TiLT Webinar with Heidi Trude: AppSmashing with Google Geo Tools and Flipgrid in the World Language Classroom

Presenter: Heidi Trude 

Heidi Trude

Description: In this session, attendees will learn how to use Google Geo Tools such as Google Expeditions, Google Tour Creator and Google My Maps to create innovative projects with Flipgrid for world language students . 

Here is a link to her presentation which Heidi has so  has generously shared: AppsmashingGoogleGeo2020_HTrude




Heidi Trude is a French teacher at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, Virginia. She has 12 years of experience teaching every level of French from French I through AP French. She created an international partnership between her school and Lycée-Bazin in Charleville-Mézières, France, to engage her students with the French language and culture. Furthermore, she possesses multiple educational technology certifications and she is a master at integrating technology meaningfully into the world language curriculum. Heidi serves as the President Elect of FLAVA (Foreign Language Associé of Virginia), is a member of the SCOLT (Southern Conference on Language Teaching), and is a member of the executive board of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) Virginia chapter. Heidi is the 2017 Region IV Virginia Teacher of the Year; the 2017 FLAVA David Cox World Language Teacher of the Year; the 2018 SCOLT World Language Teacher of the Year and a 2019 ACTFL Language Teacher of the Year finalist. 


00:29:51 N Shabestari: Thanks a lot for this webinar.
00:30:34 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:31:00 Manuela Matheson: Thanks for doing all this. Your contribution is very welcome!
00:31:30 Joe Dale: Thank you Manuela
00:31:51 Paula Mourelle Calvo: i am a member and the ALL is brilliant
00:31:54 Manuela Matheson: I am a member of NSW MLTA in Australia. It’s the best thing I’ve done as a language teacher.
00:31:59 Dervilla Fastner: MELTA Munich English Teachers Association
00:32:02 Kelly Mades: ACTFL, AATG in the US
00:32:08 Joanna Barber: I am and it’s vivid as it is for all languages not just French or Spanish or German etc…
00:32:12 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Yes, I am a member of ALL and recommend you to join. This is such a friendly and supportive community!
00:32:14 Emily M. Burrus – High School French: AATF, ACTFL & FLANC
00:32:19 K. Ferris: AATG member in Loudoun
00:32:22 Joe Dale: joedale100
00:32:29 Joanna Barber: vivid = great … iPad typing issues
00:32:40 Darcy Blake: AATF, ACTFL
00:32:41 N Shabestari: I am a member of the fantastic ALL.
00:32:45 Rebecca Beemer: ACTFL, PSMLA (Pennsylvania) and MCATFL (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania) in the USA
00:33:00 Manuela Matheson: Can you add this link here, please.
00:33:08 Karima Lasfer: Hi everyone from London
00:34:15 Manuela Matheson: Never mind, Google found it for me.
00:34:52 Emily M. Burrus – High School French: Heidi has great ideas!!
00:35:25 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Congratulations, Heidi!
00:35:49 Manuela Matheson: I look forward to this.
00:35:50 Stacy: And I’m blessed to call her a co-worker. She’s AWESOME!
00:35:55 N Shabestari: Thanks Joe for this webinar.
00:36:00 Heidi Trude : https://bit.ly/TILTGeoTools
00:36:02 Joe Dale: https://www.youtube.com/user/joedale100/
00:39:06 K. Ferris: www.sites.google.com/view/techwithtrude
00:41:48 Manuela Matheson: How old were your students?
00:42:06 Manuela Matheson: What was the level of their French skills?
00:42:23 Joe Dale: I’m sure Heidi will cover this
00:42:24 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Exciting!
00:42:40 Manuela Matheson: Thanks
00:42:52 Joe Dale: I will ask if not
00:43:51 Manuela Matheson: Thanks
00:44:04 ALL London: Quelle bonne idée!
00:44:18 Manuela Matheson: How did you work out who is doing what?
00:44:33 N Shabestari: such a great idea
00:44:37 K. Ferris: It is nicer than just flipgrid, interactive, C’est cool
00:44:53 Manuela Matheson: That’s amazing, I love it!!!
00:45:07 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Me too, it sounds super interesting!
00:45:20 Valérie Smith: moi aussi, j’aime bien ca!!!
00:45:31 Maria Kisiel-Cservenak: 😉 Very interesting! Thanks!
00:46:01 ALL London: Yes – just as interesting to find what is in common as what is different
00:46:29 Maria Mar: Lovely idea, very interesting!
00:47:26 Joe Dale: @Helen can you make me cohost so I can unmute myself and send private messages
00:47:32 Faisal Ibrahim Al-Shamali: great idea
00:52:49 Fatima Khaled: wow, this is amazing.
