TiLT webinar with Natalie Campbell: Showbie for remote language learning

Tuesday 12th May 2020

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In this TILT session we will explore the ways in which Showbie can support learners to learn a language whilst they are not able to be in their language classroom. We will look at setting up and managing your virtual classroom to interact with learners and features of Showbie such as feedback and peer support. Ideas for making the most of this versatile platform for language learners to work in all four skill areas will also be shared.

Natalie Campbell is Learning Director for MFL at Bemrose School in Derby. She was the ALL Secondary Language Teacher of the Year for 2016 and is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Showbie Champion. She has 19 years teaching experience in Spanish and French. She uses digital technology to support her learners seeing the role of digital devices as one of support and curriculum enhancement.




TiLT webinar with Natalie Campbell-Showbie for remote language learning

01:01:45 zoras: Looking forward to this session. Fatima,London
01:02:55 Silvia Lopez: I am a member
01:03:01 Laura Grant: I’m a member.
01:03:07 Charlie Berney: ALL West of England Committee Member
01:03:24 zoras: Iam a member and very proud of it.
01:03:26 Karine Cook: can’t wait
01:03:45 Cara Bleiman: I also recommend being a member! I’m a primary MFL teacher.
01:04:30 Kate R: Hello Natalie
01:05:30 ALL London: Please close your videos and audio now – many thanks
01:05:35 Karine Cook: nope
01:05:38 Juana B: No
01:05:40 Steph Ellis-Williams: never
01:05:40 Cara Bleiman: nope
01:05:41 Kate R: no
01:05:41 Silvia Lopez: no
01:05:41 Laura Grant: yes
01:05:43 Galia: no
01:05:43 Joe Dale: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/showbie/id548898085
01:05:43 María Victoria Castanedo: NO
01:05:44 Julie Gourdon: no
01:05:44 cecilia giordano: no
01:05:44 Maria: yes
01:05:45 zoras: no
01:05:45 Madame Hemsworth: no
01:05:46 Chris Fry: I’ve just downloaded the app for Windows
01:05:47 HELEN Stokes: no
01:05:52 Negin Shabestari: no
01:05:53 Mart Wilmin: nope
01:05:57 Anna Grainger: I’m a newbie to Showbie 🙂
01:06:03 Joe Dale: https://www.showbie.com/
01:06:04 Stephanie Langlet: NO
01:06:06 Negin Shabestari: i just downloaded it.
01:06:08 Silvia Oliveras: newbie to everything, really!
01:10:49 Joe Dale: EVK4Z
01:12:16 Julie Gourdon: Nope I need alphanumeric characters?
01:12:52 ALL London: Im in!
01:13:01 ALL London: @JUlie – didyou put in a space?
01:13:07 ALL London: It wpon;t accept a s[ace
01:13:12 Madame Hemsworth: I missed the code. Please can you repeat it?
01:13:21 Joe Dale: EVK4Z
01:13:24 Julie Gourdon: Got in!
01:13:33 ALL London: Great!
01:13:33 Silvia Oliveras: same, can you re-send code, pls?
01:13:37 Silvia Oliveras: ah. thanks
01:13:44 Joe Dale: The code is EVK4Z
01:14:48 ALL London: By the way, because I have changed chrome to French for my bitmoji .. everything was in French when I needed to sign up ..!
01:14:59 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:15:23 Juana B: Apologies. I have to leave… I will check the recording afterwards. Thank you.
01:15:28 ALL London: In fact, showbie itself is in French!
01:16:14 Silvia Oliveras: aw, great practice, then!
01:16:22 ALL London: en effet!
01:16:42 ALL London: due date = à rendre
01:16:54 Joe Dale: Merci Helen
01:18:45 ALL London: oh thank you!
01:19:47 Chris Fry: Pity material can’t be uploaded to a store as well as to one or more classes. Workaround – create a class which gets everything
01:21:06 Charlie Berney: Danke to your daughter!
01:23:21 Cara Bleiman: Q: how have you taught your pupils to use this? Did you give them a webinar or did you teach them before lockdown?
01:23:39 Julie Gourdon: How do the students scan from their phone/device? Do they need the app (I’m on the internet so I don’t see any option to scan)
01:25:04 Julie Gourdon: Or is it just a picture and you download it?
