Making a good start 2021: An ALL August Webinar for ECTs

31st August 2021

Many thanks to Verónica González Otero whose session was so popular last year, and who accepted our offer to be the main presenter again for our August webinar for ECTs.  Fresh back from her beautiful wedding, her enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment to students shone through and you can see by the flood of chat just how much she  delighted the attendees.

We look forward to hosting participants at our ‘Third Thursday’ series –  a social event for beginning teachers – trainees, NQTs and ECTs.  All welcome – please sign up on Eventbrite here.


Link to ALL webpage dedicated to ECTs and including Steven’s Useful List : ALL as your Language teaching career begins

Link to beautiful PowerPoint presentation download from Veronica’s OneDrive

Class photo! (Some of the 130+ who attended)

Chat: (also pasted below) ALL August 2021 ECT Chat

ALL organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room and also viewable on an unlisted YouTube stream, is open to all MFL teachers, but especially relevant to NQTs.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

We thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise.  The  session will be recorded and available for viewing later.


Making a good start.

In this webinar guests give their personal guide to support and reassure ECTs who are about to start out on their professional career.


Verónica González Otero is and English and Languages teacher originally from Cádiz, Spain, and is now teaching in the North-East of England.

Veronica will be joined by Members of ALL’s ITET community (ITET = Initial Teacher Education and Training)

Steven Fawkes (ALL Trustee) will co-host aong with members of ALL’s ITET community.


