TiLT webinar with Judith Rifeser: Connecting home and school

A Webinar with Judith Rifeser. Connecting school and home: Creative Language Projects

In this session, Dr Judith Rifeser shares practical activities and creative projects, using authentic creative resources and technology to promote primary and secondary language learning, whether at home or in the classroom. She shows simple tasks that can be set that are CRAPPI-O (yes, not with a “y”), and can be done with parents having to try and work from home or might engage the entire family. All resources shown will be available on the internet.


Dr Judith Rifeser is a faculty member of   Goldsmiths, University of LondonEducational Studies

She is passionate about language learning and cultural studies, in particular Practice-as-Research and the use of film and other authentic resources for teaching and learning.

Above all, she is a highly valued member of the ALL London Committee, ready to do anything to help us, whether it involves giving wonderful  talks or laying out the biscuits!


A Webinar with Dr Judith Rifeser – 22nd April 2020
Connecting school and home: Creative Language Projects

00:36:51 Uxía: Woooow! 51! Well done!
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00:40:39 Uxía: I saw your webinar yesterday and it was excellent, danke!
00:40:54 Sandra Schoen: Yes, excellent webinar yesterday!
00:41:40 ALICE Semple: I came yesterday too and am looking forward to watching a few short films,
00:43:53 Marianna F. Esposito: Fantastic webinar yesterday!
00:44:40 Laila Bouhali: 👏🏻
00:45:27 Paula Hevia-Pacheco: How many squares are there?
00:45:33 ALL London: Is it a place?
00:45:36 cecilia giordano: Is it a house?
00:45:36 Heather: Is it an animal?
00:45:47 Uxía: Is there a fruit hidden?
00:45:47 Hannah Wilson: Is it a delicious pizza?
00:45:50 cecilia giordano: are there people?
00:45:51 Paula Hevia-Pacheco: Is it a map?
00:46:11 Vincent Everett: Is it a robot
00:46:18 Uxía: Is it a cartoon?
00:46:25 Student: is it a cartoon?
00:46:25 NoreiaB: Is this a house?
00:46:29 asmahakhtar: Is it a cartoon character?
00:46:29 Alexandra Töniges: does it look like a unicorn?
00:46:33 Vincent Everett: Is it scary
00:46:34 Sylvie: is it a monster?
00:46:35 cwebb: is this a cartoon?>
00:46:36 Uxía: Is it a monster from Monsters Inc?
00:46:36 Sarah Hau: Is it Olaf!
00:46:39 N Shabestari: is it yellow
00:46:41 Anneliese: Its Olaf
00:46:44 Heather: is it Olaf?
00:46:45 Vincent Everett: Is it a snowperson
00:46:45 Karine: olaf
00:46:48 Uxía: Aaaahhh
00:46:57 ALL London: Well done!
00:47:36 ALL London: (We have 94 in the room! Welcome!)
00:50:10 Helen McFarlane: Thank you, Helen. These are wonderful webinars – I never thought I would enjoy the lockdown quite this much!
00:50:19 ALL London: Great rationale there.. information gap
00:50:22 Sandra Schoen: HUndertwasser
00:50:25 Aurora Doporto: undertwasser
00:50:26 asmahakhtar: van gogh
00:50:27 Oliver Hopwood: dürer
00:50:27 A.M.: Van Gogh, Dürer
00:50:28 Vincent Everett: durer but I can’t speel it
00:50:30 esthe: van Gogh
00:50:31 Heather: Van Gogh
00:51:29 Oliver Hopwood: beethoven haus in bonn has amazing online museum suitable for learners … also 250 jahre Beethoven jubiläum
00:51:42 Vincent Everett: Palais de Tokyo ToK Tok videos on youtube are very good
00:51:55 ALL London: Any other recommendations.. please add here!
00:52:16 ALL London: Muséé d’Orsay has a child version
00:52:34 Vincent Everett: muse d’orsay has a map where you go around Paris looking for escaped art
00:53:20 ALL London: Woudl aslo be good to find out what your art dept uses as inspiration
00:53:22 Joe Dale: you can build your own in Google Tour Creator
00:53:45 Joe Dale: Yes
00:54:03 Sylvie: Have tweeted links to 12 museums.
00:54:06 Vincent Everett: For grown ups recommend Michel Pastoreau lectures on Louvre website on art in middle ages
00:54:10 Joe Dale: Charlala great for this too
00:55:15 Joe Dale: thank you
00:55:17 Vincent Everett: Is it linkthing or thinglink I was playing with today where you can put things on a picture to click on
