Helen for failing to replace Vincent Everett’s pic with Samantha Broom’s pic in the intro! ]

Chat transcript: Samantha Broom chat

Class photo: (100 in the room.. packed during the session.  Here are many who stayed to the end of question time!)

In this session Samantha talks through the basics of Google Drive, Docs, Slides and Forms and how to tie these in seamlessly into your Google Classroom. This session aims to support teachers who have been thrown into the world of teaching remotely, to help them make the most of the Google for Education suite of tools.


Samantha Broom is an experienced teacher of Spanish and French with extensive experience as Head of Department. She specialises in teaching Spanish at both GCSE and A Level, is a textbook writer and an experienced presenter, with a passion for using technology to enhance teaching and learning.. Samantha has worked in both state and independent schools and is the webmistress of languagesresources.co.uk.

  1. Google Chrome & Drive: finding your feet
    1. Using Chrome browser
    2. Organising your drive
    3. Classroom folder
  2. Looking after your Google Classroom
    1. Setting up a Google Classroom
    2. Managing the Stream
    3. Managing notifications
    4. Assigning work
    5. Creating a Header
    6. Working with PDFs
  3. Google Docs & Slides
    1. Creating worksheets & presentations
    2. Including text boxes and tables
    3. Including links to external sources
    4. Using snipping tool to insert images
    5. Multilingual voice typing
    6. Using extensions
    7. Inserting audio into Slides
    8. Saving, sharing and assigning work to students


