TiLT Extra Time with Michael Williams

Distance learning: what it feels like on day 1

Michael Williams from The British School Al Khubairat shares some practical tips from his experience of setting up remote learning in his school.  Michael works in a Google environment, but the ideas will be replicable across all platforms.

Michael Williams is an experienced teacher of Spanish and French, and is the Secondary School Digital Leader at The British School Al Khubairat.  He has been responsible for modernising the approach to assessment across Spanish, French and Arabic and using G Suite for Education as a tool for this. He has led many CPD sessions on the power of Google for all staff in a school environment, with a particular focus on feedback and assessment for learning.

This page has information and links related to the TiLT webinar delivered on Sunday 22nd March 2020.

Speaker: Mike Williams | Secondary School Digital Leader The British School Al Khubairat


Pending access to video, here are some quick notes Helen Myers took while attending the webinar: Michael Williams webinar

H Myers notes on Webinar from Michael Williams 22/03/20
Michael Williams @willowtuits
Teacher of languages – Digital leader for all subjects – Anticipating 14/15 weeks weeks of online, distance learning. Has just got through the first day after an early spring break!

Here are a few key ideas I picked up as it happened.. There were loads more!

Do not encourage too much flow of communication… can overload you!
Invite all HODs to see all classrooms but suggest they switch off notifications to avoid overload

Organisation of documents
Use folders simply named ‘week one, lesson one’ etc.
Use a document to list tasks which can be shared with pupils who save it into their area and edit
Suggest setting videos and ppt as view only

Feedback from students
Use forms to get feedback

Synchromous or asynchronous?
NB asynchronous can be good =- pupils go at own pace. e,g, set google ‘Pear task ‘ at student paced’
Use of Google slides – can be turned into Pear Deck allowing interactive work

How to involve parents
All staff asked to post lesson overview to parents at 7.50
Tasks may ask pupils to interact with a parent (e.g. record a conversation)
Failure to do tasks — parents informed and asked to follow up

Water it down.. be as clear as possible.. give examples
Avoid the grey areas

Don’t overburden
Do a range of activities
3 / 4 activities in 55 minutes
Think about the lessons as if you are a beginning teacher
Ideally include practical / engaging activities
Think of their well-being … Include question about how they are getting on
Speaking preparation – they work through writing answers- use add-on ‘Kaizena’. to feed back in voice to speed things up. [Highlight paragraph – allows voice message]
Speaking practice.. record yourself conversing with parent
BEYOND LANGUAGE LEARNING .. Launch place to share gaming scores (including staff)
Think of their well-being
Resources on google docs in loom here: