TiLT Extra Time with Jan Chalmer

Learn@Home with CLASSKICK!

Tuesday 14th April 2020 10 am – 11 am

Recording link here.

Chat Transcript: A Webinar with Jan Chalmer chat transcript

Jan Chalmer

It was really special to be able to welcome Jan Chalmer to a special morning  session when  she spoke to us from the future, in Australia! Joe Dale has contacts all over the world, and we are so grateful  to him for bringing them to our webinar space!

Classkick is a free digital formative assessment tool that allows teachers to create lessons and assignments that students work through on their devices at their own pace.  Teachers can observe student progress in real time and provide immediate feedback.  Text, images, video, and audio can be easily integrated into assignments.  Classkick is now both web- and app-based, it can be used from a web-browser (Google Chrome), Chromebook, or iPad.  Some functionality in the web-based version is still under development.

In this webinar participants saw how easy it was to create a variety of engaging activities and had the opportunity of working as a student on a sample assignment.


Jan Chalmer is a passionate and experienced teacher of Japanese, in Victoria, Australia. She teaches Japanese from Kindergarten (pre-school) to Year 6 at a rural Independent School. Jan has been invited to present at various conferences within Australia and keenly shares ideas through a Facebook group for Australian teachers of Japanese. She has received the award of Lifelong Member of the Japanese Language Teachers Association of Victoria. She also received an award from the Australian College of Educators for her contribution to the teaching of languages other than English. Jan keenly experiments with ICT tools, utilising those she believes will add variety and engagement to her lessons. At 59 years of age, she is an example of a life-long learner!

Chat Transcript:

