ALL TiLT Microsoft Workshop 07


Thanks so much once  again to Jérôme and Julia for organising us all as we continue our voyage of discovery (or re-discovery) of PowerPoint.  The magic continues …!

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Please, please redeem the Microsoft codes for Jérôme  and Jane!  It is so generous of them to share so freely, and we want them to get recognition.

  • Go to
  • Top right – sign in
  • Top right – click on your profile pic and click on ‘redeem code’
  • Paste in the  codes: T-JNF276A21 for Jérôme and T-JBFE54621 for Jane
  • Et voilà!



00:23:42 Joe Dale: What a party!
00:27:46 Joe Dale: Thank you
00:29:59 Brigid Fahy: Beautiful calligrams
00:30:11 Joe Dale: Using Ctrl + arrow keys is a great way of moving objects around a slide in small movements
00:32:36 Sabine Pichout: That is brilliant
00:33:02 kat intxaurbe: Do you need PPT 2019 for Design Ideas?
00:33:14 Katie Williams: Is there a reason why the design ideas option doesn’t always appear for me on the Home tab? It’s there sometimes and not at other times
00:33:17 Sharon Barnes: I love the design function.
00:33:59 Jerome Nogues: I believe 2019 is needed. You can also use the online version too.
00:34:40 Jerome Nogues: You can have access to the ideas on the home tab
00:35:04 Katie Williams: Thank you Jerome 🙂
00:35:09 Helen Myers: Design works for me in Office 365 .. the one you download
00:35:31 Rebecca Jones: love this!
00:35:38 Jerome Nogues: 365 is the latest
00:36:03 lauradanese: Beautiful …
00:36:18 Ravinder Minhas: This is amazing!
00:36:59 Mary Cooch: Oh wow I didnt know tht about the bullet points
00:37:22 virginie hedley: I am so sorry it is so glitchy for me that i cannot hear much at all , only the dd few words and the imgae is just frozen most of the time. so sorry but I will need to leave as I can’t follow at all. sad to miss it/ thank you to everyone.
00:37:37 virginie hedley: Apologies for leaving .
00:37:47 Anna Grainger: What did you click on to get the icons?
00:38:37 Sabine Pichout: I recently discovered you can change color of the icons which is useful for red x and green tick….
00:38:48 Anna Grainger: Brilliant. Thank you!
00:41:44 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I cannot live without animations 😉
00:42:04 Jerome Nogues: Love animations. 😃
00:42:39 Joe Dale: I love using triggers in PowerPoint
00:43:45 Jerome Nogues: It’s really cool
00:44:26 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: How do I activate triggers, Joe? I cannot see the “thunder” active on my PP
00:44:57 Joe Dale: Triggers allow you to launch animations independently
00:45:21 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Ah, it’s being explained now. Thank you!
00:46:29 Joe Dale: You’re welcome. You can add appear and disappear as animations and toggle between them using triggers.
00:46:37 Alicia Palomo lopez: can you explain where you get the trigger from again please?
00:46:43 Anna Grainger: That’s amazing! I’ve always thought you had to do everything in order so I get confused when children try to give me the answers in the wrong order!
00:47:05 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I’ve never known about this function. Great!
00:47:09 Joe Dale: @Anna I was presenting about triggers in PPT in 2006 😉
00:47:38 Anna Grainger: @Joe I was still a baby then!
00:47:44 Joe Dale: You can use triggers to make blockbuster and noughts and crosses grids
00:47:54 Joe Dale: @Anna 😉
00:48:09 Ciara Gorst: Could you do the timers again please – sorry
00:48:14 cgrant: @Joe And I probably learned it from you then!!
00:48:23 Rebecca Jones: I use shapes, with a flag image (or other) inserted and the wipe out animation as timers
00:48:37 Sharon Barnes: I’d definitely love to know more about making PPT timers.
00:48:41 Joe Dale: @Caroline – Yes quite possibly in my SSAT days
00:49:23 cgrant: Exactly!! SSAT was when we met! 🙂
00:49:58 KarlaMMc: Can you do animations with sounds?
00:50:04 MER: What is the best way to make something appear and then disappear?
00:50:33 Joe Dale: Here is a very old blog post all about my use of PowerPoint posted in 2007!
