TiLT webinar with Daren White

Using Google Meet to enhance Remote Learning

April 23 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

This webinar is part of out TiLT webinar series.  Click here for more information.

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We were really pleased to welcome Daren White  to our webinar series on Thursday 23rd April 2020.

Daren is a language teacher and Google certified educator.  His session is about  using Google Meet.

This includes:

  • How to create a meet and give it a nickname
  • How to create a meet via Google calendar
  • Repeating events
  • Adding attachments
  • Using Meet for asynchronous teaching (as a screen recorder)
  • Using Meet for video conferencing.
  • Useful Meet extensions.
  • Using Meet for live streaming.
  • Using Meet beyond your organisation

Bio: Daren is a Google Certified Trainer and Learning Technologies Lead for 2 secondary academies within the Academies Enterprise Trust.  Within the Trust Daren is a prominent Innovator leading G Suite training for staff and students across the trust.  Daren also delivers training for GEG UK and Appsevents in the UK and Europe.

Daren is an MFL & Digital Skills teacher and has been a senior leader for over 10 years.

A webinar with Daren White: Using Google Meet
23rd April 2020
Chat Transcript

00:38:54 Cristina Popa: London
00:39:20 Walter Romero: ECUADOR
00:40:04 Ceri Griffiths: I am a member
00:40:10 Negin Shabestari: I am a member.
00:40:19 Mike Elliott: I’m an ALL member
00:40:28 Marcio: I am a member
00:40:34 Catharine Davidson: I am a ALL member
00:40:38 Ann-Gaelle Cox: member
00:40:42 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: I’m a member. Thanks to the British Council.
00:40:43 galia: not a member yet but considering:)
00:40:43 Sarah Cartlidge: I’m a member of ALL and on the committee for Bristol
00:40:44 Noreia Benhalima: I am a member
00:40:45 Ermawati Herman: hello from Indonesia
00:40:46 HELEN Stokes: I am a member
00:40:46 Antigone Margariti: A member
00:40:49 Lavinia: ALL member from Surrey
00:40:53 Jo Barber: Yes to being a member 🙂
00:40:55 Christine De Oliveira: yes member
00:41:00 Cristina Popa: Member too
00:41:08 sararosello: Yeah, member too
00:41:11 Michelle: I’m a member 🙂
00:41:23 Liz Fotheringham: Yes, a member
00:44:07 cecilia giordano: I am a member and have attended lots of webinar recently, please join if you haven’t yet. I have been following Joe for many years (although he doesn’t know me!) Network for Language, a few language Shows, ALL conference at SOAS, BFI etc… Always grateful for so many ideas, and ‘slowly’ incorporating some everyday… Gracias!
00:44:37 Joe Dale: Thank you Cecilia 🙂
00:44:59 cecilia giordano: Thank YOU!
00:45:05 Joe Dale: 🙂
00:45:19 Ruta Dulbinska: Who can become a member? Sorry for a silly question.
00:45:34 Joe Dale: Anyone I think
00:46:34 ALL London: Anyone can be a member!
00:47:15 ALL London: (No question is silly!)
00:47:35 Ruta Dulbinska: Thanks.
00:49:51 ALL London: 🙂
00:50:52 bella bennett: LOL
00:50:53 sararosello: That’s so cool!
00:50:59 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: apart from the code to join the meeting, is there a second level of security to joining the meeting?For example, if students decided to share the code to non-members for bombing…
00:51:19 ALL London: Teachers will love it as much as students I think!
00:51:46 Lucy Nott: Is there an equivalent for google chrome book of the snap camera?
00:52:02 ALL London: If you hav equesitons, coudl you precede with a Q?
00:52:11 ALL London: (the letter Q)
00:52:37 Elisabetta: Great!
00:53:26 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: Excellent, thank you.
00:54:56 Mojo JOJO: Do you need a gmail account for this gmeet or just the host?
00:54:56 Anneliese: Can I ask if that yellow thing at the top is on any computer (even if you don’t have an apple?)
00:55:13 Ann-Gaelle Cox: Q What if the school uses google classrooms but doesn’t have google suite ?
00:56:15 Ann-Gaelle Cox: Ok thanks !
00:56:28 Sarah Cartlidge: Q I’m not clear in the difference between Google Meet and Google Hangouts?
00:56:35 montse: does it work better than zoom?
00:57:04 ALICE Semple: Q is it free to be g suite school?
00:57:52 Ruta Dulbinska: Yes.
00:58:08 Ruta Dulbinska: But you have to apply for that.
00:59:16 Ruta Dulbinska: Your school must be a non-profit institution.
01:00:06 ALICE Semple: thanks I had assumed you paid for all that
01:00:32 ALL London: G suite is free for schools – see link https://support.google.com/a/answer/139019?hl=en
01:01:49 ALL London: ‘G suite for Education’
01:02:29 Anneliese: If people aren’t in your domain (for example they work externally) can they still join?
01:02:54 Joe Dale: Yes if the host chooses to let them in
01:03:00 Anneliese: Thank you 🙂
01:03:48 Lucy Nott: Q Can you show how to add an attachment this way?
01:04:12 Lucy Nott: Thank you!
01:07:12 Elisabeth Farrington: I can’t see the bottom of the screen
01:07:13 Anneliese: Q – The other day I tried to play a video from my powerpoint presentation in my meeting but people couldn’t hear the sound. Do you know why please?
01:07:25 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q Can you trim the recording?
01:07:47 ALL London: Q: If you have a class all sharing their videos, would that be a problem with bandwidth? (Maximum 4 webcams showing in Microsft teams)