00:53:11 Joe Dale: I agree
00:53:13 Karima Lasfer: Excellente idee
00:53:33 Saida Mohsni: this is brilliant.Nve thought to use it this way
00:53:43 Saida Mohsni: never
00:53:57 K. Ferris: this would even be a great exercise for the beginning of the year that could create a real sense of community when shared
00:54:14 Joe Dale: Good idea
00:54:18 Fatima Khaled: This is what our students need. authenticity in their learning.
00:54:43 Sophia Chen: I love the idea!
00:54:46 K. Ferris: French II?
00:54:50 Laura: Q: Are maps private?
00:54:53 Saida Mohsni: Q” how are the descriptions stored?
00:54:55 Fatima Khaled: Every thing is new, I am learning and very happy to be happy.
00:55:10 Annamarie: This is awesome!
00:55:10 K. Ferris: I think my maps in Google can be made private or exclusively shared
00:55:26 Joe Dale: The text is stored in My Maps
00:55:51 ALL London: Sorry about that Joe! I was concentrating so hard on Heidi’s presentation!!! (Just tweeted a screenshot of this wonderful process)
00:56:05 Joe Dale: No problem 😉
00:56:08 K. Ferris: Could be good with conditionals, “If I lived in X, I would eat here at X”
00:56:09 Fatima Khaled: I was thinking to get my students share their heritage country and dig into their culture in bk home. Great.
00:56:31 Fatima Khaled: I really need these steps 😊
00:56:38 ALL London: Good idea Fatima!
00:56:58 Joe Dale: Yes K. Ferris!
00:57:19 K. Ferris: add screencastify from the google store for free!
00:57:42 ALL London: You could use it to present where your parents / grandparents used to live …
00:57:42 Joe Dale: Yes and record up to 5 mins for free
00:58:05 Joe Dale: Yes. Screencastify lets you annotate too
00:58:34 K. Ferris: Screencastify was also very useful giving bespoke feedback to students email questions
00:58:35 Fatima Khaled: The good think it is great as well in our distance learning.
00:59:11 Negin Shabestari: Q- Can you do several 5 minutes recording?
00:59:17 Joe Dale: Yes
00:59:29 K. Ferris: yeah, no logins, very easy to use. You can do many 5 min recording it auto saves in your google drive
00:59:29 Negin Shabestari: Thanks Joe.
00:59:45 Manuela Matheson: Is Castify sync’ed with Google Maps for those tours?
00:59:47 ALL London: If you’re a microsoft school presumably you can use stream to record?
00:59:57 Darcy Blake: In screencastify, can you have camera with your screen as well?
01:00:07 Joe Dale: Screencasify can be synced with Google Drive
01:00:12 ALL London: Yes Darcy
01:00:15 Joe Dale: Yes Darcy
01:00:20 Darcy Blake: Thanks!
01:02:30 Joe Dale: Screenrecording works in the browser version not the app atm
01:02:42 K. Ferris: Split screen! For dialogues and such?
01:02:49 Kelly Mades: Oh, that will be so cool to have split screen with Flipgrid!
01:03:24 Saida Mohsni: I am loving this. Thank you
01:03:46 Tetiana Katchanovska: Greetings from Ukraine!
01:04:46 Joe Dale: Greetings Tetiana
01:05:09 Patty Calif: sorry, I was a little late, what is the link to slides ?
01:05:09 ALL London: I was going to ask about how to get a partner school.. good to start in the place where the tech is as they will be ‘self-selecting’ presumably
01:05:44 ALL London: @Patty – this is being recorded .. you will get a link
01:05:48 K. Ferris: Any German instructors in chat outside the USA?
01:06:07 Manuela Matheson: I teach German in Australia
01:06:19 K. Ferris: Heidi’s slides https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11oVIadaYfNaE1SPh3ahbBcbwQaB41Dql5ZoenD0lnxM/edit#slide=id.g8ed5a4837e_0_0
01:06:59 K. Ferris: Manuela, if you’d like to do “pen pal exchanges” I am in the USA
01:07:35 Faisal Ibrahim Al-Shamali: can students create their own videos or record their own voices ?
01:07:39 Manuela Matheson: Hi, I am already doing this with a school in Germany. Thank for the offer though.
01:07:52 Joe Dale: Yes Faisal
01:08:21 K. Ferris: No problem, Manuela!
01:11:20 K. Ferris: Can you show how to navigate to the activate or alter that privacy / public setting
01:11:35 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: This is excellent to set up pen-pal exchanges, thank you!
01:11:39 ALL London: Such a good way to do this. Our partner shcool is not very interested in tech, so woudl be good to find another school for this.
01:11:44 Emily M. Burrus – High School French: I’m on Gridpals!
01:13:12 Karima Lasfer: Great for pen-pal exchanges, thanks
01:13:39 Maria Mar: What about safeguarding?
