ALL TiLT Microsoft Clinic January 2021

Monday 11th January 2021 + Wednesday 20th January 2021

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The first sessions are about the Class Notebook.

They are designed  for teachers for whom Microsoft Teams is fairly new, or who want to see how others have structured their Class Notebooks.

They will be principally about the BASICS:  getting your head around what a class notebook is – knowing the essential set-up before you start creating work – avoiding making mistakes which may be difficult to unravel later.

We anticipate that future sessions will be sharing ideas for page content.

We plan to cover the following in the first couple of sessions

MANAGEMENT (Julia Morris)

  • Different ways to access Microsoft Teams + Class Notebook
  • Different versions of Class Notebook
  • Set up class notebook from within Teams
  • Finding your way around the notebook: section groups, sections and pages
  • Viewing the page
  • Understanding icons on ribbons
  • Management of CNB (Group sections, sections)
  • Distribution of pages
  • Review of work
  • Copying pages between notebooks

MFL-SPECIFIC (Esmeralda Salgado, Adeline Moston and any other attendees willing to share their screens)

  •  Suggestions from experienced users about set up of notebooks, section groups, sections and pages.
  • We will pause as we go through and  invite questions.  We positively encourage opening mics and webcams!FUTURE SESSIONSWe will respond to ‘need’ and ask at each session what pepole want to look at in future e.g.
    • More on Class Notebook
    • Looking at other Microsoft elements in turn (PowerPoint, Forms etc.)

Monday 11th January : ALL TiLT Microsoft Clinic (1)

Star recommendation of the night(!): ‘JCY:    What a wonderful way to spend a windy night in Lytham St Annes’



Julia demonstrated ‘live’.  Here is a link to a  PowerPoint presentation which covers the areas shown.

Wednesday 20th January 2021

PowerPoint for session 2:

Julia did a recap of the first session, then completed the areas, answering questions as she went.  Here is a link to her presentation on her onedrive.

Julia Morris

Thanks SO much to Julia Morris for sharing her expertise and spending so much time creating a superb session  which led us through the basics of setting up a Class Notebook.  ‘Newbie’ and ‘old-hands’ alike learnt LOADS!

It would be great if you could ‘reward’ Julia by redeeming the code below for her.  It will also give you points towards a Microsoft Educator badge. For that you need to:

  • go to
  • sign in with your school account
  • click on your profile (the circle top right) “redeem achievement code”
  • paste in the code T-JMA9A4221

Thank you!

Class Photo


Chat download: ALL London TiLT Microsoft Clinic 1 Chat


ALL London TiLT Teams Workshop (1)

