TiLT Webinar with Glenn Cake: That’s Edutainment

Integrating interactive exercises into remote teaching to learn and have fun!

60+ people came along on a  Saturday night for edutainment with Glenn Cake, who got us all playing along online with games which are freely-available on the web.

Recording link available on Joe Dales’ YouTube channel here.

Chat transcript here: A Webinar with Glann Cake- chat

Glenn Cake’s website

Our class photo!

Glenn is a distance educator from the most easterly point in North America, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. He has the unique challenge of teaching high school French to students in small communities located throughout the region. Fluent in both English and French, Glenn is proud to be involved with CASLT (Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers) and to have received the CPF (Canadian Parents for French) teacher of the year award.

Glenn is a keen supporter of gamification platforms and he finds that they provide engaging and interactive opportunities to his students in the virtual classroom. In this session, participants will be presented with a host of “edutainment” techniques which will enhance student participation and engagement. Participants will learn how to oversee these games in a live environment or how to set such activities as tasks to be completed for homework. These formative assessment tools may be assigned to help teachers assess students’ knowledge and comprehension- and prepare students for deeper in-class (remote or face-to-face) interactions.

Glenn has provided engaging and interactive professional training to second language teachers, particularly in the areas of internet resources and software that teachers and students can use to enhance their second language and technology skills.

