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25th January 2021


Message from Julia:

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PowerPoint from Julia

Topics: Troubleshooting e.g. to get the apps to sync;

ALL Microsoft Workshop 3 2021

ALL Microsoft Workshop 3 2021

Wakelet link to videos from Jerome

Future Sessions:

You can sign up to future sessions in this same Eventbrite page, and the Zoom link is always the same (even if I forget to change the date on the Zoom link!)

  • Wednesday 3rd February 8- 9 Topic: Setting up and using the collaboration area; Using Immersive Reader; Embedding PowerPoints;
  • Monday 8th February? / Weds 10th February?  Managing breakout rooms; Ideas for Breakout room activities

Class photo!



00:31:38 Helen Myers: Here is the link to the powerpoint:!Aj5VTk9OgpuWm0uNxOK5elAzZwi-?e=JyIt9o

And here is the link to the Example Lessons Wakelet:
00:31:46 Esmeralda Salgado: Wakelet
00:33:03 Esmeralda Salgado: T-JMB57DD21 for
00:33:43 Helen Myers: PART 1 = TROUBLESHOOTING!
00:34:04 Helen Myers: 1. Background to synching
00:38:18 Sabine Pichout: very useful
00:38:36 Esmeralda Salgado: Beautifully explained.
00:39:03 Ester Borin Bonillo: fantastic explanation, Helen
00:39:27 Helen Myers: Thank you!
00:41:17 Helen Myers: ‘Sharepoint is the brain behind it all’
00:43:02 Helen Myers: To synch ..
00:43:17 Helen Myers: Fole / synnc this notebook
00:43:45 Helen Myers: 2. Click on the little wheel
00:44:38 Helen Myers: On a PC: ruight click on the name of the notebook
00:44:49 Helen Myers: [No file / edit on PC)
00:44:58 Helen Myers: Hoep you don;t mind me making notes here!
00:45:13 Sabine Pichout: The notes are very helpful!
00:45:38 Susanna Matera: I am taking notes of your notes! 😀
00:46:08 Esmeralda Salgado: To distribute go to ClassNotebook, Distribute Page
00:46:55 Esmeralda Salgado: To delete a distributed pae, go to Classnotebook, Distribute page and delete page
00:47:13 Florence Barats: Good thanks
00:47:21 Laura Simons: Do you have to distribute it to the group or can you just click on distribute page?
00:47:22 Sabine Pichout: Can you delete a page from all the students folder in one click?
00:47:30 Esmeralda Salgado: You need to be on the page that you want to distribute
00:47:34 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, Sabine
00:47:40 Sabine Pichout: Can you show us?
00:47:47 Amélie Reposeur: All clear – I deleted one page in each student’s folder last week 😔 So much quicker this way
00:47:54 Sabine Pichout: I have never managed and only managed to go into every folder
00:48:09 Sabine Pichout: YEs
00:48:16 Sabine Pichout: sorry
00:48:27 Amélie Reposeur: Q – Is it possible to create a ‘Teacher OneNote’ to share the pages we create for our classes?
00:48:32 Laura Simons: @esmeralda – so if you’re on the page you want to distribute it, you just need to click on distribute page and not to distribute to group? (hope that makes sense??)
00:48:40 J Morris: It does not delete the teacher’s copy of the page, only the distributed copies (even though it is called delete page)
00:48:44 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, correct Laura
00:48:45 Lilliam: Q- do you find that sometimes the quality of the page gets blurred? My original copy in my OneNote is clear but once it gets to the students it becomes blurred.
00:49:08 Esmeralda Salgado: You don’t need to use Group Distribute just distribute if you want to do distribute to the whole class
00:49:14 J Morris: not normally a problem, might be the students connection
00:49:29 Esmeralda Salgado: @Lilliam I have never noticed that. Interesting.
00:49:33 Sabine Pichout: Thank you- will try!
00:49:55 Lilliam: @Julia when I check their books the quality is awful… I don’t understand the reason
00:49:55 Laura Simons: Thank you Esmeralda!
00:50:18 Carolina GR: There is no undo action for that right? Just upload again
00:50:25 Cristina virissimo: Great tip
00:50:26 Sabine Pichout: Might be off piste, but we distribute One Note pages via Teams assignment so might not get that option?
00:50:32 J Morris: @liliam weird…
00:50:57 Adeline Moston: Never had blurry pages!
00:51:27 Lilliam: Thank you everybody… interesting I am getting them
00:51:56 Sabine Pichout: I can cancel assignment but the pages stay there for me
00:52:21 Carmen Zamanillo: If a child uses Teams can I safely assume that they can access or download One Note? Some of mine say they cannot. (Not too off piste, I hope!)