00:39:01 Helen Myers: ONe Not e= program
00:39:15 Helen Myers: Class NOtebook = within OneNote
00:39:32 Esmeralda Salgado: Teams=classroom
00:39:34 Helen Myers: Teams = classroom; OneNote / Class Notebook = student ex book
00:39:38 Sabine Pichout: We only used teams in LD 1 because we did not know about Class Notebook….I wished we had been shown.
00:39:49 Ruth Bober: Q: A bit of a thick question, is one note part of the Microsoft 365 package?
00:39:50 Helen Myers: (I’ll le tyou do it Esmeralda!!!)
00:40:04 Sabine Pichout: Now we use it in combination and teams and Onenote makes the dream team
00:40:06 Adeline Moston: Yes, onenote comes with Microsoft 365
00:40:31 Esmeralda Salgado: Onenote/Classnotebook is part of the Office 365 package
00:40:35 Ruth Bober: So my students will have one note if they have teams?
00:40:40 Anthony: Yes
00:40:40 Sabine Pichout: yes
00:40:50 Adeline Moston: Yes, you might have to chat to your school to make it “appear”
00:41:38 WilkinsonMagis: How does OneNote relate to a VLE, such as Moodle, Blackboard or Google Classroom. Can you organise all your teaching materials on there? Or would you still use another VLE?
00:42:18 Adeline Moston: Julia will show this but yes, you can have most of your teaching material on there and then link to others from the notebook.
00:42:29 Adeline Moston: I do pretty much everything from Onenote now
00:42:33 Helen Myers: It’s all on Sharepoint
00:42:33 Esmeralda Salgado: You can still have a VLE
00:42:50 annalise adam: Does it work on phones?
00:42:56 Helen Myers: Yes annalise
00:43:00 Kirsty de Groot: I put a link for the Teams page onto Satchel (our preferred platform!)
00:43:06 Esmeralda Salgado: The way we do it is the VLE is our Department library while classnotebook/onenote is our individual classes library and lessons
00:43:09 Adeline Moston: There is a phone app but it will be harder with a small screen
00:43:14 WilkinsonMagis: It would be easier though to use just one platform. If I understand you well, OneNote could serve as a VLE?
00:43:27 Adeline Moston: I think so, yes
00:43:35 WilkinsonMagis: THank you
00:43:48 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, you can use onenote as school VLE
00:43:58 Helen Myers: @WilkninsonMagi s- we can talk about this at the end .. good quesiton
00:44:18 JCY: Hi I have used forms and feel quite good on that and have even made KS3 and 4 assessments on that now… have just looked at One note and feel baffled … does anyone have a dummies guide to ‘One note’ please?
00:44:33 WilkinsonMagis: Thank you, Helen. Please, that would be great.
00:44:41 Helen Myers: @JCY – this is your guide
00:44:50 Sabine Pichout: We have loads of glitches where sometimes the page that we create with for exemple 10 task has only 5 tasks when it appears in students Class notebook. Do we know how to solve this? We distribute the OneNote page via Teams assignment. Thank you
00:44:53 Helen Myers: Class Notebook is just an added extra pon ONenote
00:45:48 Sabine Pichout: My school has a students guide for One Note. This was made by another school and we adapted it. Happy to share?
00:46:11 nicolas: that would awesome Sabine
00:46:18 JCY: Thank you Sabine can I pass you my email?
00:46:22 Esmeralda Salgado: Sabine that would be great!
00:46:27 Anthony: Yes please!
00:46:29 Helen Farmer: Yes, I use launch browser each time
00:47:03 Maria-Jose’s iPad: yes, please.
00:52:11 Esmeralda Salgado: I, personally, always create in the app as it has more functions
00:52:55 Jane Basnett: I always create in app
00:53:01 Sabine Pichout: Me too and I have pasted YouTube Links with a lesson and then My students see a different video as if youtube has kept playing. Has anyone else had the issue and how can we trouble shoot?
00:53:40 Kirsty de Groot: I didn’t create my first few classes in Teams and added all my students individually – but it’s annoying because any other teacher that I could invite can’t access it unless I invite them directly
00:54:09 Suzi Bewell: really useful
00:54:14 Suzi Bewell: learning lots
00:54:53 Andrew:
00:55:07 silvia bastow: our IT team set this up for us 🙂
