Making a good start : An ALL August Webinar for NQTs

25th August 2020

Many thanks to Verónica González Otero who offered to be the main presenter for our August webinar for NQTs.  Her enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment to students shone through and you can see by the flood of chat just how much she  delighted the attendees.

A great suggestion at the end from Karin was that we have regular gatherings for NQTs over the year and so we are planning for this now.

Recording: (Current link starts at 12:39 – this will be replaced with an edited version later)

Link to ALL webpage dedicated to NQTs and including Steven’s Useful List : ALL as your Language teaching career begins

Link to beautiful PowerPoint presentation download from Veronica’s OneDrive

Class photo! (Some of the 130+ who attended)

Chat: (also pasted below)  ALL August NQTs 2020 CHAT TRANSCRIPT

ALL organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room and also viewable on an unlisted YouTube stream, is open to all MFL teachers, but especially relevant to NQTs.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

We thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise.  The  session will be recorded and available for viewing later.


Making a good start.

In this webinar guests give their personal guide to support and reassure NQTs who are about to start out on their professional career.


Verónica González Otero is and English and Languages teacher originally from Cádiz, Spain, and is now teaching in the North-East of England.

Veronica will be joined by Members of ALL’s ITET community (ITET = Initial Teacher Education and Training)

Steven Fawkes (ALL Trustee) will co-host aong with members of ALL’s ITET community.


