TiLT webinar with François Stalder: Time for a virtual adventure?

Engaging students through video storytelling and critical thinking

Many thanks to François Stalder who shared his ideas and practice for encouraging engagement .. ideas which are particularly relevant for distance learning, but can be carried through to a real life classroom.

Recording : (There is a slight hiccup in the recording between 6 minutes in and 6:37, but thereafter it works!  During that minute, François was eulogising Joe!)

Chatlog François Stalder chat log


Class photo: watch this space!

ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

In this TILT session we will explore the ways in which Thinglink can support learners on their personalised learning journey. This flipped approach to learning enables students to progress at their own pace whether they are in school or during remote learning. Thinglink can be used in combination with Flipgrid or Padlet and this session will demonstrate the various ways these tools can be applied to promote agency, especially among students who tend to be the ‘quietest in the room’. 

The result is that all students get to practise their speaking skills, they become aware of, reflect on and think critically about their strengths and weaknesses. They develop and use their own rubric as a plan of action to enhance their linguistic abilities. Peer-to-peer assessment and feedback creates a culture of thinking and learning among students who become collaborators with their own learning. 

Lesson outcomes and step-by-step demos will be presented during the webinar.


François Stalder started his teaching career as a German and French Language teacher in Alsace, France, in 1993. The following year, he moved to Oman to teach French as a foreign language under the French Embassy. From 1996, he worked in Thailand where he taught German again at the Lycée International de Bangkok, then French and German at Harrow International School, Bangkok, from 1999 onwards. 

He was the Head of Modern & Foreign Languages at Harrow International School for 15 years and worked as Boarding Housemaster for nearly 3 years. In 2007-8 he spent a year teaching at Harrow School, UK. On his return to Bangkok, he taught himself Spanish and started teaching the language 4 years later. In 2015 he went to Bangalore, India, where he remained Head of Languages and taught French and Spanish. He is now teaching these world languages at the American International School of Budapest.