Samantha Broom – Google Education Webinar – 30th April 2020
Chat Transcript

00:31:55 Bella Bennett: @Mart different on my phone too so possible?
00:34:21 samia saci: will join
00:34:26 Mart Wilmin: was, will rejoin
00:34:27 Oumayma GEAGEA: was a member- budget cut had to cancel
00:34:29 Charlotte Rayner: I’ve recently re-joined.
00:34:30 Antonio da Silva: I’m a member
00:34:32 Helen McFarlane: I’m a member!
00:34:37 Chiara Bendiscioli: I swear, I’ll join soon
00:34:38 Emmanuelle Anning: my school is a member
00:34:39 Denise Humphris: I am a member
00:34:40 Ceri Griffiths: Hi from Groeswen, South east Wales. yes, I am a member.
00:34:42 Naiya A: will join soon.tx
00:34:43 Jo Barber: I’m a member
00:34:48 Negin Shabestari: I am a member.
00:34:57 Jan Stern: I am a student teacher member
00:34:58 Charlie Berney: I’m a member and committee member > West of England 🙂
00:34:59 Tania Weithers: I’d like to join
00:35:04 Marilena: I’m not a member and I’m not sure about the school.
00:35:11 Dawn Eyre: I am a member.
00:35:13 Nicole Gibbs: I’m a member – West of England
00:35:15 Caroline Okerika: Thinking about joining.
00:35:47 Ana Mago: Thinking about joining also…
00:36:04 Charlie Berney: Hello Nicole!
00:36:17 paulette60@btinternet.com: I’m a member teaching in Southall, Ealing
00:37:27 Joe Dale: The Woffle is the nine little squares in a big square top right of the screen
00:38:57 Ceri Anwen James: It’s always the little things for me, isn’t it Joe? You can CHANGE THE COLOUR of your folders! Was worth coming just for that!
00:39:07 Joe Dale: 🙂
00:39:47 Chiara Bendiscioli: I was thinking exactly the same 🙂
00:40:16 Joe Dale: You can upload PDFs in Drive and open them in Google Docs which converts them using OCR
00:41:29 Charlotte Rayner: First win of the night already, thank you, about converting all my exiting documents!
00:42:19 Ann Mariner: some conversions from pdf when opened with google docs shift all over the place
00:42:46 Joe Dale: True. Any PDF conversion is not perfect
00:51:01 ALL London: (Lovely to read messages about people thinking of joining ALL . please do!)
00:51:21 Anneliese Yafai: Q – I have just had a look on my account, I am logged in on my school email but I cannot see ‘google classroom’ on the waffle (non coloured one)
00:51:43 Anneliese Yafai: Q – Using google chrome as a browser
00:53:18 Chiara Bendiscioli: (Q about ALL: can you join from everywhere? Or is it only for British teachers?)
00:53:24 Steve Barrow: I think you need to go into the actual assignment to download
00:53:46 ALL London: How to download grades https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/thread/1007015?hl=en
00:53:51 Joe Dale: Anyone can join Chiara
00:53:59 Chiara Bendiscioli: thanks
00:54:05 Antonio da Silva: yes
00:54:10 Antonio da Silva: choose one assignment
00:54:38 Bella Bennett: click on student in grades and you get individual marks for all assignments. great for PCE
00:55:25 Joe Dale: The reference I’ve just found for a Google Classroom banner dimensions says it’s 1000 x 250
00:56:21 Joe Dale: Another one says 2000 x 400!
00:57:04 Joe Dale: You can also use doc.new as Daren showed us before
00:57:29 Joe Dale: hyperdocs.co
00:58:34 Anneliese Yafai: Q – Can you not do ‘alt gr’ and the letter like you can in word to get say é
00:58:39 Joe Dale: Very cool
00:58:44 Joe Dale: Yes
00:58:52 Steve Barrow: Alt Gr button plus vowel gives you an accent éééííííí
00:59:52 Joe Dale: Easy Accents works in Docs and Slides https://gsuite.google.com/marketplace/app/easy_accents_docs/135570422524
01:00:14 Bella Bennett: absolutely brilliant hints and information
01:00:14 Heike Philp: Could you demonstrate on how to use Hyperdocs?
01:01:03 Sarah Taylor: “The Noun Project” for super graphics of most items e.g. house, bike
01:01:10 Joe Dale: I’ll ask at the end Heike as Sam is in full flow
01:01:16 Marilena: I’m using this to help with accents
01:01:59 Joe Dale: The Noun Project is great as is Flaticon.com
01:02:01 Ceri Anwen James: If you’re looking for a decent theme for Google Slides, the place to go is SlidesCarnival.com – it will change your life!
01:02:10 Joe Dale: Yes Ceri
01:02:24 Ceri Anwen James: Yes indeed, Joe!
01:02:30 Heike Philp: thx Ceri
01:02:31 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:02:54 ALL London: I love what changes your life, Ceri!!!
01:03:08 ALL London: (Colour mainly it seems!)
01:03:13 Ceri Anwen James: All the small things that make life more fun!
01:03:21 ALL London: true!
01:03:32 Ceri Anwen James: And more happy and colourful!
01:04:19 samia saci: This answers a lot of my questions. Thanks
01:04:32 Heike Philp: cant see
01:04:56 Lynn Sullivan: Is the snip that she just used internal to Google or is a different app resident on the host computer?
