A TiLT webinar with Catherine Ousselin: Integrate social media and authentic resource curation tools

A Webinar with Catherine Ousselin: iCan Integrate Social Media and Authentic Resource Curation Tools: Communicative Tasks for all Three Modes


Thanks so much to Catherine Ousselin for an absolutely wonderful webinar showing what a rich source social media is for covering the aims of providing process, product and perspectives with respect to teaching languages.

As well as giving examples of sources, Catherine gives invaluable tips on how to organise resources.

We were so engrossed with the session, goiong straight into questions, so forgot to do a class photo.  Sorry!  But I have pasted some key screenshots into this page.

Great to see that Florence Barats joined ALL today!  Welcome to your ALL home, Florence!

We really looking forward to another opportunity to learn more from Catherine, described understandably by Joe as a US national treasure!


Presentation slides

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Chat transcript

Chat: Chat A TiLT webinar with Catherine Ousselin

Some screenshots:

Catherine’s region:

Catherine’s fundamental starting point:

Example of categories to organise your Wakelet:

Joe Dale’s sessions – link to google doc

Joe Dale’s Twitter list

Session description

ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

Intrigued by authentic language posts on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, but need purposeful and authentic communicative tasks? Explore and interact with research-based curriculum design, instructional strategies, and activities for all three modes that support proficiency-based thematic units and World-Readiness Standards. Next, let’s discover supportive tools to curate, organize, and share authentic resources with students and colleagues.

Catherine Ousselin graduated with an M.A. in French and currently teaches French II-AP at Mount Vernon High School in Washington State. She is the president of WAFLT-WA and a member of ACTFL and IALLT.  She serves as the AATF’s Region IX representative, the social media manager and resource curator, and Technology Commission Chair. She is an avid blogger and frequent workshop presenter on World Language curriculum development and technology integration. Catherine was a 2017 finalist for ACTFL’s “Teacher of the Year.”

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We look forward to seeing you!