00:51:21 Jane Basnett: Thanks Joe
00:51:23 Kate Cooper: Is there anyway to add some audio/music to the timer option?
00:51:29 Sharon Barnes: Thanks Joe.
00:52:23 Rebecca Jones: Insert shape, animate to wipe out, click on timer option and change to 300 seconds. THen add another image, such as a bitmoji and that appears ‘after the other’ with an applause sound
00:52:29 Géraldine Grimble: could you make the shape disappear slowly in the given time?
00:52:33 Joe Dale: You’re welcome
00:53:24 Joe Dale: How can you have a party without music, eh?!
00:53:42 Kate Cooper: Thank you! I’ve been wanting to make my own dynamic timer with a lively piece of music but haven’t managed the addition of music.
00:54:05 helen.farmer: no I dont
00:54:12 Lilliam Camacho: Can you do motion, please
00:54:18 B Bennett: love it. please
00:54:58 J Morris: @Geraldine: Yes, choose a a disappear animation and set the duration to the needed time.
00:55:24 Kate Cooper: Motion paths work beautifully with Jerome’s 3d icon inserts!
00:55:58 Jerome Nogues: 😃👏
00:57:00 Kate Cooper: (‾◡◝)(‾◡◝)
00:57:19 Katie Williams: What does the red arrow do in comparison with the red dot?
00:57:35 Miss Bohorquez: beginner here, how do you get the text box in the first place???
00:57:58 Silvia Bastow: insert text box
00:58:11 Fiona Collier: Sometimes I have found that animations don’t work when screen sharing.
00:58:15 J Morris: in the insert tab – go to text box
00:58:33 Miss Bohorquez: thank you
00:59:21 Anita welsh: Great idea
00:59:40 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Yes, please
00:59:44 cristina virissimo: good idea
01:01:04 Catuxa Sabel: where did you get the music from? i struggle to get mp3s nowadays – everything is on the cloud!
01:01:38 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Hooray! I will use this for sure, Jane!
01:01:44 cristina virissimo: fantastic, love it!!
01:01:47 Florence Barats: love that!
01:01:48 Sabine Pichout: That is fun!
01:01:51 Joe Dale: Party time!
01:01:54 Yamina Sadek kirk: THIS IS AWESOME
01:01:57 Silvia Bastow: this is great 🙂
01:02:00 Marife Mayayo: Fantastic!!!!!
01:02:07 Ravinder Minhas: Amazing!
01:02:11 Sharon Barnes: Love this Jane!
01:02:20 Katie Williams: This is brilliant!
01:02:39 Delphine Masters: Where will the slides be at the end pf this webinar?
01:02:59 James & Mikey Shah: love it!
01:03:17 Kate Cooper: Do you animate the sound file then?
01:03:18 Helen Myers: The ppt will be linked from all website page
01:03:29 Esther Lite: great idea, your students write the answers in their own note book
01:03:40 Claire Wilson: Thanks Jane
01:04:12 Catuxa Sabel: will it work on a mac?
01:04:16 lauradanese: Which app againa?
01:04:27 Silvia Bastow: thank you, Jane 🙂
01:04:35 Lisa Claydon: This is blowing my mind!
01:04:46 Jerome Nogues: 4K VIDEO DOWNLOADER
01:05:12 lauradanese: thanks Jerome 🙂
01:05:24 Catuxa Sabel: thank you!
01:05:40 KarlaMMc: Vielen Dank!
01:06:34 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: yes
01:06:35 Ravinder Minhas: yes
01:06:57 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Beautiful!
01:07:09 Joe Dale: The equivalent for Keynote on iPad is Magic Move
01:07:26 Yamina Sadek kirk: thank you Joe
01:08:36 Kate Cooper: home>arrange
01:08:47 Joe Dale: You’re welcome Yamina 🙂
01:10:09 Delphine Masters: the photo one looks great!
01:10:19 Jane Basnett: I don’t have morph as an option 🙁
01:10:39 J Morris: do you have windows 10 Jane?
01:11:03 J Morris: it is in transations not in animations
01:11:54 Esther Lite: I do not too ;(
01:12:03 Claire Wilson: A little vid on that would be great!
01:12:40 Ravinder Minhas: yes
01:12:40 Inma Sanz: Yes
01:12:57 Sabine Pichout: yeah!!