00:52:24 Laura Simons: I had the issue earlier where I have set up a class note book but my pupils can only access it via a link, and not in teams when they click class notebook 😐
00:53:04 Sabine Pichout: Thank you! This is my major issue 🙂
00:53:32 Adeline Moston: Carmen, they should at least be able to access the notebook through Teams and yes, I think they should also have access to OneNote as part of Office 365
00:54:05 Carmen Zamanillo: @Adeline Thanks a lot!
00:54:11 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, they can always access their onenotes from Office 365, Onenote, Shared with me
00:54:30 Helen Myers: So,, you can delete a page distributed via assignemnt in the same way
00:55:02 Kinga Vajsz: how can you play a listening file so the whole class can hear it?
00:55:20 Helen Myers: Kinga – we will look at theat later
00:55:35 Kinga Vajsz: thanks
00:56:25 Esmeralda Salgado: But if you lock a page the kids cannot write on it either.
00:56:34 Helen Myers: NB importance of locking a page if yo uso not want cxomments to be deleted
00:56:35 Esmeralda Salgado: so they cannot make changes if they need to
00:56:51 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Q: If you need them to improve their work then I assume you need to unlock the page?
00:57:02 Helen Myers: yes Rebecca]
00:57:17 helen.farmer: where is the lock pls?
00:57:20 Helen Myers: You coudl make a copy Isuppose ..
00:57:21 Sabine Pichout: Do we know why pages get lock?
00:57:28 Katie Williams: can they still copy and paste from a locked page?
00:57:33 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: When they hadn the work in
00:57:38 Kinga Vajsz: what’s the difference between the assignment and the notebook? i have only used the assignment function?
00:57:44 Sabine Pichout: sometime I distribute a page and half the class can work and half teh class has the page locked?
00:57:49 Susanna Matera: yes
00:57:50 Florence Barats: yes
00:57:51 helen.farmer: yes
00:58:47 Adeline Moston: Mine used to lock randomly too but not this lockdown. You can go and unlock the page as Julia is showing now.
00:59:29 Esmeralda Salgado: Go to Review Student Work, go to the page you want to mark, click on Page Locking, Select All and then you can mark but they cannot modify their work
00:59:31 Sabine Pichout: we have just worked out how to unlock but quite annoying it locks randomly! I like to understand the roots of problem
00:59:39 Esmeralda Salgado: Good for TESTS!
01:00:05 Esmeralda Salgado: @Sabine I have never had that happening to me….
01:01:29 Sabine Pichout: I think distributing OneNote pages via Teams had a layer of syncing issues….
01:01:32 Kinga Vajsz: yes
01:01:37 Sabine Pichout: add
01:01:42 Esther: Can a teacher check work that students are completing on their OneNote page during a lesson? Are teachers able to view live students’ progress?
01:01:55 Jerome Nogues: Yes
01:01:56 Lucy Nott: Yes!
01:01:58 Esmeralda Salgado: @Esther yes
01:01:58 Sabine Pichout: sometimes
01:02:01 Florence Barats: yes
01:02:02 Lucy Nott: It’s so useful
01:02:10 Lucy Nott: but sometimes synching takes a while
01:02:45 Helen Myers: TRoubleshootong: how to deal with pupils joinig . leaving class…
01:03:08 Helen Myers: Team /add a member [add as a student]
01:03:26 Helen Myers: They automatically get their notebook section
01:03:39 Helen Myers: DO NOT ADD IN ONE NOTE! ADDIN TEAM
01:03:47 Helen Myers: (sorry for shouting!!!)
01:04:03 Jerome Nogues: 😂
01:04:32 Sabine Pichout: If they change from 1 Team to another, will they get an new Class Notebook? How can we transfer the work they did in previous Team?
01:05:09 Adeline Moston: Yes, you have to ask them to copy everything across.
01:05:58 Helen Myers: To transfer toanother teacher, add teacher to your class – they can do ti
01:06:02 Helen Myers: OR ask pupil to copy over
01:06:30 Lucy Nott: Deleting from a team doesn’t automatically delete the class notebook
01:06:59 Laura Simons: So is the reason I cannot see the class note book in Teams because I set it up in OneNote? Is there any way I can copy the notebook across?
01:07:01 Jerome Nogues: Agreed. It is sometimes very tricky!!
01:07:31 Esmeralda Salgado: @LauraSimmons that’s correct
01:07:33 Adeline Moston: It has to be set up through Teams for everything to sync, as far as I know.
01:07:47 Esmeralda Salgado: I have the same problem as my school does not have Teams set up properly with students.
01:07:48 Laura Simons: oh 🙁 so I can’t copy it across?