00:32:16 Judith Rifeser: Thank you so much for joining us tonight here at ALL. It is fantastic to see you here.
00:33:37 C Gomez: I’m Carely, ECT from Nottingham, I teach Spanish
00:34:16 ALL London: Great to see where you all come from – please do keep introducing yourselves!
00:34:16 Judith Rifeser: You can find out more about ALL here: There is a special rate for trainee teachers and ECTs:
00:34:18 Laura Fivet: I’m Laura, based in Dunstable, teaching French and Spanish
00:34:46 Holly Price: I’m Holly, based in Somerset, teaching French and Spanish 🙂
00:36:46 Judith Rifeser: Good evening to you all. I am Judith. I am a German/Spanish teacher, I am the Deputy Honorary Membership Officer at ALL and I co-lead the PGCE Sec Programme for Modern Languages at Goldsmiths, London. So great to see you here tonight.
00:37:30 Judith Rifeser: Please join our ALL community:
00:38:27 Judith Rifeser: Our events:
00:38:37 ALL London: Good evening – I’m Helen Myers, an ALL trustee and chair of the ALL London branch
00:39:22 Judith Rifeser: ALL London webinars curated by the extraordinary Helen Myers:
00:39:49 ALL London: You can sign up for any or all of the ‘Third Thursday’ socials here..
00:40:47 Judith Rifeser: Here is the site to the webpage Steven is introducing to you here:
00:40:47 ALL London: Here’s a link to your ECT section!
00:42:37 ALL London: Welcome to those joining us.. please do introduce yourselves!
00:43:39 Mayte Romero Soriano: Hola everyone! a Spanish (Murcia) living in Cambridge
00:43:44 Carmen: Hello everyone, I’m Carmen Medina. English teacher at a government-funded school in Antequera, in the south of Spain.
00:44:15 Laura Jaffe: Please can you tell us more – what does it mean, decolonising the curriculum?
00:45:06 Laila El-Kheshen: Congrats Verónica!
00:45:12 Santi: congratulations!
00:45:24 Laura Jaffe: Congrats!
00:45:28 Aleera Alam: Congratulations!!!!
00:45:29 Pilar: si
00:45:34 Pilar: Felicidades!
00:45:39 bethanyfleming: Yeah we can see, and congratulations! 🙂
00:45:57 G.Chen-Prosser: Congratulations!
00:45:59 Judith Rifeser: Felicidades!
00:46:22 ALL London: I’ve seen the wedding photos – they are fabulous! (Perhaps we can ask her to share one at the end!)
00:47:00 Flo Davis: Meeting all my students!
00:47:03 G.Chen-Prosser: Most looking forward to meeting my new pupils!
00:47:04 Jess Simms: meeting my students!
00:47:05 Nikki Tomlinson: Meeting my pupils 🙂
00:47:05 Jemima Poffley: Meeting new students and being back in the classroom
00:47:06 Laura Fivet: meeting the students
00:47:07 Pilar: Meeting the pupils!
00:47:07 Charlotte Finn: Getting to teach German to A level
00:47:10 Paola Huertas: Meeting the students
00:47:12 bethanyfleming: Meeting the students 😀
00:47:12 Wilmer Newland: To get to half term in one piece
00:47:13 Charlotte Finn: And meeting pupils
00:47:14 Aleera Alam: Meeting students
00:47:15 Megan E Watts: Meeting the students and getting to know them
00:47:17 Emily Cox: Meeting my students and the MFL department!
00:47:18 Mary Cornes: having a nice classroom full of pupils
00:47:18 Coralie Froeliger: having my own classroom
00:47:19 Laura Jaffe: Getting to know a new school
00:47:19 Mayte Romero Soriano: Builing a relation with the students
00:47:21 Laila El-Kheshen: meeting all the students 🙂 especially Y7 as we will be on the same boat
00:47:22 Ahmed, Yasmin: Experimenting with classroom activities
00:47:24 Katarzyna Koniusz: Meeting my students!
00:47:32 samia saci: feedback on my first lesson
00:47:32 Phoebe James: Having a bit more freedom – not being observed 100% of the time!
00:47:39 bethanyfleming: Joining my new department and collaborating with the other teachers
00:47:41 Holly Price: Being more creative in lessons
00:47:42 Alyson Coombes: getting back in the classroom after the summer break and being a form tutor 🙂
00:47:50 Elliot Koubis: Teaching Latin for the first time… XD
00:47:56 Catherine Dawson: getting settled in after good break!
00:48:01 bethanyfleming: Routine
00:48:08 ALL London: Phoebe – yes – that’s a liberating feeling!
00:49:53 Nikki Tomlinson: Such a relief to hear that, that’s very like me too!
00:50:28 Steven: No such thing as a stupid question
