TiLT webinar with Ceri Anwen James: Interactive quizzing for distance learning

21st May 2020

What an amazing webinar this was! Thank you Ceri Anwen James, and we look forward to seeing you for real in Dorking next year!

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Chat Link:Ceri Anwen James May 21st Chat

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The ALL London Branch is proud to host this free webinar on behalf of ALL nationally.  In this session, Ceri Anwen James (@CeriAnwen) will look at various options for quizzing that pupils can undertake from home, as regular homework or as distance learning. She will look at different types of questions that check understanding and that could be incorporated into a wider departmental assessment for learning strategy. The webinar will also look at some pupils’ favourites, and you will learn how they can be set up as homework.

Ceri Anwen James @CeriAnwen is an Assistant Headteacher at Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern, Cardiff, where she was previously Head of MFL. Ceri oversees the school’s digital learning, the 1:1 iPad scheme, as well as the Digital Competence Framework. She has been one of the teachers collaborating with Welsh Government on the writing of the Languages, Literacy and Communication AoLE for the new Curriculum for Wales.

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00:45:43 Karine Cook: I am and do join!
00:45:44 Noria: Thanks for all your support and help Joe, really appreciated
00:45:45 Bina: Im a member
00:45:47 Laura Simons: yes – and proud!!
00:45:47 Ceri Griffiths: I am a member
00:45:49 Z Johnson: Group member
00:45:52 Bibi: yes I am a member
00:45:55 Hannah White, Bristol: Proud member of ALL!
00:45:58 Anna Grainger: I’m a member!
00:45:59 Liz Thomas: Not a member yet….
00:45:59 RMoore: I am a member!
00:45:59 Lucy Edwards: am going to join!
00:46:00 N Shabestari: a member
00:46:01 Lou Smith: I’m a member
00:46:01 Sally Hendley: our dept have a membership
00:46:01 Chiara Bendiscioli: I’m a member 🙂
00:46:04 Seonaid Hull: I am a member and proud.
00:46:06 Lucy Vallejo: not a member
00:46:07 Natalie Campbell: I’m a member too
00:46:15 Antonio da Silva: I’m a member
00:46:17 Joanna Barber: I am a member and you should join as Helen says so! No honestly it is brilliant – one of the best subject associations out there across all subjects!
00:46:41 Florence Barats: Trying to get a dpt membership, we used to have one
00:47:14 hbrighton: How much is the membership?
00:48:22 Joe Dale: See link https://www.all-languages.org.uk/join/
00:48:36 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Don’t worry, we love languages!
00:48:44 Liz Thomas: Not annoying at all! Fel ti’n ei gael e’n Gymraeg?!
00:49:05 Joe Dale: If you have a question, please put a Q in front of your question. Thank you
00:49:48 Florence Barats: Q can we split screen?
00:52:02 ALL London: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iP1qoS5tJK81XpwOzHLlr7CpgLSFCfb1pyFVGmsuHrQ/edit#slide=id.p (32 viewing the doc above at the moment.. feel free to click on th elink to open the google presentation)
00:52:42 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thank you
00:53:35 Florence Lehmann: can you resend the code please
00:53:56 Lucy Edwards: top of the page
00:54:00 Jacqueline Mulhall: Its at the top if the screen 373600
00:54:06 ALL London: 47 36 00
00:54:18 A.Mee: fenomenal
00:54:18 Mart Wilmin: how do I access this ?
00:54:27 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: menti.com
00:54:31 Mart Wilmin: I have a phone to hand
00:54:41 ALL London: Open presentation to be prepared for all the activities this evebnign: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iP1qoS5tJK81XpwOzHLlr7CpgLSFCfb1pyFVGmsuHrQ/edit#slide=id.p
00:55:05 Christina Balsom: do they show capital letters? I stopped using it because it didn’t really work for German without capitals
00:55:05 ALL London: Slide 2 has live links
00:55:34 Steph Morand: My problem with pentameter are spelling mistakes as it change the results…
00:55:46 Mart Wilmin: got it thanks
00:55:48 Hannah White, Bristol: Such a good idea to include the link the presentation so those of us who need extra time to faff with the tech can pop back to view a previous slide when we need to. Genius!
00:55:57 pribeckystevenson: Q – can you pause the page for teaching purposes?
00:56:25 ALL London: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iP1qoS5tJK81XpwOzHLlr7CpgLSFCfb1pyFVGmsuHrQ/edit#slide=id.g65a5c374d8_0_472
00:56:29 Joe Dale: You can ask the students to stop posting so it will pause
00:56:40 ALL London: She is indeed a genius!
00:57:23 Joe Dale: An alternative to TodaysMeet is yoteachapp
00:57:27 Florence Barats: Do you all have to be online at the same time to do this?
00:57:39 Joe Dale: Yes
00:58:06 Florence Barats: Q Can this be accessed with a phone?
00:58:07 Jonathan Peace: Q Can you download / analyse results of Mentimeter?
00:58:16 Florence Barats: Q Is it an App?
00:58:20 SaraTeare: Do your students use phones or ipads in lesson time?
00:58:40 Elena Sanz: Q can students do it at different times?
00:58:52 ALL London: https://www.mentimeter.com/features
00:59:00 ALL London: features: smart devices
00:59:01 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Yes, it can be accessed with a phone (that’s how I am doing it)
00:59:18 Joe Dale: This video may be helpful https://blogs.canterbury.ac.uk/prism/mentimeter-interactive-teaching-and-learning-dialogues/
00:59:40 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Exciting!
01:00:15 Joe Dale: Mentimeter is a web site. There is an IOS and Android app for students but you can just use the browser
01:00:38 Hannah White, Bristol: Q: shall we out our videos on?
01:00:38 Joe Dale: Mentimeter works best synchronously IMHO
01:00:43 Lavinia Dos Remedios: thanks 🙏🏾 Joe
01:00:52 pribeckystevenson: Q please could you tell us how to organise breakout rooms for our own pupils at some point in the webinar please?
01:03:09 Antonio da Silva: Mine didn’t work
01:03:46 Lucy Nott: Tricky to do breakout rooms because I have people at home in the room with me!