01:05:21 Joe Dale: Windows shortcut = Windows Shift S
01:06:58 Ceri Anwen James: This is why we’re all here – audio in Slides!
01:09:15 ALL London: (Isn’t Samantha amazing?)
01:09:48 Jo Barber: Yes!
01:09:50 Emmanuelle Anning: brilliant, thanks 🙂
01:09:50 Bella Bennett: this has been fantastic
01:09:51 Joe Dale: This extension Special Characters: Click and Paste works in everything in Chrome for accents https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/special-characters-click/fkjbliednplpohojfpgnbpcppgdnhklb?hl=en
01:11:05 Joe Dale: Here is an article all about listening and speaking ideas https://www.facebook.com/groups/modernlanguagesteacherslounge/permalink/513109076052493/
01:11:31 Sarah Flint: Thanks Joe
01:11:58 ALL London: You have 15 minutes.. we started 8.10
01:12:12 Joe Dale: Mote is amazing and lets you leave audio comments in Docs, Slides and Classroom https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mote-voice-commenting-for/ajphlblkfpppdpkgokiejbjfohfohhmk
01:12:32 Ceri Anwen James: In the comment bank, if you put a # it will show you previous sentences you have used. If you put #spelling, it will show you all your previous comments which include the word spelling.
01:14:44 Lynn Sullivan: Is there a way to make a teacher note on an assignment, but that note is NOT viewable by the student?
01:14:45 Joe Dale: Online Voice Recorder is great for recording and editing then uploading to Drive so you can insert it into Slides https://online-voice-recorder.com/
01:14:55 Naiya A: it’s is going grt.. thanks..
01:15:58 Joe Dale: So you can import questions from another form you’ve made. Great timesaver
01:19:10 Joe Dale: I didn’t know that! Cool!
01:20:39 Joe Dale: Using the Google Classroom app on iPad, yes you can annotate
01:21:20 Joe Dale: Office Lens is a great way of turning an image or set of images into one PDF and upload it to Google Classroom
01:22:47 Joe Dale: FB group is Google Classroom for MFL Teachers – 1,154 members already after a couple of weeks
01:23:31 Miss Dos Remedios: q .? what is thing link?
01:23:46 Ceri Anwen James: Q: If you create a Google Forms, or have created one previously, how do you make the marks appear in your grades section in Google Form?
01:23:48 Joe Dale: Adding bookmarks in a Google Doc is a great way of creating an index e.g. is.gd/TILTTHURSjoedale
01:24:16 Heike Philp: Joe is this MS Office lens? Or Google lens?
01:24:35 Julie Browning: how do you insert audio
01:24:55 Miss Dos Remedios: amazing 😉 soo many incredible ideas. muchas gracias Samantha
01:25:17 Alexandra Töniges: Brilliant! Thanks so much!
01:25:28 Joe Dale: MS Office Lens
01:25:37 Steve Barrow: search for google classroom in the google search bar and you can log in that way
01:25:39 Ceri Anwen James: The waffle in Wales through Hwb is different. We have Google Classroom, though
01:25:39 Sara San Jose: Amazing Samantha! Muchísimas gracias!
01:25:45 Diane McVey: Thank you so much, a really great and informative session. I am a member of your FB group too.
01:25:50 Glenn Cake: Awesome presentation Samantha – merci bien !!!
01:25:56 Olivia Titchener: Thank you!
01:26:01 ALICE Semple: fantastic presentation and v clear
01:26:05 HUAWEI P30 lite: Thank you so much. You are so lovely and so easy to listen to.
01:26:08 Emmanuelle Anning: That was amazing, thank you 🙂
01:26:12 dwilkinson: Thank you!
01:26:12 Steve Barrow: Thank you
01:26:17 Esther Mercier: absolutely brilliant Sam! Thank you!
01:26:18 Ceri Griffiths: Thank you! Fab!
01:26:21 Isabel Arcos Sanchis: ¡Muchas gracias Samantha!
01:26:23 NoraB: Thank you
01:26:24 Chiara Bendiscioli: Brilliant! Thanks a lot!
01:26:25 Jose Ros: thank you! it’s been fab!
01:26:26 Steve Barrow: Will you be doing a more advanced one?
01:26:29 Paco Fernandez: Superb webinar! Thank you so much Samantha
01:26:30 Sarah Flint: Q: Which facebook group is best to join for Google please?
01:26:31 Liliana Roudaut: Thank you so much!
01:26:33 Robin Poley: packed with great info, thanks to you all!
01:26:36 Charlotte Rayner: So muich here, I shall have to watch again several times!
01:26:44 Marc Johnson: Thank you so much 🙂
01:26:47 Caroline Okerika: Thanks!
01:26:48 Veronique Parrott: Thank you
01:26:49 Julie Browning: Thank you fabulous training
01:26:54 Helen McFarlane: Lots of great functions to discover – thank you, Samantha.
01:26:57 Dawn Eyre: Thank you so much, I will have to watch again. Fabulous.
01:27:08 paulette60@btinternet.com: Thank you, an absolutely great session. I’ve learnt so much! More Please…
01:27:10 Nicole Gibbs: Thank you so much Samantha – great information.
01:27:28 Marta Eulalia: Muchas gracias 🙂
01:27:29 Anne McCambridge: So good of you to come in and help out at the last minute, Samantha. I hope Heide is well!