00:55:14 Sofia Lopes: Sabine – I guess it depends on the organisation and just keep telling students to use the app rather than another version.
00:55:35 nicolas: in my MS teams it is different I don’t have that
00:56:04 Adeline Moston: Nicolas, do you use Teams in the browser or the app?
00:56:05 WilkinsonMagis: When you create a Class for one academic year, how can you save your classroom materials for the next academic year>
00:56:11 Esmeralda Salgado: How you set up your Classnotebook will depend on your school and how they do things.
00:56:15 nicolas: the app
00:57:15 nicolas: Ahhhh got this
00:57:27 Helen Myers: I suggest wqe just askl qs related to what Julia is talkign abotu to avoid cinfuison for newbies!!
00:57:29 Esmeralda Salgado: You can access past classnotebooks and copy and paste material. I am now using materials from classnotebooks from last lockdown, for example
00:57:51 Adeline Moston: I’m saving other questions in my OneNote for later so we will try and answer them!
00:58:11 Esmeralda Salgado: This part that Julia is going through is very important! As you can add tabs but not cannot delete them!
00:58:15 Helen Myers: Thansks!
00:58:38 Helen Myers: Really key – you cannot selete a section -only renmane it
00:58:39 Julie: Esmeralda, is there any chance you could post something on Twitter about how to add things from past notebooks?
00:58:53 Sabine Pichout: Yes, I have experienced this annoying feature so cant wait for next September and not repeat my errors
00:58:57 Esmeralda Salgado: I can Julie
00:59:20 Kirsty de Groot: @Esmeralda Salgado – how did you do that? Does that mean that in theory I can transfer over the pages that I’ve already uploaded to a Class Notebook and link it to the Teams channel?
00:59:30 Julie: Sabine – me too!!
00:59:44 Julie: Thank you Esmeralda!
00:59:46 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I agree, Helen!
01:00:04 Helen Farmer: That is the word we agreed on at school – it is not intuitive!
01:01:54 Irene Ioannou: hello … very much a beginner … desperately seeking a collaborative space and would live to see how it works
01:02:30 Adeline Moston: We will definitely demonstrate the collaboration space, don’t worry!
01:02:46 Sabine Pichout: yes please adeline. Have not used it yet
01:04:52 Julie: If you open OneNote in the browser, can you add a file I the content library , or in the students’ sections and then will it synch back to the Notebook or do you have to create the originals in the Notebook in Teams first?
01:05:05 Esmeralda Salgado: I recommend to open a page per week! it saves time
01:05:55 Ruth Bober: Do the pages automatically alphabetise themselves like they do in computer folder?
01:06:00 Sabine Pichout: We are calling the week 1, week 2…..for this LD
01:06:30 Nathalie Grayson: And you can use the TOOLs to change the proofing language too which is really good for mfl
01:06:30 Adeline Moston: I don’t think they alphabetise, no. When you create a new page it just goes under the one you were on. You can move pages around easily.
01:06:43 Maria-Jose’s iPad: can only that one pupil see the page?
01:06:46 Suzi Bewell: this is all new to me so all advice welcome
01:06:47 Diana Massis: When you set up a page is the same for all the students?
01:06:47 Anthony: If following a GCSE group, I think I’d link to the page codes from the textbook
01:07:11 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, you can distribute pages only for one particular student
01:07:16 Nathalie Grayson: I name my lesson 1 _date (P3) etc so that they can always find the lesson if they missed one and also filter works well if you are consistent
01:07:17 Adeline Moston: I usually use the title of the lesson as the name of the page, so “les vêtements”, “chez moi”, “mon École”, “le future proche”… Last summer when we started we used the date.
01:07:19 Helen Myers: I do (1) date (2) Page (3) title
01:07:53 Helen Myers: Date makes it easuer to select for assignment
01:08:09 Esmeralda Salgado: I create a section/divider called LESSONS + topic and all the lessons from that topic as pages within (a page per week)
01:08:43 Esmeralda Salgado: Another divider for prep, oral questions, sentence builders
