TiLT webinar with Heike Philp


Recording stored here on Joe Dale’s YouTube Channel

Chat script (demonstrating the way Heike engaged her audience fully!) : Heike Philp Webinar chat

Remote learning with video

Heike will talk about practical considerations when setting up remote learning using video, then draws on her own wide experience of online teaching to give some pedagogical tips.

We will be conducting the meeting using Zoom, and she will show us how to organise ‘break-out’ groups.

This session will have applications to those whose schools allow video conferencing with students, but will also help us to keep in touch with colleagues during a time when we cannot meet face-to-face.


Heike Philp is a great friend of ALL London, having taken us by the hand as we started to offer webinars nine years ago and always being there to offer her considerable expertise.  We are very grateful to her, and delighted that she will be able to present for us!

Heike Philp is CEO of let’s talk online SPRL in Brussels, Belgium. She is an immersive education specialist for language teaching and learning in real-time in virtual environments. She is co-initiator of EU funded LANCELOT (virtual classroom), AVALON (virtual world) CAMELOT (machinima for language teachers) and GUINEVERE project (games in virtual worlds) and is the founder of the Virtual Round Table Conference and owner of EduNation in Second Life.



00:35:37 Heike Philp: which tube
00:35:48 Ester: Joe Dale 100 on YouTube
00:36:18 Joe Dale: The recordings are on my YouTube channel. Search for joedale100
00:36:29 isabel: Thanks
00:36:50 Michele Cormack: Great – will check those out too!
00:37:38 Elisabetta: Thank you, Joe
00:39:26 bei yu: Thank you Joe, will check it out
00:39:57 Joe Dale: You’re welcome 🙂
00:41:04 Magali Guillaume: Audio Ok
00:41:13 Alicia Vinson: Audio is fine
00:41:15 Michael Wright: Audio is fine – but Joe’s this morning, with a headset, was even crisper
00:41:50 ALL London: Now I feel very old-fashioned!!!!!
00:42:01 ALL London: 🙁
00:44:48 Rachel Vause: yes
00:44:52 Magali Guillaume: language teacher
00:44:54 ALL London: yes – secondary teacher
00:44:55 Ramesh: yes
00:44:58 Michele Cormack: Yes
00:44:58 Karine: yes
00:44:58 Kerry Phipps: yes
00:44:59 susan.mahiva: Yes
00:44:59 Magali Guillaume: French
00:44:59 Glenn Cake: yes- teaching high school french
00:45:00 Isa: yes
00:45:00 Anne Wallis: Trainee teacher
00:45:00 Michael Wright: Yes, French teacher in a school
00:45:01 isabel: language teacher
00:45:02 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: Secondary teacher
00:45:02 Sylvie: yes language teacher
00:45:05 steph: language teacher yes
00:45:05 Tamara G: Yes secondary
00:45:05 Lucy Nott: Yes French teacher
00:45:05 galia: language teacher
00:45:06 Leah Painvin: pgce languages
00:45:06 nathaliegrayson: yes, MFL secondary teacher
00:45:07 Kerry Phipps: french spanish
00:45:08 Elpiniki Fragkouli: Yes 🙂
00:45:08 Magali Guillaume: good pronunciation
00:45:10 Alicia Vinson: Teach Spanish a middle school
00:45:13 Sarah Cartlidge: primary French
00:45:13 Elisabetta: CLIL teacher
00:45:14 Chiara Bendiscioli: Yes I am, Primary School teacher for Italian as a second language
00:45:15 Letty: French teacher in secondary school 🙂
00:45:16 Jesus: Spanish teacher
00:45:17 elodiedehaan: language teacher
00:45:17 Leah Painvin: I have for tefl before
00:45:17 Magali Guillaume: never so far
00:45:19 Chris Fry: Retired language teacher
00:45:20 Ramesh: not allowed to
00:45:22 Karine: live on line
00:45:24 Michael Wright: Not yet allowed to use webcam
00:45:26 Sylvie: yes
00:45:31 Jacqueline Young: About to start teaching online next week
00:45:32 Sarah Cartlidge: never done it before 20 March!
00:45:33 Tamara G: internet connection too poor to video teach, looking into doing YouTube videos
00:45:34 Magali Guillaume: we will use Teams very soon
00:45:34 isabel: not yet
00:45:35 Chiara Bendiscioli: Starting now
00:45:36 Rachel Vause: we are allowed at the min
00:45:37 Leah Painvin: my borough does not allow video lessons yet for safeguarding
00:45:37 Michele Cormack: It’s a whole new world – we are teaching using video-conferencing as of 2 weeks ago!
00:45:39 Liliana Roudaut: About to start!
00:45:39 Alicia Vinson: Yes, every day via Zoom
00:45:39 Elpiniki Fragkouli: After Easter I start
00:45:39 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: for safeguarding the school has opted not to do webcams
00:45:40 steph: avoid but excited to look into it now
00:45:40 Kerry Phipps: not allowed to use webcam
00:45:40 susan.mahiva: We will start after Easter!!