CHAT: A TiLT Webinar with François Stalder Tuesday 26th May 2020

00:47:02 Stephen: Hello everyone from Perth, Scotland 🙂
00:47:45 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:48:11 Karine Cook: great news Joe
00:48:25 Tami Canale: Hello – also from Budapest! Break a leg, Francois!
00:49:02 Ana Winebrenner: I’m a member
00:49:05 Negin Shabestari: I am a member
00:49:09 Bibi: yep
00:49:10 Ruth Hedley: I’m a member
00:49:10 Sabine Pichout: I am a member
00:49:11 Stephen: Not a member, as of yet
00:49:15 Anna Grainger: I’m a member
00:49:15 susan.zammit: I am not a member yet
00:49:17 Dawn Eyre: I am a member.
00:49:22 Helen McFarlane: Hello François, Helen and Joe. Fully paid up member of ALL!
00:49:26 Mart: getting a dept subscription once we are back in school
00:49:32 Carmen Cabrera Alvarez: Not yet
00:49:34 Ana: not a member
00:49:36 ALICE Semple: Going to be joining!
00:50:19 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: I registered already. I have become addicted to ALL webinars.
00:50:23 Negin Shabestari: Signed for June event
00:50:58 sarahaputt: I will be joining when return to school.
00:51:33 Steph Morand: I was there in Bangkok! I remember that training day!
00:51:48 Vincent Everett: It’s a hot topic!
00:52:38 Suzanne McArdle: I am not a member
00:52:44 Joe Dale: Good times Steph!
00:53:06 Stacey: I am not a member but am interested.
00:53:07 Negin Shabestari: frozen
00:53:14 David Garcia: Problems with your connection my friend
00:53:24 Florence Barats: we seem to have lost François….
00:53:29 Vincent Everett: He’s back
00:53:37 Joe Dale: Thank you
00:53:41 Negin Shabestari: he is
00:53:50 Noria z: I agree, top man
00:54:11 Joe Dale: Thank you everyone
00:54:42 ALL London: bit,ly/3d2uJqr
00:55:01 ALL London: bit.ly/3d2uJqr
00:55:13 ALL London: (the latter is correct with a full stop)
00:55:46 ALL London: tinyurl.com/ydhb9xew
00:55:59 Vincent Everett: I had to pop out earlier, but should say I am member of ALL too!
00:56:03 ALL London: tinyurl.com/yco3fllx
00:56:27 ALL London: You are a very important member of ALL Vincent!
00:56:49 ALL London: tinyurl.com/y8socnp8
00:57:41 ALL London: I love the graphics!
00:58:30 Chiara Bendiscioli: what’s padlet address?
00:59:22 Joe Dale: https://padlet.com/fstalder/q43kea7cnt4auwzm
00:59:39 ALL London: Thanks Joe!
00:59:42 Vincent Everett: I think you click on the hat thing for the padlet
01:00:06 Joe Dale: Yes. The hat thing is the Padlet icon. I think it’s a jester’s hat
01:00:10 ALL London: 91 people in the room .. welcome!
01:01:57 David Garcia: This is wonderful!
01:02:01 David Garcia: Thank you!
01:02:07 ALL London: This is such an attractive way of surveying
01:02:09 Florence Barats: I still don’t get how to add a message in padlet! Sorry!
01:02:19 David Garcia: just double click on padlet
01:02:44 Joe Dale: Double click or click on the plus icon bottom right
01:02:45 ALL London: click plus at bottom left for padlet
01:03:24 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Merci, François!
01:04:19 Florence Barats: Merci!
01:04:44 Laurence Gillham: Love this picture!
01:05:03 ALL London: New slide to me.. love it!
01:10:08 Joe Dale: That was made in PowToon
01:11:44 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q: How does it work with students with special needs?
01:13:45 Joe Dale: That’s the Shelf format in Padlet to make columns
01:14:24 Beate Werle: impressive how students write feedback
01:14:39 ALL London: I agree, Beate
01:14:57 Joe Dale: @Jessica – I’ll ask Francois at the end
01:15:34 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: @Joe Dale. Thank you.
01:16:37 Ceri Anwen James: I really like that as a practice task for the photo in the GCSE oral exam. Asking pupils to choose any photo related to the topic, and record themselves talking about it on Padlet. I love Padlet!
01:16:55 Joe Dale: Great to hear Ceri
01:16:59 Sabine Pichout: Is Padlet free please?
01:17:03 ALL London: Good idea Ceri
01:17:14 Joe Dale: The first 3 Padlets are free yes
01:17:28 Ceri Anwen James: It’s free for the first few walls, but then you need to pay.
01:17:37 Joe Dale: You have to pay per month after that. Flipgrid is free
01:18:04 ALL London: Ifyou have G suite or Microsoft teams, could you use a collaborative page there instead of padlet?