00:33:59 Inés Molina: Hello! I’m Inés 🙂 I will start a PGCE (Spanish and French) in September this year, but I am here to know more about what to expect from my NQT year
00:35:49 George Johnstone: I am a member
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00:35:55 Pilar: Member
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00:39:06 Steven Fawkes:
00:39:51 Karin Jaschke: @Crista Hazell, your MFL book is great. Very helpful.
00:39:55 David Shanks: For those who aren’t yet members, the join ALL link is There you can see a list of all the many benefits of joining ALL and your discount code is WEBINAR10
00:40:31 Céleste Robillard: yes
00:40:32 David Shanks: I can see
00:40:34 Pilar: yes
00:40:39 Laura: good
00:42:15 Steven Fawkes: Ver generous
00:42:34 Helen Myers: Love the pencils!
00:42:47 Ann-Gaëlle Cox: meeting the pupils
00:42:50 Mercedes Antrobus: Meeting my pupils
00:42:53 Steven Fawkes: Coloured pens clearly
00:42:54 Fran Taylor: meeting the kids
00:42:55 Pilar: contact with pupils
00:42:56 Marion Dufour: meeting my classes
00:42:56 Anne Untereiner: Welcoming new students!
00:42:56 Grace Bentham: Having my own classes and building relationships with students
00:42:56 Céleste Robillard: Having my own classes
00:42:56 Jade Rocher: Teaching again
00:42:58 Laura: meeting the pupils
00:42:58 Danielle Fawcett-Walsh: meeting pupils (and staff)
00:42:59 Hannah Daisy Joy: Being back in front of a class and getting to know the pupils
00:42:59 isabelle hems: Being back in school and teach students in person
00:43:00 Weronika Sobol: Meeting new students and forming relationships
00:43:00 Marty: going back to teach in person
00:43:01 Aurore Doporto: meeting the pupils
00:43:01 Elina Flochon: Going back to work
00:43:04 moxiuxian: Rapport with pupils
00:43:04 Kate Barrett: My own classes
00:43:05 Alice: knowing what day it is again
00:43:06 Bracken Brown: Getting to know my own classes
00:43:08 MICHAELA: Having my own classes and autonomy
00:43:09 Jane Rimmer: working and escaping the house
00:43:10 Karin Jaschke: Meeting ‘my’ classes (and not being observed all the time)
00:43:13 Kirsty Wheelhouse: Meeting my students
00:43:14 Julie Daye: THE CURVE TO FLATTEN
00:43:15 George Tudurean: Doing a couple of relaxing activities
00:43:18 Corinna Schuck: building relationships with the students from the very beginning
00:43:18 Patricia: having my own classes
00:43:18 Barbara Riggott: teaching face to face
00:43:20 Martin Bever: My own classes
00:43:22 Laura: getting outside of the house
00:43:24 Anwen Roys: Meeting everyone and using my stationary
00:43:25 David Shanks: Teaching face-to-face and shiny new stationery 🙂
00:43:40 Paula Hevia: meeting everyone: students and new colleagues
00:43:51 Emily Quested: Having more of those moments that make you smile!
00:44:34 Jane Rimmer: making new work friends
00:44:59 David Shanks: Also – time to prioritise teaching and little/no(!) summer data analysis
00:45:25 Helen Myers: Good point David!
00:47:00 Steven Fawkes: There is no such thing as a stupid question
00:47:05 Judith Rifeser: Such an important point, Verónica, to never be afraid to ask questions, to ask for help, and to check things.
00:49:26 samia saci: check about quarantine if you have to go away for half term
00:53:00 Steven Fawkes: Routines are so important
00:53:11 Helen Myers: Good idea not to make a fuss about not having a book – just give out paper!
00:53:47 Mercedes Antrobus: My school gave us a planner with parents evenings and training days already noted in them
00:53:48 David Shanks: Even well-intentioned questions can be disruptive – “3B Before Me” can work nicely to develop independence – students must first use BRAIN, BOOK, BUDDY – BEFORE asking the teacher a question
00:53:59 Charlotte G: I didn’t think we were allowed to give out stationery – is that right?
00:54:16 Céleste Robillard: Brain Book Buddy Boss we do in my school, it works well
00:54:23 Mercedes Antrobus: That’s what we’ve been told, but we can use whiteboards as long as we wipe them down
00:54:32 Helen Myers: Good point
00:54:36 Karin Jaschke: We’ll have a very strict ‘materials’ regime – nothing to be kept on window sills or desks, cupboards. No sharing between years of equipment.
00:54:42 Fran Taylor: Elephant in the room – social distancing! We can’t have a bunch of kids coming up to grab various resources all at the same time, can we?