Glenn Cake Chat

00:45:32 Karine: yes
00:46:11 ALL London: @Vincent: actually.. it won;t.. it stays on your version of cvhat, but not the master one!
00:46:38 ALL London: yes – I’m in Surrey – where is everyone else?
00:46:43 Eileen Anderson, Ph.D.: North Carolina 🙂
00:46:49 Jacqueline Young: Scotland!
00:46:55 Ramesh: Midlands, UK
00:47:00 Sharon: Verona Italy
00:47:06 bbennett: St Albans uk 🙂
00:47:12 Elpiniki Fragkouli: Greece 🙂
00:47:12 Kim Stickland: I’m in Norwich
00:47:22 annepassmore: Christchurch, New Zealand
00:47:22 Shannon Swann: Indianapolis
00:47:24 CoDodge: Dorset, UK
00:47:25 Fiona McHardy: Donegal
00:47:37 Vero: Hello from Cuenca, Ecuador
00:47:38 Mark: Hi Ramesh
00:47:45 Ramesh: Hi Mark
00:48:18 ester: Hello from Penarth, Wales, UK
00:48:32 ALL London: Fascinating, Glann!
00:48:33 Elpiniki Fragkouli: WOW!
00:48:35 ALL London: Glenn
00:49:21 ALL London: wow!
00:51:12 ALL London: Q for later (not now) – I like Glenn’s red dot pointer , how do you get that?
00:51:49 Joe Dale: It’s part of Google Slides
00:51:55 Sharon: @ALL London, The red dot is one of the annotation tools provided as part of the Zoom platform
00:52:16 Vincent Everett: Powerpoint can do it too. Right click and choose laser or pen etc.
00:52:17 Joe Dale: Float over toolbar bottom left and click laser pointer
00:52:23 ALL London: This is your favouirte activity Vincent isnt it?!
00:52:48 ALL London: Thansk Sharon an d Joe!
00:53:48 Glenn: https://tripticoplus.com/tshare/wgq6hcuh/6268
00:54:50 Fiona McHardy: Adobe Flash player is blocked for me (cautionary point!)
00:55:04 Vincent Everett: Yes. Me too.
00:55:04 Joe Dale: For me too!
00:55:14 Uxía: It’s blocked for me too 🙁
00:56:18 Eileen Anderson, Ph.D.: it doesn’t work on my mac
00:57:07 Ramesh: it worked on my Chromebook (after I allowed the flash to run)
00:57:22 Sharon: You need to enable Flash for Triptico Plus to work. Check it in your browser settings
00:57:29 Shannon Swann: It worked on my Mac but I had to accept Use Adobe Flash
00:57:46 Kim Stickland: Joe, will you be sending the ppt to us?
00:57:52 ALL London: great!
00:58:09 Karine: Super
00:58:13 Joe Dale: If Glenn is happy to share yes
01:00:43 Vincent Everett: With Kahoot, can you pull in questions/answers from somewhere else or do you have to sit down and build each one?
01:01:03 ALL London: Great – I will put everyhting to do with this webinar on the ALL London webinar page – recording / chat / ppt
01:01:21 Joe Dale: Not sure Vincent
01:01:25 Ramesh: you can use an Excel template and copy/paste vocab into it then upload it
01:01:53 Vincent Everett: for example with gimkit I can import from quizlet where I keep all our knowledge organisers
01:02:31 Sarah Flint: we can hear
01:03:11 Vincent Everett: sorry, that name came up in autofill
01:03:36 bbennett: the temptation to put in some names my students come up with!
01:04:01 Vincent Everett: Ah. Is there a thing to stop them putting in rude names
01:04:18 Kim Stickland: Yes, exactly as he says – it’s really quick
01:04:31 bbennett: @Vincent cursor over name will let you remove it – lots of practice
01:04:36 Vincent Everett: Aha.
01:04:49 ALL London: @Vincent – at school I put the screen which shows their names on a second screen they cannot see. ..
01:05:03 cecilia giordano: Also, if you like 2 or 3 kahoots, you can merge them together
01:05:10 cecilia giordano: Using combine
01:06:13 Joe Dale: I ran out of characters!
01:06:14 Chris Jadav: You can use mentimeter for word clouds too
01:06:34 Joe Dale: Yes Chris
01:06:47 Fiona McHardy: but you have to pay for mentimeter…
01:06:59 Joe Dale: No Fiona
01:07:10 Fiona McHardy: with my class?
01:07:21 ALL London: This is such a goodidea for presenting a product ..
01:07:22 Joe Dale: You can have 3 slides per presentations and unlimited presentations
01:07:35 Noelia RG: Hi, I can only hear metallic noise, I cant hear Glenn can anyone help please?
01:07:49 Fiona McHardy: Delighted to stand corrected, thanks Joe
01:07:57 Joe Dale: NP Fiona
01:08:42 ALL London: @noelia – he is there
01:09:07 ALL London: have you heard him at all so far?
01:09:25 ALL London: perhaps switch off an on again noelia!
01:09:39 Noelia RG: yes but voice is cut all the time, tried leaving and entering
01:10:14 ALL London: sorry Noelia..
01:10:21 Noelia RG: thank you 🙂
01:10:58 ALL London: … the replay will be avaialble tomorrow Noelia
01:11:14 Gordon’s iPad: do I need to look at the zoom version then go to the Kahoot!? in Kahoot! I only see the shapes
01:11:19 Vincent Everett: Can you put it again as a separate slide?
01:11:41 Joe Dale: Yes Gordon
01:12:09 ALL London: Lady Lavinia rules!!!!
01:12:14 Joe Dale: I don’t know Vincent
01:12:33 Vincent Everett: Kahoot works so the teacher screen has the questions and on pupils’ devices it’s the answers. So has to be done in synch – although Glenn showed how to set it as an assignment which I would prefer. Otherwise lots of waiting around.
