A TiLT Show and Tell Webinar January 2021 (2)

16th January 2021

Link to Part 1 (9th January 2021)


Natasha Withan

PowerPoint: Spiral ac – using a wider range of question types

Video on how to set up Spiral

Rachel Grice + Sabine Pichout:

Blooket [TO be added]

Ester Borin:


Jane Basnett

Carousel [to be added]


06:10:39 marie.allirot: yes
06:10:39 Eugenie CK: yes
06:10:39 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): Yes top left says recording
06:10:41 Diana: Yes
06:10:42 Kimberly Gaiswinkler: yes recording
06:10:43 Robert Fisher: yes recprding
06:10:49 Lee Taylor: yes
06:10:57 Fatima Khaled: yes recording
06:12:15 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
06:12:59 ltyler: Yes I am
06:13:03 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: yes! 🙂
06:13:04 Catherine Spiers: Yes ALL member
06:13:04 katherine buck: ALL member
06:13:06 Carolyn Baker: Yes I am
06:13:07 Ester Borin Bonillo: Yes! I am
06:13:09 Miki Carter: I am.
06:13:09 Stephanie Hess: Yes!
06:13:10 ALICE Semple: Yes, I am an ALL member
06:13:11 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: ALL member!
06:13:12 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: Yes ALL member!!
06:13:13 helen.farmer: As promised, I joined today 🙂
06:13:14 Rachael: Yes! ALL Member 🙂
06:13:17 Jonathan Peace: ALL – join – you know it makes sense
06:13:21 Prim Herridge (ALL London): yes a member – If you are not, you are missing out!
06:13:22 Sally Hendley: yes, department has membership
06:13:24 Julia Morris: Yes, ALL is great and always think about what members need
06:13:26 Pilar Navarro: Member too
06:13:31 Sabine Pichout: hello, yes ALL member
06:13:38 Sonja Fedrizzi: Hi from Edinburgh
06:13:40 Lucy ipad: ALL member 🙂
06:13:48 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: member
06:13:50 Fatima Khaled: i am a ALL member and I can’t urge you enough to be a part of this lovely family.
06:13:56 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: sorry, when is the google clinic ?
06:13:59 Silvia Bastow: Hello, from Cheshire
06:14:02 Kerry Phipps (ALL London): Yes long term member of the ALL family and London ALL committee member.
06:14:10 Jessica Fry-Morales: Are these for anyone?
06:14:11 Carolyn George: ALL member in Yorkshire. Come and join us if you are a Yorkshire-based teacher
06:14:11 Kirsty McLaren: Joining from Glasgow 👋🏼
06:14:47 Negin Shabestari: Thrs 21 Feb Google clinic
06:15:00 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: merci beautiful
06:15:04 Negin Shabestari: sorry Jan
06:15:14 Rosemary Hicks: ALL member in the North East
06:15:27 Negin Shabestari: you are welcome 😊
06:15:36 Jo B: All member from Yorkshire
06:16:18 Robert Fisher: Struggling to hear
06:16:37 Silvia Bastow: can’t hear properly
06:16:38 Helen Rooney: I started using spiral this week . my classes love it so great for engaging pupils – can’t wait for some tips
06:16:49 Esmeralda Salgado: I love Spiral!!!
06:16:54 marie.allirot: Spiral is great
06:16:55 helen.farmer: distorted
06:16:55 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: I love it too
06:16:59 Jessica Fry-Morales: Natasha, out and re-enter
06:16:59 Marife Mayayo: Me too! It is great! 🙂
06:17:01 Robert Fisher: What is spiral?
06:17:07 Robert Fisher: Is it a game?
06:17:09 karine: Is there a function to prevent inappropriate answers being posted anonymously in Quickfire Lite?
06:17:09 marie.allirot: like mini whiteboard
06:17:09 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: Spiral is so great for formative assessment
06:17:14 ltyler: Yes I used it for the first time – just Quickfire Lite – it was fab
06:17:24 marie.allirot: Quickfire is great
06:17:28 Rachel Grice: you’re nice and clear now
06:17:31 marie.allirot: yes better
06:17:32 Helen Rooney: Esmeralda did you do the youtube video on it ?
06:17:34 Esmeralda Salgado: it is fine no
06:17:42 Eugenie CK: much better
06:17:42 Rachel Grice: YES! 🙂
06:17:43 Diana: Yes
06:17:44 Silvia Bastow: perfect now
06:17:50 Esmeralda Salgado: Will post my video on Spiral fire lite
06:17:52 Madame Birtwistle: Looking forward to discovering what spiral is!
06:17:58 Fatima Khaled: it is clear
06:18:36 Lee Taylor: cannot see anything
06:18:44 Madame Birtwistle: screen black
06:18:46 Valle Fernández: @Esmeralda Salgado introduced me also
06:18:51 Negin Shabestari: can’t see anything
06:18:58 Silvia Bastow: Esmeralda’s video is fantastic
06:18:59 Fatima Khaled: yes we cannot see any thing.
06:19:06 helen.farmer: it is ok now
06:19:07 Lee Taylor: working now
06:19:08 Esmeralda Salgado: this is the video for the Firelite https://youtu.be/lSXNolk59HU
06:19:32 Jimena Licitra: Awesome introduction to Spiral by Esmerada, thank you!
06:19:38 Esmeralda Salgado: Natasha will talk about the other functions
06:19:40 karine: yes, love all your ideas, blog and videos, Esmeralda – so useful
06:20:10 Julia Morris: The students need to go to gospiral.ac!
06:20:13 marie.allirot: it is gospiral.ac
06:20:38 Kate Taylor: cODE AGAIN please
06:20:42 Carolina GR: code again pls
06:20:44 helen.farmer: repeat code
06:20:46 Mapi d’Aversa: What is the code please?
06:20:48 Charlene D: CURPM
06:20:49 Sarah Hau: CURPM
06:20:50 ltyler: spiral.ac?
06:20:55 Negin Shabestari: curpm
06:21:03 Jane Basnett: gospiral.ac
06:21:14 Cristina virissimo: the number
06:21:20 Sonja Fedrizzi: Well done for keeping so cool Natasha!!
06:21:20 marie.allirot: CURPM
06:21:42 Negin Shabestari: Hi Marie
06:21:47 marie.allirot: Hello
06:21:48 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: where do I out the code in? All I see is sign up?
06:21:58 marie.allirot: go to gospiral.ac
06:22:03 marie.allirot: then enter code
06:22:12 Sarah Hau: It’s nice to see what the kids see rather than what I usually see in spiral as a teacher 🙂
06:22:20 karine: I loved it but …
06:22:51 ALL London: https://spiral.ac/student/code
06:23:18 vanesa Macia Domene: where I can see the question?
06:23:24 Helen Rooney: Just a note – I have found it doesn’t work too well of an evening in the week if you try to practice but works well during the day
06:23:41 Jane Basnett: The question is given orally.
06:23:44 ALL London: @vanessa – quesiton at the top
06:23:48 Helen Rooney: Teacher has to press go for the question
06:24:03 ALL London: yes – I keep forgetting to press go!
