ALL TiLT Microsoft Workshop 06


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What a wonderful party we had!  You can see from the chat below just how much everybody enjoyed themselves!

After a brilliant warm-up act of Jane showing how us to monitor pupil work real-time by sharing a PowerPoint with them to use as a canvas, we learnt how to use refine our use of PowerPoint as Jérôme masterfully (yet incredibly modestly!) took us on the first part of our journey along the PowerPoint ribbon.  At this party we went through home – insert  – and touched on design.  Julia showed us how to set up a slide to display the current date in the Target language – a slide which can then be ‘re-used’ for subsequent presentations.

In the next session Jérôme will lead us as we resume our journey, stopping off at transitions, animations and the slide show. Ester is going to show us how incorporate bitmojis, and Julia will share the secret of locking pupils in to PowerPoint slides until they solve language clues in order to escape!

We are aware that it would take weeks to share all the hidden depths of Powerpoint, so we will probably plan a 3rd workshop where people  can show and tell their favourite Microsoft tricks, as so many features cross the whole Microsoft suite.

It would be great if you could ‘reward’ the presenters by redeeming the codes below for them.  It will also give you points towards your own Microsoft Educator badge. For that you need to:

  • go to
  • sign in with your school account
  • click on your profile (the circle top right) “redeem achievement code”
  • for Jérôme Nogues, paste in the code T-JND8D6D21
  • for Jane Basnett, paste in the code T-JBDD4FD21

If you are not yet a member of ALL, please, please could you join us here:

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PowerPoint Presentation  (Thanks so much to the generosity of Jane, Jérome and Julia for sharing their work).

Jane Basnett’s video on how to set up a collaborative PowerPoint – the whole class working on one PowerPoint!

Class Photo



00:23:12 vanesa Macia Domene: We will watch you Sonja, whatever the day is 🙂
00:24:10 Sonja Fedrizzi: 🙂
00:24:57 Adeline Moston: Good evening! There are still a few people with initials, just first names or iPad, we’d be very grateful if you rename yourself with your first and last name. Thank you!
00:26:09 Lilliam Camacho: Q- do you need to have your ppt in share point?
00:26:41 Rebecca Jones: Yes, I believe so.
00:26:42 Sabine Pichout: This is such a great thing in live lessons. You see the students typing live and you can give immediate feedback. Really powerful. Thank you Jane for sharing.
00:26:44 MER: Is there a quick way of duplicating the slides?
00:26:48 David Dogue: how do you ensure students do not just copy paste from google or delete each other’s.
00:26:52 Michele Gawthorpe (Midlands): have you shared this in Teams?
00:26:57 Sabine Pichout: Just copy and paste the slides
00:27:20 Honor: Sorry, not sure how to re-name myself?
00:27:21 kerry Brown vallely Sec MFL: I tried this last week after seeing it on Twitter, thank-you. I had a problem as it lagged really badly and didn’t update in real time. Did I do something wrong.
00:27:26 Sabine Pichout: You can share the PPt link in the meeting chat.
00:27:53 Kelly Davies: sorry how did you do the overview again?
00:28:06 Dannielle Warren: To rename yourself on Zoom click the 3 dots above your name, then click rename
00:28:06 Joe Dale: @Honor rightclick your video thumbnail
00:28:09 Kate Cooper: right click on the slide in the right hand side and click duplicate slide, if you highlight multiple copies it will paste the same number of duplicate slides
00:28:18 Sabine Pichout: Slide sorter view
00:29:50 Honor Harbridge: Thanks Dannielle
00:30:07 Esmeralda Salgado: I love this idea!!!!
00:30:09 Sabine Pichout: I have tried it and it worked really well.
00:30:22 Esmeralda Salgado: and great for blended learning!!!!
00:30:24 Thais López: this is fab!
00:30:40 Katrin Intxaurbe: How do you split slides into 2 students?
00:30:51 Rebecca Jones: Great idea to duplicate the options on the same slide
00:31:05 Valle Fernández: Great idea!! Thank you
00:31:07 Esmeralda Salgado: it’s just a slide with a line in between
00:31:13 Anita welsh: this looks excellent. something to try out this week at home
00:31:28 Michele Gawthorpe (Midlands): fabulous
00:31:29 Jocelyne LeBars: cool
00:31:41 mewood: How do students get the pen in powerpoint?
00:31:44 Ileana Melendez: so useful!
00:31:51 David Dogue: Q: how do you ensure students do not just copy paste from google or delete each other’s.
00:31:59 Esmeralda Salgado: if you use slidesmania you have AMAZING templates for collaborative work.
00:32:05 Michele Gawthorpe (Midlands): I’m not sure how to share the PPT to students? I use Teams
00:32:16 Thais López: you’d see a whole chunk of writing being pasted
00:32:22 Florence Barats: yes
00:32:23 Sonja Fedrizzi: yes
00:32:24 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: yes
00:32:25 Valle Fernández: I love Slidesmania Esmeralda!!
00:32:36 Paul Scales: its like then?
00:32:41 MER: You can share it from OneDrive
00:32:41 Keisha Reid: Does it have to be during live lessons only?
00:32:50 Madame Buckley: Click on draw
00:32:51 Esmeralda Salgado: slidesmania offers free ppt and Google slides templates. we are doing it with our Erasmus project next week it
00:32:59 Kate Cooper: Upload PP to Teams in the files section. Copy link to PP and when all in the meeting you can show them where to find it or paste the link into the chat and they can follow the link
00:33:00 Michele Gawthorpe (Midlands): good Q
00:33:26 basnettj: You can see exactly where your students are, so you can call them out for being on other people’s slides
00:33:56 Claire O’Brien: Thanks Danielle
00:34:29 basnettj: YOu don’t have to do this only in live lessons but then you can’t ‘police’ the students being on different slides
00:34:50 ALL London: All commands / send to powerpoint
00:35:17 Sabine Pichout: WOW!
00:35:22 Julia Morris: that is cool
00:35:22 Sonja Fedrizzi: Very cool
00:35:27 Valle Fernández: WOW Jerome!!
00:35:34 vanesa Macia Domene: Magic!
00:35:39 Silvia Bastow: that’s really useful 🙂
00:35:40 Bev: amazing time saver!
00:35:42 Thais López: amaziiiiiing
00:35:50 Katie Williams: What a time saver!
00:35:54 Mounia Benzidane: wow! excellent
00:35:54 Sabine Pichout: I am going to have to rewatch it 3 times to do it by myself!!
00:36:09 Kelly Davies: same Sabine lol
00:36:43 Rebecca Jones: please erci!
00:37:12 Sabine Pichout: Going to do it now whilst you reexplain!
00:37:18 Lee Taylor: Can’t do from Mac?
00:37:44 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I’m so annoyed to have arrived late to this! I thought it was at 20:30. Bonsoir, tout le monde!
00:38:11 ALL London: So – in word, use heading styles to deterin e the hirarchy of your lines in ppt
00:38:40 ALL London: this needs to be exported to ppt
00:38:41 Brigid Fahy: this is a magical 🥳 party trick
00:39:12 Sonia Cuino: What is format painter?
00:39:38 Paul Smith: This could be used for the pupils to make their own flashcards.
00:39:41 Esther Eljarrat: What is the name of the “little button”? I don’t have that on my version of Word…
00:39:50 ALL London: end of icons- oen commands
00:39:52 ALL London: open
00:40:02 ALL London: add command to microsoft word
00:40:05 ALL London: Find th ecommand ..
00:40:20 ALL London: all commands / send to miscriosoft ppt
00:40:26 ALL London: highliught – add
00:40:29 ALL London: ok
00:40:45 Delphine Masters: Magique!!!!!!
00:40:56 Rebecca Jones: wow!!! 🙁
00:41:00 Rebecca Jones: 🙂
00:41:12 Esmeralda Salgado: amazing!!!!
00:41:12 Antoinette Byrne: Merci!!
00:41:14 Sarah Floyd: Brilliant!!
00:41:30 Jocelyne LeBars: Will practice
00:41:31 Sharon Barnes: That’s great, thank you Jerome.
00:42:13 Sabine Pichout: Wow! it worked 🙂 Thank you. Really great tip
00:42:16 ALL London: Note different options to start of …
00:42:20 ALL London: explort fomr word
00:42:22 maggie sproule: cool!
00:42:23 ALL London: reuse slides
00:42:28 ALL London: find a layout you want
00:42:52 ALL London: Note that icons mean somehting!!!
00:43:17 MER: I have a new laptop and different versions of PowerPoint. Am I right in thinking some do some actions but not others? Which versions do the most?
00:43:41 Julia Morris: Yes do a demo!
00:43:52 ALL London: Clcik on thign to insert and it makes it fit!
00:44:01 ALL London: we’ll ask for a demo after this
00:44:11 Julia Morris: @MER, I would think the standalone app will do the most compared to web based versions
00:44:17 Julia Morris: what versions do you have?
00:45:19 Sharon Barnes: @MER, you’ll need the Office 365 online version of PPT to reuse slides. It needs to be a .pptx. The 97- 2003 doesn’t let you use that function.
00:45:33 ALL London: 4 wasy to insert pics
00:46:05 Jocelyne LeBars: Is Jerome using the app or PPT online? I don’t see stock images on mine
00:46:21 MER: Thanks.
00:46:46 Julia Morris: Jerome is using the mac version,but you should have it on the PC app as well
00:47:24 vanesa Macia Domene: genial#!
00:47:38 Jocelyne LeBars: Weird.i am using the Mac version , newly updated and it’s not there
00:48:10 Jocelyne LeBars: Can Jerome redo it slowly for my slow brain? please
00:48:45 Valle Fernández: Very slowly , tired brain here…. despacito Jerome!! 🙂
00:48:53 Jocelyne LeBars: OMG
00:49:29 Silvia Bastow: just tried it, it does work 🙂
00:49:33 Thais López: Been seeing this little tool every day but had no idea it was so useful! thank you for the tip
00:50:16 Joe Dale: Snip&Sketch in Windows 10 is great for this too particularly if you enable the print screen button to launch the Snip&Sketch tool
00:50:52 Sabine Pichout: OMG the screenshot!!!
00:51:09 Yamina Sadek kirk: this is great!!!
00:51:24 Mounia Benzidane: Add ins for accents !
00:51:38 Joe Dale: How to Insert Quiz in Microsoft PowerPoint
00:51:49 Sonja Fedrizzi: that is very handy!
00:52:04 Dannielle Warren: Oh I love this! Didn’t know about the qr thing
00:52:17 Sonja Fedrizzi: Neither did I, this is good
00:52:19 Thais López: QR code add in- this will save me so much time!
00:52:23 Sabine Pichout: Would we need our school to authorize the Add ins? Not being allowed any right now?
00:52:26 Annalise Adam: I love that with the QR code!
00:52:59 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: I use very Forms very little, I didn’t know that it has soo much interesting in it. Thanks Jérôme
00:53:03 Rebecca Jones: you can add forms Sabine – look to left of add-ins – it’s there automatically
00:53:13 Katie Williams: Does anyone using the PowerPoint have to have the add in to be able to use the QR codes?
00:53:24 Sonja Fedrizzi: We love it Jerome!! Thank you
00:53:24 Joe Dale: and are good online solutions
00:53:32 Katie Williams: This is so amazing! So many things I did not know about
00:53:48 Silvia Bastow: if using school laptops then yes for us too
00:53:48 Sabine Pichout: Thank you
00:53:50 Florence Barats: Yes just tried, need permission!
00:54:13 vanesa Macia Domene: o wauu I use menti a lot!
00:54:19 Dannielle Warren: whaaaaaag
00:54:19 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: That is SO useful!! Thanks a lot!
00:54:26 Dannielle Warren: *whAAAAT
00:54:33 Dannielle Warren: Sorry I got excited^^
00:54:33 Jocelyne LeBars: cool. I am in heaven
00:54:36 Sonja Fedrizzi: I know. I a Menti addict
00:54:39 Sonja Fedrizzi: So this is amazing
00:54:47 heather: not sure what I am doing
00:55:25 Ciara Gorst: I have sent my through too
00:55:33 Dannielle Warren: Sent mine as well
00:55:34 Paul Smith: How are people managing to collaborate with this?
00:55:34 Jocelyne LeBars: It works for me
00:55:35 Annalise Adam: Is Menti free?
00:55:41 Claire Wilson: Great to not have to go onto the website. Never knew you could embed it
00:55:47 Jackie Robertson: sent mine!
00:55:54 Joe Dale: Yes Annalise with some premium features
00:55:55 cgrant: QR add in – wowee!!!
00:55:58 Claire Wilson: Yes Annalise – it’s brilliant
00:56:01 Annalise Adam: Thanks Joe
00:56:09 Naziha Badich: It does work. At times it is just an issue with connection
00:56:11 vanesa Macia Domene: did you create before?
00:56:13 Annalise Adam: Thanks Claire
00:56:16 helen.farmer: We have mentimetre on the list !!
00:56:29 Joe Dale: @Annalise – 3 slides for free and unlimited presentations
00:56:51 Julia Morris: getting hungry!
