ALL TiLT Microsoft Workshop 08


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Thanks once again to our generous and talented presenters for sharing their expertise and practice with us.  Jérôme Nogues amazed everyone by presenting Immersive reader – Julia Morris shared some extra tips, including how to capture and paste written text into OneNote, magically transforming it into text which can be read by Immersive reader.

Esmeralda then captivated us all with her wide range of ideas for engaging her learners by providing varied, colourful and sincere feedback… or, as she cleverly calls it, ‘feed forward’.

The evening ended with a general ‘feel-good’ chat.  What a privilege it is for us all to have this chance to get to know each other and to make friends with people from all over the world – including Aleksandrina who had stayed up until midnight in Bulgaria to be with us!

Special thanks also to the ‘support team’.  Joe Dale supports us in the chat with extra tricks and links.  Adeline, Ester and Katie help to manage the room ‘behind the scenes’!  (One day we will share information about Katie’s special qualifications for this role …)

Please support our presenters by redeeming their training codes on the Microsoft site.  It is really easy to do, and it is an easy way of going some way to ‘repay’ them! Thank you!

  • Go to
  • Top right – sign in with your Microsoft account
  • Top right – click on your profile pic and click on ‘redeem code’
  • Then paste in codes:
  • for Esmeralda: T-ESC9B5F21
  • for Jérôme: T-JNAD6FC21


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Do you belong to ALL?

00:25:52 silvia.bastow: yes
00:25:53 Céleste Robillard: Yes!
00:25:56 lauradanese: of course!! 🙂
00:26:01 Joe Dale: Yes
00:26:04 Jo Barber: Oui / si / ja
00:26:07 sandrine amyot: not yet
00:26:08 Annalise Adam: Yes
00:26:10 Sabine Pichout: A proud member! Highly recommend joining
00:26:12 Dannielle Warren: I’m a member. Joined fairly recently (last few months)
00:26:12 Lucy Weber: yes
00:26:13 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: my department at school is 🙂
00:26:38 Rosa Gonzales S.: Yes I am a member!
00:26:39 Sabine Pichout: I am a member of the FB group
00:26:58 Dannielle Warren: Q which FB group is that, sorry?
00:27:00 Sabine Pichout: Looking forward to this
00:27:16 Céleste Robillard: MFL matters I think
00:27:30 Florence Barats: Member of ALL!
00:27:41 Dannielle Warren: Yes sorry about that 😬🤦‍♀️
00:28:24 Sabine Pichout: @Danielle Teaching MFL with Teams
00:28:34 Dannielle Warren: thank you!
00:29:26 Kate Cooper: You can on Microsoft, top of the screen where is says presenting tile, you can change to share audio
00:29:45 ALL London: THANKS Kate! Great tip!
00:31:10 Dannielle Warren: Didn’t know you could change speed!
00:31:39 lauradanese: Where you change female and male voice?
00:32:10 Céleste Robillard: this is cool
00:32:18 Annalise Adam: This is amazing
00:32:23 Sabine Pichout: This is really great
00:32:52 ALL London: It’s on the cog to the right of th egreen play button
00:32:58 Céleste Robillard: wow why did I not know that before
00:32:59 Dannielle Warren: WOW
00:33:02 Rebecca Jones: wonderful!
00:33:03 Céleste Robillard: mind blown
00:33:18 lauradanese: Thank you 🙂
00:33:24 Luke Moffat: This is amazing!!!
00:33:27 Dannielle Warren: so will this not work on a Mac?
00:33:38 ELIZABETH STILLMAN: Is this available with powerpoint too?
00:35:56 Margarita Mortimer: Q is Immersive reader in Power point?
00:36:06 Céleste Robillard: Danielle I think he is using a Mac so i guess it works for us too?
00:36:11 Annalise Adam: Q: Does it work with online text books?
00:36:25 Dannielle Warren: I thought he said something about using it online
00:36:34 Céleste Robillard: Oh I see
00:36:35 Dannielle Warren: I’m logging onto my Mac now to try 🙂
00:36:39 ALL London: I’ll ask Qs …
00:36:43 Dorothy Anderson: This is unbelievable. I can’t wait to talk to the SFL team.
00:36:46 ALL London: Thanks Julia
00:37:10 ALL London: Jerome will have to go soon. JUlia will then take questions!