00:45:41 nathaliegrayson: have tried but it was not very successful!
00:45:43 elodiedehaan: not until after the Easter break
00:45:44 Sarah Cartlidge: now just starting
00:45:47 Lucy Nott: Not yet, have just started using flipgrid
00:45:47 Hazel Wilson: Haven’t yet but considering it.
00:45:50 Anne McCambridge: yes, interested
00:45:50 Letty: just starting to use it with Zoom with group of students. We’re not allowed 1:1
00:45:51 bbennett: Spanish teacher. Enjoying teaching on line and learning more about it 😉
00:45:52 Glenn Cake: video eats up too much bandwidth in my neck of the woods
00:45:52 Sylvie: yes but not always with camera on
00:45:56 Isa: interested but not tried yet
00:45:58 Guiomar Mancho: yes
00:46:02 Karine: excited about teaching on line
00:46:04 Madhu Ponamgi: haven’t started online
00:46:06 ALL London: yes – with a very small group
00:46:09 Elisabetta: Not often with my videos
00:46:14 Tamara G: looking into different ways like Buncee etc
00:46:15 Chiara Bendiscioli: but pupils prefer not to show themselves
00:46:25 Sarah Cartlidge: I’ve only tried to use Google Hangouts, but not very successfully yet…
00:46:37 Rachel Vause: yes
00:46:41 Madhu Ponamgi: im a secondary French teacher and planning to go online
00:46:41 Sylvie: we are not allowed to see our students.
00:46:43 nathaliegrayson: I hesitate to show them my house
00:46:43 Chiara Bendiscioli: Yes it is
00:46:47 Michael Wright: No, not yet
00:46:53 Chiara Bendiscioli: It’s difficult to get feedback
00:46:58 Elpiniki Fragkouli: We will see them. It already happens for class teachers
00:47:08 Sarah Cartlidge: for safeguarding, we’ve been asked not to see the pupils video unless a parent is there
00:47:16 Sarah Cartlidge: no
00:47:16 Elpiniki Fragkouli: No
00:47:17 Michael Wright: No
00:47:17 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: no
00:47:17 Lucy Nott: No…
00:47:17 ALL London: I’v enever done break out room ..!
00:47:18 elodiedehaan: no
00:47:19 Rachel Vause: no
00:47:19 Jacqueline Young: No
00:47:19 Letty: no not yet
00:47:20 Madhu Ponamgi: no
00:47:21 Alicia Vinson: no
00:47:25 Sylvie: no using Teams at school
00:47:28 susan.mahiva: Not yet.
00:47:32 Chris Fry: I try to find an impersonal area for background
00:47:34 Chiara Bendiscioli: I use teams sadly there are no breakout rooms
00:47:42 Anne Wallis: yes done once, maybe 10 mins is a long time?
00:47:43 nathaliegrayson: also use teams…
00:47:50 ALL London: like blind date!!!
00:48:05 Michele Cormack: Nor in Google Meets – I don’t think…
00:48:06 Elisabetta: I’ve a little pronunciation’s defect and it’s annoying for me…
00:49:26 Glenn Cake: is there an extra cost for that feature?
00:49:45 Chiara Bendiscioli: that’s normality 😉
00:49:46 Madhu Ponamgi: no extra cost
00:50:15 Rachel Vause: Ask them questions?
00:50:15 Sylvie: Q and A
00:50:25 Mike Elliott: Google Forms??
00:50:29 Elpiniki Fragkouli: Reactions?
00:50:29 Anne Wallis: The chat seems to suggest that lots are very engaged!
00:50:31 Chiara Bendiscioli: Use the chat
00:50:34 Elisabetta: interact
00:50:36 Glenn Cake: engaging and interactive activities !!! Kahoot , Gimkit, etc
00:50:38 Lucy Nott: Interactive quiz eg quizlet live?
00:50:43 Rachel Vause: ye sthe raise hand?
00:50:47 Joe Dale: Mentimeter questions
00:50:49 ALL London: answer your question – as you are doing now
00:50:52 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: a kahoot exercise
00:50:53 Sylvie: direct questions to individuals.
00:50:57 Rachel Vause: use the raise hand
00:50:59 Chris Fry: Students can raise hands, answer yes or no
00:51:08 Guiomar Mancho: I use 2 devices so I see them and present at the same time. I have small groups.
00:51:17 Michael Wright: Even if no ‘raise hand’, we can do thumbs up
00:51:24 nathaliegrayson: I have used quizlet simultaneously – we can talk through things and they like it
00:51:25 Rachel Vause: i CAN RAISE HAND
00:51:34 Ramesh: I can raise hand too
00:51:41 Glenn Cake: Triptico is very powerful as well !
00:51:55 Chiara Bendiscioli: Ask individual questions to be answered with the mics, while asking the others to answr in the chat
00:52:15 Chris Fry: I use an ipad to view and be seen and my phone for the chat
00:52:16 Sylvie: we use another app at the same time and they submit work through it.
00:52:17 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: may I unmute and ask a question
00:52:18 Michael Wright: Aha.
00:52:40 Michael Wright: Raising hand on my Macbook
00:52:43 Rachel Vause: i am on windows and can raise hand
00:52:44 Ramesh: I´m on a Chromebook and can raise hand
00:52:51 Joe Dale: @sheryl – could you put it in the chat?
