TiLT Thursday with Esmeralda Salgado

“Some of my favourite ICT things”

Thursday 16th April 2020

Esmeralda Salgado


Esmeralda Salgado was due to present at the ‘real life’  TiLT conference 2020.  Since this cannot take place,  she will deliver it ‘online’, adapting it slightly to show how her ideas can be used in the online classroom as well as the real-world classroom.

In this session Esmeralda Salgado   concentrates on ICT classics and how to revamp them in minutes for high impact lessons.

She then shows  how she has uses these apps for distance learning using One Note and her  Youtube channel.

She focuses on Padlet, Learning apps, Mentimener, Flipgrid, Wheelofframes, Forms on Microsoft, quizizz and screencasting and how to integrate all of this using One Note.


Esmeralda is Head of MFL and Spanish at King’s Ely, in Cambridgeshire and responsible for the MFL Erasmus programme in her school.  She is passionate about “taking languages outside the classroom ” and making the learning of MFL a skill for life in students, for which IT represents the perfect vehicle! Previously to her current position, she was an Advanced Skilled Teacher for Medway and Head of Spanish at Chatham Grammar school for Girls.