01:08:55 WilkinsonMagis: We tried to access it all together today, but it didn’t work. Is there a reason for that?
01:09:13 Esmeralda Salgado: That’s particularly useful for GCSE as I keep the same Notebook for the two year course
01:09:16 annalise adam: Teams was playing up very much today
01:09:20 Andrew: You can turn off and on collaboration to control it and stop a free-for-all
01:09:24 Kirsty de Groot: I think Teams was really playing up today.
01:09:28 WilkinsonMagis: How did you get those binder pictures saved onto that tab?
01:09:39 Richard Maynard: How do you set up the mini whiteboards in the collaboration space?
01:09:39 Julie: Andrew, how do you do that?
01:09:42 Katherine Monument: Yes, TEAMS was really tricky to work with today.
01:09:58 Esmeralda Salgado: The binder is just a picture from google and pasted
01:10:01 Davina-Jo Otterburn: If pupils complete a piece of writing in one of the sections, can you edit it/make individual comments on their work?
01:10:04 Sabine Pichout: What is the difference between content library and Teacher only? Where should I store my resource that I want to distribute to my students?
01:10:14 EWright: How can they write in it if it is just a pic from Google please?
01:10:26 Esmeralda Salgado: You make the picture as bacground
01:10:31 EWright: Thank you!
01:11:00 Davina-Jo Otterburn: If pupils complete a piece of writing in one of the sections, can you edit it/make individual comments on their work?
01:11:01 Esmeralda Salgado: You can mark, write etc.. in all your students’ sections/pages
01:11:32 WilkinsonMagis: If you share your screen through teams, would students that not see the content of theTeacher Only tab?
01:11:33 Esmeralda Salgado: Your comments are also only visible to the student
01:11:45 Davina-Jo Otterburn: so this could be used to give individual feedback?
01:13:06 Esmeralda Salgado: and difficult to retrieve….
01:13:09 Jane Basnett: If you are marking though or want to use the Student Review Tool to see how they are progressing, it is good to ensure that the work is on a page that you have set up and named
01:13:36 JCY: Q) Can pupils delete Teacher feedback?
01:13:51 Esmeralda Salgado: Not, if you do it through the Student Review Tool
01:14:28 Andrew: @julie, within Teams, class notebook, next to Help there is a drop down menu manage notebooks. It’s well hidden, but very useful.
01:15:22 Julie: Thanks @Andrew
01:16:03 Adeline Moston: Yes, there are a few things you can only do through that manage notebook page, you can get to it from the notebook too.
01:16:24 WilkinsonMagis: I did not manage to move pictures on my screen. it was very linear. Is this because I have an old version? Or was it because MS Teams was playing up today?
01:16:40 Sara T: How do you embed it?
01:16:41 Esmeralda Salgado: All Microsoft apps get embedded
01:16:54 Esmeralda Salgado: @sara T just copy and paste a URL
01:16:54 Sabine Pichout: wow quizlet can be embeded!
01:17:08 Sara T: Ok thanks Esmeralda
01:17:25 WilkinsonMagis: Is this only on OneNote? Or is it also on Classroom Notebook?
01:17:42 Adeline Moston: This is class notebook, within OneNote
01:17:54 Sara T: What about if it is a document or a PDF? I have struggled to get it into one note and ended up using the snipping tool
01:17:56 Nathalie Grayson: QU: So you have any tips for presenting with a ppt in teams at the same time as pupils working from home using class notebook. I guess I mean is there a way to integrate them?
01:18:15 Esmeralda Salgado: Classnotebook is a the folder in onenote
01:18:47 WilkinsonMagis: Today when I created a page, I could only add things linearly, one thing underneath the other. I couldn’t add anything laterally. Is there a reason for this?
01:18:49 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: I use two screens
01:18:51 Esmeralda Salgado: @nathalie I always present from within Onenote
01:18:57 Adeline Moston: It’s very easy to insert a Word doc or a PDF, you go to Insert then file and then you want to add it as a “printout”.
01:19:16 Sara T: Thank you Adeline
01:19:22 Nathalie Grayson: @Esmerelda – thank you, I will look into that 🙂
