ALL TiLT Microsoft Workshop 05


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Thanks again so much to ‘Team ALL TiLT Microsoft’ for another enlightening and friendly evening.

Jane Basnett told us how she organised collaboration across her department using Teams.  All staff have their own notebooks which are open to all other staff.  Jane also uses NoteBook to manage the department e.g. storing minutes.

Jane has already taught us so much and we are really grateful.  If you attended or watch this video,  please sign into Microsoft and enter her code to give her credit for training and to earn training points for yourself:   Code for Jane = T-JBF8D3F21

Adeline Moston then showed us another method of collaboration..  There is a central notebook for each cours, and staff can copy from this to populate their own versions, often slightly adapting it to  their own style.  (Adeline clearly likes colour and lines; such attractive pages!).  Merci Adeline!  We look  forward to being able to reward you with Micorosoft points too!

Ester Borin wowed us all with what you can do in Breakout Rooms.  It was a revelation to many of us that you can record breakout rooms (as host, open one – go in and record – then open another – go in and record etc.) and that you can follow the chat via the main teams chat which contain the breakout room chats.  Clearly we have even more to learn from Ester and look forward to more gems!  Thanks so much!


Jérôme Nogues will be sharing ways to use Immersive reader at a future session – after he has DJed our PowerPointParty which will be held on Monday 15th February.


Code for Jane = T-JBF8D3F21



00:13:35 Sonja Fedrizzi: 🙂
00:13:45 Florence Barats: Good evening.
00:13:57 Widad Adnany: Hello all
00:15:05 Sabine Pichout: We are Poesia! Great opportunity for our students
00:15:10 Sabine Pichout: *in
00:15:17 Omar Harem: a big hello for everyone here
00:15:21 ALL London: Feel free to keep webcam on if you like .. it;s up to you!
00:16:02 Joe Dale: A sirious situation 😉
00:16:23 Sabine Pichout: Haha
00:19:19 J Morris: mh, reminds me of my online lessons! 🙂