00:40:41 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:41:34 Florence Barats: Joined today!
00:42:16 Joe Dale: joedale100
00:42:59 Helen McFarlane: It is one of the best organisation for linguists you will ever come across – in your whole life! Go on, join today!
00:46:06 Helen Myers: I will put the link on the web page later
00:48:05 Helen Myers: wow – what a beautiful view!
00:48:08 Ruta Dulbinska: Fantastic views!
00:53:49 Helen Myers: Really helpful to have these categories
00:54:12 David Dogue: hello. how can I access the PPT? thanks
00:54:54 Helen Myers: Iy will be posted at the end (and perhaps during) – I will pots on the webpage at th eend
00:55:00 Helen Myers: post
00:57:39 Helen Myers: This is WONDERFUL!
00:57:43 Negin Shabestari: Wow
01:00:42 Joe Dale: Here is my MFL Twitterers list https://twitter.com/i/lists/10104869
01:03:52 David Dogue: I might have missed it but are students using their personal social media accounts or their school’s?
01:03:59 Helen Myers: Why have I not known this before?!! Brillant!
01:06:13 Joe Dale: @David – Catherine logs in with her account which her students use on school devices
01:07:04 Lorena Davis: Maybe I missed it, how do you share tweets with Ss without giving them your twitter feed?
01:07:40 Joe Dale: You can save them in Wakelet and share the tweets
01:12:40 Ruta Dulbinska: Great that you asked, Joe. It’s more clear now.
01:12:53 Joe Dale: No problem
01:14:47 Helen Myers: I need help on organising playlists!
01:15:03 Helen McFarlane: Q – can you repeat the name you just mentioned with the ô ?
01:15:16 Joe Dale: Will ask
01:15:22 Helen McFarlane: 🙂
01:15:41 Helen Myers: https://www.france.tv/france-o/
01:16:07 Helen Myers: France Ô est la chaîne des Outre-Mer. Retrouvez France Ô en replay et en direct sur France tv. Elle s’inscrit dans une identité forte imprégnée d’une grande mixité et d’une ouverture sur le monde. Elle est disponible en Direct et en Replay.
01:16:24 Helen McFarlane: Merci, Helen 🙂
01:16:37 Helen Myers: de rien, Hélène!
01:17:14 Helen McFarlane: Trop gentille!
01:18:24 David Dogue: c’est génial!!! that’s the best thing I’ve seen and heard so far in terms of social media
01:18:40 Joe Dale: She’s amazing, hein?
01:19:00 Ruta Dulbinska: Definitely!!!
01:19:03 Helen Myers: Q for later … how to organise YouTube playlists. I have so many and cannot find them easiyl (to save to / retrieve)
01:19:26 Joe Dale: Noted
01:21:41 Helen Myers: https://wakelet.com/@AATFrench
01:22:57 Helen McFarlane: @Thanks for asking, Joe
01:23:04 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:23:56 Helen Myers: Q Can the pupil search the specific wakelet?
01:24:42 Helen McFarlane: Q – can you add activities/worksheets/interactive questions directly, or are they accessed elsewhere?
01:26:26 Helen Myers: https://twitter.com/MaFamille237
01:30:08 Helen Myers: no – it searches everywhere
01:31:32 Helen McFarlane: That’s great – thank you!
01:34:21 Helen McFarlane: Yes!
01:34:32 Helen Myers: Very good points – Catherine is preparing them to use IT skills as well as language skills
01:34:46 Debbie McCorkle: Excellent point! 21st Century Skills
01:34:58 Helen McFarlane: They’re going to be citizens of the world! Great preparation
01:35:12 Helen Myers: especially for 6th form
01:35:24 Katerina Kiriacopoulou: Can we have the presentation with the links?
01:35:38 Helen McFarlane: Independent researchers – providing a sense of ownership, too
01:35:40 Helen Myers: yes Katerina- at the end
01:36:11 Helen Myers: It will eb saved on or website
01:36:22 Helen Myers: (the link will be saved on our website)
01:37:37 Brenda Belanger: activities please!
01:37:50 David Dogue: activities
01:38:19 Brenda Belanger: I will listen to her for hours! I learn so much!
01:39:43 Helen Myers: Great idea to hav ea common template for any resource
01:40:28 Helen McFarlane: LIke linguistic “show and tell”
01:40:39 Helen Myers: I used to do that for news items in the olden days when I gave them real newspapers ..!
01:41:03 Helen McFarlane: Olden days?! Hélène, really! 😉
01:41:20 Helen Myers: 🙂
01:42:31 Helen Myers: @LeParisienInfog
01:43:22 Helen McFarlane: Merci, Helen
01:43:40 David Dogue: what’s the name of the person on sentence starters please ?
01:44:05 Joe Dale: Gianfranco Conti
01:44:42 Helen Myers: Infographics are so useful …
01:46:25 Joe Dale: Amazing!
01:46:36 Helen Myers: I really like this idea of process / product / perspective
01:47:01 Debbie McCorkle: One text can be used across the proficiency levels also.
01:47:20 Helen McFarlane: Students have just been comparing infographics on animals in danger in Africa! Great way to introduce the present perfect continuous!
01:48:39 Helen Myers: Teachig online has given me time to exploit th eauthentic much more.. it’s so much easier to share authentic sites online rather tha in a classroom settign
01:50:12 Helen Myers: If you haev not seen Greg Horton’s work, this is helpful for giving opinions / reactions
01:50:49 Helen McFarlane: I love sending mine links to the latest news in the French-speaking world! The latest clip was Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech talking about the colour blue…
01:51:20 Helen McFarlane: Not quite so up-to-date, but new to our theme!
01:52:26 Helen Myers: greaty idea Helen
01:53:21 Helen Myers: great even
01:53:26 Helen McFarlane: :-))
01:53:29 Brenda Belanger: can you ask her if students can record a conversation from home? Maybe through Google Voice or Zoom breakout rooms??
01:54:40 David Dogue: will the explanation of the salad be included in the PPT at the end ? I’ve never heard of it because and would love to take some time to get my head around it. thanks
01:55:46 Brenda Belanger: Great idea about Google Forms!
02:01:13 Brenda Belanger: https://flippity.net/ has cool stuff too! Like Learning Apps!
02:01:15 Helen Myers: Catherine’s website: https://www.catherine-ousselin.com/
02:03:40 Helen Myers: Wow!
02:08:21 samia saci: Tank you so much everyone
02:11:00 Sanjeev Kumar Singhal: thanks
02:11:39 Debbie McCorkle: Thank you!
02:11:54 David Dogue: Merci énormément !!!
02:12:05 Catherine Ousselin: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1MwVrvOByriBteyAcgrcr-bUrhADOQVxNXEdGozGWlUg/edit?usp=sharing
02:12:41 David Dogue: 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 le meilleur séminaire!!
02:13:11 Brenda Belanger: She is the best! I will be a much better teacher because of her!!
02:13:26 Kathy Rokakis: Catherine, you are so amazing! I can’t thank you enough!
02:13:26 Katerina Kiriacopoulou: Ευχαριστώ from Greece!!!!!
02:13:32 Valérie Smith: Bravo! fascinant!
02:13:43 Negin Shabestari: This was amazing Catherine. Many thanks, need to watch this again and again to know hoe to make a good use of it.
02:13:49 Caroline Okerika: Awesome!
02:13:55 Kathy Rokakis: Katerina – my husband is Greek!
02:14:05 Christine Adams: This is so interesting. Merci beaucoup
02:14:12 Brenda Belanger: I haven’t showered in several days but thank you sooo much!
02:14:27 Ms V Sharma: Fantastic session, learnt so much, thank-you all
02:14:40 David Dogue: is your wakelet on tourism and other topics also available on your website ?
02:15:36 Helen McFarlane: Absolutely loved it, Catherine – such energy and drive – your students are lucky to have you as a teacher. You’ve given me such a lot of food for thought! Thank you for sharing your passion for language and teaching French. Bravo – merci mille fois!
02:15:53 Brenda Belanger: Kathy Rokakis and I are the “Freak Fan Club”!
02:16:42 Florence Barats: Thank you so much!
02:18:16 Ruta Dulbinska: I’ve been listening with my mouth open. So many great tips! What a clever and generous person she is! Thank you so much everybody who gave us this opportunity.
02:18:23 Negin Shabestari: A massive thanks to Helen, Joe and ALL. 👍😊
02:27:04 Katerina Kiriacopoulou: when we direct students to a youtube video they may come across material we don’t want them to. What can we do?
02:27:17 Katerina Kiriacopoulou: to avoid this
02:31:00 Joe Dale: viewpure.com and safeyoutube.net
02:31:17 Florence Barats: Q what did you say to drag again from those?
02:32:18 Joe Dale: You go to viewpure.com and safeyoutube.net and drag bookmarklet on to the Bookmarks Bar in Chrome
02:34:51 Florence Barats: Sorry, have to go now. Thank you again for a great webinar.