01:19:26 Esmeralda Salgado: sharing my screen in Teams, then students have their ppt for them
01:19:59 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Adeline, is it any different if you add a PPt file as a print out? (different to a pdf for example)
01:20:24 JCY: @Esmeralda is it much easier to present from One Note than PowerPoint in your opinion?
01:20:40 Sabine Pichout: Think you can also add a section or group section by clicking on Class Note at the top. more intuitive
01:20:52 Anthony: Can you add section groups to the pupils’ folders?
01:21:02 Anthony: Or just content library?
01:21:58 Helen Myers: Go dquestiion Anthony – we’ll ask!
01:22:20 Ruth Bober: Q – in the vocab section you had a load of tabs next to the file, but not below it, is that just because you had the vocab section highlighted or was it something else magical?
01:22:46 Sabine Pichout: Think you can need to add it to the teacher and then distribute to students
01:22:57 Helen Myers: @Ruth – we’ll ask iun a moment – thanks
01:23:16 Suzi Bewell: do students get an alert if you add new content in one note?
01:23:20 Helen Myers: key thing is to knwo difference between section group – section – page
01:23:35 Helen Myers: th e ‘vocab tab; is dection
01:23:36 Adeline Moston: No, students don’t get an alert, as far as I know.
01:23:38 Helen Myers: tothe right is a page
01:23:44 Irene Ioannou: can students work on paper then take a photo and upload their writing in the collaborative space? sorry if it sounds dated .. paper!
01:23:52 Esmeralda Salgado: @irene yes
01:26:13 Suzi Bewell: it’s been a long day online so heading off now. thanks all will watch the rest later and looking forward to sharing with colleagues who are also new to this.
01:26:31 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you Suzi!
01:26:39 Irene Ioannou: gracias
01:29:46 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Useful to know!
01:30:15 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Distribue
01:30:49 Helen Green: Thank you all for sharing this, it’s been really helpful. I’ll watch the rest tomorrow. I need to put my children to bed!
01:30:54 Kirsty de Groot: Merci à tous… I have to go and plan all lessons for tomorrow, apologies. Looking forward to watching the rest and feeding back to the team. Thank you to you all – very useful info.
01:31:07 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you!
01:32:37 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Me too, I need to go now, but DANKE! Very useful and it really helps to see Julia demonstrating it with her screen. Bonne nuit!
01:33:10 Helen: Off to join ALL. Thank you so much. Am confused but at least I have an awareness of the potential.
01:33:20 Rossella: Thank you very useful. I’ll watch the rest tomorrow.
01:34:25 Anthony: Mil gracias – so useful! I’ll definitely be persevering with this 🙂
01:34:28 Esmeralda Salgado: I have structure it like Helen
01:34:36 Sylvie: I have to go but will watch the recording. A lot to get our heads round, but I can see how good it will be once we understand what to do with it. Thanks a lot.
01:34:47 silvia bastow: very useful, thank you very much. Have to leave now 🙂
01:35:14 annalise adam: I have to go and plan lessons now. Thank you so much – this has been very helpful.
01:35:18 Sara T: Thank you, very useful.
01:35:34 Galaxy S7 edge: Muchísimas gracias , very helpful
01:35:57 Irene Ioannou: thank you very much. it has been a good start for me.
01:36:45 Irene Ioannou: i also want to thank ALL and Helen for all the support you have given us.
01:36:50 Nathalie Grayson: Thank you for the sync tip, lots of useful information and really practical.
01:36:51 WilkinsonMagis: Sorry, to ask this again: is it best to start off in OneNote or in Classroom Notebook?
01:37:00 Marife Mayayo: Before we go, could you do another example of how distributing work to the students please?
01:37:49 Marife Mayayo: thank you
01:38:25 Anna Marcus: Thank you very much. Good explanation of basics. I feel I am ready to get it organised now.
01:39:12 Esmeralda Salgado: Great @anna marcus
01:39:58 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, it saves a lot of time on photocopying!