01:03:50 Asus Laptop: mine didn’t work
01:04:52 Anna Santiago: My child turned off the computer so I’m back with you. Couldn’t hear other people as they were still muted
01:05:19 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Sorry, I cut it off accidentally!
01:05:43 Bella Bennett: @Uxia Lol np
01:05:45 Hannah White, Bristol: well that was scary but exciting!
01:05:47 Christina Balsom: too short
01:05:47 Laura Simons: It worked well.
01:05:49 tinacannon: C- That was good !
01:05:52 SaraTeare: That was great!
01:05:54 Lynne Cattell: Great fun. Thanks
01:05:57 Rachel Vause: Scary but good
01:06:00 Z Johnson: To start a topic with GCSE to pool ideas
01:06:02 Annemarie Doran: Vocab challenge.
01:06:03 Bina: As icebreaker
01:06:03 Becky Ward: We came up with using as a retrieval activity at the start of a lesson
01:06:04 Laura Hill: 6th form – feedback on book or film
01:06:04 Rachel Vause: conjugating verbs
01:06:05 SaraTeare: Could use for plenary questions
01:06:06 S.Parris: Brainstorming
01:06:08 Annemarie Doran: Translation challenge.
01:06:09 tinacannon: We liked that it was anonymous
01:06:09 Natalie Kerin: Brainstorming
01:06:10 Bibi: vocab recall and suggestions
01:06:10 Fatema Mansoor: Starters plenaries
01:06:11 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Maybe as a starter recapping vocabulary from the previous learning
01:06:11 mhairi: Making up success criteria
01:06:11 Florence Lehmann: with my A Level group : Share ideas about a character or a scene studied
01:06:13 Laura Simons: Retrieval activity
01:06:13 SaraTeare: We don’t have phones in rooms though
01:06:13 Liz Thomas: recap and recall language
01:06:13 Sylvie: extended sentences for 150 w
01:06:13 Julie Adoch: student voice for mfl
01:06:13 Lucy Edwards: KS3 brainstorming vocab
01:06:13 Antonio da Silva: To check previous knowledge
01:06:14 Kate: Can the students see the screen when remote learning?
01:06:15 Sarah Hau: Start of a topic to ascertain any prior knowledge
01:06:16 Louise Ebenhoeh: Better with older pupils
01:06:16 Joanna Barber: checking how kids are to start with at the start of the lesson
01:06:17 Hamed Rawahi: Vocab and gramma
01:06:17 Laura Hill: what do you know about…
01:06:17 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: I would probably use it with my tutor group. As my school is a no phone policy until the end of the day…
01:06:18 Emma Muggleton: Verbs and describing the photo at GCSE
01:06:19 Elena Sanz: I would use it as an exit ticket to see the misconceptions and plan next lesson
01:06:19 Melanie Davies: starter and plenaries
01:06:20 Sophie Klasan: writing ideas
01:06:20 Sally Hendley: activities where you may have used mini white boards
01:06:21 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: We thought we could use it as recap, what animal has wings? Or rhyming words? or numbers?
01:06:21 shelley Alban: Kathleen said great for plenaries
01:06:21 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Find the odd one out
01:06:21 S.Parris: grammar corrections
01:06:21 Caroline Okerika: I’ve used it to share ideas about the lockdown.
01:06:22 Rebecca/Jiayu Lin: self reflection
01:06:22 Natasha : preparing for a written task to give ideas
01:06:22 nualas: With the speaking questions to show how often they give the same answers
01:06:22 Fiona Dutton: questions about a film
01:06:23 Dawn Coupar: Sharing ideas e.g. describe a photo
01:06:26 Louise Ebenhoeh: change tenses
01:06:26 Lou Smith: retrieval practice
01:06:26 Amanda Sayle: We seemed to think KS4 would be good. Give 20 grammar points and ask for weakest
01:06:26 Georgina Anson: What is there in the photo?
01:06:26 Chloe Connolly: Anonymously sharing writing in the TL so less peer pressure
01:06:27 Natalie Campbell: I’d use it as a starter to review topic knowledge
01:06:27 NWitham: plenary –
01:06:27 Hannah White, Bristol: IN primary school I would use it in place of miniwhiteboards to check understanding
01:06:28 Annemarie Doran: Q: Joe Dale – is there any form of profanity filter??
01:06:28 kimg: comprehension / engagement
01:06:29 Aleksandra Maddocks: assesment for Learning
01:06:29 Seonaid Hull: with a picture card get students to type in sentences describing the picture
01:06:29 HELEN Stokes: Building vocabulary
01:06:30 Hamed Rawahi: Spelling might be
01:06:30 Sophie Klasan: photocards
01:06:30 Bella Bennett: for me – conjugation so limited amount of answers?
01:06:31 Jonathan Peace: Starting the lesson with a Mentimeter and then the same at the end to check progress
01:06:32 Nina Elliott: that was great! could get students to answer then predict what the biggest word will be before revealing the screen
01:06:32 Diane McVey: ga
01:06:32 Melanie Davies: one word what they’ve learnt
01:06:34 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Debates: we can choose a topic and students could write one sentence or more to give their opinions.
01:06:34 ANGELA HILLAN: I thought of getting a list of adjectives, finding the “best”, have everyone then come up with the best sentence with those
01:06:35 Stephen: Surveys – multiple choices
01:06:38 SaraTeare: Use in the same way as a MWB
01:06:39 tinacannon: translations
01:06:40 Naomi Siddle: confidence check with topics & grammar
01:06:40 Sally Hendley: Q1 on the photo card task
01:06:41 Anna Grainger: we said that it could help with anxiety as students are anonymous so nobody will be able to identify those who ‘get something wrong’.
01:06:49 Annemarie Doran: Q- is there a way to insert accents?
01:06:52 Naomi Siddle: Student voice
01:06:55 Dawn Eyre: Quick pupil voice or polls. Include those pupils that wouldn’t normally feel confident about speaking.
01:06:55 Bibi: feedback as to understanding AfL
01:07:00 Hannah White, Bristol: good point Anna Grainger!