01:12:36 ALL London: I love this gradual reveal feature!
01:14:35 ALL London: Joe Dale knocked off the leader baord – oh no!
01:14:53 Joe Dale: I know! Gutted!
01:14:58 ALL London: 🙂
01:15:59 ALL London: Bravo, Paxton!
01:17:25 Karine: Bieber
01:17:40 ALL London: So close, Lady Lavinia!!
01:18:26 Joe Dale: This is good for German word order apparently
01:18:32 ALL London: What a lovely way to engage students
01:18:38 ALL London: @Joe – yes!
01:20:12 ALL London: ‘Pure genius’!
01:21:12 Chris Jadav: Did anyone else feel ridiculously competitive?
01:21:23 Kim Stickland: ‘maple bacon’??
01:21:25 ALL London: I confess Chris, yes!
01:21:25 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:21:35 bbennett: Lol Chris Yes! and stressful
01:21:36 Jesus Santos: hehehe
01:21:42 ALL London: Guio!!! Bravo!
01:21:55 ALL London: Please don;t show who is bottom …!!
01:22:01 Uxía: I really liked the puzzle option, than you for showing us!
01:22:04 Guiomar Mancho: Thanks! That was fun 🙂
01:22:25 Vincent Everett: Kahoot seems so slow. Is that why pupils like it?
01:22:44 Fiona McHardy: You can change the timings
01:22:47 ALL London: @Vincent – you set th etimer as you want
01:23:10 ALL London: I only allow abouy 10 seconds usually
01:23:34 ALL London: Great list Glenn – thanks
01:23:49 Fiona McHardy: Sorry, where’s this going to be shared tomorrow?
01:23:58 ALL London: Oe Dales’ youtueb channel
01:24:05 ALL London: Joe Dale’s youtube channel
01:24:06 Fiona McHardy: Thanks
01:24:30 Karine: Love it
01:24:39 Vincent Everett: Ah. I did wonder how it was going to work as an individual game.
01:25:50 Vincent Everett: Not sure it works asynchronously
01:26:08 Vincent Everett: That’s what I thought individual mode was for but you have to have minimum 2
01:26:24 Joe Dale: Gotcha Vincent. Everyday is a learning day!
01:28:18 Shannon Swann: I played this with my class but as the teacher I couldn’t see the questions. Is there a way to see that and also see students’ progress (the horse race)?
01:28:35 Vincent Everett: It almost would work asynchronously because you do have all the answers on your page. So they could have made it against the clock. But if it’s against another player then you have to start at the same time.
01:29:01 Vincent Everett: The students don’t get the same questions at the same time. So you wouldn’t be able to see that.
01:29:13 Vincent Everett: I can’t hear josh
01:29:17 Kim Stickland: can’t hear him
01:29:17 Joe Dale: Could you split your screen Shannon?
01:29:20 Sylvie: NO SOUND
01:29:20 Elpiniki Fragkouli: me too
01:29:21 Ramesh: me neither
01:29:25 Fiona McHardy: Me neither
01:29:26 Karine: I cannot hear either
01:29:26 sophia.micelli: I’m sorry. I can’t make out a thing he’s saying.
01:29:28 Uxía: Sorry, but I cannot hear a word
01:29:33 Chris Jadav: Nor me
01:29:34 sta.darby01: Cannot hear him at all
01:29:39 katep: Same
01:29:39 Sylvie: Oups did not mean to write in capital letters
01:29:40 sophia.micelli: Please just summarize it.
01:29:46 Shannon Swann: I don’t know how to split my screen…Sorry not very techie. 😉
01:30:48 Uxía: no
01:31:09 Chris Jadav: Brill
01:31:09 Uxía: yesss
01:31:12 Karine: yes
01:31:12 Joe Dale: Yay!
01:31:15 Ramesh: ça marche
01:31:21 Catherine Filée: thank you
01:32:36 Claire: No worries!
01:32:38 Sarah Flint: Good for Josh!
01:32:47 Chris Jadav: So encouraging we’re all learning
01:32:49 bbennett: what an amazing young person to create gimkit at such a young age!
01:33:09 Miss Dos Remedios: wow Josh!
01:33:52 Vincent Everett: You can use it for free without making an account. Just login with a pretend email each time and don’t register the account.
01:34:03 Uxía: Q: Does Gimkit work with Google classroom?
01:34:46 Sharon: Q: Is Kahoot Pro available free in Europe too?
01:36:49 Joe Dale: I think so Sharon
01:36:54 Joe Dale: Wow
01:37:27 ALL London: What do we press now?
01:38:45 Sylvie: Not Trump! 😉
01:39:57 Vincent Everett: Hurray!
01:39:59 Vincent Everett: Thank you
01:40:02 ALL London: I loved the trouser quesiton!!!!
01:40:13 Joe Dale: That was fun
01:40:17 Uxía: That was fun! 🙂
01:40:22 Vincent Everett: Technically you can also wear trousers if you have a horse as well
01:40:30 Ramesh: yes it was fun
01:40:41 katep: so fun
01:40:46 Maria: Fantastic!
01:40:53 Shannon Swann: Love the trousers question! I had no idea!
01:40:54 ALL London: Vincent – you know so much!
01:41:05 Claire: yes!
01:41:11 ALL London: Yes please!
01:41:14 bbennett: THank you
01:41:15 Vincent Everett: Thank you. Josh knows me as Mr E (from Twitter)
01:42:57 Vincent Everett: It keeps resetting to private message – sorry!
01:43:54 Clarke-e: HOw do you sign in?
01:44:15 Joe Dale: Go to gowordwall.com
01:44:33 Sylvie: enter the code on slide
01:45:01 Clarke-e: whats the code please
01:45:10 Sylvie: 122320