00:56:03 Mercedes Antrobus: I understand the handing out of resources like paper are okay, but no pen sharing. The biggest challenge is I think most of us won’t have our own classrooms
00:56:07 Glennis Pye: As far as I can tell from speaking to colleagues from a range of schools, there will be differences from school to school in terms of what’s allowed and what isn’t.
00:56:32 Lissa Cook: I can’t cope with a paper planner. I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet so I can see the whole half-term on one sheet. I then just use my planner for notes. Happy to show the spreadsheet at the end if that’s helpful.
00:57:00 Helen Myers: Thanks Lissa
00:57:09 Charlotte G: I like this idea – I am a spreadsheet nerd
00:57:11 Fran Taylor: Yes Lissa – that’d be fab. I have been wondering what the best way to work will be.
00:57:12 Céleste Robillard: Oh Mr Wonderful
00:57:16 Céleste Robillard: I love this
00:58:14 Ricardo Lampérez: Haha I’m Spanish too and Mr wonderful planners are just the best!
00:58:38 Helen Myers: Mr Wonderful is a revelation to me tonight
00:58:44 jen parque: post it in the planner, what a great idea!
00:59:00 Céleste Robillard: The good thing with Mr Wonderful is that they do stuff in French as well
00:59:09 Steven Fawkes: Important people in school – not just pupils and teachers. Make friends with the caretakers, cleaners and cooks!
00:59:18 Lissa Cook: If anyone would like a copy of my Excel planner to adapt, I can email it. I’m
00:59:55 Steven Fawkes: Many thanks Lissa
01:01:19 Jennifer Eddy: YES! Please make friends with all offices…especially anyone that keeps the keys! You never know if you need equipment and something important your need is behind a locked door! They have saved me many times!
01:01:23 Ricardo Lampérez: What an amazing job Verónica
01:01:36 Lissa Cook: I am a stamp addict. It’s amazing how even Year 10 will love it if you go round and put a smily dinosaur on their books when they’re working well. (Obviously this will depend on social distancing as this may not be possible in all schools this year but you don’t need to touch their books to do it so I’m hoping I can still use them)
01:01:54 Steven Fawkes: Pimp your planner ! A good activity in the Target Language !
01:02:20 Ricardo Lampérez: Great idea Steven!
01:02:21 Judith Rifeser: Fully agree. Say hello and introduce yourself to everyone in your school. It will put a smile on your face and theirs.
01:03:06 Glennis Pye: I think it’s still really important and useful also to think about the things we can do when we’re not in times of social distancing.
01:04:28 Glennis Pye: And the funny moments too!
01:04:30 Cynthia Rozanski: good idea!
01:04:34 Helen Myers: Golden moments – a lovely idea!
01:04:34 Hannah Daisy Joy: Great idea!
01:04:36 Luisa Fernanda Pinzon Garzon: Great!!
01:04:54 David Shanks: Yes! Totally agree Steven. One of the best pieces advice I ever got – have a positive feedback folder in my email and also the teachers drawer
01:05:18 Helen Myers: Nice to have a school ‘good news box’
01:05:26 Judith Rifeser: That is so true, Steven. I have a special folder for “nice words”. I also keep a “treasure box” with post-its and feedback given, cards from students and pupils etc.
01:05:59 Jennifer Eddy: Fabulous idea. Lovely. Everyone has amazing days and not so terrific. Those golden moments keep you focused and moving forward! 🙂
01:07:12 Judith Rifeser: 🙂
01:07:19 isabelle hems: yes
01:07:20 Patricia: yes
01:08:22 jen parque: you can also print your timetable and stick it in your school id card . I found it very useful
01:10:17 Fran Taylor: Nice idea Jen. Someone else I know did that but how do you get it small enough?
01:10:21 Karin Jaschke: Glad to hear that manual tracking may usefully be done manually – that’s my intuition but thought I’m out of synch with spreadsheet imperative
01:12:03 Jane Rimmer: why has nobody got their video on?
01:12:23 Céleste Robillard: I think it’s not to slow the connection
01:12:47 Pilar: Thanks Veronica, very specific and useful 🙂
01:12:54 David Shanks: Hi Jane, it’s to increase bandwidth for the speaker/presentation
01:12:58 jen parque: I have a template. if you want, I could send it to you
01:13:49 Judith Rifeser: Thank you, Glennis. We are also receiving lots of different information from our partnership schools.
01:14:07 Fran Taylor: Thanks Jen –
01:15:38 Helen Myers: 🙂
