TiLT Webinar with Raquel Ribiero: Mobile Learning for Remote Learning



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When we think of online classes, video streaming tools are the first ones that come to mind. What about teaching contexts where the live video classes are not feasible because the teachers’ device is solely a mobile phone and an unstable internet connection?

In this webinar I will share some key mobile-friendly tools and ideas to encourage the communication and engagement with the groups in the context of teaching during a pandemic.

Raquel Ribeiro is an EdTech expert, Google Innovator and English language teacher at Cultura Inglesa Sao Paulo. She is one of the authors of the Teacher Editions 1 & 2 of CUP EVOLVE series. She blogs about apps and tech for ELT teachers in The World of Better Learning. She is also the Social Media Organiser for IATEFL LTSIG.

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