06:24:04 Helen Rooney: you press go at the top here
06:25:09 iPad: can the teacher show the correct answer?
06:25:47 karine: Is there a function to prevent inappropriate answers being posted anonymously in Quickfire Lite?
06:26:04 Laure Sirvin: has spiral got a DAS? the ed tech person at my school says it collects data from students so not gdpr compliant . anyone?
06:26:05 Marissa Tomkins: how do you create the questions?
06:26:13 Helen Rooney: they have to sign in with their name so it cant be anonymous
06:26:42 Esmeralda Salgado: I love the fact that you know who wrote what!
06:26:44 karine: with the code anybody can join, I believe
06:26:48 Jo B: Was just wondering about if it holds the students name?
06:26:58 Anne-Marie Lawlor: Does it tell the pupil on their screen whether they are correct? I can’t see that
06:27:05 Esmeralda Salgado: You can also see your class performance and go through the students’ performance
06:27:13 marie.allirot: To create questions, go to quickfire, add question then choose type of answers: type a word, draw a pic, record audio, annotate a pic…
06:27:18 ALL London: Interesting- I went in as Helen and I seem to have joined another Helen!
06:27:24 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): Does this only work in Live lessons, once you’ve opened the class code does it expire? Or can you open it for 24hr for example, as a h/w task?
06:27:34 Helen Rooney: Only people you give the code to can join
06:27:46 Joanna Jackson-Smith: I am not seein g anything and the comp is answering my questions for me…
06:28:23 Helen Rooney: you can set assignments that open and close on a fixed time on another section and you can import your slideshow into it as well
06:28:46 Florence Barats: As a student you don’t see other students’ answers?
06:28:46 Robert Fisher: how do you add accents as a student?
06:28:48 ltyler: yay! Go me 🙂 German o’level 1986
06:28:55 Helen Rooney: Hi Helen yes that’s me Helen Rooney , I have stopped typing now 🙂
06:29:13 Z Johnson: Q Are people mostly using spiral with no student accounts? We were told we can’t use it at school due to GDPR? Anyone had the same issue?
06:29:16 ALL London: I hav elogged out of it so you can take over again!
06:29:16 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): @Robert If you’re on windows you can press the windows key and a full stop and a list comes up
06:29:28 ALL London: But well done – you go tth eright answers Helen!
06:29:47 Catherine Spiers: Is this just for live teaching?
06:29:53 Jimena Licitra: I got a star!!! Now I understand why my students are excited about getting stars
06:29:55 ALL London: That is perhaps a leanring point – pupis could sabotage by enterign with someone else’s name?!
06:30:11 karine: yes, they can enter anything
06:30:21 Sophie Mills: You can set it as an assignment that the pupils can do in their own time too! So live and independent learning
06:30:23 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): My beautiful artwork haha!
06:30:40 Rachel Grice: I love that – it’s so sweet!
06:30:42 Helen: could you slow down a bit
06:30:56 vanesa Macia Domene: WHERE you press to set the drawing?
06:31:35 Sarah Whalley: I can’t access this one
06:31:39 Jane Basnett: Yes – it is gdpr compatible as students do not have to sing in with full name. they could sign in with first name and an initial
06:31:46 ltyler: Really not easy on a phone
06:32:04 Jo B: Thank you Jane
06:32:05 Negin Shabestari: I am struggling on the phone too
06:32:14 Sarah Hau: Woooah – something weird going on – I think there is another Sarah in the group. Was in the middle of drawing my house and another picture popped up! Probably a tip for anyone with students with the same first name, add another initial so spiral doesn’t confuse participants!
06:32:25 Malika Power: it is all so confusing,,,
06:32:28 Gisele: I could only label 2 on my phone
06:32:29 Mapi d’Aversa: @Jane Basnett, can we lock it once every one has signed up, like on Kahoot?
06:32:37 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: no
06:32:41 Karine Le Bot: how do you upload questions
06:32:43 Jesus Santos: NO
06:32:52 Malika Power: I don’t think I get any of this activity sorry
06:33:01 vanesa Macia Domene: no
06:33:03 vanesa Macia Domene: no audio
06:33:19 Cristina virissimo: was working
06:33:28 Helen: how do you uplaod audio?
06:33:28 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: No se puede grabar
06:33:34 Jane Basnett: I don’t think uou can lock it once all students have signed up.
06:33:35 ltyler: When do you listen to it? Live in class?
06:33:38 Jimena Licitra: I can’t tape anything, no
06:33:45 Mapi d’Aversa: Thank you Jane
06:33:47 vanesa Macia Domene: yes please show us!!
06:33:48 Malika Power: so really confusing none of my kids would get it sorry
06:33:50 Sabine Pichout: could it be done asynchronous? does that store the answers please?
06:33:54 Lee Taylor: you can dowmload the students voice recordings as well
06:33:55 Paula Cook: How do you listen to the audio? Do you go through them one by one after call?
06:33:56 Diana: yes please show more
06:34:02 Cristina virissimo: please
06:34:02 Robert Fisher: How do chn add accents?
06:34:06 Adeline Moston: Yes please, Natasha!
06:34:15 Esmeralda Salgado: yes, show us
06:34:22 ltyler: Bad sound
06:34:23 Isabelle Pan: Malika it will make more sense once you see how it works on the teacher end
06:34:25 Diana: we cant hear
06:34:43 Helen Rooney: @malika power – it really isn’t students love it and find it really easy
06:35:03 Negin Shabestari: is spiral free?
06:35:04 Esmeralda Salgado: show us, Tasha
06:35:06 vanesa Macia Domene: we want to see how to set up please
06:35:18 Jimena Licitra: Yes spiral is free
06:35:19 Carole Parachini: How do you avoid inappropriate language?
06:35:30 Jane Basnett: you can do this asynchonrously and it stores the answers
06:35:52 Adeline Moston: Because you can see who is writing what I would hope that would deter inappropriateness?
06:35:58 Jesus Santos: Fab idea @Jane
06:36:04 Esmeralda Salgado: I love the bitmoji! so true!!!!
06:36:27 Helen Rooney: @Carole Parachini it keeps everything the students have written so you can keep it as evidence
06:36:46 Carole Parachini: Thank you Helen,
06:37:27 marie.allirot: It did the same thing with my colleague!
06:37:30 marie.allirot: Good point
06:37:47 Jane Basnett: re. in appropriate language, you could stop sharing your screen and check the answers yourself and speak to any miscreants.
06:38:02 Glenn Cake: Thank you Natasha !
06:38:07 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you for showing us this Natasha.
06:38:09 Diana: muchas gracias
06:38:13 Jimena Licitra: Thank you really nice way to check spiral
06:38:14 vanesa Macia Domene: thanks natasha
06:38:14 marie.allirot: thank you
06:38:15 Florence Barats: Thank you!
06:38:18 Esmeralda Salgado: Brilliant, NAtasha!!!
06:38:19 Silvia Bastow: thank you 🙂
06:38:23 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Thank you Natasha, it looks great!