01:07:08 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q Could you use it to make sentence builders?
01:07:09 N Shabestari: That was a great idea to talk to someone else. starter and plenary to assess what they already know or don’t know and at the end, what they have learned
01:07:09 Lavinia Dos Remedios: word cloud – then used the word cloud on Kahoot to quiz translation of the words as a prompt!
01:07:11 Antonio da Silva: error correction, maybe? Ask them to write the word wrongly and ask the class to correct them
01:07:42 Anita: Children can share ideas without giving names etc – good for shy pupils – translations
01:07:45 Melanie Davies: spelling ‘how do you spell…
01:08:15 Hannah White, Bristol: Great idea Lavinia!
01:08:24 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Thank you!
01:08:28 ALL London: I will publish the chat on the webpage
01:08:55 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Quizizz is amazing! 🙂
01:10:04 Joe Dale: I don’t think so Jessica. I would use Flippity.net Randomiser for that
01:10:09 Sally Hendley: Quizizz is great for h/w and remote learning, marks populate in your mark book if you use Google Classroom
01:10:12 Antonio da Silva: Q- Is it possible to add audio or video on Quiziz?
01:10:17 Rachel Vause: Q is it a paid app for the feedback?
01:10:25 Mart Wilmin: I’m getting rubbish internet signal tonight. Will watch back again.
01:10:26 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Audio, yes.
01:10:30 Sally Hendley: all free
01:10:38 Rachel Vause: fab thank you
01:10:50 Antonio da Silva: Thanks, @Uxia
01:11:01 ALL London: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iP1qoS5tJK81XpwOzHLlr7CpgLSFCfb1pyFVGmsuHrQ/edit#slide=id.g872b8c1791_0_37
01:11:14 Joe Dale: Annemarie – You just have to insert accents on your device. See link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Uc2UogpMwuJ7gtxcApQ36O7linJWwFnwvZIWCFSR_7s/edit?usp=sharing
01:11:24 l.fitzgerald: do we join as a student?
01:12:02 Joe Dale: You can add audio in Quizizz. See link https://feedback.quizizz.com/posts/7/add-audio-to-questions
01:12:18 Joe Dale: Yes, join as student
01:13:02 HELEN Stokes: it is me
01:14:02 Joe Dale: @Kate, the teacher would have to split the scrren using Dualless, Tab Resize or Tab Scissors using the Chrome browser
01:14:15 2 Elisabeth: Is Quizezz free?
01:14:40 2 Elisabeth: Can you access quizezz that others have created?
01:15:13 shelley Alban: cant hear the audio on q3
01:15:33 Joe Dale: @Becky – This video explains how to set up Breakout Rooms in Zoom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVudVCrWvpE
01:16:48 Sally Hendley: you can use other people’s quizzes or copy and edit them, or make your own. all free
01:16:52 N Shabestari: that was great, many thanks
01:17:00 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: What’s the most chocolate bar you’ve eaten today…got it wrong twice!
01:17:42 Joe Dale: Quizizz is free and you can import questions from a spreadsheet https://quizizz.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003688491-Importing-a-quiz-from-a-spreadsheet
01:17:43 Florence Barats: same here!
01:17:49 Lynne Cattell: is quizizz very expensive
01:17:53 Florence Lehmann: Q is Quizizz easy to set up?
01:17:58 Natasha : like that a lot!
01:18:00 Stephen: Das ist aber wirklich spannend 🙂
01:18:08 Laurence Gillham: This is really good fun and I like the variety of questions available. Could not hear the audio files though 🙂
01:18:14 Lynne Cattell: is it easy to devise a quiz?
01:18:14 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: It’s great to be on the other side, as a student! Since the beginning of lockdown, I have done a weekly one with Y13 students every Friday. They have really embraced it and said it was a brilliant way of being connected. Thank you for connecting us, Ceri!
01:18:17 V Rowe: My Quizzizz hasn’t registered but I’ve finished it on my phone!
01:18:27 Louise Ebenhoeh: I couldn’t name the first minister…
01:18:35 SaraTeare: are there pre made quizzes you can use as on Kahoot?
01:18:36 Joe Dale: You can save a public quiz to your account https://quizizz.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000890872-Saving-a-public-quiz-to-My-quizzes-
01:18:44 Lucy Vallejo: brilliant!!!!
01:18:45 Natalie Campbell: Thank you I enjoyed that!
01:18:46 Natasha : yes Ceri!
01:18:50 Liz Thomas: And I finished it but not registered!
01:18:57 Joe Dale: You can edit a public quiz too https://quizizz.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000889732–Editing-a-public-quiz
01:19:07 ALL London: Poor LIz .. we believe you!
01:19:21 Kat McCarthy: caru caru caru gallu recordio’ch hyn
01:19:25 Joe Dale: @Sara yes, there are public quizzes you can duplicate
01:19:29 ALL London: Such an attractive quiz
01:19:30 N Shabestari: I love that you can look at your answers and see what you have done correctly and learn how to correct your mistakes
01:19:35 Louise Ebenhoeh: Do pupils have to all do it at the same time or can se assign it as HW?
01:19:39 SaraTeare: Thanks Joe
01:19:57 Joe Dale: @Lynne – Yes, just watch a tutorial on YouTube
01:20:12 ALL London: I really liked the fact you could see what the correct answers were at the end
01:20:24 Louise Ebenhoeh: Audio is a fantastic feature
01:20:34 Silvia Oliveras: Me too, usually you cannot in kahoot and other similar ones
01:20:46 Chiara Bendiscioli: I used it today for a spelling test
01:20:47 Joe Dale: I agree – game changer for asynchronous listening practice
01:20:58 Gaelle: Woop woop!
01:21:01 Liz Thomas: Q how do you get the praise and encouragement pics in between the qs?
01:21:06 Silvia Oliveras: yay! well done!
01:21:09 Hannah White, Bristol: That was a great demonstration of how the game works, so clear. I am familiar with Kahoot but I like the extra features that this has.
