ALL TiLT Teams Workshop 04

Wednesday 3rd February 8- 9

Recording: [10 minutes’ intro andย  chat – then the training begins!]

Link to PowerPoint

Link to ALL TiLT Microsoft Home Page.


1. Adding links to pages (to reduce size of Notebook) + creating space for response- drawing comparison with previous methods shown (printing to page).
NB This simultaneously demonstrates page layout and the variety of activities you can do i.e. not just typing!

audio [e.g. to an mp3 on Sharepoint]
streamed video (e.g. Microsoftstream / YouTube)
PowerPoint show (url copied from browser)
Microsoft forms / quizzes (but warn that this will not feed into Grades in Teams)
Share Microsoft list of other apps where pasting a url embeds (e.g. + note that not all apps can be embedded (e.g.Kahoot) but can be shared in Team app

2. Using collaboration space with students



00:39:51 Joe Dale: I am in ALL ๐Ÿ™‚
00:40:02 Adeline Moston: Me too!
00:40:03 helen.farmer: I am in ALL
00:40:06 Annalise: Hello from Fareham. I am in ALL
00:40:12 Florence Barats: In ALL!
00:40:40 Esther Eljarrat: Oops, I appear to be a co-host but I guess you have the wrong Esther…
00:41:38 J Morris: Here is the link to the presentation:!Aj5VTk9OgpuWm3IK5hMBENKH4brV?e=jmX78t
00:41:49 helen.farmer: Hi Annalise I am also in Fareham
00:42:30 Florence Barats: No no skiing!!!!!!!
00:43:43 Florence Barats: Tuesday is the 9Th…..
00:44:12 J Morris: example lessons:
00:44:17 J Morris:
00:45:21 basnettj: Great catch Joe!
00:47:47 Sabine Pichout: I did it today!
00:47:51 Sabine Pichout: well done ๐Ÿ™‚
00:48:07 Joe Dale: Thanks Jane! I’m delighted
00:51:23 Sabine Pichout: How did you embed the ppt to show animation?
00:51:26 Sabine Pichout: Please?
00:51:32 ALL London: I’ll note down key things in the chat
00:51:43 ALL London: Sabine – JUlia will do this in a minute
00:52:08 ALL London: 1. Note FRames .. use this to reduce / enlarge / move
00:52:39 Sabine Pichout: Thank you
00:53:01 ALL London: Dotted box .. for the one object – WITHIN OR outside OF TEXT BOX
00:53:58 Annalise Adam: @helen farmer Nice to meet you
00:54:48 ALL London: nb usually have everyhting in the same text box
00:56:01 basnettj: This is especially important when students write as everything will move down accordingly.
00:56:06 basnettj: Sometimes, I put differentiation tasks in a separate text box to the right of the main task
00:56:14 basnettj: I also put help boxes to the right of the main text box.
00:56:30 ALL London: THink about why you want /don;t want text boxes together
00:56:53 ALL London: For fine tuning, click alt
00:57:19 ALL London: 1. How to put worksheets into onenote
00:58:38 ALL London: a) print straight in – insert / FILE (not printout) / open / select as apporiate e.g. link (reduces storage space – too much data) bu nb pupisl need th erelevant programme)
00:58:51 ALL London: or printout (turns into a pdf file)
00:59:15 ALL London: e.g. a PowerPOint can be printed into a notepad
00:59:38 ALL London: BYT beaware – very picture heacy .. an dtake s along tiem ot scroll throught the work
00:59:47 ALL London: NB – you can remove slides
00:59:59 ALL London: Another methid:
01:00:40 ALL London: From the file itself, print / select onenote for windows, then it prints out
01:00:42 Sabine Pichout: WOW!!
01:02:39 Sabine Pichout: I just tried and don’t have the option. Is it something you had to set up?
01:03:21 ALL London: Sabine – we’ll look at it later can defintiely be done, but mine di dnot appear either
01:03:40 ALL London: (BUt I set it up befroe – so I know it cna!)
01:04:08 ALL London: Also – posisble to copy (ctrl+A) and paste into a notebook directly
01:04:20 ALL London: advantage = very easy for pupisl to writ ein
01:04:43 ALL London: write on
01:05:37 Sabine Pichout: I actually found option to print onenote2016 but I have 2010
01:05:54 helen.farmer: Why do I often get the won’t insert like Julia just had?