00:57:24 Annalise Adam: Thanks @Joe Dale
00:57:28 Sonja Fedrizzi: This is a total game changer for me. Thank you so much
00:57:29 Silvia Bastow: fantastic!!!
00:57:31 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Wooow,, that is great to know! Less time flicking through…
00:57:33 Jocelyne LeBars: Will it be live in the slide?
00:57:44 Sabine Pichout: That SO good Joe!
00:57:44 vanesa Macia Domene: REally! Thanks Joe!!!
00:57:45 Claire Wilson: Me too Sonja!
00:57:46 Jocelyne LeBars: Can you repeat Joe?
00:57:46 Rebecca Jones: Q: will it automatically save it on the PPt?
00:58:00 Dannielle Warren: Joe is there anything you don’t know?
00:58:21 Yamina Sadek kirk: I’m amazed, this is WOW
00:58:21 Sonja Fedrizzi: Danielle, I was just wondering the same thing 🙂
00:58:24 Rebecca Jones: thanks Joe!
00:58:30 Claire Wilson: Didn’t know you could remove items either Joe – brill!
00:58:32 Esmeralda Salgado: that’s brilliant! thanks, Joe!
00:58:45 Esmeralda Salgado: no idea you could!
00:58:46 Silvia Bastow: thank you for the tip, Joe
00:58:47 Brigid Fahy: never heard of menti. thanks
00:58:48 Sarah Floyd: this is great thanks!
00:58:49 Jocelyne LeBars: Will it be live on our slide too?
00:58:49 Delphine Masters: Merci Jerome! some great tips!
00:58:52 Fiona MacDonald: So much to take in! Wow!
00:58:53 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks JOe! I only used with A level students because I thought I could not remove something no appropriate!
00:58:53 Pilar Navarro: Amazing Jerome. Thank you very much for all those tips. Sooooo useful
00:59:03 Silvia Bastow: thank you Jerome, very useful 🙂
00:59:03 Rebecca Roberts: Thank you Jerome 🙂
00:59:05 Yamina Sadek kirk: thank you Jerome!
00:59:05 Dannielle Warren: Thanks so much Jerome. Really looking forward to using menti now I know I can embed it
00:59:08 basnettj: Brilliant Jérome
00:59:09 Rebecca Jones: Thank you Jerome!
00:59:14 Esmeralda Salgado: brilliant, Jerome!!!
00:59:14 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks Jereme really good tips!
00:59:16 Sabine Pichout: I have always wanted to know this!! Thank you Julia
00:59:24 Thais López: Merci, Jerome!
01:00:09 Valle Fernández: Merci beaucoup Jerome!!
01:00:09 Joe Dale: Here are the instructions for removing inappropriate items in a Mentimeter word cloud
01:00:20 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: Thanks Joe
01:00:42 Joe Dale: You’re welcome. You can also enable a profanity filter too
01:01:22 Joe Dale: Here is info about the profanity filter
01:01:34 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: Fab! thanks
01:01:34 Sonja Fedrizzi: That’s useful Joe, thank oyu
01:01:42 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:01:49 Esmeralda Salgado: thank you! so useful!
01:02:12 Liz Morton: Brilliant time saver!
01:02:15 Gideon Williams: If you get the chance, explore the Insert > Zoom feature. Allows you to create a Navigation Menu within your PowerPoint. All you have to do is group your slides in order and give a name to the first one (in the thumbnail) by choosing Add Section. Add as a Summary slide at the end that allow students to go to different sections. You can also add a zoom link to just one slide. Great if you don’t want to recap on a slide that appeared a while back in your presentation and not annoy students by having to click loads of time through previous stuff!
01:03:08 Joe Dale: Thanks Gideon 🙂
01:03:17 Dannielle Warren: Great tip Julia!
01:03:19 ALL London: @Gideon – Jerome has planned ot show that later
01:03:31 Alexandra von Rönn: Great! Danke!
01:03:33 Joe Dale: I use to use this in Word when I was teaching
01:03:35 Claire Wilson: Ooh that’s great!
01:03:52 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Yes, I have always wondered how people did that! Danke!
01:06:55 Adeline Moston: Works for me on PPT
01:06:56 Thais López: it works 🙂
01:07:04 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Yes, it works 🙂
01:07:05 vanesa Macia Domene: Alt gr +plus vowel for Spanish accents
01:07:08 kerry Brown vallely Sec MFL: insert :
01:07:09 Silvia Bastow: yes, it works like that well. Works also in TEams
01:07:51 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Gracias Vanesa
01:08:01 ALL London: File / options / proofing / autocorrect
01:08:06 Alexandra von Rönn: Cooooool, Julia!