01:21:12 Silvia Oliveras: I loved the audio file
01:21:16 Joe Dale: You can set Quizizz homeworks to be completed asynchronously
01:21:25 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: They are automatically added, Liz
01:21:26 Silvia Oliveras: it’s like a dream
01:21:38 Joe Dale: For audio questions you can record up to 10 seconds per question
01:21:59 Silvia Oliveras: this is very good, enough for a short sentence
01:22:03 Florence Barats: Q Can you record answers?
01:22:43 Joe Dale: You can make your own customised memes https://blog.quizizz.com/custom-memes-c47ecb37d450
01:23:06 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: No sound?
01:26:07 Sylvie: not working for me
01:26:09 Alkelda McClelland: I was in a breakout room and the same happened to me
01:26:16 Sylvie: No worries
01:26:18 Alkelda McClelland: didn’t work
01:27:06 Isabelle: had to stop no sound from partner
01:27:13 Sylvie: Not working for me
01:27:22 Sylvie: Sylvie BR
01:27:37 Anita: Not working for me
01:27:43 Sylvie: Not a problem at all
01:27:44 Gosia Ackermann: Hi I’m sorry my microphone is not working, my apologies
01:28:06 Christina Balsom: sorry Kat pressed the wrong button
01:28:10 Kate: is quizzizz a subscription one or is it free?
01:28:17 Christina Balsom: it’s free
01:28:21 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: It’s free
01:28:25 Laura Hill: yes
01:28:26 Isabelle: NO
01:28:34 S.Parris: No partner 🙁
01:28:36 Jo Mezhlumyan: all was working fine
01:28:38 Laura Hill: no problems
01:28:42 tinacannon: it wasn’t as good as when we pressed the link to join
01:28:42 Lynne Cattell: worked well
01:28:49 Lynne Cattell: no probs
01:28:52 Georgina Anson: Two out of three of us were okay
01:28:52 Eva: It worked fine.
01:28:52 Jo Mezhlumyan: I could talk to the 2 other people in my group
01:29:04 Hannah White, Bristol: ours worked well!
01:29:07 Alkelda McClelland: was only person in my room.
01:29:08 Chiara Bendiscioli: Perfect
01:29:18 Lucy Vallejo: perfect
01:29:24 Liz Thomas: Worked well!
01:29:25 Elena Sanz: It worked well
01:29:27 N Shabestari: it was great to be able to talk to two other people
01:29:28 Chiara Bendiscioli: only I couldn’t open my webcam
01:29:34 Natasha : is Quizziz free?
01:29:37 Kat McCarthy: It was great but next time I need to remember to use the laptop so that I have my microphone! At least I was able to chat via texts
01:29:45 Helen McFarlane: I can’t believe the time has flown so quickly!
01:29:47 N Shabestari: yes
01:29:48 Stephen: it was great to see Joe, again!!
01:29:48 Louise Ebenhoeh: no
01:29:48 Florence Barats: no
01:29:50 Joe Dale: Here are examples of multilingual Bitmoji memes in Quizizz https://twitter.com/joedale/status/1263434219507920901?s=20
01:29:51 Elena Sanz: no
01:29:52 Annemarie Doran: Q: any chance I could run 2 differentiated Quizezz simultaneously?
01:29:55 N Shabestari: no
01:29:58 Amanda Sayle: Q. quizizz. With the quiz being live, was there a time limit for each question? Is the Assignment mode good?
01:30:15 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Vocab and grammar practice
01:30:18 Bibi: Engagement
01:30:22 Z Johnson: engaging younger pupils making them feel connected
01:30:23 Liz Thomas: end of unit recap
01:30:26 SaraTeare: Engagement and fun
01:30:27 Lynne Coulthwaite: starter and plenary
01:30:27 ANGELA HILLAN: I’ve already been using Kahoot but I think this is better with the focus on accuracy and the opportunity to redo questions
01:30:28 Gaelle: engagement
01:30:28 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: listening activities with multiple choice
01:30:29 Anna Grainger: differentiation
01:30:31 Louise Ebenhoeh: Not too many questions/encourage competition
01:30:35 Laura Simons: revision
01:30:36 Natasha : so many uses!
01:30:36 V Rowe: Audio – tense discrimination
01:30:37 Mart Wilmin: it wouldn’t let me unmute or open video. I don’t usually have any probs. Gremlins tonight
01:30:37 Lynne Cattell: devise. quiz to test knowledge of a previous topic
01:30:38 N Shabestari: Q: Could it be used as homework?
01:30:38 Sylvie: plenary
01:30:40 Anita: Vocab – revision for test
01:30:40 Fiona Dutton: flipped learning
01:30:41 Laurence Gillham: I have used Kahoot and now I want to have a go at quizziz as a way to assess vocab test/ understanding
01:30:42 Alkelda McClelland: instead of a vocab test
01:30:42 NWitham: assessment for learning (and planning)
01:30:43 Sophie Klasan: post lesson pleanry
01:30:43 Melanie Davies: someone used it for vocabulary test, which sounded good
01:30:45 shelley Alban: great for homeworks
01:30:45 Z Johnson: motivation to get better
01:30:46 Caroline Okerika: reading comprehension questions
01:30:46 Julie Adoch: vocab practice
01:30:47 Lavinia Dos Remedios: signed up and there is a bank of questions like Kahoot which you can adapt! so easy win 🙌🏾🙏🏾
01:30:48 Amanda Sayle: To actually guage whether distance learning is working!
01:30:50 Liz Thomas: end of lesson recap/game
01:30:51 Lucy Vallejo: listening activities/fun/cultural topics with picture
01:30:51 mhairi: spontaneous answers to open ended rather than translator answers
01:30:51 Sophie Klasan: starter with analysis of answers
01:30:51 Jonathan Peace: Beginning and end of a lesson to check prior knowledge and progress
01:30:52 Nina Elliott: Q how does quizzizz link to Google Classroom?
01:30:53 Chiara Bendiscioli: Vocab testing
01:30:54 Aleksandra Maddocks: quick revision with fun!
01:30:55 Natalie Kerin: Engagement while teaching “live”, as it can feel like you are talking to yourself. Missing the classroom atmosphere.