01:27:37 barbara: thank you – fabulous training. really clear.
01:27:43 Oksana Issom: Very informative, I have learnt a lot! Thank you so much.
01:27:50 Sally Hendley: so helpful, and easy to follow. Your Facebook group on Google Classroom for MFL teachers is fantastic too
01:27:54 Rachel Tattersall: This was excellent, Sam. It was so helpful to see everything visually on the screen. I’m glad you’re at my school!!
01:28:25 Scott Willis: It automatically makes a sheet for you in a forms
01:28:30 Scott Willis: sheets
01:28:37 Sam Gould: Aren’t we lucky Rachel?! Absolutely brilliant Sam! Thanks so much
01:29:05 Ceri Anwen James: Q: If you create a Google Forms, or have created one previously, how do you make the marks appear in your grades section in Google CLASSROOM, sorry!
01:29:09 Glenn Cake: or just copy the hyperlink from Vocaroo ?
01:29:31 Anne McCambridge: Q Can you please do some annotating to show us how you access that facility?
01:29:51 Lynn Sullivan: @ Ceri, you can do this auto install but NOT if student has multiple attempts
01:30:14 Lynn Sullivan: It is under the google form quiz settings
01:30:34 Ceri Anwen James: I will go back and look again – I have failed so far!
01:31:54 Scott Willis: personal
01:32:06 Lynn Sullivan: a personal, not school account
01:32:12 Bella Bennett: type in forms.new in to address bar?
01:32:40 Ceri Anwen James: For Forms, you go in your Google Drive to New (top left) / More / Google Forms
01:32:58 Emma Casey: Basic question alert! Difference between google doc and google forms please.
01:33:03 Ceri Anwen James: I’ve never seen Forms on a waffle
01:33:42 Ceri Anwen James: Google Doc = like Word, Google Forms = creates a questionnaire
01:33:54 Charlie Berney: With a personal account do you get all of the options?
01:33:59 Noelia RG: Thank you very much, I need to leave now. Fantastic webinar, thank you Samantha, Helen and Joe
01:34:40 Sarah Flint: Q: Do you typically list the stages of your lesson with the resources in the Classwork section for every lesson at the moment? Thanks
01:35:29 Miss Dos Remedios: how is mote spelt?
01:35:35 Antonio da Silva: mote
01:35:47 Ceri Griffiths: Yes,online voice recorder is fab. very easy to use
01:36:00 Antonio da Silva: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mote-voice-commenting-for/ajphlblkfpppdpkgokiejbjfohfohhmk
01:36:37 Joe Dale: Yes Charlie
01:36:44 Antonio da Silva: yes, I prefer voice recorder or vocaroo
01:37:06 Anne McCambridge: Q Please show us an example of annotating work, as though you were using a coloured pen. Thanks
01:37:18 Miss Dos Remedios: percto 🙏🏾
01:37:20 Kate Scott: Q Can you show us again how to get a PDF as a picture onto a slide?
01:37:52 Lynn Sullivan: I want to commit ‘educational larceny’ – how could I get a copy of this Les maisons différentes?
01:40:02 Bella Bennett: @Lynn Sam very kindly shares her resources on her FB group
01:41:42 Anna Grainger: Q Every time I click on the coloured waffle it says ‘you’re not logged into Chrome’. I put in my username and password, but it continues to say ‘you’re not logged in’. Have you got any ideas why?
01:42:40 Anna Grainger: Panic over – just had to log in about 8 times, but finally it’s worked!!
01:42:51 Ceri Anwen James: Anna – logging into Chrome (the actual browser) is different from logging into Google Classroom / Drive etc
01:45:44 Anne McCambridge: Thank you for helping us!
01:45:44 Anna Grainger: Yes thanks Ceri. I was already logged into classroom and drive, but trying to use the other waffle too!
01:45:47 Stephanie Langlet: Thank you so much
01:45:54 Lynn Sullivan: Wonderful presentation! Thank you for such great info.
01:45:56 Negin Shabestari: Now need to go back and watch again and again and learn
01:45:56 Bella Bennett: thank you. brilliant
01:46:00 samia saci: Thank you so much
01:46:00 Tania Weithers: Thanks Sam!
01:46:01 Negin Shabestari: thanks a lot
01:46:28 sta.elisaselvatic: that was wonderful, thank you!
01:46:29 Allostery: Thank you very much 🙂
01:46:32 Orla McCarthy: Thanks very much
01:46:53 Antonio da Silva: Thanks, Sam! Great job!
01:47:16 Ceri Anwen James: Thanks very much Sam, it has been great!
01:47:33 Anna Grainger: Thank you so much. I need to rewatch and work through at it at the same time. I had no idea of the potential of Google!
01:47:34 Ruta Dulbinska: Everything’s to the point. Super!
01:48:14 Charlotte Rayner: I had two screens going all through that and will need to do so again, Loving these webinars!
01:49:18 Heike Philp: and Virtual Round Table next week
01:49:27 Charlotte Rayner: What is the best way of keeping up to date with what can be booked please?
01:50:40 ALL London: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/