01:08:11 ALL London: replace ” ” with ” ”
01:08:40 Paul Smith: Does it automatically change the font?
01:09:09 Jocelyne LeBars: fun
01:09:27 ALL London: also a good way of undoing autocorrect e.g. (c) often converts to copyright symbol
01:09:35 James & Mikey Shah: very useful!
01:10:04 Alexandra von Rönn: So maybe Alte + 0246 is faster…
01:10:25 vanesa Macia Domene: can you repeat this? window +?
01:10:29 Dannielle Warren: 😮
01:10:33 Claire Wilson: I only recently found out that if you held down the key on a Mac/ipad/phone you get different options for accents etc! Not sure where I’ve been!
01:10:35 Joe Dale: Windows +V
01:10:53 Jean Wood: Mac is so much easier Claire
01:10:54 Dannielle Warren: Yes I love my Mac now for that reason Claire!
01:10:58 vanesa Macia Domene: ok thanls Joe
01:11:02 Joe Dale: Use Windows + V to speed up marking from Rebecca Jones!
01:11:09 Rebecca Jones: 🙂
01:11:19 Alexandra von Rönn: Isn’t it easier then to use the Alt + key codes?
01:11:25 Dannielle Warren: Is there a windows v mac version though?
01:11:26 Isabelle Jones: That is the only thing that is actually easier on a tablet …
01:11:41 Adeline Moston: I’ve changed my keyboard setting to French and have colourful stickers on the keys that are different, it’s a great talking points 🙂 Guessing you can do that with any language.
01:12:04 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you Julia for this
01:12:08 Jackie Robertson: I use alt and the number pad – learn common accents number code off by heart
01:12:11 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: I’m sure you know as well but on Teams, in the chat, if you make pupils click on the windows key and the full stop then pupils can have all the accents
01:12:14 Rebecca Roberts: Thank you Julia 🙂
01:12:15 Jane Moore: very helpful, thank you Julia
01:12:18 Rebecca Jones: merci Julia!
01:12:24 Jocelyne LeBars: Thanks Julia
01:12:24 Silvia Bastow: Danke 🙂
01:12:58 Helen: Thank you – all very useful. Have to go now so hope to watch rest later
01:13:09 MER: Thanks for those symbol tips. Along with my date slide to reuse, I might set up a second slide with the symbols I tend to use and I can copy and paste quickly from there.
01:13:28 Rebecca Jones: I like to use my shapes with a slow wipe out as a timer
01:13:36 Julia Morris: Yes, that is a great idea MER!
01:13:49 Rebecca Roberts: Thank you so much everyone, it’s been so useful and much appreciated. I must feed my child now – calls from upstairs, ha!
01:14:04 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Julia. SO useful:)
01:14:23 Thais López: Thanks, Julia! great tips
01:14:26 Julia Morris: This is the Valentine’s special!
01:14:36 Sabine Pichout: Cute!!
01:14:38 Valle Fernández: Voila!!!
01:14:40 Thais López: how fun#1
01:14:41 vanesa Macia Domene: magic again!!!
01:14:44 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Wow!!
01:14:45 Alicia Palomo lopez: repeat pls
01:14:45 djand: Brilliant!
01:14:51 Ciara Gorst: Can you do that slowly please
01:14:52 Claire Wilson: This is so cute
01:14:52 helen.farmer: redo
01:14:55 Alicia Palomo lopez: thank you Helen!
01:15:05 Mounia Benzidane: you got me even more interested in your presentation ! lovely example of a cat 🙂
01:15:11 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thank youuuuu! Vey nice!
01:15:57 Julia Morris: To make a perfect circle/square, hold down shift while creating!
01:16:03 Rebecca Jones: go to format once selected
01:16:13 Dawn Skeoch: I think it was from home
01:17:24 Jocelyne LeBars: cool
01:17:28 vanesa Macia Domene: intersect
01:17:29 Alicia Palomo lopez: Amazing!
01:17:38 Yamina Sadek kirk: so cool
01:17:40 Anita welsh: I like this idea.
01:17:44 Laurence Seltzer: Cool!
01:17:55 Fiona MacDonald: Very good – wish I’d known this ages ago.
01:18:44 Joe Dale: So Ctrl + arrow keys to move a select object or text box in little increments on a slide
01:18:48 Bev: ooob nice dual coding
01:19:18 Madame Birtwistle: Joe …. What did you say about moving pictures v v slightly?