01:13:15 Jerome Nogues: @CLAIRE I will put something on Twitter during the week
01:13:29 Claire Wilson: Brilliant Jerome thanks!
01:14:21 Jane Basnett: great stuff Jérôme
01:14:42 Sabine Pichout: thank you Jerome
01:16:50 Ravinder Minhas: I don’t have slide master on my pane
01:17:28 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: No, I didn’t know this, Helen! Thanks!
01:17:30 Jerome Nogues: @Ravinder, are you on the online version?
01:17:34 Miss Bohorquez: no I did not know, thank you
01:17:34 J Morris: Here is an answer from Microsoft if you don’t have morph: Which version of Office 2016 do you have? If you choose File | Account, what appears under the Office logo? If it doesn’t say something about Subscription, then you have a version of Office that will not receive feature updates. Only the Subscription versions receive those, and Morph is a feature update.
01:18:09 J Morris: If you have office for windows 10, you should have it.
01:19:49 Ravinder Minhas: Sorry if anybody has given me advice but my screen froze and now the chat has gone blank.
01:20:28 Jerome Nogues: @Ravinder, if you are on the online version, the Master slide option is not available
01:21:25 Ravinder Minhas: Thanks Jerome!
01:21:58 Jerome Nogues: You can nevertheless use the reuse slide option which could be useful.
01:23:04 Mary Cooch: If you untick “keep source formatting” when using the reuse slide option then it won’t bring in its own formatting eg background
01:23:27 Claire Wilson: This is really useful – I use ppt all of the time but you just don’t usually have the time to learn these little quick tricks. I’ve never created my own layouts! Thanks Helen!
01:23:32 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thank you, Helen!!!
01:23:35 Sylvie Bartlett-Rawlings: Thank you so much all.
01:23:36 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Helen
01:23:38 Jane Basnett: Nice work Helen 🙂
01:23:43 Rebecca Jones: thank you!
01:23:45 Ester Borin Bonillo: it says I can’t
01:23:45 Silvia Bastow: thank you very much, Helen 🙂
01:23:51 Ester Borin Bonillo: I need to be cohost
01:24:08 Katie Williams: That was fantastic Helen, thank you. I didn’t know anything about Master Slides before tonight and I will definitely be using them in the future
01:24:09 Alicia Miranda: Thank you Helen that was very useful Helen 🙂
01:24:32 helen.farmer: It was very useful,Helen!
01:24:37 Leigh Etheridge Milkamanavicius: Superb all of you!
01:24:38 Delphine Masters: great way to save time – slide master all the way!
01:25:08 Florence Barats: yes
01:26:46 Alicia Palomo lopez: repeat step one please, to add to google extensions
01:27:05 Ravinder Minhas: yes please- I was lost there!
01:27:23 marie.allirot:
01:27:24 Jerome Nogues: You need to go into
01:27:26 Gemma Martinez Quiles: I don’t know if it is just me but I hear two people talking on top of each other so I can’t follow the presentation
01:27:26 Helen Myers: OK Alice – we’ll ask
01:27:28 Inma Sanz: How do you add the bitmoji message in other languages?
01:27:30 Jane Basnett: you can just click on the area you want to keep – you don’t have to draw so neatly….
01:27:36 Sabine Pichout: wow, never knew about remove background. Always changed colour to transparent but not always neat.
01:27:47 Helen Myers: If youy can hear 2 .. may be you have YouTbe open as well
01:27:56 Jerome Nogues: RB is really good
01:28:06 Alicia Palomo lopez: thank you
01:28:18 Gemma Martinez Quiles: OMG thank you Helen, I thought I was going crazy
01:28:28 Helen Myers: Was that it?!
01:29:06 Joe Dale: You can also use
01:29:18 Mary Cooch: love that site
01:29:28 Joe Dale: Me too 🙂
01:29:56 marie.allirot: I use remove bg website all the time
01:30:14 Lisa Claydon: This has been amazing thanks so much – sorry got to go as kids are waiting!
01:30:18 Anna Grainger: OMG I thought my life was complete today when I discovered there was a app that you could use within Canva to add your Bitmojis, and now in PPT too! Wow!
01:30:47 Jerome Nogues: Happy Days @Anna 👏
01:31:01 Jerome Nogues: Canva is amazing
01:31:21 Gemma Martinez Quiles: Yes, I had youtube open on my browser
01:31:40 Anna Grainger: I found drop shadows in Canva too – that and Bitmoji will save me hours, and now these tricks on PPT too!!!