01:18:08 Sabine Pichout: Thank you. Can Flipgrip do the same job as Padlet?
01:18:34 Ceri Anwen James: Flipgrid is only for recording videos
01:19:25 Joe Dale: You can use Flipgrid for audio only if you cover the screen with a sticker
01:19:29 ALL London: https://www.thinglink.com/
01:20:17 Laurence Gillham: Is this like Edpuzzle?
01:20:20 ALL London: I can see how this is engaging
01:20:24 Joe Dale: @Sabine – Google Slides can be used in a similar way to Google Slides / Jamboard
01:20:48 Ceri Anwen James: Looks similar to EdPuzzle, yes
01:20:51 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Nice that you can add questions as the video is being shown
01:20:52 Chiara Bendiscioli: Is it similar to what you can do with edpuzzle?
01:20:53 Sabine Pichout: Thank you
01:21:31 Joe Dale: No Edpuzzle is for listening comprehension. Thinglink is about adding tags to access multimedia content and go on virtual visits when you link Thinglinks together
01:22:09 Beate Werle: Looks very similar to what fluenteky provides, correct?
01:22:24 Joe Dale: Sorry Chiara. I see what you mean. Yes that functionality is similar
01:22:34 Chiara Bendiscioli: Thanks
01:22:38 Florence Barats: Q Is there any issues with Copyright for the videos or the book?
01:23:39 Joe Dale: @Florence – I wouldn’t recommend using copyright materials in this way, personally
01:24:01 ALL London: I really like the idea of supportive multichoice sentences rather than expecting productive immediately
01:24:09 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: My children’s school uses seesaw for their remote learning and it is actually quite good!
01:24:19 Florence Barats: I agree but are they all YouTube videos for instance?
01:24:20 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: It looks fascinating
01:24:29 Christina Balsom: could I use charlala with this?
01:24:42 Chiara Bendiscioli: Is it the free version of Thinglink?
01:24:57 Joe Dale: If you use YouTube videos that it is OK because it’s the person who uploaded the video who would be in breach of copyright
01:25:09 Florence Barats: OK
01:25:15 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I like “nous ne savons pas” as an answer
01:25:48 Joe Dale: The free version of Thinglink is only restricted by the number of views which is 1000 before you are asked to pay. I think it’s £35 per year
01:25:59 ALL London: .. and if copyright is claimed, the ower gets the revenue
01:26:05 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Other than “pas mentionné”
01:26:07 Joe Dale: You can’t embed Charlala
01:26:51 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: A teacher once told me it was much easier for students to learn negative sentences first and then positive sentences.
01:27:06 Ruth Hedley: interesting
01:27:14 Chiara Bendiscioli: I love this movie!!!!!
01:27:25 Chiara Bendiscioli: Titu Titu!
01:27:30 Ruth Hedley: awwwwww
01:27:45 David Garcia: Sooooo cute
01:27:52 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: C’est mignon!
01:27:59 ALL London: nothing like little furry animals to engage …
01:28:25 Ruth Hedley: always!
01:28:56 ALL London: You need to video them then Ruth and show us next time!
01:29:17 Ruth Hedley: Done! 🙂
01:29:26 ALL London: Great!
01:29:55 Christina Balsom: It looks really straightforward to use
01:31:44 Joe Dale: Here are some Thinglinks for interactive Bitmoji Classrooms https://www.thinglink.com/scene/1319654405624037377 https://twitter.com/FHSComputing/status/1263143287646494720?s=20 https://twitter.com/JennStar11/status/1259271695204003847?s=20 https://www.thinglink.com/scene/1284602902186295297
01:32:03 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: So many resources. I really like this one. I love using images/videos which is not always possible.
01:32:45 Ruth Hedley: Thanks Joe
01:33:00 Joe Dale: You’re welcome Ruth 🙂
01:33:14 Chiara Bendiscioli: Is it possible to add only audio? I tried but it always asks for an image or a writing
01:34:02 Joe Dale: You can just add audio Chiara. Infact you can record audio directly in Thinglink
01:35:02 Laurence Gillham: Joe, you are amazing! I am starting to wonder whether there ia something that you don’t know the answer to…