00:37:15 Sabine Pichout: This is really interesting to support SEND students
00:37:25 Joe Dale: 😉
00:37:57 ALL London: Always sounds like ‘help a bird’
00:37:58 Joe Dale: Helperbird
00:39:25 Céleste Robillard: Merci Jérome!
00:39:26 Sabine Pichout: If you write a text how does he know it French or Spanish?? Sorry if it is a silly question.
00:39:29 Glenn Cake: Thanks Jerome
00:39:41 Dannielle Warren: Thank you Jerome!
00:39:49 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Jerome
00:39:50 Rebecca Jones: thank you Jerome!
00:39:52 Annalise Adam: Thank you Jerome
00:39:56 Helen Myers: Sabien – set review language
00:40:00 Helen Myers: Sabine
00:40:06 Sabine Pichout: Ok Thank you Helen
00:40:15 ELIZABETH STILLMAN: Thanks!
00:40:18 Dorothy Anderson: Thank you Jérome!
00:40:34 silvia.bastow: thank you Jerome
00:41:22 Alicia Palomo lopez: This is fab, thank you Jerome!
00:43:18 Helen Myers: windows+shift+S
00:43:31 Helen Myers: select
00:43:54 Helen Myers: YOu can put it into old verison fo OneNOte
00:44:11 Helen Myers: Right clikc / select text form image
00:44:16 Helen Myers: wow!!!
00:45:52 Alicia Palomo lopez: How do I find the immersive reader on onenote please?
00:46:02 Helen Myers: View / immersive ereader
00:46:17 James & Mikey Shah: you can also copy and paste text book texts into word, save it as a pdf and then convert it to a word doc and it’s editable. A bit long winded
00:47:30 Alicia Palomo lopez: Found it Helen, thank you!
00:48:02 Gisele Cortese: I have it in OneNote as you said Helen, click view then immersive reader but I can’t see it on Edge.
00:48:20 Dannielle Warren: sorry – please can you remind me how to convert from image to text
00:48:37 Helen Myers: Danniele .. we will ask for a re-run
00:48:56 Dannielle Warren: or I can just watch when it’s put on YouTube 🙂
00:49:12 Helen Myers: gere is another way Dannielle
00:49:14 Helen Myers: here
00:49:23 Joe Dale: Photo Scan
00:50:18 Sabine Pichout: We had to get permission from our IT dept to install it but it was granted.
00:50:21 Rebecca Jones: I’d recommend checking where the leters have accents as PhotoScan doean;t always reconnise them. It’s very easy to use!
00:50:27 Joe Dale: You can Grab Image Text in Google Keep too
00:50:30 Rebecca Jones: sorry fo typos!
00:50:32 Annalise Adam: Danielle, you do a screen shot with snipping tool, paste it into Word online or One Note, then select the text and right click and select “text on image” and copy that and paste it below. At least, I think that’s it!
00:51:11 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Julia
00:52:10 Cristina White: couldn’t you use the snipping tool?
00:52:33 Joe Dale: You can program the Print screen button so Snip & Sketch comes up in one tap
00:52:33 Sabine Pichout: WOW, it works!!!
00:52:34 Lilliam Camacho: yes, snipping tool too
00:52:40 Dannielle Warren: thank you – i have a Mac so just wondering how this would work for me
00:53:11 Joe Dale: On a Mac, do CMD+SHIFT+4 to take a screengrab
00:53:16 Annalise Adam: The Windows key and shift and S is a shortcut that opens snipping tool
00:53:27 Annalise Adam: Julia that was so amazing. Thank you so much
00:53:31 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Julia
00:53:34 silvia.bastow: thank you Julia
00:53:36 Dannielle Warren: thanks so much Julia
00:54:09 Céleste Robillard: I completely fell in love with One Note during Lockdown and hopefully can keep using it in class!
00:54:23 Helen Myers: Me too, Céleste!
00:54:24 Dorothy Anderson: Thank you Julia!
00:54:40 Rodrigo Sisdeli: For the Microsoft Word showed by Jerome, should we donwload an extension for the emmersive reader?
00:55:06 Helen Myers: T-ESC9B5F21
00:55:09 James & Mikey Shah: Me too. it’s amazing 👍🏻
00:55:11 Cristina Sanchez: sorry, I have joined late. how can one change the language in immersive reader?