00:21:38 Silvia Bastow: not yet
00:22:34 ALL London: Achievement code – ti be sared here
00:22:39 ALL London: to be shared here
00:22:45 Sonja Fedrizzi: That’s such a great way to organise a department
00:22:56 ALL London: Jane organises dept via Teams ..
00:23:00 Simona Gravina: Good evening everyone, Simona from Scotland. Thank you for organising this. Love this Jane.
00:23:01 ALL London: general chat – onenote
00:23:07 ALL London: Hi Simona!
00:23:20 ALL London: NB – important to set up notebook within Teams
00:24:44 ALL London: How to set up a notebook within your staff team …
00:25:06 Silvia Bastow: I really like this. We have depart.oneote, but haven’t used it so much for meetings as we use SharePoint. Great idea, have to look into it.
00:25:48 ALL London: Click on + and creat enotebook
00:25:59 Sabine Pichout: yes please!
00:26:17 ALL London: Thsi s how you move form one notebook to another ..
00:26:20 Sabine Pichout: Exam dates!!
00:26:39 ALL London: Right clcik / MOve or copy
00:26:49 ALL London: open new nb
00:27:00 ALL London: open content library
00:27:01 ALL London: copy
00:27:21 ALL London: Adavnateg = this i slinked to the team – so all can access it always
00:27:48 ALL London: Also – align work scrutiny to teh notebook
00:28:37 ALL London: Via year group / subject
00:29:07 ALL London: archive of minutes
00:29:41 ALL London: Team for each year group
00:29:43 Sabine Pichout: Archive? have you set it up? not something I have seen
00:29:57 Sonja Fedrizzi: Q Will you talk about any tips and tricks on how to distribute work and quick ways or marking students’ notebooks?
00:30:04 ALL London: You create the tyab cand call it ‘archive’
00:30:10 ALL London: (for last year’s minutes)
00:30:15 Sonja Fedrizzi: If not, that’s totally fine. No worries.
00:30:17 Sabine Pichout: ok
00:30:18 vanesa Macia Domene: Do you put just links or also powerpoints?? for resources that you share?
00:30:19 helen.farmer: I have just looked at ours and staff notebook is available in the MFL team app
00:30:20 Sabine Pichout: thank you
00:30:49 ALL London: Sonja – we have cpovbered that bt can do at the end if that’s OK
00:31:23 Amélie R.: How did you include this link?
00:31:29 Amélie R.: On the message?
00:31:56 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks for the clarification!
00:32:19 Sonja Fedrizzi: No worries. Thank you for clarifying.
00:32:32 ALL London: Resources stored ‘outside’ the team – in Sharepoint
00:32:35 vanesa Macia Domene: But if you share the link, what If you want to modify the document? would not affect your own copy?
00:32:57 ALL London: good point Vanessa.. we’ll ask
00:33:25 Jacques: Late but present
00:33:30 J Morris: @vanessa you can share a link with view only, so people make their own copy of it
00:34:56 vanesa Macia Domene: @JMorris, thanks I thought if you share in only view, you cannot modify later
00:35:57 J Morris: view lets you save your own copy. The original owner than still make changes that everyone else can see.
00:36:06 J Morris: if they look at the original link
00:36:18 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks !!
00:36:19 ALL London: all colleagues can see all other colleagues’ notebooks
00:37:02 J Morris: with onenote files, if you copy it over to your class notebook then it won’t make any difference
00:37:07 Sonja Fedrizzi: very useful thank you
00:37:15 helen.farmer: really useful, yes
00:37:18 helen.farmer: thanks
00:37:22 Silvia Bastow: great, than you Jane
00:37:28 Sabine Pichout: This is very useful. We have set up a dept ClassNotebook but haven’t used it yet
00:37:38 Lucy’s iPhone: very useful thank you
00:37:55 vanesa Macia Domene: very helpful thanks very much!
00:39:18 basnettj: I really like the idea of having a section of the notebook where you put shared notebook pages. nice
00:39:43 vanesa Macia Domene: Good tip!!
00:40:07 ALL London: Eduucator working group = tpo share resources
00:40:25 J Morris: Does anyone know what the “other” category does?
00:41:03 ALL London: MFL dept notebook – shared notebook for all resources
00:41:23 ALL London: Idea@ creat eresource in the notebook then copy to youir own
00:41:28 ALL London: (or vice versa)
00:41:57 ALL London: right click THEN move/copy THEMN select notbook
00:43:13 Sabine Pichout: that is very interesting!!
00:43:23 ALL London: Code for Jane = T-JBF8D3F21
00:43:32 Amélie R.: How do you think you will use this moving forward? Will you keep your students on OneNote once they are back in school?
00:43:40 Sabine Pichout: we did not get a code last week?
00:43:44 vanesa Macia Domene: That is a great sharing tool!! I hope in my department they would start using Notebook, I am the only one using it 🙁
00:44:07 Ester Borin Bonillo: This is really good!
00:44:14 Sheryl A: I have a question about page setup in notebook. May I open the mic?
00:44:55 ALL London: To move form one nb to aother
00:45:13 ALL London: (1) select control c/v
00:45:21 ALL London: (2) click right
00:45:32 ALL London: move/copy
00:45:45 basnettj: And you can move/copy a few pages at the same time.
00:45:50 ALL London: click chevron next to the top
00:46:29 ALL London: select area
00:46:31 ALL London: copy
00:46:36 Sabine Pichout: Could you share/copy those pages with someone outside your organization?
00:47:12 basnettj: SAbine – that depends on the set up at uour school, I think. It is not easy to share with people outside your organisation
00:47:17 ALL London: You must be in desktop app to move between notebooks
00:48:01 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Jane