00:16:56 Verona McMahon: Good evening, from Sydney Australia
00:17:18 Emma Snowden: Evening from Canberra
00:17:26 Janine: Hi everyone, from Perth, Western Australia.
00:17:31 justinputland: https://www.youtube.com/user/joedale100
00:17:58 Anne McCambridge: Morning from Co. Antrim. Northern Ireland.
00:18:17 Laura R: Good morning from London.
00:19:36 Esther: Good morning from Blackburn Lancashire
00:20:07 Sharee: Hi from Canberra, Australia 😊
00:20:12 Joe Dale: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/classkick/id909904332
00:23:50 Verona McMahon: Yep, Genki Japan vid.
00:23:54 Suzi Bewell: Morning from York – I did a training last night on Classkick and was very impressed. I think there is massive potential for us as MFL teachers. Hope you are all well x
00:24:36 Verona McMahon: Can’t hear you now Jan
00:24:59 Anne McCambridge: Suzi, does Classkick itself offer training? Thanks.
00:26:29 Verona McMahon: someone asking about Google apps location needs to mute their mic.
00:26:42 Suzi Bewell: I am not sure…this was an American language teacher friend of mine Anne who did a webinar at 9pm last night. Can post the recording later but not sure you will need it after Jan’s training.
00:27:25 Vincent Everett: Q Joe – can you ask Jan at some point if all this is on the free version or if this is premium?
00:27:41 justinputland: It is on the free version.
00:27:54 Jesus Santos: Thanks
00:27:56 Joe Dale: Thanks Justin
00:28:02 Suzi Bewell: Impressive they can add audio
00:28:02 Vincent Everett: Thanks
00:28:21 Vincent Everett: Is the audio then heard by the whole class?
00:28:47 2 Elisabeth: I tuned in a bit late therefore my probably redundant question: is <classkick free of
00:28:47 justinputland: They hear it if they log in. They get their own assignment,
00:28:59 Sylvie: Q: Is there a limited number of assignments within the free one? Can you build portfolios too?
00:29:00 Suzi Bewell: Yes free
00:29:00 Verona McMahon: What is Loom?
00:29:07 justinputland: 20
00:29:14 Tina: Q Loom?
00:29:21 Joe Dale: Yes, Elizabeth with some premium options I think
00:29:22 Suzi Bewell: There is a premium version but my friend who uses this for remote teaching said she has only ever needed the free version.
00:29:25 Vincent Everett: Loom is for recording your screen eg to do tutorials. Turns out you can use powerpoint record
00:29:32 Joe Dale: Yes Tina, that was Loom
00:29:32 justinputland: Free version has 20 assignments
00:29:36 Sylvie: @Justin Thank you
00:29:42 Joe Dale: Yes Vincent
00:29:49 Tina: Same as Snagit?
00:30:03 justinputland: Yes educandy is pretty good
00:30:09 Joe Dale: Yes, Educandy is from Linguascope
00:30:21 Suzi Bewell: Educandy is great for younger learners
00:30:25 Joe Dale: Similar Tina
00:30:40 Tina: Thanks Joe
00:31:35 Michael Wright: What is the best avatar creator?
00:32:14 Joe Dale: Here is a post all about screencasting https://www.facebook.com/groups/modernlanguagesteacherslounge/permalink/506428650053869/
00:32:21 Suzi Bewell: Bitmoji and if you change phone settings to French you get the French ones
00:32:23 danielle.wansborough: Bitmoji ?
00:32:26 Vincent Everett: Are the graphics clip art or are they available in classcick?
00:32:41 justinputland: clipart
00:32:56 Vincent Everett: thanks Justin
00:33:01 Sylvie: @Michael, I use bimoji and change the language
00:33:07 Suzi Bewell: Looks quite intuitive
00:34:36 Verona McMahon: So why do the Sts have to use stylus you can write using a tool?
00:35:03 Suzi Bewell: Stylus for writing Japanese characters?
00:35:07 justinputland: They can type by adding a textbox also
00:35:34 NESREEN EL NESR: Nice options
00:35:43 Sylvie: @Michael I also like Humaaans
00:36:24 Verona McMahon: @justin, Japanese beginners can’t top it yet..
00:36:36 Verona McMahon: *type
00:37:09 justinputland: I think it is possible to type in Japanese in it though but yes drawing it is perfect for beginners
00:37:18 Verona McMahon: @Sylvie “Humaaans”?
00:38:03 Verona McMahon: @Justin, yep, I type in Japanese
00:38:11 Michael Wright: Thanks all
00:38:22 Joe Dale: ViewPure is great
00:38:25 Emma Snowden: Safe YouTube is another one you can use.
00:38:29 Verona McMahon: Yes Jan
00:38:30 Joe Dale: Ourify
00:38:34 Sarah Flint: Do we know if there is a bank of resources already created or do we use this to create our own? Thanks
00:38:38 Joe Dale: Sorry. Purify
00:39:00 justinputland: Oh that is awesome
00:39:45 Uxía: That’s great! We can avoid adverts and silly distractions!