00:53:04 nathaliegrayson: I like your idea!
00:53:04 Sarah Cartlidge: hi
00:53:05 Magali Guillaume: Buena sera
00:53:07 elodiedehaan: Good evening Chiara!
00:53:07 Sylvie: Hi
00:53:08 Isa: Raise hand is in participants?
00:53:18 Ramesh: yes
00:53:25 Rachel Vause: yes
00:53:39 Elpiniki Fragkouli: I have Primary School so they love it I think!
00:53:39 Gillian Webb – iPad: No, don’t teach with webcam as yet.
00:53:51 ALL London: raised had is in ‘more’ .. participants
00:54:46 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: Q: with screen grab technology which could grab both stills and videos, how can you guard against this in use of the webcam for teaching. We have had occasions in our schools where students have used lived secrelly taken videos of teachers on apps like tiktok for example
00:55:23 Joe Dale: You can’t Sheryl
00:55:24 Michele Cormack: I think the issue is how to sustain their interest once the novelty of being on line for all of their lessons has worn off…
00:56:13 Madhu Ponamgi: making attractive PPTs to grab their attention
00:56:23 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: okay, so it is a bit of a safeguarding risk with students using this to bully fellow students etc
00:57:11 Magali Guillaume: Yes safeguarding issues are worrying
00:57:14 Anne McCambridge: Some unions say not to show yourself on-line, just as making videos of the teacher in class is not allowed. Also, there are safety concerns with putting pupils’ pictures on-line.
00:57:17 Ramesh: for that reason I wouldn´t use video
00:57:22 Sylvie: same here
00:57:31 Jacqueline Young: Do you have a code of conduct for pupils?
00:57:32 Magali Guillaume: My school gave us the choice of using videos or not
00:57:38 elodiedehaan: Wehave been asked to upload pre-recorded videos in our primary school
00:57:40 Chiara Bendiscioli: Same for me
00:57:42 Ramesh: but at the moment we´re not even allowed to use only audio
00:57:54 Elpiniki Fragkouli: We have code of conduct
00:58:09 Magali Guillaume: Choice should be given to teachers
00:58:10 Elpiniki Fragkouli: we allow teachers and pupils on camera
00:58:24 Michele Cormack: We also have a code of conduct – we allow teachers and students to use cameras
00:58:24 Michael Wright: Q: Does Zoom work well with no cameras (both teacher and students?). Or is there a better alternative for audio only?
00:58:25 Magali Guillaume: but some schools impose on teachers to video the lessons
00:58:58 Isa: Can we ask students to broadcast their screens as opposed to their camera?
00:59:27 Anne McCambridge: You can use Viki to make an avatar.
00:59:28 Sylvie: I record audio on ppt too for them to work from.
00:59:29 nathaliegrayson: I am new to this – can you show a ppt on Zoom and then talk it through – a bit more like you might do in class?
00:59:30 Joe Dale: Hi Michael, I think Zoom would be great as long as you can mute students if need be
00:59:34 Anne McCambridge: Voki, sorry
00:59:39 Joe Dale: Yes Nathalie
00:59:42 elodiedehaan: So why show our faces? we could jus use our voices.
00:59:50 Magali Guillaume: Teams is a very good tool from that prospective
00:59:51 Michael Wright: Thanks, Joe
01:00:02 Joe Dale: Yes Isa
01:00:20 Magali Guillaume: A friend has to use the videos and it is a mess with a big class
01:00:30 Magali Guillaume: talking turns…
01:00:37 nathaliegrayson: In an ideal world it would be great to have conversation – my concern is as above – how to control when
01:00:43 Madhu Ponamgi: interested to talk at the beginning of the session
01:00:44 Elpiniki Fragkouli: I feel that showing the face creates a closer relationship with pupils.
01:00:45 Magali Guillaume: it is exhausting apparently !
01:00:46 Sarah Cartlidge: I’ve only done 1:1 and that is much easier !
01:00:52 Sylvie: No webcam for students and they participate well.
01:00:53 Michael Wright: I like the sound of the middle-ground: audio only Zoom for synchronous learning.
01:00:59 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: I think text is the great equaliser – students don’t have to worry about making errors when putting ideas forward. It’s great for the shyer members of the group
01:01:00 Magali Guillaume: yes
01:01:01 Ramesh: 1 to 1 is allowed????
01:01:07 Ramesh: what age group?
01:01:19 Alicia Vinson: For me works well with groups of ten students
01:01:24 Magali Guillaume: yes you can mute students
01:01:26 Chris Fry: Data protection may make it difficult to allow sts images to be recorded. Permission in writing will be needed and recordings can be unlisted so only people with the link can see them.

