TiLT webinar with Julia Morris: Escape! How to create ‘Escape-rooms with Google sites’ for language lessons

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Wow!  What a session!  Thanks so much to Julia for inspiring us to create and use Escape Rooms with our students.  We EXPERIENCED the excitement, then Julia gave us tips about how to CREATE.  Her session complemented brilliantly the session presented by Carmen last week.



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ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar is open to all MFL teachers. We hope that you will like us and want to join!

Following her very popular session at the TiLT conference last year, we have asked Julia to present on the topic of Escape rooms. Benefit from this exciting and motivating experience both from the learner and teacher point of view. Julia’s session will complement Carmen’s session on the use of the product genial.ly.

Julia will show how she has been using Google to design the overall game, introduce a variety of tasks and track pupil progress through the game. She is in the process of writing a book which will bring together the wide variety of challenges which can be incorporated into an Escape Room context.

Julia Morris (@JuschMo) is a German teacher at Millfield School in Somerset.

She writes: I grew up and studied in Berlin and I have been teaching German and French in South-West England for 13 years. I have been creating Escape Rooms for my lessons and for the school library for three years and have run an after school escape room club. Since Christmas I have been teaching at Millfield School in Somerset.

You can find more information and instructions about digital escape rooms on my website: https://escaperoomlessons.wordpress.comJulia Morris

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TiLT webinar with Julia Morris: Escape! How to create ‘Escape-rooms with Google sites’ for language lessons
Wednesday 10th June