01:40:15 Marife Mayayo: Once it is distributed, can students write on it? and how can I see what they are doing
01:40:23 Esmeralda Salgado: @MArife yes
01:40:31 Lynne Coulthwaite: how do you distribute your ppt into the student notes (not as a link but a document they can annotate ?
01:40:31 WilkinsonMagis: Can you only distribute pages or also sections?
01:40:37 Sioned Flint: I need to leave now but thank you so much – this has been really useful
01:40:40 Esmeralda Salgado: @marife you can see all your students’ pages
01:40:54 Marife Mayayo: thank you
01:41:12 Adeline Moston: You can distribute sections too, Go to class notebook and then distribute New section, just to the right of distribute page.
01:41:14 Esmeralda Salgado: you distribute pages not resources, see PPT, the resources are inside
01:41:50 Esmeralda Salgado: Review student work is great because your comments do not get deleted!
01:42:18 Esmeralda Salgado: That’s why it is important to establish where you want students to do their h/w a particular piece of writing etc..
01:43:29 Sara Gutierrez: Please could I check – are students alerted when a new page is added to their folder?
01:43:41 Esmeralda Salgado: No, students are not alerted
01:43:42 Adeline Moston: No, you have to tell them
01:43:56 Sara Gutierrez: Ok – thanks!
01:46:26 WilkinsonMagis: Is this only possible on the pages that are saved under the collaborate space tab (even if you renamed it)?
01:47:01 Sabine Pichout: Thank you very much
01:47:03 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Thank you so much!
01:47:04 Helen Farmer: Let’s practise first
01:47:10 WilkinsonMagis: Can you recommend a Youtuber that gives clear explanations on OneNote?
01:47:11 Victoria: thank you x
01:47:25 Elena Stylianou: thank you
01:47:28 Carmen Zamanillo: Thank you so much! You have been so helpful and the session has been really useful 🙂 Off to plan now!
01:47:36 JCY: Thank you so much for this… can’t wait to have a go with what I have learnt tonight 🙂
01:47:57 Sabine Pichout: Thank you. Goodnight everyone.
01:47:59 Lesley Griggs: Thank you so much. Lots of useful information
01:47:59 Marc Johnson: Thank you, that’s a great introduction, really useful 🙂
01:48:01 Lynne Coulthwaite: Thank you – really clarifies some issues.
01:48:07 cecilia giordano: Joe Dale’s YouTube channel, for all the topics and apps
01:48:09 Sara Gutierrez: Thank you so much – pitched just right for those of us who are new to this! Would definitely be interested in more of these!
01:48:13 Esmeralda Salgado: These are nice tutorials
01:48:14 WilkinsonMagis: Thank you so much.
01:48:16 Negin Shabestari: Thanks a lot Julia. Lots of useful information.
01:48:19 Katherine Monument: thank you!
01:48:21 ANS: many, many thanks…
01:48:22 Rosa: Thank you !!
01:48:22 Sophie Mills: Would love to know more about the assignments tab!
01:48:23 Esther Mercier: Thank you very much!
01:48:28 Negin Shabestari: thanks to everyone.
01:48:30 Angela Lee: Thank you very much, really useful!
01:48:31 Maria-Jose’s iPad: thanks! that was great
01:48:40 Cristina Virissimo: thank
01:48:47 Pilar Navarro: Many thanks ladies. Really informative . For a real beginner to OneNote and Classnote, it’s been very useful.
01:48:51 Mrs Bravo: thank you
01:49:01 Ruth Bober: Thank you ever so much!
01:49:16 Caroll Key: Thank you!
01:49:31 JCY: What a wonderful way to spend a windy night in Lytham St Annes
01:49:52 JCY: what is the website again @Julia?
01:49:55 Marife Mayayo: Thank you so much for your time and explanations. It has been fabulous. I’ve learned so much!
01:50:06 marlen : Thank you very much!
01:50:09 Esmeralda Salgado: the page
01:50:30 Julia Morris: It would be great if you could redeem the code below for me. It will also give you points towards a Microsoft Educator badge. For that you need to: go to sign in with your school account click on your profile (the circle top right) “redeem achievement code” paste in the code T-JMA9A4221
01:50:30 WilkinsonMagis: What is it called? Microsoft Education?
01:50:33 Fatima: Thank you so much. Really useful stuff
01:50:37 Katherine Monument: thank you!