01:25:16 Kirsteen: Does the whole school use Showbie – other subjects too?
01:26:20 Julie Gourdon: Great! Thx!
01:27:45 Kirsteen: Merci!
01:28:12 Negin Shabestari: modal verbs, she is doing
01:31:47 Helen McFarlane: Is this free software at present, or does the school pay a subscription?
01:31:59 Madame Hemsworth: I cannot seem to get the tab at the top on my iPhone.
01:32:12 Joe Dale: It’s free and there is a pro version too
01:32:33 Negin Shabestari: I am using safari and I couldn’t record.
01:32:59 Helen McFarlane: Thank you, Joe.
01:33:21 Julie Gourdon: I’m on a Mac and it doesn’t record
01:33:42 Julie Gourdon: I can try
01:33:49 Chris Fry: I recorded my voice using Firefox on a PC
01:33:59 Negin Shabestari: thanks Joe, I will try chrome
01:34:59 Joe Dale: Thanks Chris
01:35:49 Steph Ellis-Williams: Can you not get the app on other devices than I pads or iphones? can you get the app on a Microsoft device?
01:36:25 Julie Gourdon: It seems to work with Mozilla/Firefox on Mac!
01:37:03 Steph Ellis-Williams: I can get the website but not the app on Microsoft surface, CHrome
01:37:03 Joe Dale: No Steph, only iOS and web version
01:37:20 Steph Ellis-Williams: Thanks Joe.
01:37:26 Joe Dale: Does Chrome work Steph?
01:37:33 Steph Ellis-Williams: yes, as website
01:37:38 Joe Dale: Cool
01:38:46 Negin Shabestari: tried in chrome, still couldn’t record but it could be just me!
01:38:59 Julie Gourdon: It works with Mozilla/Firefox on Mac
01:39:23 Negin Shabestari: glad you managed Julie
01:44:11 ALL London: Idea from Stephen Byrne (on YouTuibe live strea,) is that things may not work for peoople trying things now as Zoom is usin g their devices
01:44:31 Joe Dale: True
01:45:16 Negin Shabestari: oh ok, thanks
01:46:19 Mart Wilmin: I need to go now. Thanks. See you on Thursday in TiLT
01:46:44 ALL London: Thanksfo rcoming, Mart!
01:47:20 Madame Hemsworth: Sorry, I Iost connection. What was the name of the app to record slides with sound?
01:47:35 Joe Dale: Haiku Deck
01:47:50 Chris Fry: I used TechSmiths capture app on a windows PC for the first time today (I had used Jing before.
01:48:03 Madame Hemsworth: Thanks
01:48:14 cecilia giordano: Thanks Natalie for your presentation, very interesting!!
01:52:47 Antonio da Silva: Thanks, Natalie!
01:53:45 Julie Gourdon: Really nice presentation! Thank you!
01:53:49 Helen McFarlane: Thank you, Natalie.
01:54:01 Silvia Lopez: Great presentation, thanks Natalie 😉
01:54:03 Laura Grant: how can you work in groups
01:54:08 costcla: Thanks Nathalie, this is very interesting, specially the audio features. That’s what I’ve been missing with Google classroom 🙂
01:54:18 ALL London: !!!!!!
01:54:25 HELEN Stokes: Thank you
01:54:37 zoras: Thank you Natalie! its been so helpful 🙂
01:56:44 Mel: Thank you Nathalie!
01:57:47 Chris Fry: Student to student private messages – are these possible?
01:58:02 Chris Fry: Good!
01:59:21 Stephanie Langlet: That’s great. Thank you!
01:59:28 Caroline Okerika: Thank you, it was very interesting!
01:59:29 Cara Bleiman: Thank you Nathalie!
01:59:37 Steph Ellis-Williams: That was really great Natalie! Merci beaucoup!
01:59:47 Negin Shabestari: Thanks a lot Natalie. Need to work on it later this week mot get used to it.
02:00:17 Charlie Berney: Thanks, Natalie! Auf Wiedersehen!
02:00:23 Valérie Smith: Thanks a lot Natalie, very interesting. A lot to take in, I will have to work on it
02:00:27 María Victoria Castanedo: Thanks everyone! It was very interesting
02:00:30 Negin Shabestari: A great thanks to ALL, Helen and Joe. 🙂
02:00:37 María Victoria Castanedo: yes 🙂
02:00:48 Charlie Berney: Thanks ALL London & Joe!
02:00:48 John Roberts: Very interesting – will share with my dept and have a practise, merci
02:00:56 Chris Fry: https://www.showbie.com/plans/
02:01:08 Nicola Crost: Thank you 🙂
02:01:44 Chris Fry: Thank you, Natalie
02:02:59 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Natalie, Helen and Joe – bonne soirée à toutes et à tous!