01:01:41 Sylvie: 1 to 1 in my school has to be recorded
01:01:42 Magali Guillaume: I do it only with a class of 2 students
01:01:49 Magali Guillaume: YES
01:01:56 Michael Wright: Yes, with parental permission
01:02:02 Michele Cormack: yes but we have to invite a member of SLT
01:02:31 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: 1 to 1 is even more open to abuses on the webcam, no?
01:02:36 Chiara Bendiscioli: My pupils choose not to show themselves. I usually ask them to greet each other at the beginning and at the end of the lesson. Tis way we sometimes also greet parents, grandparents, little siblings…
01:02:41 Elisabetta: They seem more involved when there are discussions about precise pre-prepared topics
01:02:54 Magali Guillaume: Tell us more about Google classrooms please Joe
01:03:00 Magali Guillaume: What is it??
01:03:23 Isa: Can we ask students to broadcast their screens as opposed to their camera and themselves?
01:03:39 Joe Dale: Hi Magali, have a look at the Google section in this document is.gd/TILTTHURSjoedale
01:03:39 Chiara Bendiscioli: In 1-1 classes it seems easier for them to switch on their camera
01:04:03 nathaliegrayson: I think with MFL its hard for them to type
01:04:04 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: shy students are more willing to text than to speak
01:04:17 Joe Dale: You can now record your screen in Flipgrid. So students could do this asynchronously
01:05:02 Elisabetta: Flipgrid is a great tool
01:05:18 Magali Guillaume: Q: Anyone using Microsoft Teams??
01:05:18 Michele Cormack: I agree with Michael – I worry most of all about all of the pairwork and spontaneity
01:05:39 Glenn Cake: Awesome !
01:05:40 Elpiniki Fragkouli: We do Teams
01:05:44 Ramesh: we use Microsoft Teams but asynchronously only so far
01:05:53 Rachel Vause: we have had it set up (Teams) but it isn’t being activated yet
01:05:54 holly: Yes, my school has Teams
01:05:55 Magali Guillaume: yes same
01:05:57 Sylvie: Teams here
01:05:57 Elpiniki Fragkouli: Teams in Senior, zoom in Primary
01:06:00 Heike Philp: @Magali, the last two webinars was all on MS Teams
01:06:01 Jacqueline Young: I’ll be using Teams from next week
01:06:06 ALL London: A webinar on google meet is planned for April 23rd with Daren White http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/event/tilt-thursday-with-daren-white-using-google-meet-to-enhance-remote-learning/
01:06:11 Magali Guillaume: thank you
01:06:18 Chiara Bendiscioli: Great! That’s good news about Teams!
01:06:25 Ramesh: yes that is good news
01:06:42 Glenn Cake: very user friendly !
01:06:44 Sylvie: Great news for Teams.
01:06:52 Michael Wright: Can start getting quite buried beneath all the assessments after a while!
01:06:52 bbennett: Use GC and really easy
01:06:56 Michele Cormack: Just trying to learn Google classroom!
01:07:03 Michael Wright: And students can place comments in too many different places.
01:07:14 Chiara Bendiscioli: As a teacher, I’m missing my pupils happy faces. Or confused, upset faces…
01:07:26 Chiara Bendiscioli: ‘
01:07:37 bbennett: @Michael you can limit students’ comments in settings
01:07:45 Isa: yes!!!
01:07:52 Michael Wright: Thanks bb
01:07:55 Madhu Ponamgi: where can I find the previous recordings?