01:19:25 Rebecca Jones: coooool! Roarsome!
01:19:30 Jocelyne LeBars: lol
01:19:38 Sonja Fedrizzi: Wow!!
01:19:39 vanesa Macia Domene: oooo how??
01:19:43 Jocelyne LeBars: wouah
01:19:44 Sabine Pichout: J’adore!
01:19:46 Alexandra von Rönn: Could you turn them into timers, I wonder?
01:19:47 Alicia Palomo lopez: OMG! That’s so cool!
01:19:51 Jocelyne LeBars: Moi aussi
01:20:00 Rebecca Jones: delayed dictation?
01:20:14 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Yes, Rebecca!
01:20:15 djand: Could this be a timer?
01:20:16 mila Webb: You can use it as timer if you add the path 🙂
01:20:27 Madame Buckley: WOW
01:20:34 Jane Moore: yes, thinking time
01:20:37 mila Webb: A frog?
01:20:46 Alexandra von Rönn: Ooooh I want a dinosaur timer!
01:20:58 Joe Dale: You can use and turn yourself into a gif to insert into your PowerPoint
01:21:25 Valle Fernández: I love that, thank you Joe!!
01:21:34 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:21:39 Sonja Fedrizzi: These Gifs are great
01:21:52 Mounia Benzidane: all amazing, magical tricks!
01:21:55 Esmeralda Salgado: great for listening pyramid or pyramid translations
01:22:03 Sonja Fedrizzi: yes
01:22:08 Joe Dale: See example
01:22:17 Thais López: very useful if anyone is doing an MA
01:23:06 Joe Dale: Here’s another example
01:23:06 Jane Moore: thanks for the gif link, Joe
01:23:15 Rebecca Jones: great! What was the nase of the fun lady from America who used those as her well done stickers Joe?
01:23:19 Jocelyne LeBars: What’s an MA?
01:23:22 Rebecca Jones: *name
01:23:30 Joe Dale: Esther Park
01:23:34 Rebecca Jones: 🙂
01:24:43 Dannielle Warren: Oooh I like this!
01:24:50 Jocelyne LeBars: Where is that, Jerome?
01:25:01 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: It looks nice!
01:25:05 Jocelyne LeBars: merci
01:25:05 Alexandra von Rönn: Like a portal – an options portal!
01:25:05 Rebecca Jones: Definitely want to look into this!
01:25:06 helen.farmer: Is this how people create these fancy home pages?
01:25:14 Kate Cooper: I love Zoom!
01:25:53 Sally Knowles: Thank you so much. I have to go but this has been really interesting and helpful. You are doing an amazing job.
01:25:58 Sabine Pichout: @Becky Meredith White
01:26:38 Joe Dale: Yes, I shared the idea with Meredith having been inspired by Esther
01:27:07 Jocelyne LeBars: They are amazing, these 2 ladies
01:27:15 Alexandra von Rönn: Thank you everybody! Will catch up with the remainder and create a dated starter slide tomorrow 🙂
01:27:45 Sabine Pichout: I followed the step by step to create animated gif and failed and gave up!!
01:28:02 Jocelyne LeBars: amazing
01:28:08 Joe Dale: See example
01:28:26 Jocelyne LeBars: yes
01:28:30 Silvia Bastow: fantastic, love this
01:28:32 Rebecca Jones: Q: How did you come back out of eth zxoom view
01:28:43 Anita welsh: more fun trying this tomorrow
01:28:43 ALL London: we’ll ask rebecca
01:28:48 Silvia Bastow: click on the picture again
01:28:54 Rebecca Jones: 🙂
01:29:04 Fiona MacDonald: Do the subsequent slides automatically get assigned to the “section” under the slide you select for summary?
01:29:26 Jocelyne LeBars: So fancy
01:29:28 Rebecca Jones: thank you
01:29:36 James & Mikey Shah: love this
01:29:59 Kate Cooper: Whatever slides you put after wards the powerpoint works through them and after the last slide goes back to the summary page
01:30:11 Gideon Williams: If you have animations in the main slide you can still carry on with those eg lists even if you click on a slide.
01:30:15 Fiona MacDonald: Thanks
01:31:06 Kate Cooper: Welcome it’s very good fun to use and saves you having to go through every slide if you don’t finish all your presentation in one lesson!