00:51:27 Steven: Policies on things like discipline strategies do vary
00:51:44 Susana Redondo Vera: Sorry, I realised this is all for trainee teachers. Lovely though. 20 years teaching here and I will leave now. Thank ALL so much for making this happen. They need help these days. I will pass this on to new teachers in my department. Gracias
00:52:40 Carmen Medina: Likewise. Thank you. Good luck everyone!
00:53:02 ALL London: I agree – no point in getting into an argument about stationery with pupils!
00:53:03 Victoria: Always wondered, are school meant to provide glues, dictionaries, etc? Or it’s up to the teachers to get those materials?
00:53:23 Victoria: schools*
00:54:02 Steven: Depends on the dept but most would buy some stuff like that . You might want your own though ?
00:54:09 ALL London: Different schools have different expectations – but education is free in the UK
00:54:31 Steven: Very important t have a non-tech activity in reserve
00:55:25 Judith Rifeser: Agreed. Always have some non-tech activities up your sleeve, just in case.
00:56:08 Nikki Tomlinson: I use this! Great for prioritising tasks
00:56:31 Catherine Dawson: Is anyone else waiting to make plans for displays etc until they get into school? My walls might be empty for ages because I’ll have so much to do but don’t see any point/don’t have access to printing or backing paper etc!
00:56:40 Judith Rifeser: I love the post-it notes. Mine are so boring!
00:56:54 Nikki Tomlinson: Yes, I’m the same Catherine – was advised as much by my HoD
00:57:03 ALL London: Catherine – different schools have different policies about display
00:57:09 Phoebe James: I hoped to get into my classroom over the summer but just wasn’t able! Going to have to do it bit by bit when we go back
00:57:20 Jemima Poffley: I am waiting until I get into school to do displays! Will work round the room bit by bit
00:57:23 Laura Jaffe: Catherine yes because I expect to find this out at inset tomorrw
00:58:00 Steven: Your SEND coordinator is a key contact to make 🙂
00:58:06 Catherine Dawson: Great thanks everyone!
00:58:26 Steven: Also your caretaker
01:00:12 Charlie Berney ML Tutor: Make friends with the IT team – thank them for setting up your laptop / passwords with a little box of chocolates…they will remember you when you need help in the year
01:00:30 ALL London: Excellent advice Charlie!
01:01:27 samia saci: where do you buy all these organisers? Any good Websites pls
01:03:05 ALL London: Veronica has recommended ‘Mr Wonderful’ planners before!
01:03:14 Judith Rifeser: Thank you so much for mentioning that, Verónica! So good to say hi and learn their names as well. It makes a real difference.
01:03:18 Nikki Tomlinson: I have a question about advice on setting up a book-marking schedule – this might be covered later
01:03:30 ALL London: we can check with her if it does not come up
01:05:10 Charlie Berney ML Tutor: The cleaners will really thank you if you ensure your room is tidy. They aren’t there to pick up paper off the floor etc. Make students check under their desk before they leave the room. Put a bin at the door for them to drop in the rubbish.
01:05:53 Steven: Encorage curiosity!
01:06:09 Steven: = Encourage
01:11:48 Flo Davis: Would you do name tags with every year, or just KS3?
01:12:43 Jemima Poffley: How would you introduce expectations for an older class (Y10/11)?
01:12:47 Mayte Romero Soriano: Could you post the icebreaker link please?
01:13:28 Juliette I K Gorb: Where will we be able to find this powerpoint afterwards? It’s so so helpful! Thank you Verónica!
01:13:38 Alexandra von Rönn: May we receive to PPT later, for access to the links?
01:13:40 Judith Rifeser: @Jemima You might like to ask them what they think the expectations should be, giving them ownership of their learning.
01:13:52 Catherine Moorhouse: how does the nametag task work? do they bring the name tag each lesson then for the first few lessons?
01:14:01 Glenn Cake: Can you put the link in the chat please ?
01:14:09 Steven: It will be on the ALL ECT webpage I mentioned before. The link is in the Chat