01:30:55 kathleen: starters and plenarys
01:30:56 Lynne Coulthwaite: check understanding
01:30:57 Lynne Cattell: not sure how it works remotely but would really like to try it
01:30:57 Bibi: exit tickets
01:30:57 Louise Ebenhoeh: I end online lessons with Kahoot – I’ll try this
01:30:58 Hannah White, Bristol: recapping at end of lesson or start of the next one
01:30:58 Melanie Davies: checking comprehension
01:31:00 ANGELA HILLAN: I would use it for inter class competitions to increase motivation for kids working at home
01:31:01 Natalie Campbell: we aren’t live teaching so it would be nice to give them some interactivity whilst they’re at home
01:31:01 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Use it as a plenary, especially when they have their last session as the music caninvite them to dance.
01:31:03 Sophie Klasan: building up to writing
01:31:03 Chiara Bendiscioli: Spelling
01:31:03 Florence Barats: grammar checking
01:31:04 pribeckystevenson: It will be nice for the students – variety of quiz styles online /listening comprehension/revision/plenaries/exit ticket
01:31:06 Seonaid Hull: as plenary tool in classroom for vocab and grammar testing
01:31:08 Natalie Kerin: Quick recap
01:31:10 Dawn Eyre: formative assessments, polls,
01:31:11 Julie Adoch: distance learning checks
01:31:14 Dawn Coupar: reading – multi choice answers mimic past papers, written accuracy practice with small difference on multi-choice
01:31:15 Chiara Bendiscioli: reading and comprehenson
01:31:19 Sophie Klasan: assessment
01:31:19 Naomi Siddle: establishing prior knowledge
01:31:19 Gaelle: variety of questions / answers to address many activities – spelling,grammar etc
01:31:20 N Shabestari: I love to use it as flip learning
01:31:21 maria: grammar, vocabulary and comprehjension
01:31:23 Hannah White, Bristol: great for discussing progress when you look at the feedback at the end of the quiz too
01:31:23 ALICE Semple: consolidating tenses and time markers with some general knowledge of Hispanic world
01:31:24 Pilar Navarro: Q – Sorry did you mention at the start of introducing Quizziz how you get the code for students once you’ve created the task? Do you need to set up a class first?
01:31:27 Julie Adoch: revision of work done earlier in the year
01:31:31 tinacannon: nice that there is a variety of different types of questions and i love the feedback element
01:31:47 Jonathan Peace: Make a Quizizz of all the tough (Mark Drakeford) questions as a Supertough Quizizz at the end of a unit
01:31:47 l.fitzgerald: can the children play on their phones ?
01:31:52 Sally Hendley: yes link to Google Classroom and there’s score automatically go into your classroom mark book 👍🏻
01:31:52 ALICE Semple: excitement taking part
01:32:01 Seonaid Hull: Q how do you use quizizz in flip learning?
01:32:06 Amanda Sayle: I’ve got nowhere to go!
01:32:08 Joe Dale: See link about Quizizz and Google Classroom https://blog.quizizz.com/google-classroom-530421aa517
01:32:09 Liz Thomas: HA!!
01:32:12 Lucy Edwards: Q how do you cope with technology in class – set of tablets or pupils phones?
01:32:21 ALL London: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iP1qoS5tJK81XpwOzHLlr7CpgLSFCfb1pyFVGmsuHrQ/edit#slide=id.g872b8c1791_0_37
01:32:28 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Wow, Joe, I didn’t know we could create our own memes! Thanks
01:32:47 Joe Dale: @Pilar – the code appears on the screen
01:32:59 Sally Hendley: set vocab to learn, before teaching a topic. works well as they are familiar with core vocab, so you can focus on skills and application in class
01:33:01 Hannah White, Bristol: I love seeing it in Welsh 🙂
01:33:05 Joe Dale: @Uxia – Lots more Bitmoji fun!
01:33:13 Pilar Navarro: Thanks Joe.
01:33:26 Joe Dale: @lucy – Ceri works in a 1 to 1 school
01:33:40 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Ha, ha, I’ll have to join the Bitmoji fever!
01:33:49 Chiara Bendiscioli: What’s a 1 to 1 school? 🙂
01:33:52 Joe Dale: Seonaid – You can set Quizizz homeworks
01:34:03 Alkelda McClelland: Hi Thank you for all your ideas tonight but I’m having loads of uses with the computer so I’m going to go. Really enjoyed the parts I was able to access. Stay Safe and take care/
01:34:04 Amanda Sayle: Q. Can they see each other’s answers?
01:34:20 Joe Dale: Yes quizizz works on all devices
01:34:21 Guiomar Mancho: @Uxia Bitmoji is addictive!!
01:34:28 tinacannon: Q – Is google classroom similar to Teams, as this is what we use?
01:35:02 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I don’t know if I should then, Guiomar! 😉
01:35:08 Guiomar Mancho: Hours of fun
01:35:18 Nina Elliott: love google forms! now have the whole department setting google quizzes every Wednesday:) whole school have seen how successful they are and taking them on too
01:36:27 Joe Dale: @Florence – you can download all the results as a spreadsheet
01:36:34 ALL London: Just in case nayone noticed.. I was thrown ot of the room for 5 minutes.. quite a relief to see you are all still here!!!)
01:37:15 Lavinia Dos Remedios: thanks so much Ceri, insightful as always. 🙏🏾🙌🏾 still remember your presentation @ All a few years ago.
01:37:17 Joanna Barber: Glad you are back Helen! 🙂
01:37:45 Joe Dale: @annemarie – Why would you want to have two quizizz running simultaneously in split screen?
01:38:17 ALL London: THanks Joanna!
01:38:42 Z Johnson: You can set up google forms to automatically collect emails
01:39:14 Joe Dale: Here is a Google Form with lots of exercise types. Make a copy here https://t.co/sb8G2nilDe?amp=1&fbclid=IwAR1XIAdsiWB6Zq3hhrt2cJRMFVSq43hSNJlu8gczWv_DNgMIEj4bdLuiEVw
01:39:38 kimg: is it possible to embed videos in Microsoft Forms please?