00:39:49 Joe Dale: Bookmark Bar
00:39:53 Tina: Fantastic
00:40:17 Suzi Bewell: So many useful things – thank you Jan
00:40:46 Vincent Everett: Try turning off the camera in zoom bottom right
00:42:48 Verona McMahon: Sorry, best to take screenshot, not add a word doc..?
00:43:41 Nicole Struthers: Jan, when you use the camera how long can the recording be?
00:44:13 Chris Fry: Photo only
00:44:21 Nicole Struthers: Ok, thanks!
00:45:29 Sarah Flint: Thanks, yes we can expand the library this term!
00:45:42 Kathleen: You can upload sections of PDF files
00:45:53 Kathleen: not Word documents but PDF are okay
00:45:57 Joe Dale: Thanks everyone
00:46:09 理恵子 ウッドリー: Can we get ‘YouTube clips without ads’ through Viewpure?
00:46:12 justinputland: Simple solution. Save the word file as a pdf
00:46:26 Kathleen: also can save powerpoint as PDF
00:46:55 Verona McMahon: @Justin…but Jan said pdfs are wall/paper/background
00:46:58 Suzi Bewell: Verbal feedback so time saving
00:47:30 justinputland: it makes it better Verona as it students can draw over the top of the word pdf or type over it.
00:47:57 Suzi Bewell: You could tell a story then reorder the images to show understanding
00:48:00 Joe Dale: The Purify bookmark is amazing!
00:50:17 Joe Dale: Very nice
00:51:02 Uxía: This could be used as a translation activity where we give a sentence and break down the translation for them to put the words in the correct order.
00:51:52 Vincent Everett: that’s a nice idea
00:52:13 Suzi Bewell: Like Esther Mercier’s bubble translation idea?
00:52:20 Belinda Sydenham: Can you have more than one answer? Would you have to have the word four as well for instance?
00:52:36 Verona McMahon: Sorry Jan, how did you activate self-filling box to pop up?
00:52:41 Guiomar Mancho: Can you add more than one possible answer?
00:52:48 Suzi Bewell: @Belinda you can set it up as you like I think
00:52:59 Tina: You can add more acceptable anwsers
00:53:11 Belinda Sydenham: Cool – thanks Jan! Answered that one for me
00:54:37 Verona McMahon: Thank you
00:56:04 Suzi Bewell: What I love is that your whole lesson can be integrated into one class kick doc, even if this is shared via your google classroom. For my y7/8 RE classes, I can imagine this is going to be really useful.
00:57:49 Tina: Can you show us how you create a sticker. The process. If you have time?
00:58:25 Sylvie: Pro version for free. Have RT with the TiLTwebinar hashtag
00:58:40 Joe Dale: Awesome Sylvie!
00:58:58 Verona McMahon: Not sure what RT is @Sylvie
00:59:07 Joe Dale: Tina – Do you mean the Bitmojji?
00:59:17 Christine.Crowe: Can you still access the student’s work / recording after they have locked out?
00:59:22 Joe Dale: RT = Retweet on Twitter
00:59:37 Sharee: Does it work well on an IWB? would be good to do some of these kinds of things with younger kids as warm ups as well as individual activities
00:59:51 Joe Dale: Yes, it would Sharee
01:00:00 Verona McMahon: Thnx Joe
01:01:41 Verona McMahon: Would YOU use this if you were live in the classroom Jan?
01:01:43 Suzi Bewell: Keeps it all organised…unlike some of their physical books lol
01:01:55 Christine.Crowe: Great – thanks 🙂 This would be fantastic for speaking assessments
01:02:20 Janine: Do the students need an account if you are going to be able to access their work?
01:02:46 Michael Wright: yes
01:02:50 Verona McMahon: Yes downloaded
01:02:55 Sylvie: yes
01:02:58 Suzi Bewell: @janine they just need either the app or the online version and the code given by the teacher
01:02:58 Verona McMahon: Yes iPad
01:02:59 simoneberry: i have it
01:03:00 Ashleigh Katsi: yes
01:03:05 Amanda Mulcahy: I have it on chrome
01:03:10 Anne McCambridge: Not available on phone. Will download later
01:03:23 Janine: Yes, I have it.
01:03:33 NESREEN EL NESR: Would you add the link again please?
01:03:39 justinputland: https://app.classkick.com/#/login/F7R3L7
01:04:06 Verona McMahon: Capital letter & space in middle?
01:04:42 Joe Dale: F7R3L7
01:04:48 Joe Dale: No space
01:04:59 Jessica Zipf: Unfortunately, I have another meeting now, but thank you so much for the great input!
01:05:10 Joe Dale: Thank you
01:05:48 Joe Dale: This is very cool
01:06:09 justinputland: @Joe we cannot record in it as we are all muted on here.
01:06:48 Sylvie: q: can they erase recording
01:07:04 Sylvie: Ignore my question
01:07:18 Jodie Ishizaka: first time to log in where do I put the class code?
01:07:28 Janine: My iPad is stuck on “Uploading Audio”…. Is there a way out if this happens to students?