01:14:26 ALL London: Yes – I will put presentation and video on the ALL London site and send you the address via Eventbrite
01:14:44 Alexandra von Rönn: Thank you 🙂
01:14:46 ALL London: (Sorry – what Steven said!)
01:15:54 Cecilia Palmer: sorry, that was my child
01:16:08 Laila El-Kheshen: I’m interested to know what kind of table set-up you are going for and why. I’d love to go for a U-shape style but haven’t been able to do this during my PGCE placements. Opinions?
01:16:25 Charlie Berney ML Tutor: No worries, Cecilia
01:16:42 Charlotte Finn: Would the survey etc be done in the TL?
01:18:31 ALL London: Here’s the survey I do in French – a word doc
01:19:10 Phoebe James: Thank you for this document – would this be for KS3/KS4?
01:20:09 ALL London: I use it for both – it’s very simple. I tell them it is so that I can adapt the lessons to their interests.
01:22:53 Some schools use Team now and One note for homework which is much quicker I think
01:24:15 Megan E Watts: How often would you recommend collecting books to mark? I.e. how many times per half term/term?
01:25:15 Laura Jaffe: Vocaroo is very good for sending a verbal voice note – you just send them a link
01:28:14 ALL London: I really like this idea of having a class book ‘model’
01:28:53 Laura Fivet: if you have a class with plenty of SEND pupils where most of them have autism and ADHD, would you still do the Survey during the first lesson or do you have some advice for that specific group?
01:28:54 Laila El-Kheshen: hahahah – I have learned that the hard way!
01:29:17 Laila El-Kheshen: (the one copy at a time thing)”
01:31:10 Aleera Alam: Same!!
01:33:02 Charlie Berney ML Tutor: Having page numbers means you can also keep the front page for a ‘contents’ page.
01:34:16 ALL London: I also put a number at the top right of the cover of their exercise book / tests to make it easier to put in alphabetical order before marking / entering grades.
01:34:27 Charlie Berney ML Tutor: I always photocopied the best / clearest work in books and created my own ‘model book’ – great for students who are away, lost books etc – they have a good version to copy from. If there are really pertinent mitigating circumstances (eg one of mine had a house fires) I then had a complete year’s work for them which I photocopied to create a replacement book.
01:34:45 ALL London: Great idea Charlie
01:34:46 Phoebe James: That is a handy idea to number the books in alphabetical order!!
01:36:18 ALL London: I love the way the underlined colours matched the pencils!
01:36:29 Laila El-Kheshen: @Charlie, that’s great! will do that from now on! Thank you 🙂
01:36:42 Catherine Dawson: I love that advice for the model book 🙂
01:36:45 Charlie Berney ML Tutor: Collect the books in for marking open on the page to start marking…saves so much hassle finding the page.
01:36:53 Aleera Alam: Love that Charlie!!
01:37:05 Glenn Cake: Bravo Veronica !!!
01:37:12 James Tayler: Thank you Veronica
01:37:16 G.Chen-Prosser: Thank you very much
01:37:17 Charlotte Finn: No questions nut thank you very much!
01:37:17 Mayte Romero Soriano: Gracias Verónica. I got touched and emotion by your passion and enthusiasm
01:37:18 Juliette I K Gorb: thank you Veronica!
01:37:20 Mayte Romero Soriano: GRACIAAAS
01:37:20 Nikki Tomlinson: Gracias Verónica!
01:37:23 Mara R: Some great ideas. Thank youuuu
01:37:24 Coralie Froeliger: do you spend more time on routines (more than 1 lesson) with years 7?
01:37:24 Pilar: Gracias Veronica!
01:37:25 Chris Walker: Thank you!
01:37:26 Laila El-Kheshen: Thank you so much Veronica!
01:37:26 bethanyfleming: That was sooooooo helpful thank you SO MUCH Veronica!!!
01:37:26 Katwala, Lina: Thank you!
01:37:28 Amal M’Rini: Thank you Veronica
01:37:34 Mary Cornes: thank you!
01:37:35 Laura Jaffe: Amazing, thanks Veronica
01:37:37 ALL London: To be honest, after 35 years of teaching, you keep learning new techniques – love these ideas!
01:37:37 Holly Price: Gracias!
01:37:41 Phoebe MH: Thank you very much Veronica!!
01:37:42 Mara R: And thank you to you guys in the chat. Some amazing ones in here too x
01:37:47 Elliot Koubis: ¡Gracias, Verónica!
01:37:47 Jeremy Farinos: Thank you Veronica : )
01:37:47 Natacha: tks so much great energy, motivates me