01:39:43 ALL London: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iP1qoS5tJK81XpwOzHLlr7CpgLSFCfb1pyFVGmsuHrQ/edit#slide=id.g872b8c1791_0_37
01:39:58 ALL London: Slide 2
01:40:09 Joe Dale: I’ve already pasted it in the chat
01:40:41 N Shabestari: thanks joe
01:40:45 Joe Dale: Here are Jamboard ideas https://jamboard.google.com/d/1SEOPwJZWQfGMCI_al1_nE_31Eo6TcHIRvFFGjyitQ4o/viewer
01:41:07 Joe Dale: Here are 20 more https://jamboard.google.com/d/1-wxb4ENvzRiC-0paQNLzfE2mFUxab5nrtfEyFDKj2Zo/viewer
01:41:14 ALL London: The grandfather of all quizzes!!
01:41:29 N Shabestari: love quizlet
01:41:32 Florence Barats: Q Did you say that the chat will be saved and available?
01:41:38 Joe Dale: @Kimg – Yes you can embed videos in Google Forms. Look at Edpuzzle too
01:41:45 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: 2008??? Woooow
01:41:45 Joe Dale: Yes Florence
01:41:57 Laura Hill: love quizlet
01:42:04 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Me too!
01:42:15 SaraTeare: We use this loads too
01:42:20 kimg: Thankyou Joe 🙂 Microsoft Forms too ?
01:42:54 Joe Dale: Yes in MS Forms too
01:43:05 Laura Simons: whenever I’ve tried printing them as a quiz on paper – it’s always pages long!
01:43:06 Amanda Sayle: Q. Quizlet what is your username?
01:43:13 kimg: Thankyou 🙂
01:43:44 Joe Dale: See example from Esmeralda Salgado https://forms.office.com/Pages/ShareFormPage.aspx?id=3LNmcFO65EGkSZWTZYTj4LlKGoHGhbVItUQ4oh61n5NUNVJUMDE4QUdGMTdOSUVTRlAwTzRHSVJPQy4u&sharetoken=3Sm7xcPK5jkPz2V4bIS4
01:43:48 ALL London: https://quizlet.com/live
01:44:44 Florence Barats: can’t get in….
01:44:46 ALL London: tension …..
01:45:07 Florence Barats: in now
01:45:19 Stephanie IR: in i think
01:45:49 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I’ve used it with students but never played! So exciting! Apologies in advance for my knowledge of British politics…
01:47:12 N Shabestari: not good in politics!
01:47:52 Jonathan Peace: i was rubbish 🙁
01:47:58 Laura Simons: nice to see Nia MP name dropped – she taught me A level French
01:47:58 Florence Barats: same here!
01:48:05 Lynne Cattell: same here
01:48:11 N Shabestari: same here
01:48:46 Joanna Barber: 🙂
01:49:00 Sarah Hau: It’s great to see what the kids see – I was doing this with my Y10s this morning! Great entertainment watching their progress through a game!
01:49:17 N Shabestari: wow
01:49:26 Laura Simons: Ceri when I’ve tried to print them as a quiz it takes up so many pages…
01:49:27 Liz Thomas: amazing
01:49:35 ALL London: Perhaps people who use Quizlet coudl write their usernames here?
01:49:41 ALL London: I’m MissMyers
01:49:52 Amanda Sayle: misssayle
01:49:56 Anna Grainger: MrsGrainger on quizlet
01:49:56 Z Johnson: stbartsmfl
01:49:57 Sarah Hau: misshau1
01:50:03 Mart Wilmin: is that available in standard subscription?
01:50:08 SaraTeare: MrsT21
01:50:08 Sylvie: LanguagesDunottar
01:50:15 N Shabestari: yes it is ion free
01:50:19 Hannah White, Bristol: wow, making a glossary and physical set of matching cards is a great bonus
01:50:23 Natalie Kerin: ivanaway
01:50:29 Anna Grainger: my sets are primary Spanish – MrsGrainger
01:50:34 SaraTeare: You can share this to Google Classroom too
01:50:40 Antonio da Silva: DrDaSilva80
01:50:45 ALL London: ‘The three dots is where the fun us’
01:50:49 Laura Hill: Madame_Hill
01:50:55 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: uiglesiasfuertes
01:51:06 ALICE Semple: Q how would you get a qr code for the quizlet? does it just appear?
01:51:07 Laura Simons: whoop love Gimkit!
01:51:15 Jonathan Peace: trekkiep 🙂
01:51:16 Joe Dale: Just shared a GIF with everyone 😉
01:51:36 ALL London: you never know how long you’ll be teaching …!
01:52:07 Laura Simons: Q with the integration from Quizlet – it doesn’t seem as easy to do anymore…
01:52:07 Florence Barats: how much is it?
01:53:12 Joe Dale: Quizlet is free and Quizlet Teacher is around £25 a year
01:53:12 Sylvie: Quizlet #25 per year I think but free now. Gimlet free for 10 kits
01:53:35 Sylvie: Meant Gimkit!
01:54:11 Antonio da Silva: You can use Quizlet for free, but without the subscription you will not be able to use some functions. But now it is all free.
01:54:35 Joe Dale: See link for pricing https://www.gimkit.com/pricing
01:54:49 Stephanie IR: our school has blocked this site
01:54:57 Florence Barats: cannot reach the site
01:55:49 Joanna Barber: loving the German!
01:56:00 Rachel Vause: Lovely to see German examples 🙂
01:57:50 Helen McFarlane: Can you change the prize money to Euros?
01:58:40 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Q: Do you need to pay for Gimkit?
01:58:42 Joe Dale: See tweet Helen https://twitter.com/gimkit/status/992080975298359296?s=20
01:58:48 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: That was fun!
01:58:53 Amanda Sayle: Thanks. We play this remotely quite regularly
01:59:07 Natasha : love that one too!
01:59:10 ALL London: Well done Amanda!!
01:59:11 Amanda Sayle: Gimkit does cost
01:59:18 tinacannon: loved gimkit have learnt a lot tonight, thank you
01:59:30 Joe Dale: @Amanda – You can have 5 kits for free
01:59:30 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Aweee 🙁
01:59:41 Helen McFarlane: Thanks, Joe
01:59:44 ALL London: Love Ceri’s understated humour!!