01:07:39 Suzi Bewell: If you click recording and hover there is a delete tab
01:08:33 Belinda Sydenham: Can we change colours as well? On the student view can’t see the colour icon
01:08:47 justinputland: I think it is working now.
01:08:56 Ashleigh Katsi: This is really wonderful, I can not wait to try it with students.
01:10:07 Sarah Flint: This is great
01:10:10 Noelia RG: does it save the answers automatically?
01:10:18 Suzi Bewell: So cool
01:10:21 NESREEN EL NESR: Great Thank You
01:10:32 Belinda Sydenham: Just LOVE this – super cool many thanks Jan
01:10:43 justinputland: Students can also help other students.
01:11:03 Sylvie: Thank you so much1
01:11:19 Laura Wilson: Hi Jan, just wondering how students return to an assignment?
01:11:37 Verona McMahon: Sorry, in free classic you can have peer help?
01:11:44 Verona McMahon: *classkick
01:11:50 justinputland: Laura, they just use the same code as before and make sure that they type their exact name they used previously.
01:12:10 Uxía: This is brilliant! I found it really useful to listen to all the explanations and then have a go as a student to really understand and see the different activities we could include. Great, thank you!
01:12:19 mamakazza: This is very cool. Thanks 🙂
01:12:36 Michael Wright: In your experience, how easy would it be for a student to download and get started in Classkick with no help from a teacher, except a short video intro on Google Classroom?
01:12:37 N Shabestari: This is great.
01:12:51 justinputland: @Joe they have to use the same name as before otherwise they will get a new blank assignment.
01:13:48 Anne McCambridge: Q Can anyone who has the code gain entry, even if they are not in the class?
01:13:56 Verona McMahon: Is a new roster a ‘lesson’ or a series of lessons or a whole class with all activities?
01:14:07 justinputland: roster is the class
01:14:09 Laura Wilson: Thanks Jan and Joe… So Classkick will take them back to their previous work? Do they need to use the same user name as they did the first time?
01:14:19 justinputland: yes
01:14:24 justinputland: @laura yes
01:14:25 NESREEN EL NESR: https://app.classkick.com/#/login/F7R3L7
01:14:32 Laura Wilson: Thanks Justin!
01:14:51 justinputland: Click on the assignment
01:14:55 justinputland: Assign a roster.
01:15:02 Belinda Sydenham: No worries Jan – we can have a play and find out – you have shown us SO much new stuff this is fab.
01:15:32 Guiomar Mancho: Can you modify the assignment after you assign it? Does it keep the code?
01:15:48 justinputland: @Guiomar Yes
01:16:43 Verona McMahon: So if two jans in class…Jan C and Jan Z?
01:17:03 Guiomar Mancho: Thanks
01:17:58 NESREEN EL NESR: Thanks a million a gain very informative
01:17:59 Jesus Santos: Can the students modify the assignment after they completed?
01:18:11 justinputland: @Jesus. Yes
01:18:35 Joe Dale: Any more questions?
01:18:47 Tina: Fantastic tool and presentation. Thanks Jan 🙂
01:18:49 Janine: If the students complete a multiple choice (or other activity with points) do they only get the points if they get it right first time?
01:18:50 Sylvie: Such a wonderful presentation. Thank you so much Jan. This is great.
01:18:58 Michael Wright: Q: Jan, in your experience, how easy would it be for a student to download and get started in Classkick with no help from a teacher, except a short video intro on Google Classroom?
01:18:59 Esther: this was brilliant thank you so much!
01:19:05 ester: thank you, for the webinar. Fantastic tool and presentation
01:19:07 Amanda Mulcahy: Thanks Jan. I hope my school allows use of this program.
01:19:09 Suzi Bewell: Huge thanks for this Jan – very clear and useful webinar!
01:19:10 Anne McCambridge: Thank you so much!
01:19:18 Noelia RG: Its amazing and also easy for primary!
01:19:20 Nicole Struthers: How can you assign the task to multiple classes?
01:19:29 mamakazza: What about live classes?
01:19:31 Ramona Vinga: Thank you
01:19:39 simoneberry: Thank you, this looks a great way of assigning tasks and keeping track of what the students are doing
01:19:40 理恵子 ウッドリー: Thanks Jan!
01:19:41 Chris Fry: Thanks, Jan. That was fascinating
01:19:41 holly: Thank you very much. Very clear explanations. It looks a very useful tool!
01:19:46 N Shabestari: Not using Smart notebook any more, this is the best!
01:19:59 kimg: Thank you for a great session . Very exciting and food for thought . I look forward to trying it out
01:20:13 Janine: Can they go back and change their answers?