00:55:50 Adeline Moston: Cristina, you need to highlight the text and set the spell check language to your chosen one.
00:56:20 silvia.bastow: Totally agree, just finished a post on this
00:56:25 Helen Myers: review / language / set proofing language
00:56:26 J Morris: @Rodrigo: if you are using word, it will come with immersive reader
00:56:48 Céleste Robillard: where do we input the code Helen?
00:57:06 J Morris: Here is the link for Photo scan:
00:57:11 Helen Myers: I’ll put instructison here in 5 mins for redeeming code
00:57:18 Céleste Robillard: thank you!
00:58:44 Helen Myers: Go to Top right – sign in with your Microsoft account Top right – click on your profile pic and click on ‘redeem code’ Then paste in code for Esmeralda
00:59:12 Helen Myers: T-ESC9B5F21
00:59:15 James & Mikey Shah: How do you get the lines up on the page in OneNote?
01:00:19 Helen Myers: we’;ll ask James
01:00:26 J Morris: @James: go to view tab and then rule line
01:00:37 silvia.bastow: I really like recorded feedback, saves time and I feel it is more personal when students hear your voice and frankly many wouldn’t want to read long text and for teacher it just adds to work load writing long feedback
01:01:43 Claire O’Brien: love recorded feedback but I’ve found one or two students accidentally delete it – how do you add the bollard/another symbol to mark it more clearly in One Note?
01:01:44 Annalise Adam: When I put lines into a One Note I do it by inserting a table and selecting the line size and background colour to make it look like an exercise book
01:02:05 Alicia Palomo lopez: it’s a picture I believe
01:02:06 Adeline Moston: I have a scholarship set with lots of different papers being prepared for different school and this afternoon I recorded answers and explanations on 3 different past papers so that tomorrow they can all work on their paper and get feedback to check their work as they go. It was really quick to do.
01:02:13 Joe Dale: Online learning: How giving audio feedback cuts teacher workload | Tes
01:02:39 Gisele Cortese: If you click on view you’ll see a tab that says rule lines.
01:03:06 Annalise Adam: Ah, that is so much easier! I always do things the difficult way!
01:03:26 Alicia Palomo lopez: Set it as a background, then you can write on the image
01:03:28 Sabine Pichout: Audio feedback is so powerful. As a parent I can see the impact on my children when they receive audio feedback.
01:03:32 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: i really like the layout in your oneNote worksheets Esmeralda!
01:03:56 Céleste Robillard: did you have to train the pupils to do this? Mine have very limited IT skills especially One Note as they don’t use it in other lessons
01:04:34 Adeline Moston: @Céleste it is really easy, literally just click insert and then audio and they’re off!
01:04:51 Céleste Robillard: Hopefully I can show them in a computer room haha 🙂
01:05:10 Sabine Pichout: @celeste we have a few very good students and we have asked them to video themselves using their Class Notebooks and share how they are using it/
01:05:53 Céleste Robillard: good idea for the videos! thank you for that
01:06:33 Margarita Mortimer: Q could you share the instruction video please?
01:08:49 Sabine Pichout: Q Have you ever experienced issues with the audio? for some of our students it does not work and they cant listen to our recordings?
01:09:18 Alicia Palomo lopez: they need to change the audio settings permissions, I had the same
01:09:38 Helen Myers: That’s the problem I have had Sabine – it depends on their device
01:09:54 Sabine Pichout: Thank you
01:10:59 Adeline Moston: Ooh, audio setting permissions, we didn’t try that! I have the same issue that not all my pupils can listen and no one has managed to find out why so far. It does work for most of them.
01:11:43 Sabine Pichout: I will definitely attend the Sanako session
01:11:53 Rebecca Jones: ha ha, thanks 🙂
01:11:57 Joe Dale: Thank you
01:12:09 Alicia Palomo lopez: can we please have the link to the video?
01:12:26 Rebecca Jones: I have made a new one now with the pinning too!
01:12:41 Joe Dale: I think I mentioned it first and Becky was inspired by the idea which is why she made the video 🙂
01:12:46 Dannielle Warren: anyone know how that would work on Mac?