06:38:24 Malika Power: #@helenrooney sorry it did not work at all for me
06:38:26 Sabine Pichout: Thank you
06:38:27 Marissa Tomkins: thank you
06:38:28 Valle Fernández: Thank you Natasha!
06:38:29 karine: Can they join with nicknames like they used to with other apps?
06:38:31 Adeline Moston: Thank you so much Natasha! I feel brave enough to branch out from Quickfire lite now!
06:38:33 Jonathan Peace: Thank you!
06:38:34 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: Thank you Natasha !
06:38:36 Liz Stillman: thanks Natasha !
06:38:38 maggie sp: Brilliant! Thank you
06:38:39 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: Thank you!
06:38:47 Maria Valverde: Thank you
06:39:03 Sarah Jones: thank you
06:39:06 karine: Thank you for sharing
06:39:07 Jimena Licitra: Sorry, one question: so the audio question didn’t work well, did it?
06:39:12 Esmeralda Salgado: You are, Jane!!!
06:39:18 marie.allirot: No it didn’t
06:39:22 Jimena Licitra: Thank you Maaraie
06:39:26 marie.allirot: but it is esay to set
06:39:31 Jimena Licitra: Hi Jane! Another star here!
06:39:32 Helen: surname ?
06:39:43 ltyler: I think the point was it wasn’t the right Quickfire so it wasn’t an audio question
06:39:53 Silvia Bastow: absolutely
06:40:07 marie.allirot: You just select the type of answer you want when you set the question
06:40:49 Ali: So what’s the difference between quickfire and quickfirelite?
06:41:05 ltyler: Quickfire you set up in advance
06:41:06 marie.allirot: Quickfire, you prepare questions in advance
06:41:13 Adeline Moston: Quickfire lite you don’t prepare in advance and just orally ask questions
06:41:14 marie.allirot: and you can choose types of answers
06:41:16 Jimena Licitra: Ali, for quick fire lite you need zero preparation, oral questions only
06:41:29 Jimena Licitra: Quickfire (not lite) you need to prepare your questions in advance
06:41:31 Helen: lite is on the move, quickfire is preplanned, I THINK
06:41:36 Esmeralda Salgado: I love Carousel Learning!!! It is great
06:41:44 marie.allirot: With quickfire, answers can be word, pic, audio, annotate
06:41:56 ltyler: Can you import from Quizlet?
06:42:00 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, the lite 0 prep, the normal you prepare your questions in advance
06:42:22 marie.allirot: Is this carousel free?
06:42:29 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, free
06:42:30 Silvia Bastow: carousel is fab, already lot of resources shared
06:42:31 Sonja Fedrizzi: Q For caroussel, do students need a login as well or do you share the content via a link?
06:42:47 Esmeralda Salgado: Just their name and surname
06:42:55 Esmeralda Salgado: You set up the classes
06:43:05 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: How is this different to quizlet?
06:43:31 Fatima Khaled: Carrousel is something I wanted to know about. thank you for sharing
06:43:34 Sonja Fedrizzi: @esmeralda Thank you
06:43:35 Esmeralda Salgado: You mark your test yourself as Jane is explaining
06:43:59 Robert Fisher: I like the immediate feedback
06:44:12 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: is this for vocab mainly? and can you add pictures or audio
06:44:13 Esmeralda Salgado: It is so empowering for independent learning and taking ownership of own learning
06:44:24 Esmeralda Salgado: or translations
06:44:33 Sonja Fedrizzi: That sounds promising
06:44:37 Esmeralda Salgado: I have done it with long sentences
06:44:43 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: yes, translating sentences
06:44:50 Sonja Fedrizzi: Is it free?
06:44:55 Esmeralda Salgado: yes
06:45:00 Malika Power: it is not working
06:45:22 Fatima Khaled: free! that is amazing 🤩
06:46:07 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: loving that pupils can correct themselves
06:46:26 Esmeralda Salgado: You import your questions from excel, using the same format as from the Retrieval carousel that Julia showed us last week
06:46:37 Sonja Fedrizzi: With this quiz, do the answers have to be a hundred % correct or a variations being accepted?
06:46:52 Robert Fisher: Is it easy to use as a teacher?
06:47:10 ALL London: @Sonja – -The pupil decides
06:47:14 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): Maybe close the student page that sopen?
06:47:18 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): that’s open*
06:47:40 Malika Power: i tried and it does not work …
06:47:45 Laurence Seltzer: maybe because the deadline is set to the 22
06:48:07 Jimena Licitra: I tried it last week and it was working fine…maybe it is jsut a temporary bug
06:48:17 Esmeralda Salgado: This is great for retrieval practice as you can set up different tests on different topics from a bank of questions so you recycle
06:48:41 Sonja Fedrizzi: That’s great
06:48:50 Esmeralda Salgado: it is! I hadn’t realised that!
06:49:37 Helen Rooney: This is great – changing all my lessons this week to include this as well as quickfire!
06:49:47 ALL London: Yes Helen!
06:50:41 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: I probably missed this, but do the students need to sign up and create an account linked to mine somehow?
06:51:02 Esmeralda Salgado: you set up your classes and add their names they enter with their name and surname
06:51:14 Esmeralda Salgado: you create a quiz and share it via URL
06:51:27 ALL London: Esmeralda – thanks so much for answering the quesitons!
06:51:36 Dawson, Catherine: That’s really useful Esmerelda because we’re overloading the stduents with sites they need logins for!
06:51:53 Esmeralda Salgado: My pleasure, Helen!
06:52:06 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: Thank you Esmeralda!
06:52:08 Dawson, Catherine: Really interesting, thank you Jane!
06:52:24 Esmeralda Salgado: Jane will show know how to set it up
06:52:39 ltyler: If the student has marked as correct and it isn’t, when you remark do they get a notification?
06:53:11 Esmeralda Salgado: I have uploaded all the GCSE Spanish ones for all topics except Environment and Social issues
06:53:22 Esmeralda Salgado: spreadsheet here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GfbJTKUw7wkVzEourBMZ2VuR9yunTUPa/view?usp=sharing
06:53:56 Esmeralda Salgado: That spreadsheet also has all the games that Julia showed last week
06:54:07 Julia Morris: If anyone wants German vocab lists in excel format: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj5VTk9OgpuWlzR_sezdu53QN5Rc?e=S4F2rI – Kerboodle GCSE, Echt 1 and Stimmt 2.
06:54:09 Rosemary Hicks: Thanks Esmeralda
06:54:18 Dawson, Catherine: Wow esmerelda, thank you!
06:54:20 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Esmeralda and Julia
06:54:26 Rosemary Hicks: Thanks Julia
06:54:30 Malika Power: rhank you s much
06:54:33 Jesus Santos: Thanks Esmeralda and Julia
06:54:50 Silvia Bastow: happy to share spread sheets for German Stimmt 1 and Stimmt 3
06:55:11 Esmeralda Salgado: This is what Julia and I have shared, the Question Bank
06:55:22 Helen Rooney: Thank you
06:55:33 Silvia Bastow: some Stimmt 3 I have already uploaded on Carousel
06:55:46 Esmeralda Salgado: As I said, mine is not single words but sentences based on Sentence Builders on the AQA vocab
06:55:59 helen.farmer: FInding it difficult to register as a teacher on website, takes info then doesn’t let me submit. Anyone else tried?