01:13:55 Negin Shabestari: was all these work done during the lesson?
01:14:45 K. Ferris: Ah! Yes! Thank you!
01:14:52 Negin Shabestari: I am sorry Helen, it changes and I forget to check before posting.
01:14:59 Joe Dale: You can make grids so they only work in your domain, moderate videos and password protect
01:16:04 Negin Shabestari: thanks
01:16:06 Manuela Matheson: How much teaching time does this technology instruction take up?
01:16:32 Maria Kisiel-Cservenak: Thank you!
01:16:38 Dervilla Fastner: Excellent. Thank you.
01:16:47 Maria Mar: Can we have the name of your Youtube channel, please?
01:16:57 Joe Dale: joedale100
01:17:12 Karima: Merci, Heidi!
01:17:19 Bishnu Bhattarai: Thanks
01:17:20 Maria Mar: Thank you!
01:17:41 K. Ferris: Fantastic, thank you! I’ll be sharing with my school in breakouts! Chat, I highly suggest getting friendly with screencastify. It is easy, seamless, and students pick it up super fast.
01:17:50 K. Ferris: Thank you ALL, and Heidi!
01:18:22 Maria Mar: Thank you Heidi and thank you Joe for this brilliant presentation. Something new and very interesting.
01:20:06 Christina Vaughan: your acct is paused
01:20:10 Christina Vaughan: yep
01:20:14 Uli Byrne: Thank you so much, Heidi. I am going to use your ideas.
01:20:55 Manuela Matheson: Is Tour Creator free?
01:21:00 Joe Dale: Yes
01:21:03 ALL London: Heidi is so calm!
01:21:07 Manuela Matheson: Great!
01:21:15 Joe Dale: I agree
01:21:52 Manuela Matheson: My students are 12. Do you think I could try this with them?
01:22:15 K. Ferris: I have used these apps with 10-12 in Japanese class. It works well.
01:22:20 Jane Sokolosky: How did you add the page?
01:22:22 Joe Dale: Yes Manuela
01:22:29 Manuela Matheson: Fantastic!
01:22:47 Manuela Matheson: Do these all work on iPads?
01:23:04 ALL London: It is a beautiful city, isn’t it?
01:24:07 Jane Sokolosky: Thanks!
01:24:09 Bishnu Bhattarai: Really nice !
01:24:27 Manuela Matheson: How can I find out about apps that can do these or similar things that are compatible with iPads?
01:24:59 Manuela Matheson: Sorry, bad English!
01:25:13 Joe Dale: @Manuela – Do a Twitter search for #ARVRinEDU
01:25:41 Manuela Matheson: Sorry, but how do I do a Twitter search?
01:26:13 Joe Dale: You Google ‘Twitter Search’ and search that hashtag
01:26:25 Manuela Matheson: Duh, thanks
01:27:09 Manuela Matheson: Got it, thanks heaps!
01:28:27 Joe Dale: You’re welcome
01:31:04 Manuela Matheson: This opens up a new world! Thank you so much.
01:33:06 Leslie Sullivan: Q – do you have a directions sheet you gave to students? Is it something you did step-by-step in class/at home?
01:33:14 Sophia Chen: Thanks Heidi! It very resourceful! I will definitely to start to use it.
01:33:16 Manuela Matheson: Do you have a list of free programs and apps?
01:33:36 Joanna Barber: wow that is great…. thank you! really interesting and I can see myself building something like this into the scheme if work.
01:33:39 Catharine Davidson: Really interesting – so good to see the linking of Flipgrid with geotools.
01:33:42 Jimena Licitra: I have 2 questions please:
01:34:08 Joe Dale: Please ask your questions here
01:34:17 Jimena Licitra: 1) I have used Google maps and Tour but not expeditions. what does it add to the learning experience?
01:34:22 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thank you so much, Heidi!!! Thanks for explaining and demonstrating so well! 🙂
01:34:31 Maria Mar: Q-Any experience in primary?
01:34:57 Una: Thanks very much. ☺
01:35:21 ALL London: I love the idea of having a ‘playground’
01:36:08 Joe Dale: @jimena – Students can experience the tour with Cardboard
01:36:11 K. Ferris: any suggested social media follows?
01:36:26 Joe Dale: I’ll ask
01:37:49 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Heidi, Helen and Joe for this evening’s presentation. 🙂
01:37:52 Negin Shabestari: wow, assessment too!
01:38:22 ALL London: Great to see you here Helen .. we must sort out another cultural get together!
01:39:23 Helen McFarlane: @Helen – yes, indeed! I think our cultural soirée will be wonderful!
01:39:25 ALL London: We will be taking a zoom selfie at the end, so please be ready to show your videos if you are not too shy!