01:32:14 Jane Moore: also tables are better for Teams, as of
01:32:38 Dannielle Warren: Yes I do the same Jerome with canva
01:32:44 Jane Moore: if you do a word box they corrupt in Word
01:32:55 Silvia Bastow: just tried it, really easy
01:34:28 Sabine Pichout: Every trainee teacher needs to watch that webinar. Just added the object to my ribbon! Really great
01:34:32 Ciara Gorst: If you have uploaded a video to stream and insert it in a powerpoint can everyone view it?? Thanks
01:34:50 Claire Wilson: Another thing I only recently realised you could do – have a YouTube vid embedded on PPT and then you can include questions too!
01:35:12 Fiona MacDonald: I’ve not heard of Microsoft stream
01:35:13 basnettj: If you want people to see your video from stream, you could download it first and then upload into pwp
01:35:15 Katrin Intxaurbe: Could you use the Insert Zoom option when you are sharing a PPT with students? So that you could have several slides of students in 1 slide?
01:35:20 Jocelyne LeBars: miam
01:36:33 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I need to leave but I will definitely re-watch this and catch up with what I missed. Thank you so much to the presenters and organisers, as always. Happy Half Term 🙂
01:36:54 Madame Buckley: Thank you! Lots of super tips! Very grateful got to go now.
01:36:54 Claire O’Brien: ‘reference to external media has been blocked’ often appears on PPs with YouTube videos, sometimes they don’t open properly if I share the PP – has anyone any wisdom please about this?
01:37:16 Claire Wilson: I always find there is a little pop up which comes up at the top asking me to enable content
01:37:28 Mounia Benzidane: What’s Jerome’s Twitter handle please? Thank you
01:37:42 Joe Dale: JeNoMFL
01:37:59 Sabine Pichout: Clever!
01:38:31 Cristina Bangs: Learning so much.
01:38:43 Anita welsh: worked out about how to trim audios and they make it more slick
01:40:01 Rebecca Jones: Q: How did ou get to the edit audio menu?
01:40:04 Antoinette Byrne: Excellent webinar – thanks for all the tips
01:40:16 Sonja Fedrizzi: Amazing session
01:40:23 Silvia Bastow: this is amazing, Jerome! Learnt so much today. Thank you 🙂
01:40:35 Madame Buckley: thanks so much
01:40:38 Kate Cooper: Merci beaucoup!
01:40:41 MER: Thanks all of you. So helpful.
01:40:44 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: I’m learning so much. Thanks a lot for sharing all those amazing tips!
01:40:48 Louise Peace: Thank you so much for another great CPD session. Have learned a lot this evening 🙂
01:40:49 Mounia Benzidane: Thank you !
01:40:51 heather: thank you everyone
01:40:58 Esmeralda Salgado: superuseful!
01:40:59 Sonja Fedrizzi: round of applause
01:41:01 Jane Moore: yes, very practical and useful training, thank you
01:41:02 Yamina Sadek kirk: the PowerPoint party was FANTASTIC! best party I attended this year 😉
01:41:04 helen.farmer: I have been inserting mp3s a lot during lockdown
01:41:04 Anita welsh: brilliant webinar . Thank you
01:41:05 Fiona MacDonald: Will need to re-watch so Mmes! Thank you!
01:41:09 Sonia Cuino: Thank you! Very useful!
01:41:15 Katie Williams: That was absolutely fantastic, thank you so much!
01:41:15 Lilliam Camacho: I have shared with Mp3 audios, no prob.
01:41:15 Laurence Seltzer: Excellent!
01:41:17 Pilar Navarro: Thank you very much. So useful
01:41:18 Jocelyne LeBars: fantastique
01:41:21 Sofia Lopes: Thank you 🙂 , really helpful tips!!
01:41:24 Lisa Parkes: brilliant – thanks so much – I’ve learned so much!
01:41:25 Claire Wilson: Amazing thank you!
01:41:25 Silvia Bastow: thank you Helen, Joe and all presenters for organising this 🙂
01:41:25 Catu: thank you so much! so useful!
01:41:25 sana: Merci beaucoup
01:41:28 Jane Duell: Thank you so much to all presenters. Some amazing tips and tricks. A day playing on the computer tomorrow, for sure!
01:41:29 Elspeth Alexander-Grocott: thank you!
01:41:30 Catu: 👏👏👏👏👏
01:41:31 Lilliam Camacho: Thank you so much for all the tips. 🙂
01:41:34 Dawn Skeoch: Highly useful. I ve learnt so so much. Best CPD Ive ever been to
01:41:39 larai ash: Thank you !
01:41:39 Paula: Thank you so much!!