01:07:56 Esmeralda Salgado: No, Laura
01:08:11 Sabine Pichout: @Laura, I had to desinstall my app and reinstall and managed to relink my NoteBook with Teams by going via the browser and repining my Class Notebook
01:08:49 Laura Simons: ahh ok
01:09:02 Laura Simons: yes – same
01:09:29 Laura Simons: thank you – that really explains it
01:09:58 Sabine Pichout: I think I did it
01:10:17 Laura Simons: that’s frustrating…
01:10:46 Sabine Pichout: but I had originally set up via Teams and then lost it when I had to desinstall??
01:10:52 Esmeralda Salgado: I feel your pain, Laura!
01:11:03 Carolina GR: I am student teacher at the moment therefore I have more than one account for Team whatever I create in one account I will not be able to see it in a different account right?
01:11:23 Jerome Nogues: 2 different accounts, no.
01:11:46 Adeline Moston: Possibly not but you would be able to move content from one notebook to another within your OneNote app. I think I’ve done that.
01:12:14 Esmeralda Salgado: But careful, as you cannot DELETE THEM
01:12:15 Jerome Nogues: Not within Teams. 🥺
01:12:25 Esmeralda Salgado: CANNOT DELETE SECTIONS
01:12:33 Esmeralda Salgado: But can rename them
01:13:21 Florence Barats: Q How did you get to that main one note page? I cannot find that!
01:13:23 Adeline Moston: It is very annoying. If you make a mistake you end up with a sort of “ghost” section and you have to remember not to distribute content into it because it’s not in the students’ notebooks anymore!
01:13:44 Adeline Moston: Florence, Julia is working in the desktop app
01:13:44 Esmeralda Salgado: @Florence What do you mean?
01:13:56 Adeline Moston: Outside of Teams
01:14:21 Florence Barats: Julia had this really nice homepage for her group in one note…
01:14:30 helen.farmer: I think she means the little notebook top right
01:14:40 Sabine Pichout: we have that issue when we created by accident too many sections
01:14:40 Marife Mayayo: Could you show us again how to create a section within a section? Please?
01:15:40 Sabine Pichout: Can you rename a section distrusted without going into each individual students?
01:16:23 Florence Barats: thanks
01:17:01 Esmeralda Salgado: Sorry, lovely people, I have to leave…… we are all doing an amazing job!!
01:17:15 Florence Barats: Found it thanks!
01:17:26 Rachel Davies: If you have time can you talk us through the collaboration page please
01:18:17 Lucy Nott: Will it be next Monday?
01:18:23 helen.farmer: Will it be on Monday?
01:18:28 Adeline Moston: Next Wednesday
01:18:34 helen.farmer: Wednesday 🙂
01:18:42 Lucy Nott: I’d love to know about the collaboration space and making those individual pages on it
01:18:47 Lilliam: Thank you so much. It has been very useful
01:18:55 Adeline Moston: I will show you how to do it next time, promise!
01:19:07 Katie Williams: did you make that word order page yourself? looks amazing
01:19:29 Sabine Pichout: We have loads of issues with Inserted audio. Some students can hear and some cant. is there anyway to troubleshoot?
01:19:37 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: THank you!!!!
01:19:59 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: I spend so long rearranging slides
01:20:21 Anne Leroux: Q- if you do this on page you have distributed does it update all the distributed pages?
01:20:22 Esther: That button does not appear on Teams…
01:20:47 Adeline Moston: Anne, no, once you’ve distributed a page you can’t edit all of them in one go
01:21:31 Adeline Moston: You’d have to use the Review student work thingy and edit them all. It can be done but it takes a bit of time.
01:21:57 Anne Leroux: thanks
01:22:18 Brigid Fahy: thank you for your time and expertise, So glad I found you. OneNote seems like such a huge topic, steep learning curve
01:22:36 Jerome Nogues: 😃👏
01:22:43 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Q: why does the audio only play for some?
01:22:45 Helen Myers: To insert – click on page first, then select the tool
01:22:50 Sabine Pichout: Do you know why for some students the audio does not work? We record listening
01:23:20 Jerome Nogues: Sometimes, it depends of what device they use
01:23:30 Adeline Moston: I think it’s to do with the student’s device/settings rather than what you do, unfortunately. I have this too.
01:23:40 Sabine Pichout: I have that problem!!
01:23:47 Adeline Moston: I end up playing the listening through my own computer whilst sharing the sound.