06:57:27 ALICE Semple: I would love to be using Carousel.
06:57:40 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: can we create questions typing them, not from an excell doc? I work in primary 😉
06:58:00 cgrant: Can you edit someone else’s bank of questions?
06:58:01 Sarah Hau: @ Helen – I’ve just signed up no problem!
06:58:14 Esmeralda Salgado: It is really good! as a little activity, especially if you use questions from past topics: Retrieval Practice!
06:58:32 Tereska: Has anyone got access to exam papers converted to google forms?
06:58:57 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Jane
06:58:58 Esmeralda Salgado: You cannot edit the bank of questions unless you do it from the spreadsheet
06:59:08 Esmeralda Salgado: Fantastic, Jane!
06:59:09 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you for showing us
06:59:11 Helen Rooney: Amazing thank you so much –
06:59:12 cgrant: Thanks, Esmeralad
06:59:13 Sabine Pichout: I have used your questions Jane so thank you for making them global
06:59:19 Jimena Licitra: Thank you, Jane! A very interesting tool indeed
06:59:20 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: Thank you – looks like another useful tool.
06:59:28 marie.allirot: Thank you
06:59:28 ALICE Semple: Thank you Jane, that was fantastic. I love this programme!
06:59:28 Rosemary Hicks: Thank you so much Jane. Really helpful
06:59:41 ltyler: Thank you Jane. It looks a bit compliqué 😉 but I will give it a try
06:59:56 Silvia Bastow: brilliant presentation, well done, Jane 🙂
06:59:59 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: Thanks a lot Jane!
06:59:59 Louise H: really interesting, thank you
07:00:10 Maria Valverde: Can you find activities from the community on spiral or would I have to make my own always?
07:00:17 Carolyn George: Thank you Jane and Esmeralda
07:00:18 Maria Valverde: I have done quickfire lite
07:00:22 Sarah Hau: Will be having a play this week – looks great. Thanks Jane – another fab idea! 😀
07:00:24 Julia Morris: Here is the original retrieval roulette instructions (not self marking but more games to play in class) https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aj5VTk9OgpuWmwATw1YogvufVnRw?e=QR6SvE
07:00:25 Robert Fisher: Thank you !!
07:00:28 Glenn Cake: Thanks Jane !!!
07:00:30 Diana: thanks
07:00:30 Adeline Moston: Thank you so much! I will get going with entering Common Entrance resources for French (often very similar to GCSE)!
07:00:31 Iris Dutch: Thank you. That was great.
07:00:32 Florence Barats: Thank you!
07:00:36 Kirsty McLaren: This looks great – thanks!
07:00:41 Maria Valverde: Thanks Jane
07:00:42 Tania: Thanks Jane!
07:00:43 helen.farmer: Thanks
07:00:43 Jimena Licitra: I used to think it was complex, but if you try it you will see it is not
07:01:01 Liz Stillman: brilliant Jane! Thanks !
07:01:03 Jimena Licitra: And you can use the question bank, which is amazing!
07:01:06 Eugenie CK: thank you Jane
07:01:06 Robert Fisher: Is it easy to share with students?
07:01:10 Helen Rooney: Just created my account, thank you
07:01:25 HerefordUser: Thank you so much.
07:02:01 Esmeralda Salgado: they are teachers
07:02:22 Jimena Licitra: QUESTION: So you can’t edit your questions if you use a question bank?
07:02:25 Laurence Seltzer: That would be great!!
07:02:26 Silvia Bastow: that would be a fab collaboration
07:02:33 Silvia Bastow: various languages
07:02:33 Esmeralda Salgado: No, you need the spreadsheet
07:02:38 Jerome Nogues: Wakelet of course!! 😃
07:02:54 Jimena Licitra: Well, anyway, awesome
07:03:24 Helen Rooney: Thanks Julia
07:03:26 Silvia Bastow: wakelet is free, padlet if files too big you need to subscribe and pay
07:03:30 HerefordUser: Would someone have a link for the spreadsheet retrieving roulette translated in French from last week Webinar please?
07:03:51 Jimena Licitra: Thank you, awesome, Jane!
07:03:56 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): Merci bcp jane!!
07:04:01 Laurence Seltzer: Merci!
07:04:02 Fatima Khaled: thank you so much. an amazing sharing.
07:04:22 Rosalyn Honeysett: Thank you very much. Really helpful
07:04:33 Jerome Nogues: Happy to help with Wakelet. But Jane is awesome and does not need help. 😉
07:04:40 Silvia Bastow: have not tried blooket yet, so keen to learn
07:04:41 Esmeralda Salgado: looking forward to Blooket!!!
07:05:04 Esmeralda Salgado: I don’t think i get it completely… so ready to be inspired by these lovely people
07:05:42 Jimena Licitra: I have tried it and like it for Spanish students in Madrid
07:06:03 Adeline Moston: Have been too lazy to work it out by myself and been waiting for this webinar to get going with Blooket!
07:06:15 Maria Valverde: I love Blooket
07:06:16 marie.allirot: Adeline, it is so easy
07:06:18 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): Same here Adeline haha
07:06:22 Maria Valverde: and the fact that you can import the quizlet
07:06:23 marie.allirot: They love it
07:06:40 ltyler: I love that you can import from Quizlet
07:08:05 helen.farmer: I cannot get onto carousel, does anybody have a contact us address? I cannot click on any more traffic lights or crossways!!!
07:08:05 Esmeralda Salgado: That is a game changer if you can import from Quizlet!
07:08:30 Silvia Bastow: love that you can import from quizlet, saves so much time
07:08:36 ltyler: Yes, you can do 5 minute game as a starter or plenary
07:08:43 marie.allirot: Very quick to set when you import from quizlet or spreadsheet
07:08:58 Esmeralda Salgado: Is it only multiple choice type of questions?
07:09:06 marie.allirot: yes
07:09:11 Maria Valverde: Does anybody know if there is a question bank for Spiral? Or do I have to make my own? I have tried firelite
07:09:17 Jane Basnett: You can import from quizlet and create your spreadsheet which means that you can use the same spreadsheet for flippity, textivate, carousel…. it’s a no brainer
07:09:31 Esmeralda Salgado: @mariavalverde for Spanish https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GfbJTKUw7wkVzEourBMZ2VuR9yunTUPa/view?usp=sharing
07:09:34 Jane Basnett: Spiral do not have a question bank at the moment
07:09:55 Maria Valverde: Thanks Jane
07:10:01 Maria Valverde: Thanks a lot Emeralda!
07:10:30 Esmeralda Salgado: not environment or social issues as I am working on those
07:11:42 Maria Valverde: omg madre mia! lo acabo de ver!
07:11:45 Maria Valverde: Thanks
07:12:32 Jane Basnett: Also with carousel – you can get a link and then use in genially etc.