00:55:34 ALL London: .. and remember that Joe Dale is available for bookings!!!!
00:56:46 Joe Dale: Indeed!!!!
00:57:57 ALL London: BTWE woudl eb good if people here share twitter handles for future ref. . this chat will eb kept and shared on webinar page)
00:58:27 Joe Dale: I’m @joedale
00:58:37 Sylvie: I am @SylvieBRawlings
00:58:45 Vincent Everett: @veverettmfl
00:58:49 asmahakhtar: @AkhtarAsmah
00:59:38 Sylvie: Heard it too
00:59:41 Uxía: @UxIgFu
00:59:43 Marcio: I’m @AntonioMdaSilva
00:59:52 Louisa: I heard it
00:59:58 Chiara Bendiscioli amica di Ombretta: i could hear it too
01:00:04 Heather: @MflMsj
01:00:07 HBerton: @MFLTeacherFr
01:00:18 Shiovonne: 8
01:00:22 Uxía: 9
01:00:24 cwebb: 7
01:00:33 Heather: 6
01:00:34 apple: English french
01:00:34 Noelia RG: 7
01:00:36 esthe: Deutsch
01:00:36 asmahakhtar: Spanish
01:00:37 apple: spanish
01:00:39 HBerton: English, French, Spanish, German
01:00:39 Marianna F. Esposito: Eng Spa German Arabic
01:00:40 Aldro: 9
01:00:40 apple: arabic
01:00:40 Grace: italian
01:00:41 Chiara Bendiscioli amica di Ombretta: englis spanish french arabic
01:00:41 Uxía: Spanish, French, German, Arabic
01:00:42 cwebb: English , French, german
01:00:43 Hanna Sail: Thai?
01:00:43 asmahakhtar: Hebrew
01:00:45 Chiara Bendiscioli amica di Ombretta: german
01:00:47 Chiara Bendiscioli amica di Ombretta: tigrin
01:00:50 apple: yiddish
01:02:12 ALL London: (Tech tip: Yes – we could hear it, but it was coming from Judith’s speakers, not the computer – the quality is better if you ‘share compter sound’)
01:02:34 Vincent Everett: Reminds me of Twas the night before Christmas and all through the casa
01:03:17 Maria: I am @traductora_es
01:03:20 HBerton: Can you explain this again please?
01:08:11 Maria: Quechua?
01:08:14 apple: quechua
01:08:18 Marta Eulalia: Quechua
01:09:00 ALL London: (I like the way Judith is modelling how to do an online lesson.. checking we are all there and listening!)
01:10:35 Uxía: Una taza 🙂
01:10:36 Noelia RG: soy una taza
01:10:39 Uxía: I know this song
01:10:44 Miss Podavitte: a tea pot
01:10:47 Heather: teapot
01:10:49 Uxía: una tetera7
01:10:50 paulamountstevens: teapot
01:10:56 Maria: Haha yo soy una taza
01:10:59 Maria: una tetera..and so on
01:11:35 Vincent Everett: If you remember Hi5, there are also Spanish speaking versions
01:11:43 ALL London: Perhaps people could write here any songs sites / links used for song
01:12:24 Sylvie: Lyrics Training
01:12:26 Uxía: yes, please
01:12:28 Anna Grainger: Rockalingua for Spanish. Particularly for primary
01:12:39 Sandra Schoen: brain
01:12:41 Uxía: yes
01:12:43 Noelia RG: cabeza
01:12:43 Hanna Sail: heart
01:12:44 Miss Podavitte: head
01:12:45 NoreiaB: eyes
01:12:49 cwebb: heaert
01:12:49 Paula Hevia-Pacheco: Heart
01:12:50 Joe Dale: FluentKey
01:12:51 Aurora Doporto: heart
01:12:52 cwebb: heart
01:12:54 Noelia RG: lips
01:12:56 Chiara Bendiscioli amica di Ombretta: lips
01:12:57 Anneliese: blood
01:12:58 Student: blood
01:12:59 A.M.: blood
01:12:59 Cathryn: Blood
01:13:05 Jo Ryland: tongue
01:13:06 Helena : tongue
01:13:08 Paula Hevia-Pacheco: Tongue
01:13:09 NoreiaB: tongue
01:13:21 Heather: Song ideas- I have bought the soundtrack from the film Coco-its ‘great for listening and reading tasks as it has versions of songs in Spanish and English
01:14:00 ALL London: Great idea to do riddles.. I like the point system so that suggestions are not random
01:15:45 Jo Ryland: Suggestion for points, when answering riddle / thinking type questions – if the students are using a platform which allows change of font colour, students can answer in GREEN if very sure (+3 points), AMBER if reasonably sure (+2) ad RED if unsure (+1), if they get it wrong, they loose those points, making GREEN quite a risky option.
01:15:51 ALL London: Superb videos from Onatti
01:16:20 ALL London: Great idea, Jo!
01:16:25 Uxía: This looks great!
01:16:30 Maria: yeah
01:16:33 Maria: It is pefect
01:16:34 Heather: Film resource- YouTube channel “Trailers in Spanish”
01:16:42 Maria: what was the name of that website again?