01:16:04 David Shanks: One thing to consider whatever your system – it can be useful to have parts of it visible to students e.g. you are visibly seen to be recording homework, merits, sanctions, lates – students SEEING you keeping a track can be powerful
01:16:08 Verónica González-Otero: SlidesCarnival (PowerPoint Presentations)
01:16:12 Luisa Fernanda Pinzon Garzon: Thank you very much!
01:16:34 Helen Myers: Can I suggest that you pass email addresses in private chat as the chat is published on our webpage
01:16:38 Ricardo Lampérez: Lissa could I have the Excel planner template? Thank you so much
01:16:39 isabelle hems: Yes please Lissa – it would be great to get the template of your excel
01:16:41 Helen Myers: (I will remove any mails shared so far)
01:17:01 Helen Myers: Happy to host any resources on the webpage if you want to send it anyhting to me
01:18:58 Lissa Cook: Here’s a download link to the excel spreadsheet planner:
01:19:18 David Shanks: The slide template is available here:
01:19:22 Helen Myers: Sorry – Fran has just told me that you cannot send private messages to each other. (Not sure why as I thought I had left this on as a setting!).
01:19:39 Ruby Smith: Thank you so much, Lissa!
01:19:40 StephB: Wow, amazing, thank you for sharing Lissa!!
01:19:41 Lissa Cook: Other top tips: Have a 4-way Bic Biro that you can hang off your lanyard so you always have your own pen (as Veronica says so you don’t have to use spit covered student ones!)
01:20:17 Steven Fawkes: Lanyard pens are a standard freebie at Conferences!
01:20:30 Lissa Cook: Another top tip: Buy a clicker so you can walk around the classroom and still move your Powerpoint. The laserpointer is also really helpful. It’s great to be able to move near a student who’s misbehaving and teach while standing right next to them
01:22:00 George Johnstone: I agree. Having a clicker to move on powerpoint slides was a big help.
01:23:05 Helen Myers: Great to read all of the advice you all have .. please feel free to add in the chat
01:24:33 George Johnstone: Good point Verónica. A clear seating plan organizational system is very useful when first meeting a class!
01:25:01 Helen Myers: My ‘bible’ for classroom management back in 1982 (!) was Michael Marland’s ‘Craft of the Classroom’ .. seating plans key to show whose room it is and avoid complaints if ever you move students (as the original was not the seat they chose)
01:27:17 Ann-Gaëlle Cox: Craft of the Classroom is still available (2nd hand)!
01:27:21 Lissa Cook: I agree – regular ringing of parents is really important. And it’s a lovely thing to do for positive praise. It really lifts your day when you ring and you have something lovely to say it makes you feel brilliant.
01:27:23 David Shanks: Agree Helen – tacitly establishes “my room my rules”. I’ve found Bill Rogers great for behaviour, routines, expectations etc
01:27:58 Lissa Cook: @David I agree Bill Rogers is my bible. I reread the book and re-watch the videos. They are like teacher meditation!
01:28:21 Grace Bentham: What would be your advice on how to seat students? Expecting it to be trial and error but any insights into how you do this for classes for the first time, where you don’t know the students at all yet?
01:29:34 Josefina: Where do the students hold their TAG’s during the lesson?
01:30:03 Helen Myers: Alphabetical boy/girl .. but those who are more likey to be distracted / distracting strategically placed [ask colleagues about pupils. show HOD your plan and they can suggest changes)
01:30:22 Lissa Cook: Top tip for name remembering: I have a reward sheet on the board with all their names in alphabetical order. Tick for each contribution. 3 ticks is HP. Then I can add it to SIMS (our behaviour management system). It really helps me a) to remember their names and b) to keep an eye on who is contributing. My students know I start asking questions to students who don’t put their hand up (this of course depends on anxiety levels & I don’t pick on people in a nasty way)
01:31:13 Judith Rifeser: Bill Roger’s videos are great. Also, I was once given the advice to ring each parent from my form class to introduce myself and say something positive about their child. It was amazing to hear their responses. They were so surprised to receive a positive call. I feel it helped me have the parents on my side for further down the line when issues arose.
01:32:32 Kirsty Wheelhouse: Thank you!
01:32:37 Hannah: I’d love to hear more!