01:35:23 Magali’s iPhone: do the students need to create an account on thinglink or can they just access our presentation via a link?
01:35:23 Delinka Fabiny: Could students use this for presentations?
01:35:36 Chiara Bendiscioli: …but it always opens a window when you then click on the button to listen? That is quite annoying…
01:36:05 Joe Dale: Thanks. Louise Jones explains how to record audio in Thinglink at the end of this video https://youtu.be/bdvsp3WlYRM
01:36:29 Ceri Anwen James: Thanks for that bunch of links, Joe – really good use of Thinglink. I haven’t used it for a few years – time to re-explore!
01:36:55 Joe Dale: @Magali – students don’t need an account to access a Thinglink
01:37:12 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: superb
01:37:20 Karine Cook: fromage
01:37:33 Joe Dale: @Delinka – Yes, but they would need an account to create a presentation
01:38:06 Delinka Fabiny: @Joe, thanks!
01:38:06 Chiara Bendiscioli: Thanks I’ll watch it Joe
01:38:44 Joe Dale: You’re welcome Ceri. I found those through a lot of research 🙂
01:39:16 Julie White: I am excited to explore all of this!
01:39:26 ALL London: Me too, Julie!
01:39:45 Delinka Fabiny: This is super!
01:39:58 David Garcia: So many great ideas to promote learning agency
01:40:01 ALL London: It’s so good to see a demo live like this
01:40:07 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q: I wonder whether it takes a lot of time to design this. Or would it get better with practice?
01:40:13 David Garcia: Wonderful!
01:40:54 Ceri Anwen James: @Jessica – using Thinglink is very easy
01:41:02 Chiara Bendiscioli: I’m just a beginner but I already love Thinglink!
01:41:39 Chiara Bendiscioli: …and I’m getting many new ideas tonight, thanks
01:41:43 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: @Ceri Anwen James – Thank you. It looks great.
01:42:17 ALL London: Is it possibe to record when using zoom?
01:43:15 csuarez: Thanks so much! So much useful information!
01:44:00 Yolanda Arteaga Jimenez: Thank you very much a lot of useful info I will use it 🙂
01:44:47 Allison Braybrooke: Thank you, it’s been fascinating 🙂
01:44:58 Joe Dale: You can link Thinglinks together to make a virtual visit
01:45:02 Delinka Fabiny: Merci, François!
01:45:46 Chiara Bendiscioli: @Joe sounds interesting, how does it work?
01:45:52 Joe Dale: This is Wheel of Names wheelofnames.com and Francois has added emojis instead of text
01:46:04 ALL London: Great idea!
01:46:19 David Garcia: Muchas Gracias Francois!!!
01:46:27 Madame Ruffini: How long does it take to make one? I can see how it would be great to do in English, but in French maybe my pupils are too young…. not too sure
01:46:28 Beate Werle: Love it!
01:46:31 cecilia giordano: I like this idea!
01:46:47 Joe Dale: To make a virtual visit each Thinglink describes a place and includes info plus questions. You can can then click on a link to go to the next Thinglink for the next part
01:47:23 Chiara Bendiscioli: like a “chain” of videos…?
01:47:44 Christina Balsom: Oh, that could make an escape room.
01:47:49 Joe Dale: @Madame Ruffini I would suggest just exploring and seeing how it goes
01:48:06 Joe Dale: Yes Christina
01:48:11 Ceri Anwen James: Joe – what do we think are the advantages of a Thinglink virtual classroom -v- Google Slides??
01:48:22 ALL London: Christina. you’re on fire tonight!!
01:48:28 Madame Ruffini: Thank you Joe
01:48:41 Christina Balsom: Half term, I am well rested!
01:48:47 Joe Dale: @Ceri – They are similar, but Microsoft fans would prefer Thinglink
01:48:49 ALL London: 🙂
01:48:56 Carmen Cabrera Alvarez: Thank you very much!
01:49:41 Joe Dale: Are you inspired Carmen after the amazing Genially you shared this morning?
01:50:13 Ruth Hedley: Merci beaucoup! Definitely going to give Thinglink a go, and great to see how it can be merged with other apps
01:50:19 Laura Edmundson: This looks like it may be easier than using G Earth for a virtual adventure… I tried to create one to Havana last night and it was a nightmare as I couldn’t find the exact locations and record them on Flipgrid seamlessly!
01:50:38 Ceri Anwen James: the options there are Upload 360/VR image and Upload 360 video – are there good places to find stock photos of famous landmarks in 360?