01:37:49 Victoria: That was suuuuper helpful! Thank you so much for all the pieces of advice
01:37:49 Joanne Woodhouse: Thanks so much Veronica
01:37:49 India Ashmore: Thank you Veronica!
01:37:53 Espanol Con Rosa: ¡Verónica, Gracias por tu presentación!
01:37:53 Aleera Alam: Thank you!!!
01:37:54 Megan E Watts: Thank you!
01:37:55 Mariona Morera: Muchas gracias Veronica!!! 🙂
01:37:59 Matthew Turner: Thank you Verónica!
01:37:59 Wilmer Newland: I have a question what would you change if you didn’t have your own classroom this is my situation in September
01:38:04 ALL London: I’ll be asking you to open your videos soon so that we can have a class photo!! (Not compulsory!)
01:38:06 Alexandra von Rönn: gracias
01:38:08 Ray: Muchísimas gracias 😊
01:38:11 Judith Rifeser: So many fantastic ideas, advice and tips and tricks. Thank you so much, Verónica!
01:38:13 Sarah Acher: Thank you very much!
01:38:16 Christine Rooney: Thank you so much
01:38:17 katherine buck: Muchísimas gracias!
01:38:20 Santi: Muchas gracias, Verónica! Amazing webinar
01:38:26 Jess Simms: thank you so much Verónica!
01:38:29 Ben Courtenay: So helpful, thank you very much!
01:38:32 C Gomez: Gracias Veronica!! Tienes una energia maravillosa!!
01:38:34 Nathalie 🐙: Thank you, lovely clear steps for first. 2 lessons. All the best for the start of the new term
01:38:36 Wilmer Newland: muchas gracias Buena suerte
01:38:36 bethanyfleming: Yes sorry I have to leave now, but thank you so much ALL and Veronica that was amazing! I hope the ppt can be shared with us later x
01:39:02 Aleera Alam: So would you say the first week is to get to know them more than active teaching the language 🙂
01:39:18 Laila El-Kheshen: It says I am not allowed to turn on Camera because the host has blocked it hahah
01:39:33 Mayte Romero Soriano: Thanks Helen!!!
01:39:38 Mayte Romero Soriano: Thank you to all the ALL TEAM
01:40:01 Paule O: a quick question please i have started my nqt in Jan2021 and validated my 2 semesters. now, its ECT, will it still last 1 year or last? I’m a bit confused with it. thanks 😊
01:40:08 Mayte Romero Soriano: could you please repeat the instructions for enrolling the ALL as NQT member, please?
01:41:28 Phoebe James: Thank you very much – buenas noches!
01:41:41 Laura Jaffe: Thank you ALL for organising this really helpful event. Good luck everyone!
01:42:17 Charlie Berney ML Tutor: Cheap trolley here:
01:42:39 Steven: Join here :
01:42:53 Judith Rifeser: Wishing you all a fantastic start to the new academic year! And, please consider becoming a member and joining our ALL community.
01:43:00 Doug Chamberlain: It’s probably one for another session, but I think I gleaned that Veronica uses a powerpoint for every lesson. How do you do this? Preparation time, and managing the files?
01:43:51 Paule O: thank you
01:44:05 Jemima Poffley: thank you
01:44:42 Pilar: Good night everyone! Thanks a lot!
01:44:49 Rebecca Colling: Thank you very much ALL – the session has been really useful!
01:44:55 S.Khalifa: thank you everyone! All the best 🙂
01:45:10 Laura Fivet: thank you for your answer 🙂
01:46:40 Nathalie 🐙: I find the grammar pages of ppts then you can post them to the VLE easily for revision etc
01:46:42 Doug Chamberlain: Thanks for the answers!
01:47:53 Nathalie 🐙: Oops, I meant I save the grammar pages (as pdf) then you can quickly reuse as needed
01:48:47 Coralie Froeliger: thank you so much!
01:48:47 Santi: Thanks a lot to everyone
01:48:55 Mary Cornes: thanks !
01:48:56 Aleera Alam: Thank you !!!
01:49:04 katherine buck: thank you!
01:49:07 samia saci: Thank you
01:49:14 Katarzyna Koniusz: Thank you!
01:49:20 Mayte Romero Soriano: Gracias everyoneeeee. you are a wonderful languages community!
01:49:24 Maria Concetta Brigandì: Thank you! Bye 🙂
01:49:24 Dawn: Thank you
01:49:29 Mayte Romero Soriano: HAve a wonderful time!!!
01:49:32 Wilmer Newland: bye
01:49:35 Doug Chamberlain: Thank you ALL and have a great year!
01:49:37 Verónica González: Thank you to everyone!
01:49:43 Nikki Tomlinson: Thank you all!
01:49:46 Laila El-Kheshen: HAve a good evening and good luck tomorrow!!
01:49:55 Jeremy Farinos: Adios todosd!