TiLT Show and Tell July 2020

What a pleasure to hear such a range of ideas from  brave teachers – Becky Fagge, Ester Borin Bonillo, Sabine Pichout and Julia Morris,  prepared to open their microphones and webcams to share their  wonderful ideas with us.  Thanks also to Joe Dale who gave some great ‘extra tips’.   We must do this regularly!  It is so exciting to meet people from all over the world, including Joanna who dropped in from Bermuda!

One of the requests which we must follow up was to have a webinar which focuses particularly on primary, inspired by Becky who ‘kicked us off’ in style (and in a special shirt …!).

Here’s the recording:

Here’s  a link to what Helen shared (not included in the recording as there was a fault).

Here’s the class photo:

Here’s the chat: Show and Tell chat July 2020

Session Description:

ALL London will have hosted 40 webinars coordinated by Joe Dale over 4 months, led by people who have generously and expertly shared their ideas and their experience of using technology to teach at a distance.  Linguascope has also hosted superb webinars, with less of a focus on technology. To refresh your memory, take a look at these links:

  1. ALL Webinars
  2. Linguascope webinars

In April, we had a wonderful Show and Tell when teachers shared their own plans / experiences / light-bulb moments in the context of online learning and we would like to have another opportunity for this in July.

The ‘real life’ TiLT conference [which was due to be on Saturday 25th April]  always ends up with about 20 die-hards gathering in the sixth form common room at Ashcombe ready to extend the 6-hour training day into an evening, sharing ideas and laughter over nibbles and drinks, to the background hum of the vending machine which Helen always forgets to unplug.

We will try our best to recreate this atmosphere online (hopefully without the hum)  by encouraging you to ‘take the plunge’ – to share what has worked for you, however big or small.  We deliberately won’t record unless you ask us to.

It would be great if we could  have some offers to participate in advance to help our planning.  Here is a link to the quick and easy form  (same as at the top of this description) for you to complete suggesting  what you could contribute for a slot probably no more than 4/5 minutes.    You can choose whether to contribute by text / audio / video / pre-recorded video / share screen.  If you want to use audio, video and screen share, it is helpful if you can try this out in advance on zoom, or watch

  1. a training video about screen sharing
  2. a training video on audio and webcam settings

You may be hesitant to offer.. in which case, come along, watch some other people share, then perhaps join in later on!  This is above all a relaxed and supportive evening.  If things go wrong, it really doesn’t matter! All welcome!