07:12:35 ltyler: I actually added three Quizlet sets to create one Blooket, fantastic end of module revision
07:13:23 Simona Gravina: thanks Sabine, this is one of my classes favourite games
07:13:42 Helen Rooney: @JoeDale can you share the link you posted earlier again please I cant scroll back to it? Thanks
07:13:44 Simona Gravina: to practise sentences from. sentence builder,
07:13:56 Jesus Santos: Sounds amazing!
07:13:59 Joe Dale: Here it is https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
07:14:02 ltyler: You can also edit the possible answers to make it less obvious which is the right answer if you want to practise discrimination
07:14:11 marie.allirot: Gold quest / Factory are my classes favourites
07:14:44 Robert Fisher: Can you tell us which games are best for which mode in the chat?
07:14:49 Simona Gravina: their favourite one is Battle Royale live, as they play in teams
07:15:04 marie.allirot: Gold quest and factory for live are great
07:15:08 Rachel Grice: It’s very much personal choice
07:15:15 marie.allirot: Battle royale really good too
07:15:24 Simona Gravina: but you can’t set up some of these games as Homework, just 4 of them I think
07:15:30 Esmeralda Salgado: Great, they don’t need login details!
07:15:42 Julia Morris: Can we play one now?
07:16:08 Robert Fisher: which are good for homework?
07:16:08 ltyler: You need to make sure they put in their actual name, I had a Steve and a Bob in my all-girls class 🙂
07:16:26 ltyler: Factory good for hw
07:16:31 Julia Morris: YES!!! PLAY!
07:16:32 Robert Fisher: Yes please to a live game
07:16:34 marie.allirot: Julia , if we can’t do it now, we can meet up later to do one
07:16:38 Simona Gravina: they only need a code, they do not need an account or email, which makes easier for everyone
07:16:39 Marife Mayayo: Would be great to play! 🙂
07:16:53 Nick Mair: I want to play,,,
07:17:00 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: yes please
07:17:01 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): And they input their (real) name and we can see who has played after the H/W deadline?
07:17:10 Jane Basnett: Thanks everyone. I need to go out and get some fresh air. Loved all the presentations I ‘ve seen. Thank you
07:17:27 ALL London: Thanks again Jane!
07:17:41 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you, Jane, it was awesome!
07:18:07 ltyler: HW just means not live, I did it in the class time yesterday, it was a five-minute game and the deadline was the end of the lesson time
07:18:34 ALL London: Good idea Ityler
07:18:51 Esmeralda Salgado: Good @Ityler
07:19:01 Helen Rooney: @Ityler that’s good thanks
07:19:16 Esmeralda Salgado: can we see the games?
07:19:26 Yvonne/Eve Wood : I have a broad record keeping good practice question – how long are eg completed homework or remote learning records kept ? and/or organised ? what is recommended in school policies generally?
07:19:33 ALL London: So you can;t copy others’ games?
07:19:48 ALL London: (I liek the fact that in Kahoot an dQuizlet you vcan copy and edit)
07:20:23 Sarah Ferretti .: I used the hw timed one as a starter – it gives me a set time to take the register and wait for ‘late’ students
07:20:27 marie.allirot: You can share your game with others by clicking on the eye and share that link
07:21:49 Jessica Fry-Morales: I would like to be able to copy and modify too
07:22:00 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you for your advice Rachel
07:22:27 Nick Mair: Can you record audio / video?
07:22:45 Rosalyn Honeysett: Thanks for your eye on safeguarding. Really important to point out the pitfalls as well as all the advantages.
07:23:02 Laetitia: I don t think you can use audio
07:23:18 marie.allirot: Simona, I think you are sending me your message privately instead of all attendees
07:23:19 Simona Gravina: thank you Rachel and Sabine. this is great
07:23:53 Silvia Bastow: thank you, Rachel and Sabine very useful, easy to set up. Thanks for the safeguarding advice too 🙂
07:24:13 Simona Gravina: sorry Marie, just had to restart iPad, chat Not working well
07:24:25 marie.allirot: No worries
07:24:43 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: THank you Sabine and Rachel, this is great fun! looking forward to playing!
07:24:59 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: Wooooo German rocks!!
07:25:00 Julia Morris: does it work well on mobile devices?
07:25:05 Alyson Coombes: Yes German!!! 🙂
07:25:14 Sabine Pichout: joining code 517461
07:25:16 Silvia Bastow: finally, some German 🙂
07:25:21 Sabine Pichout: blooket/play
07:25:23 Rachel Grice: https://www.blooket.com/play?id=517461
07:25:43 Simona Gravina: yes it works from mobile devices
07:26:09 marie.allirot: and in gold quest, you can swap gold
07:26:13 Simona Gravina: they get very excited with sabotage , mind you
07:26:51 marie.allirot: sabotage in factory is great like the dance party!
07:27:01 Silvia Bastow: don’t seem to be able to open the website, just spinning circle 🙁
07:27:11 Marife Mayayo: I don’t know any German so let’s see how I do! :))
07:27:17 Simona Gravina: Good tool to use during lockdown too, again I always link it to Sentence builders and chunks, not single words
07:27:18 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: it took a while on my phone
07:27:19 Joanna Jackson-Smith: reached limit
07:27:28 Laetitia: yes it is full
07:27:31 Sarah Whalley: it says it’s full 60 person limit
07:27:46 Anita welsh: yes it is full
07:27:53 Jesus Santos: 🙁
07:28:02 Eugenie CK: 🙂
07:28:04 Silvia Bastow: was too slow 🙁
07:28:28 Silvia Bastow: looks like a lot of fun 🙂
07:28:43 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: Im loving loving loving this, but I have to leave now to look after my son. Thank you very much Helen, Joe and everyone who presented today I have learnt A LOT
07:28:54 Jessica Fry-Morales: do they need another device other than what they are already using?
07:28:56 Fatima Khaled: lot off fun and looks so motivating
07:29:27 Sarah Hau: Yaaay 🙂
07:29:29 marie.allirot: I am 5th!
07:29:33 marie.allirot: Yeah
07:29:43 Simona Gravina: true, the one screen is a winner, especially for Online Learning
07:29:43 Adeline Moston: Great fun!
07:29:45 Alyson Coombes: So fun!
07:29:46 Sonja Fedrizzi: That’s a great idea to post it in tEAMS
07:29:48 Joe Dale: I was 13th and I don’t know any German 😉
07:29:48 Glenn Cake: Very engaging – thanks very much !
07:29:49 Helen Rooney: I like the power up options !
07:29:50 Silvia Bastow: well done !
07:29:52 Sonja Fedrizzi: thank you so much for this
07:29:53 Ines McMahon: Really fun!
07:29:55 Esmeralda Salgado: I am doing this!!!
07:29:56 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): that’s great
07:29:56 ltyler: On my phone the screen kept minimising
07:29:57 marie.allirot: I sabotaged you Adeline
07:29:59 Robert Fisher: Great fun
07:30:01 Stephanie Hess: so much fun!
07:30:10 Eugenie CK: this is really fun
07:30:15 Sarah Hau: Mixing this up with Quizlet Live – think this will go down a storm next week!