01:45:17 Clarke-e: found it
01:45:26 Shannon Swann: The image is not on my screen, just the choices…
01:46:05 Claire: I couldn’t see the face either!
01:46:16 ALL London: YOu have to look at the image on Glenn’s screen?
01:46:20 Shannon Swann: I have to go back and forth between the Zoom screen and my computer
01:46:25 Joe Dale: Are you using your phone?
01:46:45 Claire: no
01:46:46 Kim Stickland: dodgy…
01:46:50 Ramesh: controversial
01:46:55 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:47:00 Elpiniki Fragkouli: what was the url we were supposed to type?
01:47:01 Shannon Swann: No on the Mac. The options come up but not the images
01:47:02 Sarah Flint: I couldn’t see the pictures
01:47:06 sta.darby01: Rolf Harris?? No!!
01:47:11 Joe Dale: gowordwall.com
01:47:24 Kim Stickland: this is just a noisy version of Kahoot?
01:47:40 Vincent Everett: I was looking at whiteboard today so please do…
01:47:41 Claire: Pub’s closed!
01:47:47 Elpiniki Fragkouli: Thats Joe..I cant make it work
01:47:59 Karine: Me too Vincent
01:48:24 Vincent Everett: we can just go to whiteboard and click to put in the code which is the last bit of that address?
01:48:34 Glenn: https://whiteboard.fi/t83
01:48:58 Ramesh: not working for me
01:49:01 Sylvie: yes but does not work
01:49:15 Vincent Everett: They only last 2 hours because of security
01:49:40 Glenn: https://whiteboard.fi/f45
01:49:56 Sylvie: @Vincent, saw your tweet about it earlier.
01:49:58 Jacqueline Young: Do you need a stylus or surface?
01:50:09 Claire: So, this would be a live game?
01:50:25 Joe Dale: Yes
01:50:33 Joe Dale: Just your finger
01:50:57 Vincent Everett: You can save if it’s premium I think.
01:51:19 Joe Dale: Sign up at charlala.com/joe
01:51:25 Elpiniki Fragkouli: i love this one!
01:51:33 Vincent Everett: The good thing about this is is it is not saved etc so you don’t have to worry about gdpr etc
01:51:43 Sylvie: Un grand merci Glenn.
01:51:57 Vincent Everett: when you leave the classroom all the boards go. Unless you sign up for premium and set it up properly
01:51:58 ALL London: We need another session with Glenn I think!
01:52:07 Sarah Flint: This was so great – thanks SO much
01:52:17 Kim Stickland: thank you
01:52:20 Ana Lopez Reyes: Yes, another session 😊
01:52:30 Ana Lopez Reyes: Thank you so much
01:52:43 ALL London: Great comments from your students!
01:52:43 Vincent Everett: Thank you
01:52:44 Sharon: Thank you
01:52:45 Guiomar Mancho: Than
01:52:46 Ann-Gaelle Cox: Thank you very useful
01:52:47 Ramesh: Thank you very much!
01:52:49 Elpiniki Fragkouli: thank you!!!
01:52:51 Anne McCambridge: Merci! Just what my pupils need!
01:52:53 Clarke-e: Thank you very much, it was really useful!
01:52:54 Chris Jadav: Thank you, it’s been a great way to learn
01:52:55 Tina Williamson: Great…thanks sos much….
01:52:55 Karine: Merci Glenn
01:52:56 annepassmore: Thank you
01:52:56 katep: Thank you Glenn, very helpful 🙂
01:52:56 ester: thank you very much Glen!
01:52:56 Uxía: Merci bien! C’était super!
01:52:58 Eileen Anderson, Ph.D.: Thank you
01:53:02 bbennett: Lovely 🙂 Thank you so much
01:53:02 Anna Grainger: Really enjoyed that, thank you so much 🙂
01:53:02 Jacqueline Young: Great fun, thank you so muich for introducing us to new games for teaching!
01:53:07 Shannon Swann: Thanks so much for taking the time to explain things in detail! Doing it ourselves is the best way to learn, so this was great!!
01:53:13 Sarah Flint: yes absolutely, cant wait to share with the department after Easter
01:53:19 Jo: thank you it was brilliant…
01:53:25 Catherine Filée: really interesting, merci infiniment. Au Revoir.
01:53:30 Jesus Santos: Muchas gracias! Really interesting
01:53:32 Vic Earl: Yes – a fantastic session – thank you, Glenn!
01:53:40 Bailey: Many thanks
01:53:50 Vero: Thanks a lot for this very informative webinar
01:54:04 Noelia RG: thank you very much
01:54:30 Vincent Everett: Trump has sent joe a tweet already
01:54:31 ALL London: @gcakey
01:54:41 Tina Williamson: Q Which was the game where students could create their own questions?
01:54:48 Joe Dale: Gimkit
01:55:00 Tina Williamson: Thanks
01:55:30 V Parrott: Thank you so much
01:55:51 Dawn Eyre: Thank you so much! That was amazing.
01:56:15 Fiona McHardy: Thanks!!
01:56:32 Tina: I’m in bed. Very early here!!
01:57:45 Sylvie: Great to see you all.
01:57:50 bbennett: Thank you Thank you Thank you
01:57:55 Nancy Gibson: Where can we see the recorded webinar?
01:58:10 Glenn: Thanks everyone ! Hope you enjoyed !
01:58:24 Noelia RG: Thank you, I couldnt hear so Im sorry for not comenting
01:58:37 Vincent Everett: google all London tilt webinars
01:58:38 Glenn: Trump- please email me at glenncake@nl.rogers.com
01:59:00 Vincent Everett: Trump has tweeted you @gcakey
01:59:06 Glenn: 🙂
01:59:26 frances earnshaw: sorry / what time monday?
01:59:40 Nancy Gibson: Thanks!