00:49:45 helen.farmer: awfully distorted sound, can’t hear
00:49:50 basnettj: no – onenote is infinite page
00:49:53 basnettj: what was the question?
00:51:47 ALL London: Advice: anticipate needs for printing out ..
00:52:05 ALL London: as far as posisble stick to A4 formast – use 100% to be aware of what it will look like
00:52:06 basnettj: the better version – do you mean Julia?
00:52:17 Sonja Fedrizzi: lol
00:52:50 Sheryl A: you can also move entire sections
00:52:57 basnettj: thanks Adeline!
00:53:04 Silvia Bastow: thank you
00:53:13 Fatima Khaled: Hi Fatima from London. sorry i had issue to get in.
00:53:33 vanesa Macia Domene: Thank you!
00:54:34 J Morris: In OneNote 2016 you can set the paper size: View tab – Paper size.
00:55:05 ALL London: Ester – breakout rooms .. advice = to set channels
00:55:34 J Morris: You can then set it as a template: Insert tab – Page Templates
00:58:00 ALL London: Icon to do the magic = next to 3 dots
00:58:19 Sheryl A: Great@ page template
00:59:35 vanesa Macia Domene: It is just me? I cannot see the full screen
00:59:51 Amélie R.: Yes I can
00:59:53 helen.farmer: yes
00:59:54 Sheryl A: Yes, i can
00:59:56 Silvia Bastow: yes
00:59:57 Fatima Khaled: yes
00:59:57 Widad Adnany: yes
00:59:58 Jacques: yes
01:00:00 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: yes
01:00:10 Lucy’s iPhone: yes
01:00:29 basnettj: Ester – do you know why sometimes I get the opportunity to assign automatically and sometimes I’m not given that opportunity. I have to assign manually.
01:00:32 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks you it is sort it out now 🙂
01:00:33 Katie Williams: Q: One of my students today could not be assigned to a breakout room, why might this have happened?
01:00:33 basnettj: Thanks
01:00:50 J Morris: @Kate – they need to update their device
01:00:55 J Morris: often a problem on iPads
01:01:06 Katie Williams: Thank you so much 🙂
01:01:08 J Morris: they need to update to latests version of Teams
01:01:13 J Morris: it doesn’t take long
01:02:34 ALL London: When you open break out room – open in turn and start the recorder
01:02:44 ALL London: thag way you can record ALL rooms
01:02:48 ALL London: (Unlike Zoom)
01:03:02 basnettj: That’s great. re. recording
01:04:42 ALL London: When you close breakout room, recording stops and is stored – this allows feedback
01:04:54 vanesa Macia Domene: sorry it records automatically or you need to enter and record?
01:05:03 ALL London: you enter and record
01:05:11 ALL London: then you come back and open th enext
01:05:15 ALL London: then go in and set to record
01:05:18 vanesa Macia Domene: ok thanks
01:05:51 J Morris: If you put students into rooms, the next time you use breakout rooms it will remember the groups, but you can also reshuffle.
01:06:44 helen.farmer: I had an issue on Friday when I couldn’t join the rooms and rejoin, any ideas?
01:07:25 helen.farmer: No they have devices.
01:07:36 helen.farmer: I could not rejoin
01:07:41 helen.farmer: the class
01:07:43 Florence Barats: I had the same problem on Friday maybe it was Teams!
01:08:17 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Do you record the voice or also video?
01:08:59 Sheryl A: In the last week, the “rejoin” was n’t available. Yu now have to “leave” it closes your participation in the breakout and then in the main meeting you click “resume”
01:10:18 Rebecca Jones: Q: How do you announce that they have a 2 minute warning rather than ending the rooms abruptly.
01:10:28 Florence Barats: The leave the room button had s=disappeared.
01:10:41 ALL London: OK – sounds as if it was an isseu for FRiday ..!
01:10:48 Sheryl A: @rebecca on the ellipsis you can “make an announcement”
01:10:57 Rebecca Jones: thank you
01:12:14 ALL London: Advcie on settings: allow participants th eoption to return to main room
01:13:34 Sabine Pichout: Can you have prepped this before the students arrive? Renaming rooms…
01:14:07 Sabine Pichout: shame
01:14:28 ALL London: So not currently (I think this is possible in Zoom now)
01:15:04 ALL London: But by settign channels this is a way around this (to be shown …)
01:15:43 ALL London: YOu can monitor chat in room
01:16:53 ALL London: Jane calls the three dots ‘gold dust’
01:17:06 basnettj: Do I? Well, I think that’s right
01:17:16 ALL London: You did and I copied!
01:17:55 basnettj: how do you chat to individual rooms – I missed it
01:18:09 ALL London: we’ll ask for a repeat Jane
01:18:14 basnettj: thanks
01:19:38 ALL London: Main message – never panic .. you can alway srejoin from calendar or team
01:19:48 ALL London: 🙂
01:21:02 Fatima Khaled: your strategy of sending practical points is very useful. unfortunately, we don’t us break out room.
01:21:10 basnettj: Is it possible to announce just to one room?
01:28:02 ALL London: All is being recorded.. if you have to leave we understand!
01:28:39 ALL London: Recommendation to use channels within team fro different aspects / groups of peole
01:35:51 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: I see only 9 Ss pictures but there are more how
01:36:14 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: how can I see the whole Ss?please
01:36:30 vanesa Macia Domene: thank you
01:36:47 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: thank you!
01:37:08 J Morris: @rosa In your teams meeting, click the 3 dots, and choose large group view or something similar
01:37:44 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: thank you Julia.
01:38:00 Sofia Lopes: Thank you 🙂 !
01:42:15 Florence Barats: Thank you very much!