07:30:18 Stephanie Hess: I got sabotaged so often!!
07:30:18 Eleanor Bozkurt: Don’any German but came 14th so I rock!! lol
07:30:25 Fatima Khaled: well done! extremely useful
07:30:26 Julia Morris: Fun!
07:30:26 Jimena Licitra: Loved it!
07:30:27 Anita welsh: brilliant presentation if I can remember what to do
07:30:31 ALICE Semple: Really exciting. Thank you
07:30:32 Diana: thanks
07:30:33 Helen Rooney: My lessons are going to be chaotic but so much fun next week thank you so much
07:30:36 Pilar Navarro: Thank you
07:30:40 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: Thank you – fantastic!
07:30:40 Valle Fernández: Brilliant ladies!!!
07:30:43 Julia Morris: It kept getting small, was that someone else doing it to me?
07:30:47 Julia Morris: Yes and in German!
07:30:47 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Merci! Great fun
07:30:48 Simona Gravina: well done girls, thank you
07:30:50 Fatima Khaled: students needs motivation and I think this could be one of them
07:30:52 Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL): Same here Julia, minimised a fw times
07:30:55 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, to me to@julia
07:30:59 Sarah Ferretti .: thank you!
07:31:01 ltyler: Was the sabotage when the screen went tiny?
07:31:02 Sonja Fedrizzi: She is
07:31:03 Marife Mayayo: Very good! Thank you so much ladies! 🙂
07:31:03 Pilar Navarro: Which game was that the one we played?
07:31:04 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: I think the minimising was part of the game!
07:31:11 Adeline Moston: Thank you so much to both of you, definitely using it next week!
07:31:12 marie.allirot: This was race
07:31:13 Laetitia: thank you everyone!
07:31:15 Pilar Navarro: Thanks
07:31:28 Jimena Licitra: Very nice game, thank you both
07:31:30 Rachel Grice: yes someone will have sabotaged you as making your screen small!
07:31:34 Florence Barats: Thanks
07:31:37 sarah: Thank you.
07:31:40 Silvia Bastow: thank you both, you rock 🙂
07:31:47 ltyler: Oh! How did they do that?
07:31:52 HerefordUser: Thank you.
07:31:53 Jimena Licitra: Very engaging and great alternative to the quilt games
07:32:03 Jimena Licitra: Very engaging and great alternative to the quizlet games
07:32:24 Simona Gravina: totally Jimena
07:32:36 Esmeralda Salgado: I agree Jimena!
07:32:39 Rachel Grice: They don’t need to have a second device they can do it on a single one – as they don’t NEED to see the teacher/host view to play.
07:32:49 Jimena Licitra: I had tried it with a colleague but not with so many people, really loved it
07:33:01 Jimena Licitra: The sabotage is engaging!
07:33:22 ltyler: @jimena how do you do it?
07:33:24 Helen Rooney: I love the sabotage bit, I think the students will love that part
07:33:26 Jimena Licitra: Now let’s focus on Ester, another star!!!!
07:33:37 Helen: are we talking TEams B O rooms?
07:33:38 Simona Gravina: my classes get very excited with blooket 😊
07:33:38 Esmeralda Salgado: She is!
07:34:07 Jimena Licitra: Ityler, how do I do what?
07:34:15 Nick Mair: Everyone knows you Helen!
07:34:21 ltyler: In the Blooket game, how do ppl sabotage?
07:34:45 Sabine Pichout: I have to go now, thank you all and will catch up with Esther’s presentation later on.
07:34:53 Alyson Coombes: I think if you get a certain no of qns right in a row it’s a bonus you can use!
07:34:56 Rachel Grice: Sabotage just pops up as an option and they get to choose a ‘victim’
07:34:59 Jimena Licitra: Ityler, it appears on your screen and you chose who you want to sabotage, very easay
07:35:06 ltyler: Thank you
07:35:23 Rachel Grice: Yes, as a bonus for doing well.
07:37:32 Alyson Coombes: I have to go now but thank you all SO much that was absolutely amazing and so much fun 🙂
07:39:38 Julia Morris: Anyone tried to start breakout from iPad?
07:39:38 Sonja Fedrizzi: That’s a great tip, Esther. Thank you.
07:39:59 katherine buck: I need to go now, thank you very much!
07:40:43 Jessica Fry-Morales: my breakout rooms
07:40:46 maria kimpton: Thank you very much for these conferences. They are invaluable.
07:40:54 marie.allirot: Q Can you do breakout rooms in Google Meet?
07:41:00 Esmeralda Salgado: Also, students need to have the latest version of Teams app for them to be able to be assigned to a room or use the web browser
07:41:01 Jessica Fry-Morales: when I use breakout rooms
07:41:10 ALICE Semple: Seems a lot easier than going into channels
07:41:21 Jimena Licitra: Marie, I don’t have breakout rooms in google meet, and I have gsuite account at my school so I guess not
07:41:27 Sonja Fedrizzi: Q When students are in their breakout rooms, can they still see the screen that you share? I believe that’s not the case but maybe I am wrong.
07:41:30 Esmeralda Salgado: Some of my students couldn’t be assigned to rooms because of that
07:41:30 Eleanor Bozkurt: I have to go but so glad I joined in – thanks x
07:41:37 Jimena Licitra: And on zoom it is pro feature, I think
07:41:37 Jessica Fry-Morales: when I use breakout rooms then the presentation goes away even if I reshare
07:41:39 Lynne Coulthwaite: Q is it right that they cannot see the ppt you are sharing in breakout room ?
07:41:39 marie.allirot: Thanks Jimena
07:41:42 Joe Dale: You need to have a Google Enterprise account for breakout rooms
07:41:45 Esmeralda Salgado: @sonja they can’t
07:41:50 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you
07:41:53 ltyler: I had a problem last week, the members of one of my breakout rooms left the meeting to go to a call with the assistant, when they rejoined my call I couldn’t put them back into their room. Has anyone had that? Any solution?
07:42:17 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: I found some of the students using macs were kicked out when I set up the rooms. You can invite them back in though if this happens so don’t panic!
07:42:22 Florence Barats: Q If you have an odd number of students which cannot be divided so that you have the same number of students in each room and you do it automatically, could you end up with one student on their own?
07:42:33 Jimena Licitra: Marie, a trick I did during lockdown: I had kids work in groups, put them in different Meet URL and I kept in and out to listen, I left recording in motion and it worked fine
07:42:45 Julia Morris: @Florence depends how many rooms you choose
07:42:51 Jo B: If it is on teams when they come in you can assign them late… I couldn’t at the start of the week but I could on Friday
07:43:01 Jessica Fry-Morales: so not useful if students cannot see material while in breakout rooms
07:43:03 Sarah Hau: @Florence, it usually puts them into a room so one group has 1 more
07:43:04 iPad: you could use with assistât maybe?
07:43:15 iPad: assistan
07:43:17 Esmeralda Salgado: You can have groups of different numbers and manually change students around, for example if a group ends up with only one student. Then you delete the room
07:43:31 Cristina: @florence, you can also add manually a pupil to a room
07:43:47 Florence Barats: Thank you for all the answers!