01:17:28 ALL London: I’ll ask Judith at the end about creating a list of all the links in this ppt
01:17:47 Sylvie: For songs: subscribing to specific YouTube Channel, e.g: Dunottar MFL Chansons francaises
01:18:30 ALL London: Merci, Sylvie!
01:18:45 Marcio: There are a number of songs in Karaoke format on the Youtube
01:19:26 Chiara Bendiscioli amica di Ombretta: Is it also available in Italian?
01:19:49 Sylvie: for films: fimdoo.com will tweet the actual link.
01:20:06 Joe Dale: Me too. Stop Motion Studio is great
01:23:49 Vincent Everett: momes net have a good bricolage section. with live making session Weds 1.30 uk time on momes net facebook
01:24:09 ALL London: Delightful ideas here
01:24:15 Vincent Everett: That’s the thing I was playing with today thinglink
01:24:23 ALL London: Here’s your thinglink, Vincent!
01:24:26 Vincent Everett: You can’t get pupils to make their own unless you the teacher pay
01:24:43 Vincent Everett: it’s free for teachers but pupils can’t make their own
01:25:32 Hanna Sail: Action for Happiness have great multilingual calendars too
01:26:25 Hanna Sail: https://www.actionforhappiness.org/active-april
01:26:39 Hanna Sail: https://www.actionforhappiness.org/coping-calendar
01:27:08 ALL London: These are great ideas that we can share with parents
01:27:30 Marcio: Will we have access to these links? Thanks
01:27:56 ALL London: We’ll ask fro link at the end Marcio .. Judith is great at sharing
01:28:15 Paula Hevia-Pacheco: Thank you Judith!
01:28:21 apple: Thank you !
01:28:23 cwebb: merci
01:28:23 Miss Podavitte: Thank you!
01:28:23 Aldro: Thank you so much
01:28:24 lprobert: Thank you Judith. So many great links to explore.
01:28:25 Uxía: Wow, that’s a lot of ideas and resources. Well done and thank youuuuu!
01:28:25 Laila Bouhali: thank you Judith 👏🏻
01:28:28 Anna Grainger: Thank you!
01:28:28 NoreiaB: Thank you Judith
01:28:29 paulamountstevens: Thank you very much. That was so useful.
01:28:30 A.M.: Thank you very much!
01:28:30 Dawn Eyre: Thank you so much, this was amazing!
01:28:31 Hannah: Thank you!
01:28:32 Hanna Sail: Thanks! SOOOO many ideas!
01:28:32 Maria: Thank you!!!
01:28:33 Liliana Roudaut: Thank you!
01:28:34 Helen McFarlane: Thank you so much!
01:28:34 Helena : thank you
01:28:36 Oumayma: Gracias
01:28:37 N Shabestari: thank you very much
01:28:37 Cathryn: Amazing, thank you so much!
01:28:38 bbennett: Great ideas. Thank you 🙂
01:28:39 asmahakhtar: Thank you Judith – lovely ideas!
01:28:41 esthe: ¨Thank you very much, it was very interesting
01:28:41 Grace: Thank you Judith!
01:28:41 apple: danke
01:28:43 Heather: So many new ideas- my brain is whirling! Thanks
01:28:44 Sandra Schoen: Herzlichen Dank, Judith!
01:28:44 Aurora Doporto: thank you Judith!!
01:28:46 Hannah Wilson: Thanks Judith that was fantastic!
01:28:48 Sarah Hau: Thank you! Plenty to keep me occupied tomorrow!
01:28:49 Ola: thank you!
01:28:51 Claire Mackay: thank you 🙂
01:28:52 Student: thank you very much.
01:28:52 Anna: Thanks very much!
01:28:54 jenniferardila: Thank you!!!!!
01:28:55 Catherine Filée: Thank you Judith: your enthusiasm is infectious!
01:28:58 Gillian: Thanks Judith. This was really great! Take care.
01:28:59 Ali: Thank you so much !
01:29:10 The Patterson-Navarro: Thanks you very much. Very inspiring
01:29:55 Heather: Oops. I scared my houserabbit when I clapped before so sending virtual applause!
01:29:59 Shiovonne: Thank you very much.
01:30:00 Alexandra Töniges: Thank you! Danke schoen!!
01:30:22 Sarida: Thank you!
01:30:27 Noelia RG: Thank you very much Judith, Joe and Helen
01:30:31 Dr Judith Rifeser: https://www.academia.edu/42823065/Connecting_School_and_Home_Creative_Language_Projects
01:31:31 ALICE Semple: thank you that was great and I am going to watch Pachamama
01:32:57 Chiara Bendiscioli amica di Ombretta: thanks a lot!!
01:33:09 HBerton: No problem! I get it now!
01:33:10 Vincent Everett: Does Helen S have a video background or are you on the beach?
01:33:13 HBerton: Thank you!
01:33:56 Heather: Q- Judith I requested to follow you on Twitter, can you add me when you get a chance? @MflMsj