01:32:07 Jerome Nogues: A fab discovery day.
01:32:08 Joe Dale: You can just drag and drop Bitmojis from the Chrome extension straight into PowerPoint too or copy and paste, no?
01:32:43 Rebecca Jones: yes, and add in your own text
01:32:44 Sabine Pichout: yes but sometimes they have a background if not saved
01:32:59 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Ctrl G = agrupar, make a group
01:33:13 Joe Dale: @Sabine – Thanks
01:33:40 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I need to go, but want to say THANK YOU! To all the speakers from tonight’s presentations. Amazing work! Always learning! 🙂
01:33:41 lauradanese: Where are the glasses? 🙂
01:34:12 Inma Sanz: Sorry, but how do you add your own text to the bitmotji?
01:34:29 J Morris: You add a shape with the text in it
01:34:34 J Morris: and then group with the bitmoji
01:34:37 marie.allirot: Inma – On google chrome extension, type text
01:34:39 J Morris: and save them together
01:34:52 Joe Dale: or you can add text in the Chrome extension in the search box
01:34:55 Rebecca Jones: or use the bitmoji chrome extention and type what text you want
01:35:24 Inma Sanz: ok, thank you very much. I am bit behind with bitmojis.
01:35:27 Dorothy Anderson: The background doesn’t come up if you click “use destination theme” or “Keep source formatting”
01:35:39 Dorothy Anderson: When pasting into PP.
01:36:16 Joe Dale: Here’s a gif I made using showing how to change the language of the Bitmoji Chrome extension
01:36:29 Miss Bohorquez: how do you insert a link in the first place though please?
01:36:38 Inma Sanz: Lovely, thank you!!
01:36:50 J Morris: Right click on the picture and select link.
01:36:53 Rebecca Jones: right click on image and link
01:38:01 Dorothy Anderson: Thanks @joe I have never been able to drag and drop the bitmoji, just managed it there. 👍
01:38:34 Joe Dale: No problem 🙂
01:39:49 Jerome Nogues: You can also drag and drop pictures in ppt!
01:40:13 Miss Bohorquez: Thanks
01:40:17 Miss Bohorquez: yes thanks yuou
01:40:17 Jerome Nogues: Inserting several at the same time
01:40:25 Dorothy Anderson: @Joe Normally the PP screen disappears so I just thought I had to copy and paste, but I hovered over the icon at the bottom there and I could do it. Brilliant!
01:41:25 Sabine Pichout: That was fab!
01:41:35 Dorothy Anderson: Brilliant thank you!!!
01:41:38 Miss Bohorquez: Thank you all, that was very useful
01:41:46 emgru: Thank you
01:41:47 Sabine Pichout: Thank you so much
01:41:47 Aurelie Cronin: thank you all!
01:41:48 Sylvie Bartlett-Rawlings: Many thanks .
01:41:48 Claire Wilson: Brilliant thank you – soo helpful again 🙂
01:41:51 Delphine Masters: merci! so many great tips!
01:41:52 Patricia Dadswell: Thank you all very much
01:41:53 Emma Kelly (Mrs): Thanks so much to everyone. Great ideas.
01:41:56 Lisa Parkes: Super encore une fois! Tous tellement doués!!!
01:41:56 MER: Thanks all of you.
01:41:59 Géraldine Grimble: thank you! great tips
01:41:59 Mary Cooch: Lovely thankyou 🙂
01:42:00 Ravinder Minhas: Thank you everyone!
01:42:01 Sarah Hau: Thank you 🙂
01:42:03 Rebecca Jones: thank you all very much! These must take so much of your time!
01:42:03 Joanne: It was really informative! Merci! ¡Gracias! Jo
01:42:04 cristina virissimo: Thank you!!:)
01:42:05 helen.farmer: Are there any codes to redeem?
01:42:08 Katie Williams: Thank you so much everyone, these sessions are so helpful. I have learned so much 🙂
01:42:10 marie.allirot: Thank you!
01:42:11 B Bennett: thank you, so much to take on board. brilliant
01:42:12 Inma Sanz: Thank you very much. It was my first webinar and I think it was very helpful!!