0:59:14 Jonathan Peace: As an MFL Dept we joined ALL today!
00:59:35 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:59:47 Nina Elliott: ALL member 🙂
01:00:20 Ceri Griffiths: yes ,I am a member
01:00:21 Stephanie Schmitt: ALL member here! 🙂
01:00:21 Bracken Brown: Yes I’m a member, it’s definitely worth it 🙂
01:00:21 Pilar Navarro: Yes I am a member
01:00:22 Rebekah Willett: I’m a student member
01:00:25 Marian Devons: ALL member
01:00:29 Mart Wilmin: yes – joined last week
01:00:43 Stephen: Not yet…
01:02:07 Christina Balsom: Q: Can I still use all these tools in a Microsoft school?
01:02:14 Laura Edmundson: Phew! I’m teaching 😢
01:02:29 Christina Balsom: So lucky, I have a free at the time!
01:03:26 Katia Reis: What is Joe´s YouTube page, please?
01:04:35 Joe Dale: @Christina – Microsoft don’t have the equivalent to Google Tour Creator
01:04:50 Joe Dale: My YouTube channel is joedale100
01:05:51 Christina Balsom: Ok. Thankfully I work in two school and my other one uses google.
01:05:54 Joe Dale: @Christina – You would need a Gmail account to use Google Tour Creator
01:05:55 Katia Reis: thank you
01:07:02 Chloe Martin: where is the address of the escape room?
01:07:06 Florence Barats: Q My still limited knowledge….. if you have a google account, can you do it even in school which uses Microsoft?
01:07:57 Chloe Martin: Q; Where is the address of the escape room? (sorry for the double, I forgot the Q)
01:08:08 Joe Dale: If you have a Google account, you can make the resources and the students won’t need a Google account to access Sites or Forms
01:08:16 Florence Barats: Thanks
01:08:45 Bracken Brown: https://sites.google.com/view/mission-food-shorter/introduction
01:08:45 Julia Morris: https://sites.google.com/view/mission-food-shorter/introduction
01:08:51 Chloe Martin: thanks
01:08:56 Leonor: Thanks
01:10:13 Christina Balsom: I tink I used this one with my year 10s, they loved it. Got it from Tes
01:10:21 Laura Rios: Love the video!
01:10:41 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Did you use “powtoon” to create your video? (I see the name on the screen)
01:10:51 Joe Dale: Yes Powtoon
01:11:17 Seána Maguire: We love the Derry Girls!!!
01:11:47 Florence Barats: yes
01:12:11 Laurence Gillham: Bielefeld.
01:13:17 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Above westphalia
01:14:45 Ceri Anwen James: How do you turn the map into a question, where everything apart from Bielefeld is wrong?
01:14:46 Laurence Gillham: Heinz?
01:15:05 Laura Rios: Wow
01:15:28 Florence Barats: Q where did you find the fridge?
01:15:34 Fran: ausgezeichnet!
01:15:41 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: 6
01:15:41 Florence Barats: potaoes
01:15:41 Laura Rios: Potato
01:15:47 Florence Barats: 6
01:15:49 Christina Balsom: It is so cool. We spent a long time talking about the content of the fridge
01:15:51 Bracken Brown: 6
01:15:57 Laura Rios: I
01:16:17 Laura Rios: I’ve done ¨my pantry/fridge¨with y10s for Spanish this week
01:16:58 Bracken Brown: gegessen
01:16:58 Florence Barats: gegesen
01:17:07 Fran: getrunken
01:17:07 Bracken Brown: getrunken
01:18:23 Bracken Brown: 7 + 15
01:18:34 Bracken Brown: 8
01:18:37 Veronique Parrott: 8
01:18:53 Bracken Brown: 27
01:18:57 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: bulb
01:20:01 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Love this!!!
01:20:45 Lilliam Camacho: Is it a screenshot from Genially?
01:21:01 Laura Rios: I don’t speak any German at all and I’m so into this
01:21:17 Joe Dale: I think it’s embedded so it’s live
01:21:18 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: saxofon
01:21:22 Bracken Brown: Saxofon
01:21:30 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: klavier
01:21:32 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: wandern
01:22:13 Lilliam Camacho: @joedale thanks
01:22:43 Joe Dale: You’re welcome 🙂
01:23:01 Joe Dale: learningapps.org
01:25:36 Marian Devons: That was such fun!
01:26:47 Mart Wilmin: great!
01:30:19 ALL London: Such a good idea to have the forms which ‘time’ them too!
01:32:11 Joe Dale: iMovie is free
01:33:08 Joe Dale: I used the trailer option in iMovie. Here is the link https://youtu.be/Wcm7QGj7QEc
01:33:43 Joe Dale: Cool ideas!
01:35:15 Joe Dale: or you can put form.new into Chrome
01:37:08 ALL London: I think Microsoft forms ar enot case sensitive – which is a nuisance for Gemrna teachers.. or am I wrong?
01:38:29 Julia Barrat: No I think that’s right, MS Forms are not case sensitive in short text answers
01:41:06 ALL London: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/tilt-webinar-with-carmen-quiros/
01:41:16 Joe Dale: Here is the video about Genially from Carmen Quiros https://youtu.be/zjx4oqFAsZM
01:41:42 ALL London: Thatt’s the page for last week’s Escape toom webinar
01:44:50 Laurence Gillham: Which part of google drive are these slides from?
01:45:36 Joe Dale: Julia has made forms which are saved in Drive. The Google Site is separate
01:46:24 Laurence Gillham: Are these all forms?
01:47:03 Lilliam Camacho: Q Do you embed the Genialy in there ?
01:47:12 Joe Dale: Yes into Sites
01:47:21 Lilliam Camacho: Thanks
01:47:29 Chloe Martin: Q: How many slides do you usually do for an hour activity?
01:48:02 Marian Devons: I work in a google school and we have to make it public to share with the kids
01:48:33 Laurence Gillham: Thank you!
01:48:52 Lilliam Camacho: Q Is it easy to transfer these to Teams microsoft? We are only allowed to use Teams not google class.
01:50:40 ALL London: https://timjumpclarke.wordpress.com/2020/04/22/teams-escape-room-challenge/