01:08:12 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: closed caption isn’t working because the mic is muted in the meet, it seems
01:08:55 ALICE Semple: Q where do you get these extensions from?
01:08:56 ALL London: @Elizabeth, the bottom of the screen is showing for me, so it should be captured on the recording
01:09:57 Mike Elliott: I looked for other languages and couldn’t find anything other then English
01:09:58 ALL London: Closed captions – wow! Brilliant!
01:10:10 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: Wow, that is excellent – the closed caption, very fast!
01:11:01 ALL London: I expect you can change the language!
01:11:39 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q What about Power Point slides? Can you use them as if you were teaching a lesson?
01:13:00 Beata Walesiak: The quality of video between Meet and Zoom. Right now it seems Zoom’s slightly better or is it because both are on?
01:13:15 ALL London: (Closed captions only availble in Englohs ‘actuellement’! I expect they’ll add it soon! https://support.google.com/meet/answer/9300310?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=fr
01:13:30 Joe Dale: Yes Jessica
01:13:37 Mike Elliott: Q Can you mute students all at the same time, i.e. one click?
01:14:44 Mike Elliott: Thank you!
01:14:48 Liliana Roudaut: Thank you!
01:18:27 Sheryl Anne Spanish/French: Q: can you have more than one owner/host for a meeting?
01:19:07 Samantha Broom: Google Classroom has its own meet codes. What is the value of that, if you can just set up a meet separately?
01:19:34 Beata Walesiak: Q: From calendar, what’s the quickest way to get the link, meeting id & password to copy-paste?
01:20:49 Michelle: Q: how do we set up various rooms within a class?
01:24:39 ALL London: That’s actually very encouraging to know!
01:24:49 Lucy Nott: Q What are the benefits of live stream vs GC meet?
01:25:32 Samantha Broom: Yes, I don´t understand the difference between live stream and a meet_
01:27:39 Elisabeth Farrington: please could you show me again how to share my screen
01:28:28 Judith Rifeser: Many thanks, Daren. Great webinar. Very useful.
01:28:46 Lucy Nott: Thanks for answering, very clear
01:29:32 Liliana Roudaut: Thank you!
01:29:38 Joe Dale: CLick Present Now to Share screen
01:30:14 ALICE Semple: some great extensions
01:32:02 Anneliese: Do we need to download anything to get the extension bar?
01:33:43 Anneliese: Yes
01:34:40 Caroline McKinlay: Really helpful, thank you!
01:34:57 Anneliese: Could you maybe write down on a document the ones you think are useful? This is amazing!
01:35:45 Joe Dale: There are many YouTube clips on this topic
01:36:24 circe negron: when you opened the document how do you start writing?
01:36:42 Sarah Cartlidge: have you got a ‘top ten’ extension list?
01:38:56 circe negron: the word document
01:39:43 Sally Q: QWhich schools are leaders in using google classroom?
01:42:22 circe negron: excellent
01:42:22 Joe Dale: I suggest you join the Google Classroom in MFL Facebook group
01:44:01 Mike Elliott: These shortcuts are GREAT!
01:44:46 Sisnur Araujo: Is Hangouts different from Meets?
01:45:14 Joe Dale: Daren has answered that question already
01:45:18 Ann-Gaelle Cox: Sorry, a bit off topic, but in Google forms, students are returning blank forms – why?
01:45:40 ALL London: @Sismur, this was covered earlier.. you’ll be able to see it on the video afterwards
01:46:06 Sisnur Araujo: Thank You.
01:46:18 Cristina Popa: Thank you so much but I have to go
01:46:30 Cristina Popa: Have a good nigh everyone
01:46:58 bella bennett: oooooooo
01:48:36 Beata Walesiak: Nice
01:49:03 Ann-Gaelle Cox: So all you have to do is install Mote on Chrome??
01:49:10 Joe Dale: Yes
01:49:19 Naiya A: ys
01:49:35 bella bennett: I am going to love using Mote. Thank you
01:50:52 Negin Shabestari: Many thanks Daren.
01:52:19 Elisabeth Farrington: Thank you that was really useful
01:52:52 Mart Wilmin: how do you copy a quiz created in my google classroom drive to one in our Dept classroom Drive?.
01:53:58 Mart Wilmin: I can share link but it removes any email request so I don’t know who has done the quiz
01:54:22 Ann-Gaelle Cox: ok thank you so much !
01:56:09 Mart Wilmin: thanks
01:56:29 bella bennett: so cool
01:56:44 Alexandra Töniges: thanks a lot again!! Breakfast time in Auckland now 🙂
01:56:55 Beata Walesiak: so once again, it’s …/template/ ? sorry, didn’t get that
01:57:36 Michelle: /preview
01:57:47 Beata Walesiak: thanks!
01:58:17 Catharine Davidson: Thanks very much – some great tips!
01:59:26 Liz Fotheringham: Thanks very much
01:59:30 Mike Elliott: It’s been excellent. Thanks so much!
01:59:39 Ann-Gaelle Cox: Thanks – very useful !
02:00:03 Lucy Nott: I’ve learnt such a lot. Thank you!
02:00:06 Michelle: thanks Daren Joe ALL lady 🙂
02:00:06 Ulrike Byrne: Thank you so much!
02:00:39 Karen Sims: How do you record videos e.g.youtube with sound within the record of Google Meet please?
02:00:59 Ruta Dulbinska: Amazing presentation! What was the YouTube channel to suscribe?
02:01:04 ALICE Semple: that is very helpful tip for practising
02:01:18 bella bennett: Thank you so so much 🙂
02:01:20 Isabelle Minshull: Thanks,
02:02:14 Ceri Griffiths: Superb! Thank you
02:02:26 Liliana Roudaut: Thank you!
02:02:43 Anne McCambridge: Thank you!
02:03:24 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: thank you very much . Very useful
02:03:26 Lavinia: thank you 🙏🏾