01:42:13 Anna Grainger: Thank you. I have learnt so much.
01:42:14 Lyn Brady: merci beaucoup!
01:42:14 Ramesh Patel: Thank you very much!
01:42:17 Catuxa Sabel: thank you so much!
01:42:18 lauradanese: Thank you all!!
01:42:19 Caroline Okerika: Thanks to all of you!
01:42:24 Sarah Schechter: Thanks, everyone – amazing!!!
01:42:25 James & Mikey Shah: Thank you. Very helpful!
01:42:26 Florence Barats: That was another great evening, yes where are the codes?
01:42:28 Alicia Palomo lopez: thank you so much!
01:42:36 KarlaMMc: Great stuff, thanks a mill. Where will the presentation be shared? Or the recording?
01:42:50 Fiona Collier: Thank you.
01:43:24 Jane Duell: Another brilliant evening. Thank you to all the presenters!
01:43:25 Nicky Baker: Thanks, more great tips.
01:43:27 Sabine Pichout: Sharing a Star Wars translation template on PPT that was shared with us a few years ago and which is always a hit with students. Similar to Jane’s mission impossible. All you need is add your text. Students either write it down or shout our the translation.
01:44:35 Ravinder Minhas: Thanks for sharing @sabine
01:44:55 Jerome Nogues: Great stuff Sabine
01:45:04 Jerome Nogues: T-JNF276A21
01:45:33 Sabine Pichout: I was very pleased to get a certificate last week! Really worth reddeming!!
01:45:44 Anna Grainger: Sorry where is redeem code?
01:45:53 Esther Lite: yes pls
01:46:03 Jerome Nogues: T-JNF276A21
01:46:12 Anna Grainger: No I mean what do you click on to put it in?
01:46:21 Alicia Miranda: A great team work. I have learn a lot . Are you able to share the ppts with us ? It has been amazing 🙂
01:46:21 helen.farmer: redeem code
01:46:23 Katie Williams: Click your icon at the top right
01:46:25 Anna Grainger: I was too busy trying to find the website and can’t multitask!
01:46:35 Katie Williams: Then click Redeem achievement code
01:46:36 J Morris:
01:46:42 Anna Grainger: Found it. thanks
01:46:47 J Morris: T-JNF276A21
01:46:51 Emma Kelly (Mrs): Is it just one code for the event or one per presenter?
01:47:01 Jerome Nogues: One per presenter
01:47:08 Maeve Carroll: is there just one code
01:47:34 Maeve Carroll: or are there different codes for each person who presented?
01:47:34 Emma Kelly (Mrs): What was the code for Esther?
01:47:43 Sabine Pichout: Julia, you are sharing Jerome’s code? do you have your own? and ESther? Please?
01:48:08 Adeline Moston: Esther doesn’t have one yet. I’ve asked Jane for her but not getting a reply at the moment.
01:48:15 J Morris: I don’t need any more codes, thanks.
01:48:32 cristina virissimo: I did it, thank you
01:48:51 Sabine Pichout: but could we get your codes so we can show we have received training?
01:51:14 lauradanese: thank you!
01:51:16 cristina virissimo: Good
01:51:28 Rachel: thanks everyone!
01:51:34 Anne Lewis: Merci beaucoup!
01:51:52 Adeline Moston: Jane’s code from last time was T-JBDD4FD21 if you haven’t redeemed that yet, she’d be very grateful!
01:52:11 Gemma Martinez Quiles: juin
01:52:18 helen.farmer: August
01:54:29 Sabine Pichout: So you dont need to rewrite the word properly before morphing?
01:54:51 Sabine Pichout: Thank you
01:57:02 Lisa Parkes: Auf Wiedersehen! Vielen Dank!
01:57:15 cristina virissimo: Adios
01:57:22 Inma Sanz: Tahnk
01:57:26 cristina virissimo: Thank you
01:57:29 Inma Sanz: Thanks again. Adios!!
01:57:37 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Mensch Julia, das ist Wunderbart! Danke schön!
01:57:40 Jerome Nogues: Good evening all
01:57:45 Ravinder Minhas: Thank you everyone!
01:57:58 Dorothy Anderson: I love this for unjumble exercises! Thank you so much!
01:58:06 helen.farmer: Danke Julia !
01:59:04 Cerys Jones: I can see lots of ways to use this for word order for German.