01:08:23 Ramesh: Joe´s YouTube channel, Madhu
01:08:34 Madhu Ponamgi: ok thanks
01:10:19 Mike Elliott: Is this a Zoom only feature? Does Google Meet have something similar?
01:11:00 isabel: yes
01:11:06 Joe Dale: You can share your screen in Google Meet
01:11:08 steph: Can you do this with Teams?
01:11:29 Joe Dale: You can share your screen in Teams too
01:11:41 Sarah Cartlidge: is it only the host who can flip between all the shared screens?
01:11:53 Elpiniki Fragkouli: I could too
01:12:00 Joe Dale: In Flipgrid, everyone could record their screen and share it asynchronously
01:12:28 Joe Dale: I don’t know Sarah
01:13:44 Sylvie: @sarah yes you can
01:14:04 Chris Fry: Meeting settings all seem to have to be set before starting
01:14:11 ALL London: Yes Chrsi
01:14:25 ALL London: This is a learnig experience!!!
01:19:10 Sylvie: Which ones would you recommend?
01:19:45 Michael Wright: Q: Which were the most rewarding virtual worlds for languages?
01:19:48 Sylvie: virtual environment for lang learning.
01:20:11 Beatrice Fontana: could you please say the name of the virutal worlds
01:20:49 Michael Wright: Thank you
01:20:54 Beatrice Fontana: thanks
01:21:05 ALL London: I hav eset up a meetign which allows break out at 21:00 if you want to try it out …
01:21:13 Joe Dale: What are your recommended keyboard shortcuts for Zoom?
01:21:39 Isa: thanks, bye.
01:21:51 Elisabetta: Lots of thanks!
01:22:12 bbennett: It has been amazing. Thank you
01:22:16 Sylvie: Many thanks.
01:22:21 nathaliegrayson: thank you, I have more confidence to try now with my students
01:22:27 Ramesh: thanks bye!
01:22:28 cecilia giordano: Thanks!
01:22:59 Elpiniki Fragkouli: Thank you for organising these events! Great community!
01:23:00 cecilia giordano: This is all new to everyone, very grateful for everyone’s contribution and tips!!
01:23:06 elodiedehaan: Thank you so much, I really enjoyed your lively session Heike!
01:23:17 Heike Philp: Happy you are here
01:23:20 Anne Wallis: thanks for your expertise ‘ALL’!
01:23:22 Heike Philp: Cecilia
01:23:23 Chiara Bendiscioli: The chat allows more people to express their opinion
01:23:42 tlaCMK: Thank you so much!
01:24:13 steph: Thanks Heike, that was really useful!
01:24:23 Heike Philp: I totally agree Chiara
01:25:51 Jo: You two have enough to be doing at the moment too! No need for extra things at the moment!:)
01:25:55 Georgina Anson: Thank you Heike! Very useful!
01:26:06 Chiara Bendiscioli: ..avoiding all the mess and noise that goes on in a traditional class! 🙂
01:26:21 Hazel Wilson: Thank you!!
01:26:22 isabel: This was very interesting. Thank you all and happy Easter
01:26:23 Jo: Danke!
01:26:24 Jacqueline Young: Thank you all for another useful session!
01:26:27 Rachel Vause: Thank you all again 🙂
01:26:32 Heike Philp: oh, yes, Chiara, this was the biggest feedback we heard: its a lot quieter online
01:26:34 Anne McCambridge: Many thanks for this evening!
01:26:39 bei yu: Thank you for having me, have a good evening.
01:26:51 Sylvie: Danke Heike, Helen and Joe.
01:26:59 Heike Philp: Bitte bitte
01:27:01 Michele Cormack: Thank you very much! Hugely helpful.
01:27:08 Chiara Bendiscioli: Grazie mille! Nice to share ideas!