A TiLT Webinar with Dr Felix Kronenberg: The new normal – Rethinking hybrid course design


Dr Felix Kronenberg’s session is absolutely packed with ideas about how we can adapt to ‘the new normal’ of pivoting between pure tech teaching and no-tech teaching along the spectrum of hybridity, while still maintaining our defined curriculum objectives. 

In the first part he gives a clear outline of how to manage courses so as to give access to all (using the design image of a ‘ramp’  which needs to be built into a building from the start rather than ‘added on’ later, and showing how important it is to share clear learning objectives and associated resources with students in a central, accessible location).  As for activities, he draws on his experience, both recent and past, of motivating  learners, for example, offering stimulating collaborative ventures (e.g. creating a virtual online town and inhabitants) and  gamifying a list of ‘missions’, earning points which have a real reward for the student.



The coming months will be a challenging time for language educators. We will need to be able to teach in potentially shifting learning spaces – online, face-to-face, or hybrid. There will be the expectation to be able to pivot quickly and adjust to changing situations.

There can be a positive outcome if we design our courses with learning goals in mind. We will be forced to rethink these goals and create different pathways to reach them. In a post pandemic word, this can lead to more engaging and more equitable language curricula.

In addition, Dr. Kronenebrg will illustrate these concepts with concrete technologies that can be used in both technology enhanced face-to-face classes as well as online curricula.

In this webinar, Dr. Felix Kronenberg (Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics & Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages and Director of the Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA) at Michigan State University) will share the situation from a U.S. perspective.

More information about CeLTA can be found here: https://celta.msu.edu/


We thank Dr. Felix Kronenberg, who has given freely of his  time and expertise.

Dr. Felix Kronenberg is the Director of the Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA) and an Associate Professor of German in the Department of Linguistics & Germanic, Slavic, Asianand African Languages at Michigan State University. His main research is about physical, virtual, and hybrid (language) learning spaces.

Dr. Kronenberg is the immediate past-president of the International Association for Language Learning Technology and an advisory board member of the Learning Spaces Collaboratory. He has served as the president of the SouthWest Association for Language Learning Technology, has been a fellow for the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education, and has been a learning spaces and language center design consultant for various colleges and universities. He has been a keynote and plenary speaker at local, state, regional, national and international conferences.

Professional homepage: http://felixkronenberg.com/


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00:42:54          Helen Myers:  I like the terminology: ‘pivoting’

00:43:15          Helen McFarlane:       Like choreography!

00:46:13          Helen Myers:  Great metaphor – all able to use the ramp

00:47:24          Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: Yes, it is great! Good imagery!

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00:49:32          Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: about on-line autumn Term on-line

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00:51:45          Helen McFarlane:       I like the design of the course – there are so many reasons to promote flexibility and student access

00:52:59          Joe Dale:         20q.net

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00:55:05          Joe Dale:         tabletopia.com

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00:58:06          Helen Myers:  Great ideas there

00:59:58          Helen Myers:  A very helpful definition here

01:00:36          Helen Myers:  Pure tech / no tech / spectrum of hybridity in between

01:04:05          Joe Dale:         http://www.pfefferhausen.org/projectinformation/

01:04:09          Helen McFarlane:       @Felix – such good, practical advice, thank you – it’s natural for teachers to panic about how many apps (etc.) are out there – the pressure to be quite expert s on, thanks to high (external) expectations ! It takes time to learn to navigate an app really well. 🙂

01:05:26          Florence Barats:         Q what was the French equivalent of Pfefferhausen?

01:05:53          Debbie McCorkle:      What a great idea!

01:05:55          Helen Myers:  Loving this idea… a more accessible version of  being in a virtual 3D world

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01:06:42          Joe Dale:         I’ll ask Florence

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01:07:52          Elena Luchina:           how do you create a fake map?

01:08:05          Joe Dale:         That was with Popplet

01:09:03          Joe Dale:         chore wars

01:09:15          Helen Myers:  I need a to do app

01:09:49          Joe Dale:         todoist is popular

01:12:43          Elena Luchina:           I’m wondering how to track progress in points in LMS

01:13:11          Helen Myers:  Just great ideas

01:13:15          Joe Dale:         Google Form / MS Form?

01:17:53          Joe Dale:         https://www.goosechase.com/

01:18:57          Helen Myers:  Q for plus – 40 devices simultaneously?

01:19:47          Joe Dale:         I’ll ask

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01:21:59          Helen Myers:  Esmeralda would love this, Joe!

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01:24:28          Joe Dale:         Here is the GDPR Statement for GooseChase https://www.goosechase.com/privacy/

01:26:48          Joe Dale:         Actionbound is similar https://en.actionbound.com/

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01:34:53          Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: Thank you Dr Felix, Joe and Helen. My head is spinning. It has been very useful to have an idea what is out there and how they work .

01:35:00          Valérie Smith:            Great ideas , thank you Dr Felix. Thank you to Joe and Helen for organising these webinars:)

01:35:12          Caroline Okerika:       Really great webinar, Dr Felix. Thank you so much for sharing such great resources and ideas!

01:36:11          Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: I must go. thank you so much. Bye for now.

01:36:36          NJA Library:  This was fantastic, very useful resources. Thanks Joe, Hellen and Dr. Felix

01:49:17          Florence Barats:         It is the choice we are giving them which makes the difference I think.

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