01:13:12 Sabine Pichout: I use this everyday!!Not only for feedback. It is a life saver. Thank you Becky
01:13:29 Rebecca Jones: Team work Joe!
01:13:34 J Morris: windows+ V is also a great trick to get special letters into a text
01:13:57 Joe Dale: Indeed!
01:14:37 Glenn Cake: Many thanks to the presenters today ! Fantastic ideas as always !
01:15:06 Helen Myers: Great to have you here Glenn!
01:15:08 Joe Dale: If you pin each copied item, they don’t disappear when you restart
01:15:22 Joe Dale: Thanks Esmeralda 🙂
01:15:43 Alicia Palomo lopez: Do you do normal copying and then windows V?
01:15:52 Alicia Palomo lopez: or is it a special copying?
01:15:54 J Morris: Yes, Alicia
01:15:58 J Morris: just normal
01:16:03 Alicia Palomo lopez: thanks J Morris
01:16:06 Alicia Palomo lopez: 😉
01:16:07 J Morris: and each part separately
01:16:15 Dannielle Warren: is this just because it’s on onenote?
01:16:15 Margarita Mortimer: ct r?
01:16:20 James & Mikey Shah: I love these copy ideas 😍
01:16:26 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: thank you, how did you get these little avatars?
01:16:28 J Morris: no, nothing to do with OneNote, will work everywhere
01:16:31 Claire O’Brien: Using clipboard like that is amazing.
01:16:45 Joe Dale: @Nadja – They are Bitmojis
01:17:12 Annalise Adam: @JoeDale The post-its are Bitmojis?
01:17:17 James & Mikey Shah: with the oral work your question were a cone. does that mean you put a video question and the pupils used the audio function to answer in the next column.?
01:17:28 Joe Dale: @Annalise – Yes
01:17:45 Annalise Adam: @JoeDale That is awesome. I love it!
01:17:50 Adeline Moston: @James, no the cones are still just audio files.
01:17:56 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: thank you Jo, I have these on my own personal media but not on my professional stuff. How could I get them into my OneNote?
01:18:10 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: sorry Joe (autocorrect)
01:18:16 Joe Dale: Sorry. The stickers come with Microsoft, but the other images Esmeralda was showing were Bitmojis
01:18:59 Joe Dale: @Nadja – Insert them into your OneNote and sync
01:20:01 Dannielle Warren: I have to go now. Thanks everyone 🙂👏👏👏. Enjoy your evening
01:20:03 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: I love the look of these stickers, I realise that my OneNote areas have looked too plain now :-S
01:20:17 J Morris: @Nadja I guess you would have to add the bitmoji extension to your webbrowswer at school
01:20:39 Sabine Pichout: I love bitmojis! We have them on our classroom doors!
01:21:39 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: thanks J Morris, I will have a play, exciting!
01:22:31 Hannah Myers: Thank you all, this has been fab!
01:22:37 Joe Dale: Here is my Language Show presentation – Harnessing the power of Bitmojis and Jamboard to engage learners in and out of the MFL classroom
01:23:27 Annalise Adam: Thank you for sharing that @JoeDale
01:23:34 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:23:50 Rebecca Jones: Q: which pen/stylus do you use? What do you recommend?
01:24:13 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: thank you Joe!
01:24:34 Sabine Pichout: I would love to be your student!
01:24:41 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:24:45 Dorothy Anderson: This is so lovely!!
01:25:03 Adeline Moston: I think Esmeralda uses a Surface pro and its pen. I do too and it’s fab. Our work laptops are Dell inspiron with pens and they are good too.
01:25:11 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: I love how slick your presentation looks Esmeralda and your teaching materials and lesson notes in general!
01:25:12 Hannah Myers: How to we make that talking bitmoji?
01:25:19 ELIZABETH STILLMAN: I love this!
01:25:45 Rebecca Jones: thank you @adeline
01:25:46 Sabine Pichout: @Hannah ChatterPix is one way to make your bitmoji speaks
01:25:51 Joe Dale: Esmeralda uses PhotoSpeak. You can use Chatterpix Kid and iFunFace too
01:26:19 Alicia Palomo lopez: which is the app for this video please?
01:26:29 Joe Dale: iMovie Trailers
01:26:36 Sabine Pichout: I love this!
01:26:50 Begoña Charlton : This is amazing, Esmeralda! I love it. You always have fantastic ideas! Thank you for sharing.