01:32:38 Beth Keegan: Happy to stay!
01:32:38 Céleste Robillard: yes please
01:32:39 isabelle hems: Yes please
01:32:40 Bracken Brown: Definitely happy to stay!
01:32:42 Maria Apalko: Thank you so much!
01:32:43 Christine De Oliveira: yes please!
01:32:46 Jane Rimmer: I’m staying
01:32:48 samia saci: staying
01:32:53 Ricardo Lampérez: I think I have to go, sorry!
01:32:53 Anwen Roys: Me too
01:32:54 Manon Atangana: Happy to stay!
01:32:59 Barbara Riggott: Definitely happy to stay longer
01:33:16 mariana hood: veronica is amazing! thank you
01:33:23 Céleste Robillard: you are doing really well!
01:33:31 samia saci: hhhh, carry on Veronica
01:33:47 Steven Fawkes: Nice feedback is important to everyone 🙂
01:34:07 Lissa Cook: For seating, I have a Powerpoint seating plan. I have a hidden sheet with their SEN and Target grades and other needs so I can remind myself of who is Pupil Premium, ADHD, anxious etc. I have a sheet per class so I can have it on the board. Each student’s name is in a little box so I can shuffle them round as I get to know them and work out the best seating plan over the year.
01:34:08 Helen Myers: BIll Rogers Playlist on YouTube:
01:34:45 Glennis Pye: I came across this on Twitter very recently. It’s a Padlet where MFL teachers are posting ideas for Covid-safe activities. It could prove to be very useful I think and what a great example of collaboration and sharing!!!
01:35:13 mariana hood: could you recommend a good clicker, please. it sounds like a great idea mentioned here. thank you
01:35:41 Steven Fawkes: Yes, ALL is also collating something – look at Home Page of website – all contributions welcome!
01:35:53 Crista Hazell (ALL): So many brilliant ideas here Verónica et al – a fab webinar that will help so many teachers, not just NQTs and RQTs either! Thank you for this evening.
01:36:02 Céleste Robillard: my clicker
01:36:29 George Johnstone: I enjoy meeting the students at the door as well. It is important to think about is your position as it is good to be able to see what is going on both inside and outside the classroom during this process.
01:36:41 Judith Rifeser: I fully second that, Crista. Thank you ever so much, Verónica. So many useful and creative ideas and tips. Thanks so much.
01:36:41 Glennis Pye: My clicker is Knorvay and it’s very good – also pretty cheap I seem to remember! Def one of my favourite pieces of equipment!
01:36:56 Helen Myers: Agreed Crista! And reminding me of things I used to do and have forgotten to do! Page numbering a really good idea
01:37:09 Judith Rifeser: Thank you also so much to each and everyone who shared invaluable ideas and advice here.
01:37:10 Céleste Robillard: Tip for the clicker: always have a spare battery with it in your bag
01:38:44 mariana hood: Thank you for the tip, Celeste
01:38:54 Lissa Cook: This clicker has never failed on me and yes always have spare batteries for everything!
01:39:40 Helen Myers: Such an attractive presentation .. Veronica will share her source with us!
01:40:07 Bracken Brown: My mentor had a tree stamp with light green ink and would stamp any gaps in books, then students knew to go back and use the ‘green tree spaces’ for DIRT etc.
01:40:27 Glennis Pye: Yes and I love your Bitmoji too Veronica!
01:40:34 Lissa Cook: Love the green tree stamp idea
01:40:34 Steven Fawkes: They don’t expect you to remember their names when you meet them 20 years later either 🙂
01:42:35 Steven Fawkes: Very important to keep yourself motivated
01:43:21 Naoual: Thank you very much
01:43:24 Grace Bentham: So helpful and reassuring – thank you Verónica and everyone for your advice 🙂
01:43:24 Carolina Mondéjar: Thank you so much, Verónica! 🙂 Amazing ideas!
01:43:29 Justine Gilberte: Thank you so much for your presentation Veronica!
01:43:33 Céleste Robillard: Thank you !!
01:43:34 Mercedes Antrobus: Thank you!
01:43:36 Glennis Pye: Yes – sooooo important to remember your wellbeing too and that of your students too!
01:43:37 Gili Berman: Thank you so much! Wonderful!
01:43:38 Sabrinamohamed: Thank you very much
01:43:39 Alexandra Cazorla: thank you
01:43:39 Bracken Brown: Thank you, that was brilliant 🙂
01:43:40 Manon Atangana: Thank you so much, that was so useful!!
01:43:42 Anwen Roys: Thank you so much, this was amazing
01:43:42 Katharina: Thank you very much!!!
01:43:42 Cynthia Rozanski: Thank you!
01:43:42 Oria Zehouane: thank you, it was a brilliant presentation