01:59:51 Laura Simons: Gimkit is my favourite!!
01:59:55 Jonathan Peace: Hi Ceri – sorry – got to go -but wonderful session. Thank you. Thank you Helen and Joe 🙂
02:00:09 hbrighton: Thank you so much – has been fun and very useful!!
02:00:24 Lynne Cattell: loved the interactive nature of tonight’s webinar. Thank you
02:00:50 ALL London: Lovely to see you Jonathan!
02:00:58 Lynne Cattell: is it possible to set one of these quizzes remotely by supplying pupils with a game code?
02:01:28 Laura Simons: We have to go too, thanks Ceri, and Helen, and Joe! See you soon. Take care everyone x
02:01:39 Antonio da Silva: @Lynne, yes you can on kahoot
02:01:55 ALL London: Bye Laura and Adam!
02:01:59 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: And with Quizizz too, as Joe said before
02:02:00 Joe Dale: @Lynee – You can set Kahoot Challenges and Gimkit Assignments to be done asynchronously
02:02:14 Bella Bennett: thank you 😁👍 brilliant
02:02:54 Natalie Campbell: Thank you Ceri☺️☺️
02:03:07 Joanna Barber: is it wrong I am singing along!
02:03:16 ALL London: I’d love the link to this version of the song
02:03:23 ALL London: I am too Joanna
02:03:25 Stephen: Thank you so much for organising; very informative, fun & engaging. Danke Ihnen sehr 🙂 Stephen
02:03:26 ALL London: It is right
02:04:18 Joe Dale: Asynchronous ideas: Quizizz HW assignment – set multiple choice, checkbox, fill-in-the-blank, poll open-ended including teacher created audio which can be played independently Gimkit assignments – gamified multiple choice where students can earn money while answering questions independently including images and audio questions. Import questions from Quizlet too. Kahoot Challenges – multiple choice exercises with embedded YouTube clips https://twitter.com/gimkit/status/1249767283485855749?s=21 Quizlet links or Quizlet Live for interactive and collaborative activities (send the students the code and specify a specific time for them to take part synchronously). Some teachers like to finish a lesson with this type of interactive activity Duolingo for Schools – independent practice Memrise – Teachers can create their own online courses for students to complete independently including audio for vocab by voicing Memrise lists!
02:04:47 ALL London: wh is sturdy giraffe?
02:05:27 Georgina Anson: I am
02:05:38 ALL London: you were 1 ahead of me!
02:05:43 Joanna Barber: Go G!
02:06:24 Georgina Anson: It was short lived!
02:06:24 ALL London: I’m tied with ExpertNewt!
02:06:29 Gosia Ackermann: Thank you, got to go, very informative.
02:06:33 Lynne Coulthwaite: So do students need two screens to play kahoot remotely
02:06:38 ALL London: confess.. who are you?
02:06:45 ALL London: Space Dolphin …
02:06:52 ALL London: Groovey Octopus ..
02:06:55 ALL London: Charming Cat ..
02:07:00 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Bravoooo, Space Dolphin!
02:07:02 2 Elisabeth: Is Kahoot free of charge?
02:07:05 ANGELA HILLAN: Woohoo! Space Dolphin here 🙂
02:07:06 Annemarie Doran: Yay, Groovy Octopus!! ;o)
02:07:08 Joe Dale: @Lynne – Not if the teacher shares his or her screen
02:07:10 Natasha : can pupils choose their own names?
02:07:10 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Yes, it’s free
02:07:20 ALL London: Natasha – yes
02:07:21 2 Elisabeth: THX
02:07:25 N Shabestari: I need to read the questions properly! I am worse than the kids.
02:07:29 Joe Dale: Yes Natasha, but the teacher can remove silly names
02:07:32 N Shabestari: it was great
02:07:58 Joe Dale: Yes Elisabeth. There is a premium version too
02:08:13 2 Elisabeth: Thank you, Joe!
02:08:19 Lynne Cattell: Thank you Joe
02:08:30 N Shabestari: what does Kahoot mean or where is it from?
02:08:35 Silvia Oliveras: it was amazing, thanks so much!
02:08:41 Laura Hill: Thank you all, must go
02:09:12 ALL London: Lovely to see everyone.. of-course w eunderstand if you have to leave … the recording will be available
02:09:28 mila Webb: Fantastic evening again, thank you Ceri, Joe and Helen for your enthusiasm and help, comme toujours 🙂
02:09:37 Hannah White, Bristol: I like the advanced feature in Kahoot where you can have tiles that uncover a picture clue – we use this lots on primary and more able learners can answer right away but those who need support can use the picture to support them as it is revealed. Nice differentiation!
02:09:40 Lynne Coulthwaite: So how do they see questions and symbols ?
02:10:05 SaraTeare: Very interesting and enjoyable presentation, thanks Ceri and Helen and Joe.
02:10:09 Joe Dale: @Lynne – the teacher needs to show the screen to them
02:10:43 Liz Thomas: Q what is Spark Page/Video?
02:10:46 Joe Dale: @Negin – I don’t know. I suggest you Google what Kahoot means
02:10:52 HELEN Stokes: Thanks Ceri, Helen and Joe. It’s been great this evening, a lot to go away with. It’s good to read in Welsh too.
02:11:18 ALL London: Thanks Helen
02:11:41 Silvia Oliveras: thanks so much, Ceri, great work and very useful!
02:11:44 RMoore: Many thanks!
02:11:47 ALL London: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Kahoot
02:12:07 Lynne Cattell: Thank you for giving up your time Joe, Ceri and Helen.Much appreciated
02:12:08 Joe Dale: @Liz – Adobe Spark Video is for making multimedia slideshows. Adobe Spark Page is for making your own creative webpage for presentations or projects and Adobe Spark Post is for making professional looking reward stickers, posters, animated gifs and graphics
02:12:13 Silvia Oliveras: and thank ALL London fo organising this, as always!
02:12:23 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Diolch, Ceri!!!