ALL London TiLT Teams Workshop (2)

00:22:33 ALL London: I’ll take a few notes here as we go!
00:22:47 ALL London: Please help our presenters to earn more points!
00:23:03 ALL London: Join the FB group!
00:23:19 ALL London: 1. Recap on Class Notebook set up
00:24:06 Christine Leahy: Q: I started the class notebooks (and teams) last academic year – I still have the old year name and also students who are no longer in the team – do you know how to rename and remove students?
00:24:13 ALL London: Important to set up from within Teams so that you can link to pupil data
00:24:42 ALL London: Thereafter, acces via Teams or Desktop App (Windows 10 recommended as it is the version pupil use)
00:26:07 Florence Barats: Can’t you remove names from the team?
00:26:16 Florence Barats: the famous 3 dots do that
00:26:17 ALL London: Better to have new one each year p they canstill oepn old one
00:26:46 Christine Leahy: It doesn’t! I have changed the team name and also removed students from the team…
00:27:09 Florence Barats: We are not there yet!
00:29:02 ALL London: ADvice: download desktop app but beware, class notebook add on may not appear in notebook
00:29:25 ALL London: YOu may be able to access it from ‘options’ and ‘#Class notebook tools ‘on’
00:29:41 ALL London: If using theold version (2016) you need to downlaoad app – seelink in ppt
00:31:55 ALL London: – ‘section group’ – (folder name) within which ‘sections’ (divider) witin which ‘pages’
00:32:27 Lucy Nott: can you show us how to set up the collaboration space like that please
00:32:55 ALL London: Section groups in this example: Collaboration – Teacher only – Content library – Students
00:33:21 Marife Mayayo: ONe of my colleages would like to join the group. Is it too late? I don’t think she had signed up previously. Any suggestions? THank you
00:34:08 ALL London: @Marife – not too late – jst sign up on eventbrute for link
00:34:38 Jerome Nogues:
00:34:56 ALL London: Advice: mirror folder structure teacher / pupil
00:35:28 ALL London: Different ways of structuring demonstrated
00:36:03 Marife Mayayo: Thank you.
00:36:30 Christine Leahy: Q = are you going to say how you then share it with students?
00:36:53 Adeline Moston: Yes, that’s coming up
00:37:19 Marife Mayayo: How do you do sub sections within a section please?
00:37:37 MrsGHall: Is it easy the new sections to each notebook at once once already set up -?
00:38:16 Marife Mayayo: thank you
00:38:22 Sara Teare: Q: We have found that students using Ipads have struggled more to open One Note (than those on laptops). Any ideas why please Julia? Interested that your students all use ipads.
00:39:53 ALL London: @Sarah – Q noted!
00:41:32 ALL London: Now taling about diffreent ways of inserting files
00:43:16 ALL London: 1. When you click print, instead of printer, choose ‘printo to onenote’
00:43:43 ALL London: 2. Copy and paste form a word doc – do it this way whenever you can – better for editing
00:44:02 ALL London: NB – with ‘prunt’ they can’t change th etext itself – but they can writie on it
00:44:12 Marife Mayayo: WOW! just done it with a power point! It works
00:45:53 ALL London: They write with ‘draw’ OR type to the side and drag on OR set to background and type on top [disadvnatge of set to backgroind sit cannot move
00:46:35 ALL London: TIP: to keep print out + draw together, use lassoo
00:48:09 ALL London: Demo of ‘print to onenote’ using Lingiuscope sheet – click print – OneNOte flashes for you to choose detsiinatoon notbook / folder
00:48:21 Sara Teare: How do they write on it?
00:48:37 Adeline Moston: They can type anywhere onto the page
00:49:00 Helen Farmer: Q Are you going to show how to get things to line up on the page?