01:43:44 George Tudurean: Thank you Veronica!
01:43:47 Pilar: Gracias Veronica! great stuff!
01:43:47 Anne Untereiner: thank you!!
01:43:48 Kate Barrett: Thank you so much
01:43:48 Kelly Stuck: Thank you – really useful!
01:43:50 MICHAELA: Thank you, so useful!
01:43:50 Lissa Cook: Here’s my Powerpoint seating planner:
01:43:50 jen parque: muchas gracias Verónica
01:43:51 Laura W: Thank you Véronica!
01:43:52 Helen Barker: Thank you!
01:43:53 David Shanks: Brilliant presentation Veronica, many thanks 🙂
01:43:54 Barbara Riggott: Thank you!
01:43:55 Helen Myers: Thanks so much Veronica.. so many ideas for teachers at any stage
01:43:57 Alex Tavernier: Thank you so much!
01:43:57 Christine De Oliveira: it was great! many many thanks!
01:43:59 Angelica Malavolti: Muchas gracias Veronica
01:43:59 StephB: Thank you so much and well done on this very useful presentation! You smashed it Veronica!!
01:44:00 Caroline Martel: Thank you so much!it was amazing
01:44:03 Lissa Cook: That was great – it is a brilliant job!
01:44:03 Charlie: Thank you kindly Veronica, cracking presentation
01:44:04 isabelle hems: Thanks Veronica for sharing your approach and your great suggestions! Great presentation! And thanks to ALL for organising the webinar
01:44:04 Laura: Muchas gracias. ecelente
01:44:05 Josefina: Thank you.
01:44:06 Jennifer Eddy: Thank you so much!
01:44:11 Honnorine.Harbridge: Thank you so much
01:44:12 Elina Flochon: Thank you Veronica for sharing your ideas, very useful!
01:44:16 Alejandro Sanz: Muchas gracias 🙂
01:44:16 Stuart Adams: thank you so much
01:44:17 Hannah: Amazing! Thank you so much!!
01:44:18 Marty: muchas gracias Verónica!
01:44:21 lealenclud: Thank you!!
01:44:23 Alice: This has been so nice to get back thinking of school again, and reduced my anxiety so much! Great presentation Veronica, thank you
01:44:24 Christina Fee: Gracias Verónica
01:44:25 Ann-Gaëlle Cox: Thank you Veronica, very helpful!
01:44:26 Beth Keegan: That was great – thank you 🙂
01:44:26 Miss Miller: Thank you!
01:44:27 Thomas Emerson: Thank you Verónica!
01:44:27 Ruby Smith: Thank you so much, it’s been brilliant
01:44:31 Marion Leroux: Thank you so much for this, I’ve learnt a lot !!
01:44:33 Luisa Fernanda Pinzon Garzon: Thank you… 🙂
01:44:33 Danielle Fawcett-Walsh: SO many great tips, thank you!!
01:44:34 Marc Guffick: Great presentation. Thanks so much!
01:44:35 Karine Combemorel: Thank you very much !!
01:44:38 Marion Leroux: m
01:44:39 Émilie Gillet: It was an amazing presentation, ¡muchas gracias Veronica!
01:44:39 Inés Molina: Muchas gracias, Verónica!! Me ha encantado 🙂
01:44:45 Eva Kovacikova: Thank you Veronica. Great ideas!
01:44:47 samia saci: it has been very informative
01:44:49 Helen Myers: Feel free to open your webcams.. it would be great to hav ea big selfie of us all!
01:44:52 jayne: Thank you. What was your spiderweb game with the wool?
01:44:53 Elena Jin Wang: Muchas Gracias Verónica! 🙂
01:44:53 Melissa Mountford: Muchísimas gracias Verónica
01:44:53 Judith Rifeser: Thank you so much, Verónica. What a brilliant and positive webinar packed with lots and lots ideas.
01:44:59 Martin Bever: Thank you very much. Really useful.
01:45:07 Marion Leroux: Muchas gracias Véronica !!
01:45:07 Emily Quested: Thank you Verónica!
01:45:08 Karin Jaschke: Thank you Veronica!!
01:45:16 Beth Taylor: thank you Veronica
01:45:20 Marie Paras: Thank you!
01:45:23 susan: Thanks Veronica!!
01:45:30 Judith Rifeser: Keep up the amazing work.
01:45:35 Glennis Pye: Great stuff Veronica!
01:45:39 samia saci: not dressed properly tonight sorry Helen
01:45:41 Ruta Dulbinska: Excellent! It was a pleasure listening to you!
01:46:12 Glennis Pye: Nice to see some familiar faces here too!
01:46:27 David Shanks: Thanks so much Veronica:) Here is a little blog post of some alternative back-to-school ideas you might find interesting
01:47:20 Marion Leroux: Thank you so much for this, it’s really reassuring !
01:47:51 Jennifer Eddy: Elizabeth, your surname is the same as my grandfather’s! Nice to see the name 🙂 Best wishes teaching 🙂
01:47:55 Hannah: I love your positivity!
01:49:30 Kelly Stuck: Hello Laura!
01:49:34 Jennifer Eddy: brilliant, yes they remember these cultural pieces. They make the learning so meaningful and relevant to them.
01:49:45 Laura: I saw you
01:50:01 Kelly Stuck: I can see you too
01:51:44 Karin Jaschke: David, could you note these down? I’ve lost track just then but sounded really interesting.