01:40:02 K. Ferris: Yeah all the rubics and assessment tools are there, and super easy to use. ProTip, don’t assign all your classes due on the same day, 100 plus videos to grade, and review…that’s a day.
01:40:12 Helen McFarlane: My apologies, Helen, but I have to leave now. Bonne nuit à toutes et à tous! Helen
01:40:35 ALL London: Bonne nuit Hélène!
01:40:42 Helen McFarlane: 🙂
01:41:54 Christina Vaughan: I created a student view in my teacher acct but my computer gets confused. should I have chosen a different email to access as a student?
01:42:38 Christina Vaughan: I created a student account to view in my teacher acct but my computer gets confused. should I have chosen a different email to access as a student?
01:43:00 Manuela Matheson: Thank you, Heidi, for this inspiring presentation! I have to go now. See you next week.
01:43:16 Manuela Matheson: Bye everyone else..
01:44:10 ALL London: WE realise some people have to leave.. thanks so much for coming!
01:44:28 ALL London: We send a follow-up mail tiwht links to video and class photo
01:44:46 Catharine Davidson: Merci! Au revoir! Super!
01:44:49 Maria Mar: Thank you so much!!!
01:44:55 Maria Apalko: Thank you so much!
01:44:56 ALL London: Thanks!
01:45:39 K. Ferris: that’s brilliant
01:46:35 Meryl Wakeman: How do you pair up your students with a French student when they share their virtual tour.
01:46:45 Vanessa Perrott: Many thanks for your inspiring presentation. Looking forward to trying out some of the ideas next term.
01:47:13 Jimena Licitra: wonderful presentation, thank you
01:48:15 Stacy: Great information!!! Thank you!
01:48:19 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Bravo, merciiiii!
01:48:28 Dervilla Fastner: Thank you very much. Great information.
01:48:37 K. Ferris: Merci, Madame!!
01:48:38 Laura: Thank you for all your tips!
01:48:44 Ann Jordan: This was awesome, great job Heidi!
01:48:50 Padma Maharjan: thank you
01:48:55 Sanjeev Kumar Singhal: thanks
01:48:58 Maria Mar: Thank you very much!! Merci !
01:49:13 Meryl Wakeman: Thank you, you made it all very clear and easy to follow. It was great.
01:49:14 KALLEN2: Heidi is so awesome! Merci beaucoup!!
01:49:19 Negin Shabestari: Wonderful presentation Heidi, many thanks.
01:49:28 Valérie Smith: Great presentation Heidi! Thanks so much!
01:49:44 Tetiana Katchanovska: Thank you!!!
01:49:47 Maria Mar: Amazing presentation.
01:49:58 Joanna Barber: is it wrong I want to sit and play on this now despite being on holiday?
01:50:18 Negin Shabestari: Thanks to Helen, Joe and ALL. It feels like we are a family. 🙂
01:50:26 Bishnu Bhattarai: Thanks for your brilliant and veteran presentation
01:51:07 samia saci: Thank you all for this great webinar
01:51:15 Maria Mar: Thanks to All indeed! All the time fantastic presentations! Fantastic organisation!!
01:51:18 K. Ferris: the book suggestion is
01:51:55 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I need to go, but thanks soooo much to all of you. Bonne soirée!
01:52:29 Ruta Dulbinska: Outstanding presentation! Thank you so much!
01:52:35 Emily M. Burrus – High School French: @PisgahFrench
01:52:38 Heidi Trude : @htrude07
01:52:39 ALL London: @HelenMyers
01:52:41 Leslie Sullivan: @ms_lsullivan
01:52:44 Jimena Licitra: @ladeidiomas
01:52:47 K. Ferris: @ParkDeutsch
01:52:49 Anna Grainger: @global_educator
01:53:04 Bishnu Bhattarai: bishnub189@gmail.com
01:53:11 Joanna Barber: @sheep1313
01:53:17 Maria Mar: You student are so lucky!! Have a lovely teacher!
01:54:11 Joe Dale: @joedale
01:54:16 Caroline Okerika: Thank you! So much to think about!
01:54:27 Emily M. Burrus – High School French: Some of our Gamer students may have VR headsets for those teaching virtual or hybrid this fall.
01:55:51 Anna Grainger: Thank you Heidi. A really useful and interesting webinar. I played with Google Tour Creator over lockdown, but hoping to make more use of it next year.
01:56:38 samia saci: bye
01:56:52 Maria Mar: Joe you introduce me to Genially and book creator, now I am an addict to them. Now, another new thing to have as an addiction.
01:57:29 Maria Mar: Thank you ALL!! You all are fantastic!
01:57:34 K. Ferris: Ciao! Take care, everyone!
01:57:35 Negin Shabestari: Bye everyone.