02:12:26 kathleen: Thank you so much for this evening. So useful and much appreciated
02:12:34 Natasha : DIOLCH CERI- ANHYGOEL!
02:12:34 Hannah White, Bristol: THANK YOU!
02:12:34 pribeckystevenson: Such a good idea asking for screen shot!
02:12:35 Esther Mercier: Thank you so much – it was brilliant!
02:12:36 Ceri Griffiths: Diolch yn fawr iawn Ceri! x
02:12:37 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: And Joe and Helen, of course!
02:12:37 Rachel Vause: Thank you so much
02:12:37 Lucy Edwards: brilliant session
02:12:41 Natalie Kerin: Thank you very much. Great ideas.
02:12:42 Laurence Gillham: It has been amazing! Thank you so much!
02:12:43 Stephanie IR: diolch et merci Ceri
02:12:44 Z Johnson: Thank you
02:12:44 Caroline Okerika: Awesome!
02:12:45 Helen McFarlane: Llawer o ddiolch, Ceri! Ardderchog!
02:12:45 Liz Thomas: Diolch yn fawr iawn- Guten nacht!
02:12:46 Lucy Vallejo: Many thanks for this!! it was brilliant!!!!!!!!!
02:12:48 Noria: THANK YOU so much Ceri, Helen and JOe
02:12:50 nualas: Thank you Ceri
02:12:50 Gaelle: Merci Ceri, very useful!
02:12:50 Nina Elliott: thank you Ceri! fantastic as always 🙂
02:12:51 Pilar Navarro: Fab session
02:12:51 Sarah Hau: Thanks Ceri – very inspired!
02:12:55 Pilar Navarro: Many thanks
02:12:55 ALICE Semple: fabulous, thank you so much
02:12:55 N Shabestari: Thanks Ceri, it was fantastique.
02:13:00 Melanie Davies: very useful, thank you
02:13:00 Seonaid Hull: Thank you very much Ceri. Very interesting and inspiring.
02:13:10 l.fitzgerald: thank so much ! 🙂
02:13:25 Valérie Smith: Fabulous session! Thank you so much!
02:13:28 Chiara Bendiscioli: Grazie mille!
02:13:30 Georgina Anson: Thank you very much! Fabulous ideas and super! Thank you Ceri and also Helen and Joe!
02:13:30 Hannah White, Bristol: Really clearly explained, so much info but so easy to follow!!!!!!
02:13:36 Natasha : NOS DA
02:13:39 Chiara Bendiscioli: Buona notte!
02:13:41 Bina: Thank you so much Ceri..
02:13:44 Ana Lain: Thank you so much! Really interesting and fun!
02:13:48 Florence Barats: Thank you so much and nice speaking to you!
02:13:48 Helen McFarlane: Thank you to Helen and Joe as well as Ceri. Fabulous ideas!
02:13:49 Lauraine Parker: some great ideas merci beaucoup
02:13:52 N Shabestari: And thanks to All, Helen and Joe.
02:13:52 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Muchas gracias
02:13:52 Lynne Coulthwaite: Brilliant. Thank you very much
02:13:55 Bibi: Thank you so very very much. I feel all enthused again!
02:13:57 Julie Adoch: Thank you really enjoyed it
02:13:58 Elena Sanz: Thank you , very useful!!
02:13:58 Annemarie Doran: So much to be going on with: thanks SO much!!
02:14:00 Naomi Siddle: Can’t wait to start trying some of these out! Danke 🙂
02:14:01 martinazucca: Thank you. It was amazing!!!!!
02:14:01 tinacannon: Great, thank you !
02:14:04 V Rowe: Diolch yn fawr! Great ideas that will definitely be used in school!
02:14:05 Sophie Klasan: thank you! I need to go to bed but irrsinnig nützlich!
02:14:07 nikki: Thank you for brilliant ideas.
02:14:09 Dawn Coupar: Thank you, very useful!
02:14:10 Yolanda Arteaga Jimenez: Amazing thank you
02:14:13 kimg: Thank you very much . very interesting , lots of ideas to try . thankyou to you Ceri, Joe and Helen 🙂
02:14:17 pribeckystevenson: Thank you sooooo much. Have learnt a lot tonight 🙂 I feel a lot more equipped to go forward 🙂
02:14:17 Pilar Navarro: A great webinar. Love trying things out. So useful
02:14:19 Fiona Dutton: Thank you so much – good to play all sorts of games that I have heard of but not played
02:14:26 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: You were brilliant, Ceri! Thanks so much and good night everyone! I have loved to hear some Welsh too 😉
02:15:04 2 Elisabeth: Thank you so much for another great session!
02:15:43 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Alice: I love your sleepy cat!
02:15:47 Antonio da Silva: Thanks a lot, Ceri!
02:16:04 ALL London: Oh yes.. how sweet, Alice!!!
02:16:22 ALL London: WE need a sesison where we all bring our pets!!
02:16:58 Joanna Barber: I remember your cats from one of the first webinars you did Helen – several years ago!
02:17:22 ALL London: Yes Joanna. we still have cats .. 2 siamese
02:17:47 ALL London: one likes me, one doesn;t
02:19:30 ALICE Semple: Slinky has done the whole webinar tonight! he loved it!
02:20:52 ALL London: Lovely to see you Slinky!!
02:21:19 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: I also recommend textivate.com
02:21:50 Seonaid Hull: is that the general ALL site or a separate ALL London site?
02:22:19 ALICE Semple: it was good to do the break out rooms as I have never done that and wouldn’t have dared to do it 2 months ago!
02:22:21 Lynne Cattell: Thank you. Very kind of you all to give up your evening.
02:22:22 Joe Dale: The ALL London site
02:22:28 Seonaid Hull: Thank you all very much. Vielen Dank!
02:22:50 Florence Barats: Thank you to the three of you. It is sincerely appreciated.
02:22:51 Christina Balsom: Thank you so much!
02:22:51 Anna Grainger: Thank you so much Ceri
02:22:53 Seonaid Hull: Thank you Joe.
02:22:56 ALICE Semple: he goes to yoga too