01:51:45 Judith Rifeser: fully agree, David. So important.
01:52:14 David Shanks: Hi Karin – here’s a link
01:52:21 Karin Jaschke: Thanks!
01:52:34 Marion Leroux: I’m an NQT myself, but I wish good luck to everyone !
01:53:04 Steven Fawkes:
01:53:08 Marion Leroux: We’ve done this training year to be here, so hang on and live it to the fullest!
01:53:09 Beth Keegan: Did anyone say we could access the chat after the end of the webinar?
01:53:40 Grace Bentham: Yes please!
01:54:33 Fran Taylor: Thank you so much
01:54:47 Helen Myers: Yes – I put the chat on the webpage ..
01:55:01 Christine De Oliveira: thank you to all participants and speakers
01:55:04 larissa: Thank you very much!
01:55:06 Helen Myers: I think you can download the chat here?
01:55:12 David Shanks: I reminder: for those who aren’t yet members, the join ALL link is There you can see a list of all the many benefits of joining ALL and your discount code is WEBINAR10 🙂
01:55:21 Beth Keegan: Thank you!
01:55:24 samia saci: yes
01:55:34 Céleste Robillard: it’s on the 3 dots to save the chat
01:56:32 Marion Leroux: I have a question for Veronica if possible
01:57:11 Judith Rifeser: Let’s continue to celebrate and promote languages, language learning, language teaching and all the languages we all speak, in school, at home, wherever we go (physically and virtually)
01:57:29 Marion Leroux: I am a French native speaker, and I’ve learnt Spanish before, and I was asked to teach only Spanish, so I was wondering of you had some advice
01:57:37 Hannah: Can we order these flashcards online?
01:57:48 samia saci: me too Lissa
01:57:53 isabelle hems: Watching boxsets in TL on Netflix is great to help maintaining your languages
01:58:06 Marion Leroux: I’ve veen learning Spanish for like 10 years, is that enough ?
01:58:08 samia saci: I just learnt Spanish
01:58:38 Lissa Cook: Yes – seriously, I started learning Spanish in 2018 and did my A-level last year.
01:58:54 Céleste Robillard: I’m sure you will be fine Marion, I have the same experience as you and I am fine teaching Spanish
01:58:56 Glennis Pye: I also believe that in some ways teaching a language which is not your native language is easier!
01:59:01 Céleste Robillard: You will always know more than them
01:59:09 Pilar: I am glad to hear this!
01:59:21 David Shanks: A few years back I did Spanish GCSE alongside my GCSE French class, modelled my exam prep, sat it in the hall with the students 🙂
01:59:22 Verónica González-Otero:
01:59:23 Lissa Cook: Fine someone in your department to practice with (or it might have to be someone outside of school). Swap your French skills
01:59:32 MICHAELA: I use these
01:59:36 Marion Leroux: Thank you so much for all this !!!
01:59:41 Judith Rifeser: So true to share your own language learning. You might also like to get pupils to teach you phrases in their home languages. It helps them build confidence and shows them that you value the languages they know. Include extra lines in knowledge organisers/glossaries etc. for their home languages as well.
01:59:52 Marion Leroux: You are awesome !!
02:00:02 MICHAELA:
02:00:18 Fran Taylor: I’m learning Spanish and hope to teach it alongside Fr & Ger one day.
02:00:33 Fran Taylor: 10 years is great!
02:00:45 Pilar: I do Spanish and German and been asked to teach Y7 French too. I am very nervous about it!
02:02:05 Marion Leroux: Thank you so much Veronica, this is excellent advice !
02:02:19 Lissa Cook: I have this quote stuck to my computer from a David Sedaris book: Teaching leaves you with a constant feeling of deceiving people, that you know nothing they don’t or couldn’t learn on their own if they cared to.”
02:02:57 Pilar: Great, thanks.
02:02:58 Lissa Cook: Teachers are super lovely people and love helping and supporting. People with want to share lessons and resources with you.
02:03:04 Bracken Brown: That’s reassuring, my degree is in German and Religion but I have a job teaching German and French, which I hadn’t studied/ practised since A level, so thank you for the advice and reassurance 🙂
02:03:27 samia saci: Coffee Break Spanish podcasts are very useful I found
02:03:32 Lissa Cook: Try and have at least one night a week where you don’t do any work after the school day
02:03:33 Céleste Robillard: Also join Twitter if you haven’t as a lot of people are sharing resources on there!