01:06:05 Amรฉlie R.: Would it be the same on a Macbook?
01:06:14 Esther Eljarrat: Julia, could you go over how to embed a ppt rather than insert it onto a OneNote page?
01:06:22 Stephen Nimble: Has anyone got experience merging cells, alignment changes by using an add-in like OneNote Gem?
01:06:38 ALL London: Estther – I knwo that os coming up!
01:07:57 basnettj: Does Julia just drag and drop a document. I find that the fastest way to get my documents in.
01:09:58 ALL London: Chrome webstore – download One Note web clipper
01:10:21 Sabine Pichout: Can you attach your ClassNotebook to your web clipper?
01:10:58 Adeline Moston: Sabine, yes, it will offer you the choice of where to stick it in your OneNote, it seems to link automatically.
01:11:49 Sabine Pichout: ok, Thank you Adeline. I have it but cannot managed to link to my classnotebook?
01:12:37 ALL London: You can embed files (e.g. word / ppt) – pupils can scroll thorough
01:12:53 Stephen Nimble: is the most popular add-in I think. I was looking at it to allow merged cells in tables.
01:13:40 ALL London: Thanks Stephen!
01:13:55 ALL London: I’m googn shopping for apps after this!
01:14:09 ALL London: NB – you cannot embed form a code
01:14:16 Adeline Moston: Sabine, I’ll have a play. I just looked and weirdly it only offers me my own personal notebook and 2 of my classes, not the other notebooks.
01:14:25 ALL London: List gievn f what can be embedded in ONeNOte
01:15:52 Rebecca Jones: Does it make the file too big if you embed a PPt for example for 100 students?
01:15:54 ALL London: How tdo you embed office files
01:16:03 ALL London: Cointer-intuituve –
01:16:14 ALL London: NB does not work with ‘shre’
01:16:24 ALL London: Need to log into office accoint
01:16:28 ALL London: oepn in PPT
01:16:56 Sabine Pichout: I used to be able to embed youtube links and now every youtube links I embed does not embed….do you know a way to fix it please?
01:17:13 ALL London: Itshodul embed Sabien –
01:17:20 ALL London: may be we can look at your page later?
01:17:32 Sabine Pichout: yes please, thank yoy.
01:17:35 Sabine Pichout: you
01:18:13 Rebecca Jones: did ou just paste that link?
01:18:31 Florence Barats: Can’t you just choose the Team you want to share the ppt?
01:18:46 Annalise Adam: Do the links work in an embedded PPT? Does this mean a Bitmoji classroom would have working links if embedded into OneNote?
01:18:56 ALL London: we’ll redo FRebecca!
01:19:36 basnettj: One drive is the personal drive
01:19:46 Annalise Adam: Sharepoint is the mother ship and everything else is part of it
01:19:55 Florence Barats: One drive is yours only I believe
01:20:55 ALL London: lovelyk image, Annalise!
01:21:29 Annalise Adam: And Sharepoint seems to have two centres. One for your Teams files and folders and one for your OneDrive documents
01:22:42 Annalise Adam: The Teams part of Sharepoint has a URL starting with and the OneDrive part has a URL starting with
01:23:03 Rebecca Jones: Thank you!
01:24:28 Brigid Fahy: very helpful image and explanation, thank you all
01:24:44 ALL London: NB to embed, you need the web address – it is not enough to share the link
01:25:01 Sabine Pichout: wow, just embedded a ppt and it worked! Amazing. thank you
01:25:08 basnettj: When embedding Quizlet you get fewer games options.
01:25:42 Annalise Adam: Do you use the “Export” option?
01:28:29 ALL London: we’ll ask Annalise
01:28:42 ALL London: Soiund – you can share links
01:29:08 basnettj: Thanks everyone, I need to go. Thanks Julia.
01:29:09 Sabine Pichout: if you ppt was a narrated ppt would the sound come through?
01:31:21 Sofia Lopes: If you have sound icons to click on on Powerpoint , they will work, I think.
01:31:58 Sabine Pichout: you can save as a ppt or MP4
01:32:03 Sofia Lopes: Yes , it did work ๐Ÿ™‚
01:32:27 Sabine Pichout: That is useful to know
01:32:38 ALL London: Thansk Sofia