00:49:49 Melanie Pearson: Q- Should ‘print to one note’ be an option automatically on a home laptop or do we add it as a ‘printer’?
00:50:04 ALL London: To write – select draw – select draw tool OR type [click type / select tool] – type outside thframe and drag — or set as backgorind and type
00:50:09 Annalise: Q: When I right click on my printout PDF, I don’t get an option to set it as background. Do you know why that is?
00:50:47 Katie Williams: Q: how do you add a powerpoint to a page as a functioning PowerPoint?
00:51:44 ALL London: Will ask all these Qs!
00:53:00 ALL London: Advanatge of ‘frame; is that it can all move together.
00:53:55 Annalise: I have resolved my question. If you double-click on the PDF it opens a text box and you can write on it
00:55:54 Helen Farmer: yes that is what I meant
00:55:59 Helen Farmer: thank you
00:58:52 ALL London: Now – how to hand out work
00:59:11 ALL London: 1. Create in teacher section
00:59:21 ALL London: 2. Clcik class notebook icon to get menu
00:59:27 ALL London: 3. Click distrnute page
00:59:45 ALL London: 4. selcect destination in pupil section
00:59:59 ALL London: 5. click ‘distribute’
01:01:09 ALL London: Same for distribute section
01:02:03 ALL London: To view (thi swas a quesiton earlier)
01:02:13 ALL London: Select clas snotebook / review
01:02:38 ALL London: select section where the work is then click through
01:03:08 ALL London: If it is a test and yo udo not want them to edit later, page lock / select all
01:04:18 ALL London: another way to distribute: via assignment
01:04:40 ALL London: DO NOT HAND OUT THE PAGE!!!
01:08:10 ALL London: Open Teams / assignments/ create a new assignment [aside: quiz – alway slinked to microsoft form] usual fillign in – ADD RESOURCES – select ‘Class NOteboon [autoatically the team’s cCNB] – navigate to sheet / attach / select destination / Done [add points etc – due date/schedule ectc.] / done / assign – appears in assignment – page has been handed out in the CNB
01:09:53 ALL London: NB – even if not turned in, you can still view the page. You can access th esheet form theassignment list or grades page
01:11:50 ALL London: Advantage of setting as an assignment = using feedback panel, assigning marks, notification to pupil that it has been marked – generates a grade sheet
01:12:21 ALL London: NB to get ‘grades’ tab, you may need to add via a +
01:16:06 Ludivine Fitzwater: it works
01:16:09 Joe Dale: A message!
01:16:11 Ester Borin Bonillo: It works
01:16:40 Silvia Bastow: thank you, great presentation, Julia 🙂
01:16:50 Katie Williams: can I just check, students see the grades tab or just the teacher?
01:17:12 Marife Mayayo: My Teams notebook and on the app window 10 has sync!!!! Aleluya! I am so happy! Thank you Julia!!!!!!!!!!
01:17:28 Melanie Pearson: Absolutely brilliant presentation, really useful!
01:17:47 Sara Teare: Thanks so much Julia, Helen and Joe, very helpful.
01:18:03 Marife Mayayo: Really really good presentation!
01:18:04 Katie Williams: Thank you so much, this has been so helpful
01:18:06 Rosa Gonzales S.: Thank you for the great presentation Julia, Elen, Joe and Jêrome
01:18:06 MrsGHall: Many thanks – a super presentation. Really helpful.
01:18:13 Helen Farmer: Very useful thanks
01:18:13 Ludivine Fitzwater: thank you so much, I will definitely try to use the assignment! fantastic presentation!
01:18:20 amelie: Thank you very much – really useful to me. I only started to use OneNote last week 🙂
01:18:28 PRivaldi: Yes I have learnt a lot thank you so much.
01:27:39 Sara Gutierrez: Diagnostics for participation – would be brilliant to understand this better!
01:29:25 Brigid Fahy: that’s amazing
01:29:40 Ludivine Fitzwater: great tip!