07:43:51 Sarah Ferretti .: can i have a cohost (the lang assistant) that can access the rooms and interact with the students in a group/room i set up?
07:43:54 Esmeralda Salgado: I use it for all pair/ oral work I would have done normally battleships, information gap activities of Genially board games
07:44:12 marie.allirot: @jimena yes I have done that too, different Google meet
07:44:14 Esmeralda Salgado: @Sarah Ferretti I believe you cannot
07:44:22 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: @sarah yes, we have an academic coach and I just allocate her to the room with the studets I want to work with her.
07:44:30 rabia: Thank you everyone for sharing. Wonderful ideas.
07:44:36 Florence Barats: Q We have to record all our lessons, does it record the breakout rooms?
07:44:55 Jimena Licitra: Great ideas, Ester, thank you
07:45:07 Catherine Filée: Q in Teams in breakout rooms, can the students share their screen if they are not presenters?
07:45:19 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, they can @catherinefilee
07:45:37 cgrant: Where do we put the resources they’re going to use? EG the photocard or the battleships game, please?
07:45:46 Cristina: can someone tell how you are sharing an exercise to all the breakoutrooms? via the chat?
07:45:51 Esmeralda Salgado: Anyone in the breakout room can share their screen that’s how I do genially games for example when all work together
07:46:06 Esmeralda Salgado: @Cristina I put the exercise in Notebook
07:46:21 helen.farmer: Anybody got experience with breakout rooms with year 7?
07:46:23 ltyler: Good idea Esmeralda, thx
07:46:24 cgrant: SO they can all see my screen from their breakout rooms, Esmeralda?
07:46:26 Anita welsh: they could not see the resources and started to squabble when I randomly set them
07:46:39 Lynne Coulthwaite: Do you need to reshare your screen after you have put them in breakout rooms?
07:46:46 ltyler: I popped in and they were just chatting 🙁
07:46:47 Cristina: thanks Esmeralda.
07:46:49 Esmeralda Salgado: @cgrant they can’t see the main meeting screen
07:47:01 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: My students couldn’t see my main screen once in the breakout room.
07:47:04 Sonja Fedrizzi: @esmeralda, when students share their screen with each other, can you as the teacher also view it?
07:47:09 Simona Gravina: can they access Files in OneNote when in the breakout rooms?
07:47:19 Esmeralda Salgado: yes, if you enter the room @sonja
07:47:24 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you
07:47:26 cgrant: Sorry – so where do they see the battleships/pair game/Genially?
07:48:10 Esmeralda Salgado: in their own screens in onenote for example if they need to work in one particular sheet together, one of them shares their screen and shows their onenote
07:48:14 ltyler: Hahaha
07:48:16 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: One of the students in the breakout room has to share the screen I think.
07:48:23 Marife Mayayo: :)))) Me encanta
07:48:27 cgrant: Thanks
07:48:33 Esmeralda Salgado: I love that video!
07:48:33 Diana: jajajjaja
07:48:43 Cristina: excellent! loved it!
07:48:58 ALL London: (I’ve only just ‘got; the video…!!
07:49:01 Simona Gravina: thank you
07:49:17 Esmeralda Salgado: Great ideas, Ester! I love your activities
07:49:27 Esmeralda Salgado: These would work with Alevel students!
07:49:42 ALL London: Such attractive slides too
07:49:48 Sonja Fedrizzi: I agree.
07:49:58 Nicole Gibbs: Thank you so much to all presenters – really helpful stuff here. What a great community this is!
07:50:08 Sonja Fedrizzi: Definitely.
07:50:25 marie.allirot: thanks
07:50:27 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Mum duties calling, so sorry to have to leave. THank you all so much!
07:50:33 Esmeralda Salgado: TIP: to ask everyone to go back to the main meeting you can send an announcement
07:50:53 Robert Fisher: how do you send an announcement?
07:51:15 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: There is anoption to make an announcement just lik ein the chat
07:51:21 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: like in
07:51:24 Esmeralda Salgado: In Breakout room one of the options in the 3 dots on the right
07:52:38 iPad: thank you for all the presentations today.
07:53:00 Sian.WILLSSAGOO: How do the students access the whiteboard in the breakout room?
07:53:13 Rachel Grice: Oh,,,,,that is hilarious!
07:53:16 HerefordUser: Sorry . I have to go. Thank you very much.
07:53:24 Julia Morris: Did I miss when she shared the link to Gneially?
07:53:38 Simona Gravina: thank you Ester, this is great
07:53:55 Jesus Santos: Love it! Gracias Ester
07:53:56 Helen Rooney: You can download the chat to look for links later before you leave
07:54:45 Jimena Licitra: Julia, I was wondering the same thing.
07:54:49 Catherine Filée: Many thanks to all presenters and colleagues. You are all extraordinary! Bonne soirée all.
07:55:07 Julia Morris: D L E A – unjumble?
07:55:12 Adeline Moston: DALE for Joe
07:55:15 Robert Fisher: So am I correct in saying they work together in ther separate rooms to crack the codes in an escape game
07:55:16 marie.allirot: DALE
07:55:22 Esmeralda Salgado: Adeline you are soooo good!
07:55:23 Julia Morris: She is too clever
07:55:24 Joe Dale: 😉
07:55:28 Sonja Fedrizzi: Love it
07:55:30 marie.allirot: Adeline is too fast
07:55:33 Jimena Licitra: DALE, awesome ideaa
07:55:38 Florence Barats: Too quick! Well done!
07:55:42 marie.allirot: DALE
07:55:54 Vivian Sun: Many thanks to all presenters and colleagues! Extremely useful, I learnt A LOT!
07:56:17 Julia Morris: Yay!
07:56:24 Joe Dale: Phew!
07:56:32 ALICE Semple: Thank you very much, it was very exciting your presentation, can feel your enthusiasm.
07:56:38 Julia Morris: Wait, does that mean Joe is the hacker…?
07:56:44 Esmeralda Salgado: Exactly, Ester!!! It works really well!
07:56:46 marie.allirot: Might be
07:57:19 Julia Morris: I knew it, he always seems too nice… 😉
07:57:25 Ester Borin Bonillo: https://cf-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/borinbonilloe_cardiff_ac_uk/EVPPP7-U84NInykv06LJSFcBZlETnORvle3Yq_ck_e_OgA?e=8E0BpB
07:57:35 Esmeralda Salgado: My students just worked on a reading document together
07:57:36 Silvia Bastow: thank you very much, Ester
07:57:48 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you Ester
07:58:17 Nick Mair: Thanks all – great sessions – have to ‘breakout’ myself now
07:58:29 Rachel Grice: Brilliant!
07:59:44 Esmeralda Salgado: TIP: slidesmania is also great for FREE PPt and Google slides templates to do this!
07:59:50 Julia Morris: you can also use the collaboration space in OneNote in the same way as a shared document.
08:00:06 Fatima Khaled: This really great. no cheating access
08:00:19 Esmeralda Salgado: https://slidesmania.com/
08:00:21 ALL London: (I hav ebeen asked abotu genial.ly – Joe – when are you doing your webinar with Marie?