01:41:40 Rebecca Jones: THank you so much!
01:41:40 Ciara Gorst: Thank you so much
01:41:42 Lisa Parkes: Plenty to work on and practice over half term
01:41:43 Naziha Badich: 👏🏼
01:41:43 Anne Grills: Thanks so much for sharing
01:41:43 Dannielle Warren: Thanks everyone! I won’t put my cam on as I am in my pjs 😀
01:41:44 Cristina virissimo: thank you😊
01:41:45 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks you so much!!
01:41:46 Rachel Henderson: thank you very much
01:41:47 helen.farmer: REALLY useful, thanks so much
01:41:48 Claire O’Brien: thank you all – really fab!
01:41:50 cgrant: Fantastic! Thanks to everyone yet again for giving up so much time.
01:41:50 Sabine Pichout: @Becky, love your party background
01:41:54 christine ugur: great c. ugur
01:41:55 Nicky Baker: Thank you !!!
01:41:58 Anna Grainger: Thank you. That was brilliant. I definitely need to watch again and have a play whilst I watch.
01:41:58 Julia Morris: Love your background Rebecca Jones!
01:41:59 Bev: thanks so much, it’s been so useful!
01:42:01 Paul Smith: Thank you!
01:42:01 Routes into Languages East – Sarah Schechter: Huge thanks!
01:42:02 Keisha Reid: Thank you all
01:42:04 Rebecca Jones: Can we have the Microsoft educators link and codes again?
01:42:10 Ileana Melendez: Thanks a lot!!
01:42:11 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Thanks so much!
01:42:15 Joanne Prosser: Thank you for this – it’s been brilliant!
01:42:19 Caroline Okerika: Thanks so much!
01:42:20 Peter Ansell: many thanks, brilliant
01:42:20 Rhonda Crawford: Thanks to everyone involved
01:42:22 Pilar Navarro: Looking forward to part 2!!
01:42:27 Sarah Hau: Thanks all – some really good tricks 🙂
01:42:32 Paty’s iPhone: merci bcp! awesome. that is my Tuesday sorted!
01:42:33 SusanFrench: Thanks a million, amazing!!
01:42:34 Delphine Masters: Thank you for taking the time to share all this! 💜💜💜💜
01:42:35 Maeve Carroll: that was super! thank-you so much.
01:42:37 Florence Barats: Thank you so much. Where do we join for next Monday, it is not listed unless I cannot see it?
01:42:37 Jerome Nogues: @Rebecca T-JND8D6D21
01:42:38 Laurence Seltzer: Thank you so much!
01:42:42 SSamia Saci: Thanks, good night!
01:42:42 Fiona MacDonald: Thank you to everyone!
01:42:43 Sonja Fedrizzi: Best bouncer 🙂
01:42:44 Lisa Parkes: Un enorme merci!
01:42:49 djand: Thank you!
01:42:57 Kirsty McLaren: Thank you!
01:43:00 Alicia Miranda: A big thank you so much. Lots of things to work on 🙂
01:43:04 Sarah Floyd: Thank you!!
01:43:08 swapna b: Thank you Everyone
01:43:42 Katharyn Campbell: I have learned some super tips!! Thanks, well worth tuning in!! Danke sehr!!!
01:43:45 Katrin Intxaurbe: Thank you so much 🙂
01:43:45 Florence Barats: Thank you so much!
01:43:56 Jackie Robertson: Thanks so much!
01:44:00 Sabine Pichout: Thank you SO much! It was fab.
01:44:02 vanesa Macia Domene: /amazing thanks very much#11
01:44:10 Michele Gawthorpe (Midlands): amazing thank you!
01:44:14 Cristina virissimo: 😄amazing 😊
01:44:31 Katie Williams: Thank you so much. So many amazing tips to explore. You’ve made me excited about PowerPoint again!
01:44:37 Paty’s iPhone: Jo pls share your trick.
01:44:38 Isabelle Jones: Thank you so much. Was great!
01:44:59 James & Mikey Shah: thank you very much. It was great !
01:45:04 Rebecca Jones: Thank you all so very much! Lots to play with now!
01:45:26 Paty’s iPhone: bitmoji is awesome. my kids love my virtual class
01:45:39 Lisa Parkes: yes – bitmoji is brill
01:45:55 helen.farmer: Can we have the Microsoft educators link and codes again?
01:46:09 Jerome Nogues: @Helen Framer: T-JND8D6D21
01:46:34 helen.farmer: Merci