02:03:37 Marion Leroux: Can we get some help if we were asked to teach Spanish when hired when stated earlier that another language was a specially
02:03:52 Céleste Robillard: It has helped me in Spanish which is not my main language
02:04:12 Pilar: Thank you!
02:05:26 Jennifer Eddy: Thank you again Veronica and ALL and for this webinar and Best of luck to everyone! It’s wonderful to see so many new language teachers for our profession! Take care always, Dr. Jennifer Eddy, Queens College, City University of New York. @WorldLanguageEd
02:05:35 Marion Leroux: I have trouble speaking Spanish as a “natural” language in the classroom (like small words or reactions I only have in French, eg “ça suffit”) do you have any advice?
02:05:44 Lissa Cook: @Marion – there’s no budget at my school so I pay for private lessons with our TA in Spanish
02:05:45 Pilar: Thanks all! so helpful!
02:05:50 samia saci: thank you everyone
02:06:02 Gili Berman: Thank you everyone! This was really useful!
02:06:02 Paula Hevia: thank you!
02:06:03 Glennis Pye: What a great evening! Good luck everyone as you begin your NQT posts!
02:06:06 Karin Jaschke: Could you not perhaps run a ‘lightly’ themed session every week, like a drop in meeting where we can exchange experiences and ask questions?
02:06:06 Céleste Robillard: Thank you so much
02:06:08 Grace Bentham: Thank you!!
02:06:55 Helen Myers: Karin – I like that idea
02:07:05 Marion Leroux: Thank you so much for this, its really helpful
02:07:09 Bracken Brown: Thank you!
02:07:13 samia saci: I agree
02:07:14 George Johnstone: Thank you Verónica. Great advice!
02:07:52 Karin Jaschke: And BBC note: face masks to be mandatory in secondaries. Just came in. … (!)
02:07:57 Karin Jaschke: Great!
02:07:57 Grace Bentham: It would be really helpful to have drop-in sessions!
02:08:14 Paula Hevia: Coping with planning?
02:08:18 Karin Jaschke: Yes!!
02:08:20 isabelle hems: Surviving the first few weeks….
02:08:26 Karin Jaschke: Yes!!
02:08:26 Charlie: Thank you for all the advice and inspiration. Drop in sessions sounds great.
02:08:30 Hannah: yes to stationary!!
02:08:33 Céleste Robillard: Behaviour ideas that work
02:08:33 Bracken Brown: Yes to stationery!
02:08:40 David Shanks: Whats working well?
02:08:40 Justine Gilberte: Yes for the stationnery ahah
02:08:53 Grace Bentham: Tracking progress and ideas post covid
02:08:58 Marion Leroux: Lots of highlighters !!
02:09:01 Fran Taylor: Thanks Veronica
02:09:09 Kelly Stuck: That would take Bracken Brown a long time – to show her new stationery…
02:09:17 Verónica González-Otero: Thanks to all of you
02:09:24 Verónica González-Otero: It has been a lovely experience
02:09:34 Marion Leroux: Highlighters and post-it notes !!!
02:09:36 Bracken Brown: @Kelly that’s true!
02:09:38 Laura: Thank you Veronica
02:09:41 mariana hood: Many thanks Veronica and to Lissa for sharing the Excel planner ! amazing evening
02:09:44 Judith Rifeser: Thank you everyone. NQTs, wishing you a fantastic start. Enjoy it and be patient with yourself and your colleagues, like you are with your pupils.
02:10:07 Paula Hevia: Thank you Judith! 🙂
02:10:21 Marion Leroux: Thank you you’ve all reassured me regarding what I’ve learnt during my two trimesters training
02:10:24 Marie Paras: Thanks a lot!
02:10:26 Jennifer Eddy: Wonderful learning from all of you. This is a terrific space for sharing! Thank you 🙂
02:10:31 Hannah: bye everyone!
02:10:32 Kelly Stuck: Thank you! I have to go – bye Bracken and Laura!!!
02:10:34 isabelle hems: Thanks everyone!
02:10:34 Manon Atangana: Thanks a lot for this Verónica – it was very reassuring and made me feel excited for September!
02:10:36 Pilar: Night!
02:10:38 Elizabeth Ayres: thank you!
02:10:38 Corinna Schuck: Where can we find the recording of the session again? I missed a bit in between
02:10:41 samia saci: bye
02:10:42 Marion Leroux: bye, thanks a lot !!!
02:10:43 Sabrinamohamed: Bye, thank you 🙂
02:10:43 Bracken Brown: Thank you, bye!
02:10:59 Judith Rifeser: My pleasure, Paula. You’ll be fantastic!
02:11:01 Corinna Schuck: Thank you so much, it’s been great and very useful!
02:11:12 Corinna Schuck: perfect, thanks Helen
02:11:23 Elina Flochon: Thank you very muc, bye!
02:11:46 Amandine Briand: Merci beaucoup 🙂 Have a lovely evening!
02:12:13 Marion Leroux: y’a fes français sinon ici ?
02:12:50 Marion Leroux: des * pardon my French comme on dit
02:13:40 Judith Rifeser: Fantastic idea, Karin. Lovely to meet you.