01:50:41 Lilliam Camacho: Ok thank you!!
01:50:50 Chloe Martin: thanks a lot Julia!
01:52:53 Joe Dale: Here is an explanation from Malcolm Wilson about making a Choose Your Own Adventure activity with Microsoft Forms https://twitter.com/claganach/status/1159873652776718336?s=20
01:53:36 Laura Rios: Need to leave, sorry. It’s been really cool, thanks so much to you all!
01:56:43 Marian Devons: Brilliant ideas, thank you. I am going to try one of these with my KS2 kids.
01:56:58 Elsa: Thanks, It’s been very useful. Thanks so much
01:57:57 Veronique Parrott: Thank you so much. I look forward to watching the recording again and have a go at creating one.
01:58:20 Tim’s iPhone: Thank you so much. I look forward to watching the recording again and have a go at creating one.
01:58:35 Tim’s iPhone: Like a help sheet?
01:59:09 Jonathan Peace: Q Julia, this is clearly a lot of work, – for a novice, as a starting point, are there any templates out there that we could customise?
01:59:21 Joe Dale: You can use them in Jamboard
01:59:54 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Q: is it also free to print?
02:00:41 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: On puzzlemaker?
02:01:01 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Great thx!
02:02:28 Mart Wilmin: Q can you upload that earlier escape room map with links directly into your Forms quiz?
02:04:36 Mart Wilmin: ok thanks
02:04:45 Esti Zabalia: Thank you so much, it was fantastic and I got lots of ideas! Thanks!
02:04:53 ALICE Semple: thank you very much, I like the idea creating excitement with the intro and story
02:05:06 Joe Dale: Thanks Alice
02:06:57 ALICE Semple: love the string
02:08:02 Bracken Brown: 2
02:08:42 ALL London: I actually think I could try this out with a small group in a Zoom session …
02:08:49 Anna Grainger: Do you need the paid version of Genially for this or is it free?
02:09:12 Ceri Anwen James: How did you make the wheel on the screen with zerstört etc? Was that Genially?
02:09:51 Anna Grainger: thank you
02:10:08 Ceri Anwen James: Are you happy to share the template for the wheel???
02:10:20 Ceri Anwen James: It’s really fab
02:10:54 Jonathan Peace: Thank you for your answer. Thank you all for this session.
02:11:15 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Yes!
02:11:22 Christina Balsom: Ja, Bitte
02:11:23 Bracken Brown: Ja!
02:11:23 Chloe Martin: yes
02:11:25 Barbara Riggott: YES!
02:11:36 Valérie Smith: yes!
02:11:45 jayne: keep going!
02:11:50 Jonathan Peace: Love Crosswordlabs! Another great find!
02:12:06 Christine De Oliveira: thanks
02:12:36 ALL London: Thanks for coming, those who have to leave! SEe you again soon!
02:14:39 Christina Balsom: magic
02:14:55 Joe Dale: Nice
02:14:56 Stephen: Phenomenal presentation; danke dir sehr! So much exciting new material to consider & engage with 🙂
02:15:02 ALL London: I love this application of spreadsheets!
02:15:04 Bracken Brown: I use that for spreadsheets, never thought about using it in this way, thank you!
02:15:20 ALL London: Exactly, Bracken!
02:15:35 Gosia: Danke!Das war toll!
02:16:17 Laura Edmundson: My mind is blown 😜
02:17:18 Deborah Monroy: Fantastisch! herzlichen vielen Dank!
02:18:00 Laurence Gillham: So, so many ideas! I don’t want to escape the TILT zoom room with Julia!
02:19:15 Rhian Shannon: Thoroughly enjoyed that! VIELEN DANK!
02:19:20 ALL London: Love it, Julia. . that’s a quote for the website!
02:20:42 Pilar Navarro: Looks amazing
02:21:00 ALL London: Delightful!
02:22:10 Julia Morris: https://sites.google.com/view/advent-calendar-tilt/secret-santa
02:22:33 Julia Morris: https://1drv.ms/p/s!Aj5VTk9OgpuWkFLY3xIs8logzGtV?e=ohIeLu
02:22:40 Christine De Oliveira: thank you so much!
02:22:51 Bracken Brown: Yes!
02:23:26 Pilar Navarro: Many thanks
02:23:33 Christine De Oliveira: amazing!!!
02:23:36 E.Carriere: thank you very much!!
02:23:56 Valérie Smith: Great presentation Julia! thank you so much!
02:23:56 Rebekah Willett: Thank you!
02:23:57 Ceri Anwen James: The template for the wheel would be brilliant. Vielen Dank!
02:23:58 Laura Edmundson: Thank you very much. You’re very talented 👍
02:23:59 Julia Barrat: Thank you very much, that was great
02:24:02 Tim’s iPhone: Thanks
02:24:04 Sandra Schoen: That was mind-blowing – vielen Dank!!
02:24:07 Sophie King: Thank you very much!!
02:24:12 Barbara Riggott: That was amazing, thank you!
02:24:13 Bracken Brown: Vielen Dank Julia!
02:24:14 Mart Wilmin: thank u loads
02:24:26 Pilar Navarro: Thank you very much for all your ideas.
02:24:26 Chloe Martin: Thank you very very much! This is so mind-blowing! I love it!
02:24:37 Watford: Vielen Dank!!!!
02:24:42 jayne: what’s your Twitter?
02:24:49 Leonor: Thank you so much!
02:24:50 Joe Dale: @juschmo
02:24:56 Angie Grau: Thank you very much!!
02:25:35 Claudia Chiarenza: Thank you!! That was amazing!
02:25:45 jayne: Cool. Thanks
02:25:54 Florence Barats: Thank you so much to the 3 of you for your time and your dedication. I have to go, thanks again.
02:26:04 Caroline Okerika: Many, many thanks!
02:26:54 Krisztina Kovacs: thank you! bye 🙂
02:27:15 Mart Wilmin: must go. Thanks again
02:27:20 Stephanie Schmitt: Merci beaucoup! 🙂
02:27:32 jayne: I want to learn German now
02:27:49 Julia Morris: https://escaperoomlessons.wordpress.com
02:27:57 Ceri Anwen James: Jayne: Learning German is the best!
02:29:46 Tim’s iPhone: Thanks
02:29:47 Pilar Navarro: Thank you so much. Have a good evening
02:29:47 Nina Elliott: massive escape room fan – but created any online ones yet! will do now 🙂 thanks so much! gotta go 🙂