01:51:02 ALL London: Good idea Ceri …
01:51:15 Joe Dale: @Ceri – Good Twitter question
01:51:25 Ceri Anwen James: Francois: Your school looks lovely!!
01:52:06 Ceri Anwen James: And it looks like an Olympic village from the air!
01:52:26 ALL London: https://blog.viromedia.com/5-best-360-photo-sites-668b12e84527
01:54:08 Helen McFarlane: Thank you, Helen – this is going to be an adventure for our students!
01:54:46 ALL London: True!
01:55:44 Laurence Gillham: How do you share your thinglink with your students?
01:55:52 ALL London: I like things ‘poppping up’ .. you can do that in Microsoft stream with Microsoft quizzes.
01:55:56 Elena Knight: Fascinating webinar! I wish we were using a more flexible platform. Students’ mics and everybody’s webcams are permanently disabled during online lessons in my school.
01:56:02 Ana: Q- when students answer a tag does their answer save somewhere?
01:56:03 Joe Dale: flaticon.com would be great for finding customised tags
01:56:19 Joe Dale: @Ana – No
01:56:26 ALL London: What a pity Elena.. especially for languages!
01:56:38 Elena Knight: Yes, indeed!
01:57:32 Ceri Anwen James: Elena – Hardly anyone in Wales is teaching live, let alone having their microphones on!
01:57:35 Joe Dale: You can past an image into PowerPoint, crop it and right click save as image. Not sure you can choose SVG though
01:58:24 Joe Dale: You’re welcome
01:58:41 Joe Dale: I shared this link a moment ago
01:58:43 Elena Knight: The most interactive thing I do is Quizlet live. They love it!
01:58:49 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thanks so much for the webinar, François! And of course, Joe and Helen! I need to go now but will see you on Thursday 😉
01:59:10 Madame Ruffini: Thank you very inspiring!
01:59:11 Sylvie Rice: Merci, Francois, un super webinar!!!
01:59:12 Chiara Bendiscioli: Grazie!
01:59:19 Elena Knight: I can’t wait to have a go at thinglink. Thank you!
01:59:21 Noria z: Thank you so much Francois, Joe and Helen. That was an excellent session
01:59:21 Ceri Anwen James: Merci beaucoup!
01:59:33 Delinka Fabiny: Thanks again, François.
01:59:35 Bella Bennett: thank you
01:59:42 Helen McFarlane: Thank you so much, François, Joe and Helen. Such inspiring ideas! Merci mille fois!
01:59:47 Laura Edmundson: merci
02:00:14 Lucy Nott: Thank you so much! Overwhelmed with new ideas 🙂
02:00:30 Ana: thank you very much
02:00:37 Valérie Smith: Merci énormément Francois!
02:00:54 Florence Barats: Thank you very much to all of you.
02:01:10 Kate McGregor: Thank you lots of food for thought
02:01:14 Susan: Thanks Francois!
02:01:25 David Garcia: Gracias!!!
02:01:48 Christina Balsom: Thank you so much, so glad I have a few days to try this out!
02:01:49 Julie White: ¡Gracias, François!
02:02:03 Mart: Thanks Francois! Thanks everyone. A plus!
02:03:21 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Thanks for your answer Francois.
02:04:12 Laurence Gillham: Merci mille fois!
02:04:16 sarahaputt: Thank you for all this information – another new ICT skill to share with my colleagues.
02:04:19 Josefina Mason: Merci.
02:05:32 Ceri Anwen James: How much time are teachers in your school allocated in order for them to complete their annual inquiry cycle?
02:06:12 Negin Shabestari: so after François has learned the new tricks, we will need another webinar!
02:06:32 Pilar Navarro: Thank you very much Franû
02:06:59 Negin Shabestari: Many thanks François, it was excellent.
02:07:18 2 Elisabeth: When will it be – Genially?
02:07:33 Negin Shabestari: ALL, Helen and Joe many thanks again for another great webinar.
02:07:42 2 Elisabeth: Do you already know the exact date?
02:07:55 Joe Dale: 2nd June
02:07:59 Veronique Parrott: Thank you all for sharing and giving up your time
02:08:06 2 Elisabeth: Thank you very much!
02:08:14 Caroline Okerika: Thank you all so much!
02:08:24 Eleanor: Thank you for your time this evening.
02:09:22 2 Elisabeth: WOW!
02:09:29 Laurence Gillham: WOW!
02:09:41 Chiara Bendiscioli: So many webinars, you are driving me crazy!
02:09:47 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Not advertised yet. I was going to register.
02:09:54 Georgina Anson: Thank you very much!! Great ideas!
02:09:59 Barbara Riggott: Thank you, this was really enlightening!