01:27:08 Alicia Palomo lopez: thanks Joe
01:27:09 lauradanese: I am crying … Touching!
01:27:27 Joe Dale: Here’s the example I made in May last year
01:27:36 Hannah Myers: Your students are very lucky Esmeralda!
01:27:48 Dorothy Anderson: This is beautiful!! You care so much and your pupils will appreciate everything you do for them.
01:28:39 Sabine Pichout: I agree, I have seen more in remote setting what they have been doing as classwork than in school since september.
01:29:36 Rebecca Jones: You are such an inspiration! I’m in awe. I don’t know how you manage it all and to such a high standard and with such care
01:30:54 Annalise Adam: This is so amazing. The kids must love your lessons and they are so lucky to have you as their teacher, Esmeralda
01:32:01 silvia.bastow: Great ideas, thank you so much for sharing. So inspiring 👏👏
01:32:42 Rebecca Jones: We put those as announcements on the class Teams posts
01:32:57 Sabine Pichout: Jimena Licitra shared on Twitter today that Flipgrip had embedded Bitmoji within it
01:33:00 Alicia Palomo lopez: desirable difficulties by bjork
01:33:33 silvia.bastow: yes, Alicia
01:33:34 Rebecca Jones: wow ! THank you!!
01:33:36 Alicia Palomo lopez: Bravo Esmeralda!!
01:33:42 Sabine Pichout: Wow, well done! you are so inspiring!
01:33:47 Begoña Charlton : Such an inspiration! Thank yo very much!
01:33:49 Rodrigo Sisdeli: Thank you very much…muchísimas gracias!
01:33:50 sandrine amyot: gracias
01:33:50 Nikki Hill: Amazing. Sooooo much to take in though!
01:33:51 Margarita Mortimer: brilliant ideas on Feedback. will you still use Onenote after lockdown?
01:33:51 Dorothy Anderson: Absolutely brilliant!!!!
01:33:54 Joe Dale: Bitmoji + Flipgrid
01:33:56 Lucy Weber: Thanks I have learnt so much
01:33:56 Jo Barber: .wow! Thank you!
01:33:57 ELIZABETH STILLMAN: sooooo good!
01:33:58 Pilar Navarro: Brilliant presentation Esmeralda. As usual very inspiring.
01:34:01 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: thank you so much, amazing!
01:34:03 lauradanese: Bravissima!!
01:34:07 Florence Barats: not revolutionary maybe for you but definitely evolutionary!
01:34:08 Alicia Palomo lopez: If we were with you we will be doing a wave!
01:34:09 silvia.bastow: Thank you so much, excellent presentation
01:34:09 gisele Amoros: Amazing!!! I’m so inspired.
01:34:16 Katie Williams: So many amazing tips and ideas! Your students are very lucky to have you
01:34:22 James & Mikey Shah: That was amazing. Thank you so much. Very inspirational
01:34:23 Kate Cooper: Thank you
01:34:24 Rosa Gonzales S.: Formidable Esmeralda gracias por compartir
01:34:24 Céleste Robillard: Gracias Esmeralda
01:34:28 Luke Moffat: It’s lovely to hear all of these amazing hints. I agree – students very very lucky
01:34:28 Claire O’Brien: Thank you Esmerelda – so inspiring!
01:34:32 Cristina White: this is so amazing- thank you
01:34:45 Alicia Palomo lopez: Well done Helen, Joe and the team! You are amazing!
01:34:55 Sabine Pichout: Please can we visit your school when we can as we are very close!!
01:35:21 Alicia Palomo lopez: remind us of the code please
01:35:26 Margarita Mortimer: muchísimas gracias a Esmeralda,Helen,Joe and everyone..
01:35:36 Katie Williams: Code: T-ESC9B5F21
01:35:55 Joe Dale: Thank you Margarita
01:36:21 Florence Barats: Thank you ever so much!
01:36:42 Claire O’Brien: Such a privilege to be part of this supportive international MFL community. I’ve really relied on it and am so grateful to you all,
01:36:46 Nadja Stephens-Mikesch: thank so so much, brilliant event!
01:37:03 Alicia Palomo lopez: Thank you Annalise!!
01:37:25 Alicia Palomo lopez: I agree!!