01:20:26 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Jan and Joe. This looks really interesting – very clear explanations.
01:20:30 justinputland: Jan you are a legend in the Australian Japanese teaching community. Thank you for this presentation and all that you do.
01:20:33 Giselle Fabling: Thanks Jan for the fabulous and informative presentation. I am looking forward to using it with my classes this term.
01:21:13 HELEN Stokes: Thank you for the interesting presentation
01:21:18 Marie-Odile GUILLOU: Many thanks.
01:21:29 Verona McMahon: Can you add same sticker to all page three at same time?
01:21:39 justinputland: The demo task works really well. Maybe Jan can show that
01:21:45 Uxía: Q: Do the students get a notification once you have added comments or stickers?
01:22:07 justinputland: @Joe ask her about the demo task and show it to us.
01:22:17 Tina: Q How do the students recognise your audio responses? Do they just look like all your other audios? If so they might miss them.
01:22:25 Michael Wright: Can we have a link to Jan’s video tutorials for parents?!
01:22:25 Miss Dos Remedios: Arigatou gozaimasu! Wow Jan, this was awesome. love how pretty it is and intuitive to use. Thanks for introducing this. I look forward to playing with it.
01:22:28 Christine.Crowe: Can you copy paste feedback?
01:22:56 justinputland: Classkick already does that in the demo task
01:23:25 Sharee: ありがとうございます Janさん! Always so great to learn from you more & more.
01:24:01 Sharee: Thank you also, Joe, for facilitating & passing on our questions
01:24:31 Uxía: No worries, thank you!;)
01:25:33 Michael Wright: Okay, thanks for the answers!
01:25:54 Tina: Do you happen to know what the pro version offers on top of the basic version
01:25:56 Belinda Sydenham: Joe – will you be making the recording available?
01:26:07 Uxía: Yes, he always does
01:26:14 Belinda Sydenham: Cool thanks
01:26:22 Uxía: You can access the webinars on his YouTube channel 🙂
01:26:36 Verona McMahon: Classkick youtube link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Yqs5875Pj9SQh0fpOyOWQ
01:26:58 Uxía: https://www.youtube.com/user/joedale100
01:27:01 Verona McMahon: No, if checked all page 3 of Sts who completed – so you say good work
01:27:10 justinputland: https://www.youtube.com/user/joedale100
01:27:20 Janine: Can students change their answers after you have checked their work?
01:27:27 Jesus Santos: Thanks a lot!!
01:27:28 Christine.Crowe: Just a HUGE thank you to Jan and you!
01:27:28 Emma Snowden: ありがとうジャンさん
01:27:28 Amanda Mulcahy: thank you so much
01:27:29 Jessica Bennaceur: Thank you x
01:27:34 mamakazza: Arigatou gozaimasu, Jan-san!
01:27:35 Sarah Flint: Yes thanks so much
01:27:35 Chris Fry: Thanks, Thanks, Thanks
01:27:36 Uxía: She said yes, Janine
01:27:38 Michael Wright: Thank you so much to Jan and Joe
01:27:41 Esther: Thank you!
01:27:45 justinputland: Jan you are a legend. Thank you so much.
01:27:46 Ruth: Thank you so much.
01:27:47 Laura Wilson: That was fantastic Jan, thank you so much for talking us through this. I learned a lot tonight!
01:27:48 Pauline: Thank you a lot for your time and explanations!!
01:27:54 Tina: Do you happen to know what the pro version offers on top of the basic version?
01:28:20 N Shabestari: Thanks Jan, it was a great webinar, very informative.
01:28:28 Janine: Thanks Jan! Fantastic explanation. Looking forward to trying it out!
01:28:48 Uxía: ¡Muchas gracias a Jan y a Joe! ¡Muy interesante!
01:29:14 ytaki@saintaug.nsw.edu.au: Thank you for a fantastic webinar, Jan!
01:30:04 mamakazza: Do you use this platform for a live scheduled class, or do you use Zoom, and they use Classkick to do their work in?
01:30:05 Suzi Bewell: I don’t think it would take any more time than our regular marking
01:30:18 mamakazza: I hope that made sense!
01:30:55 Joe Dale: mamakassa, it can be used synchronously and asynchronously
01:32:39 Giulia: Thank you for all advice!
01:32:47 Suzi Bewell: I think that sounds sensible Jan
01:32:57 mamakazza: Ok, thank you Jan!
01:33:36 Suzi Bewell: Thank you xxx
01:33:58 Kerry Forrest: Thank you sooooo much
01:33:59 Marta Eulalia: ¡Muchas gracias!
01:34:01 Belinda Sydenham: Thanks – awesome session.
01:34:20 Uxía: Bravoooo!
01:34:22 Verona McMahon: arigatou gozaimasu
01:34:23 N Shabestari: thanks Joe.
01:34:34 Ashleigh Katsi: Thank you ありがとうございました!!
01:34:47 Suzi Bewell: Thanks Joe!
01:35:01 Tina: Thanks Joe, too…
01:35:03 Laura Wilson: Thank you Joe and Jan!