01:32:42 Ingrid: if your genially has LearningApps embedded would it work in One Note?
01:33:09 Rebecca Jones: I love the ease of the insert audio optin but sadly many of our students can’t hear it so we’re exploring other options to insert audio
01:33:28 ALL London: Yes Rebecca .. I have abondened te insert audi..
01:33:33 ALL London: also it uses up too much space
01:34:07 Sabine Pichout: Think inserting audio on PPt and embedding could be very useful.
01:34:26 Myrian: I have to go. Thank you for the session!
01:36:07 Rebecca Jones: Those on an I-phone can use the Notes app to scan also. I don’t know how they compare
01:36:27 helen.farmer: I have ben using Notes scan and it’s good
01:36:37 Joe Dale: I really like Office Lens app. I’ve not tried the scanner in the Notes app
01:36:48 Sabine Pichout: really useful
01:36:52 Sabine Pichout: thank you
01:37:13 Annalise Adam: Thank you so much
01:37:18 Florence Barats: Thank you so much!
01:37:26 Esther Mercier: thank you very much!
01:37:29 Rebecca Jones: thank you!! Very useful!
01:37:30 Esther Eljarrat: Another fantastic session. Thank you so much!
01:37:41 Laura 66: Eccellente!
01:37:58 Florence Barats: Yes
01:38:07 Rebecca Jones: great!
01:38:08 Laura 66: Oui
01:38:10 Amรฉlie R.: Yes ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ‘
01:38:19 Annalise Adam: I have to go now but will watch the recording. Thank you for everything
01:38:32 Florence Barats: Julia where is your code?
01:39:04 Carolina GR: Can anyone tell me again the name for Microsoft picture just mentioned
01:39:08 J Morris: Thanks I don’t need a code anymore as I have earned my badge now! ๐Ÿ™‚
01:39:18 J Morris: Office lens is the app
01:39:20 ALL London: Office Lens
01:39:22 Florence Barats: Perfect!
01:39:27 Carolina GR: Thanks!!!
01:39:42 ALL London: Ideas for collaborativ espace:
01:39:53 ALL London: joint work on a crossword
01:40:04 ALL London: NB need to eb aware they can tamper!
01:40:49 ALL London: Put picture of Mentimetert into collaborative space to discuss – prject in class
01:40:59 Sabine Pichout: That is a great idea
01:41:13 ALL London: (NB goo didea to put htings there whic are temporary)
01:41:30 ALL London: Use for them to claim a section of work to do
01:41:51 ALL London: Template alllowing for all to have a space to work in
01:42:09 ALL London: T ask q – they zoom in and writ eon theri section
01:42:13 ALL London: Teacher has overview
01:42:20 ALL London: Then after wward sthey al have an overview
01:42:33 ALL London: Method to create
01:42:45 ALL London: find google lined paper
01:43:04 ALL London: use snipping tool (ctrl shift s – Adelone’s best friedn)
01:43:10 ALL London: past
01:43:15 ALL London: set picture as backgroin
01:43:19 ALL London: remove frame
01:44:17 ALL London: Breakout room 0 each rom has a collaborative page
01:44:18 Sabine Pichout: do you have syncing issue with the collaborative space or can you see what students write live?
01:44:35 ALL London: teacher can flick thorugh to see work
01:44:46 ALL London: we’ll ask Sabine
01:45:22 ALL London: They can be invited to put their work into collaboration fo rothers to showcase
01:45:26 J Morris: The synching depends on students devices
01:47:09 Florence Barats: Can you have subsections in the collaboration space, the same as what Julia mentioned last time? So if you do a book, you could have subsections for the chapters and then rooms as well?
01:52:36 ALL London: ctrl _ windows an ds
01:53:21 Rebecca Jones: Just set it up! Thanks Joe
01:54:16 Sabine Pichout: I have just installed! Game changer. LOve it
01:54:21 Sabine Pichout: thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
01:54:44 ALL London: Photo scan
01:55:47 Sabine Pichout: Also, I need to hear things 10 times to then understand and use it.
01:56:08 Brigid Fahy: Hear hear, great to have a safe space for such questions
01:56:26 Rebecca Jones: Do we have a date for the party?