01:23:50 Jerome Nogues: Same
01:23:50 Lucy Nott: Yup me too
01:23:56 Lucy Nott: especially if they’re on ipads
01:23:57 Sabine Pichout: I keep telling my student to write in yellow but she does not
01:24:08 Jerome Nogues: iPads are main culprits!
01:24:14 Lucy Nott: Yes!
01:24:31 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Yes – I have resorted to doing listenings in the live lesson but may try
01:25:00 Florence Barats: I have looked everywhere but cannot find your double horizontal line and arrows….
01:25:19 Lucy Nott: Very good advice thank you
01:25:31 Carmen Zamanillo: Thanks a lot!
01:25:35 Sabine Pichout: We are desperate to trouble shoot audio!
01:25:46 Sabine Pichout: please!
01:25:47 Amélie Reposeur: Thank you very much! Looking forward to learning more next week 🙂
01:25:48 Helen Dinning: is there anywhere I can access the previous webinars on teams?
01:25:58 Helen Myers: OK Sabine – let;s stay on a ddo that
01:26:07 Sabine Pichout: thank you
01:26:13 Florence Barats: I have some questions about assignment and sharepoint, assignment more important though.
01:26:36 Lucy Nott: Helen can you post the link for the next meeting please?
01:26:39 Christine Rooney: Thank you
01:26:39 Marife Mayayo: Could we do the section of the section please? Sorry!
01:26:54 Helen Myers: yes -Marife – let;s do that after frmal ending!
01:26:59 Jerome Nogues: Florence. One Note -> Draw tab
01:27:03 Marife Mayayo: THank you.
01:27:09 Sabine Pichout: Thank you
01:27:20 Cristina virissimo: Great thanks 😊
01:27:24 Florence Barats: @jerome I looked and it is not there….
01:27:31 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Great help, thank you so much!
01:27:33 Cristina virissimo: I start to use in my lessons
01:28:38 Jerome Nogues: Florence, that’s strange
01:28:58 Jerome Nogues: What version of OneNote have you got?
01:28:58 Lucy Nott: So can we just use the same zoom link?
01:29:18 Florence Barats: @Jerome excellent question…
01:29:23 Lucy Nott: Thank you so much for organising these meetings, they’re absolutely invaluable
01:29:30 Lucy Nott: Thanks Helen 🙂
01:29:49 Lucy Nott: Brilliant thank you
01:29:59 Helen Dinning: is there a way to access previously recorded sessions?
01:30:09 Helen Dinning: thanks
01:30:12 Anne Leroux: Thanks a lot for all the tips.
01:30:13 Kinga Vajsz: please listening
01:30:23 Sofia Lopes: Thank you for organising these sessions. They are very helpful .
01:30:40 Brigid Fahy: agreed, big thanks. Julia it is on my to do list for tomorrow to visit Microsoft Education and to get you some well deserved points. Great job, Julia and Jerome
01:30:50 J Morris: It would be great if you could redeem the code below for me. It will also give you points towards a Microsoft Educator badge. For that you need to: go to sign in with your school account click on your profile (the circle top right) “redeem achievement code” paste in the code T-JMB57DD21
01:30:57 Florence Barats: Done it Julia, Thanks
01:31:15 helen.farmer: I got one last week for the 2
01:31:19 Katie Williams: me too! 😁
01:31:31 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: done! 🙂
01:31:40 Kinga Vajsz: what is the code for?
01:31:42 Brigid Fahy: congrats Helen!
01:31:54 Ester Borin Bonillo: just copied the code, I will do it now Julia 🙂
01:32:11 Jerome Nogues: To redeem 500 points on Microsoft Education Centre and get a badge
01:32:22 Jerome Nogues: It allows Julia to also get some points
01:32:48 Helen Myers:
01:33:02 Jerome Nogues: Really worth doing, the MEC is full of great courses
01:33:03 Helen Myers:
01:33:10 Jerome Nogues: And free!!
01:33:27 Kinga Vajsz: how do share through the computer?
01:33:46 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: It for when they do independent work
01:33:52 helen.farmer: I have had success with putting audio link into the chat
01:50:27 Lucy Nott: thank you so miuch 🙂
01:51:37 Florence Barats: @Jerome This is what I have in my note book
01:51:47 Florence Barats: Picture sent above!
01:52:51 Jerome Nogues: Interesting… have you got the latest version?
01:53:19 Florence Barats: @Jerome, I assume so, downloaded in September when we joined Teams with the school.
01:53:49 Jerome Nogues: Okay. I’ll try to look it up!
01:54:38 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: That sounds really simple and useful!
01:54:42 Florence Barats: Thanks, I have also looked in the web browser and it is not there either but then the app usually has more functions.