08:00:28 Iris Dutch: Thank you to Helen and all the contributors. A great January event.
08:00:52 marie.allirot: Helen, re genially, I don’t know yet
08:01:04 Sarah Ferretti .: should i be able to edit the doc shared???
08:01:05 Mapi d’Aversa: Many thanks to all the organisers and presenters. My lessons next week will be full of your wonderful tips. Have a good evening.
08:01:07 Cristina: students can also use the chat in the Breakout rooms and you can see their contributions in the channels created
08:01:07 ALL London: Thansk for everuine’s thanks!
08:01:10 Joe Dale: We haven’t decided on the date for part 2 yet
08:01:30 ltyler: How did you do that shared document?
08:01:58 Esmeralda Salgado: @Ityler I personally use our onenote
08:02:04 Esmeralda Salgado: but the chat for example
08:02:24 marie.allirot: Well done Ester, great ideas.
08:02:31 ltyler: Thank you @esmeralda – do you mean collaboration space?
08:02:42 Sarah Jones: really helpful, thanks.
08:02:52 Esmeralda Salgado: or their lesson pages
08:03:22 Adeline Moston: I’ve used collaboration space with breakout rooms, works well, I created a page per room so they wouldn’t interfere with each other (younger learners)
08:03:39 Cristina: many thanks, Helen, another very successful ALL Jan event! Hopefully 2022 will be back in the BFI. Have a good weekend !
08:03:40 helen.farmer: Collab space is a good idea
08:03:46 Prim Herridge (ALL London): Esther – you are such a good presenter. I would love to be a kid in your class!
08:03:50 sarah: Thank you so much. Excellent presentations by all – I learned absolutely loads.
08:03:56 ltyler: Thanks. I used Collaboration space in the summer, but there was a bit of a lag and it kept creating multiple copies of the pages
08:04:02 Rachel Grice: That was brilliant Ester! Thank you!!!
08:04:09 Jesús Santos: Fab Ester! Brilliant presentation
08:04:12 Esmeralda Salgado: Fantastic, Ester!
08:04:15 Fatima Khaled: Thank you so much Ester. Brilliant.
08:04:16 Jimena Licitra: Thank you Ester, really fantastic!
08:04:18 ltyler: Great to have ideas for the breakout rooms, thank you Ester.
08:04:21 Lynne Coulthwaite: A brilliant day as ever. Thank you to all.
08:04:23 Helen Rooney: This was fantastic thank you so much feel more confident to try this now and thanks for the safeguarding tips as that’s what has stopped me until now
08:04:23 Robert Fisher: This has been brilliant – thank you so much!
08:04:28 Cristina Mari: Thank you so much, great presentation and brilliant ideas!
08:04:28 Esmeralda Salgado: so many good ideas!
08:04:31 Isabelle Jones: Thank you very much for this inspiring presentation and afternoon!
08:04:38 Robert Fisher: And yes to a clinic on breakout please!
08:04:40 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Wonderful!
08:04:41 Yvonne/Eve Wood : Many thanks Ester and everyone
08:05:00 Sarah Jones: great day thank you
08:05:24 Vivian Sun: Thank you! have a lovely weekend!
08:05:37 Helen Rooney: @ALLLondon – amazing day so amazing and so many ideas and tips and now I am an ALL member and have emailed the local group and had a reply and booked the conference! THANK YOU
08:05:48 Jimena Licitra: Amazing, so many things to look into… Wonderful presenters thank you you all!!!!!
08:05:49 Julia Morris: Thank you for all these interesting talks.
08:05:59 Jimena Licitra: And Helen for organizing such an incredible event
08:06:00 Jessica Fry-Morales: amazing work everyone
08:06:00 ltyler: Thank you so much to the team at ALL. Are the links from the Chat going to be shared somewhere? Thanks to all presenters.
08:06:07 Florence Barats: Thank you so much once more!
08:06:07 Sarah Ferretti .: Many thanks everyone!
08:06:10 Jo B: amazing day thank you – really useful and really interesting
08:06:19 Jo B: New Battery in the mouse
08:06:20 Alix: Thank you everybody! Super useful as usual.
08:06:22 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: @ALLLondon Thanks a lot for organising such a good event! Merci beaucoup 🙂
08:06:25 Sarah Hau: battery?
08:06:29 Helen Rooney: @Ityler download it on the three dots at the bottom of the chat
08:06:34 cgrant: Thanks so much yet again for all the time given up and everything shared. SO nice to be in a community who shares everything willingly 🙂
08:06:36 Malika Power: thank you
08:06:40 Fatima Khaled: @ as usual lot off great ideas. Thank you Helene and every one in the team. Amazing day as usual.
08:06:42 Deborah Betancourt: Fantastic. I loved it. Thanks so much
08:06:44 Silvia Bastow: thank you all.
08:06:44 Cassie Triggs: Thank you – that was my first ALL event and it was so useful and inspirational. Thanks!
08:06:47 ltyler: Thank you! Great tip!
08:07:02 Rachel Grice: Thank you everyone – got to go join my kids for dinner. Thank you for the opportunity to present too. 🙂
08:07:02 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: @ALL it was a marvellous day, thank to all of you!
08:07:02 Marife Mayayo: Thank you so much for organising this webinar! Fantastic! 🙂
08:07:03 Jo B: or if it charges… give it a charge
08:07:05 a.jones: Awesome. Inspirational. Feel confident to try out now. Thank you sooo much. Fab presenters.
08:07:05 Jimena Licitra: Fab talks!!!
08:07:09 Louise H: thank you for organising today and all the great content
08:07:14 Deborah Betancourt: Congratulations to ALL LONDON! Thanks
08:07:22 Rosa Pohl: A lot of inspiring ideas–can’t wait to try them out! Thank you to all the presenters!
08:07:24 Jerome Nogues: Well done everyone!
08:07:26 Rachel Grice: Bye!
08:08:10 Jimena Licitra: Superesmeralda!
08:08:47 Marife Mayayo: HOla Sarah!!!!!
08:08:53 cgrant: Yes please to Genially
08:08:55 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you, Jimena! I am not!
08:08:56 Robert Fisher: Yes please to a genially
08:08:57 Jimena Licitra: We are all superheroes for being here the whole day!
08:09:52 Julia Morris: Sorry, dinner is here, need to go! Thanks for everything.
08:10:18 Silvia Bastow: I have to go now, dinner is ready. Thank you all 🙂
08:11:05 Florence Barats: Have to go, have a great weekend!
08:11:28 Robert Fisher: Thank you – was fab 🙂
08:12:28 Kerry Phipps (ALL London): clinics are good
08:12:30 Jessica Fry-Morales: now pleas
08:12:37 Jessica Fry-Morales: now please
08:12:40 Esmeralda Salgado: Fantastic sessions! I need to go!! The clinics are great
08:12:48 Jessica Fry-Morales: when we are back too late
08:13:01 Jessica Fry-Morales: please help now
08:13:05 Jesús Santos: Thanks a lot! Sorry I need to go. Another fantastic afternoon with so inspirational friends .