ALL TiLT Google Workshop 01

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Thursday 21st January 2021

Thanks so much to Daren White and Samantha Broom who freely gave up their time to share their expertise and experience with an appreciative bunch of ML teachers, coming along on a Thursday evening to find out how they could support their pupils and colleagues even more.  What a lovely community!

Joe Dale hosted the question superbly and you can see from the recording and chat below just how much we all learnt.


Class photo:


Download here or read below:20_01jan21 Chat

00:32:19 Myriam: Hi everybody, I am in the South East, Kent. Hope you are well and safe 🙂
00:32:37 Ali: Q: How do you embed audio in Slides?
00:33:10 Amanda Sayle: How could I get an image from a textbook into a Google form? I currently take a photo, email it to myself, then mess around and try to import it. Is there an easier way? With a Samsung phone. Thanks
00:33:13 Julie Mason: Q What is the breakout rooms extension like – is anyone using it (we don’t have the Enterprise version with built in breakout feature) ?
00:33:39 Père Noel: Important to remember to “share access” to audio files 🙂
00:34:09 Andriescu Carmen Elena: thank you visual is perfect
00:34:20 Nicky Phillips: On the audio theme how do you play listening in live stream extended screen without the echo?
00:34:28 Helen Myers: How to embed audio: upload into a form
00:34:37 Helen Myers: Forms. New in web browser
00:34:51 SSamia Saci: great idea to write it, thanks Helen
00:34:56 Helen Myers: Online voice recorder
00:35:03 Helen Myers: click to record
00:35:06 Helen Myers: download as mp3
00:35:19 Helen Myers: online-voice-recorder
00:35:24 Helen Myers: downloads as mp3
00:35:26 Nathalie Corré: Q: Apologies if it sounds silly. I’m new to GC. How do you create a form/ quiz in GC that will allow all the teachers to see the results as currently if I create the quiz, the results come to me only and not to the teachers whose classes I shared the quiz with. Hope this makes sense and apologies if silly!
00:35:30 Helen Myers: upload to G Drive
00:35:42 Helen Myers: Have folder called audio
00:36:09 Helen Myers: one folder for all audio -0 that way automatically shares with all
00:36:13 Helen Myers: open
00:36:18 Helen Myers: check you have shareable link
00:36:25 Helen Myers: copy link
00:36:25 Julie Mason: Will this voice recorder also record internal sound from the computer, or just external?
00:36:33 Andriescu Carmen Elena: can we have a copy of this webinar please , so we can follow the steps please ?
00:36:48 Joe Dale: We are recording
00:36:48 Samantha Broom: The recording will be available afterwards
00:36:54 Helen Myers: add link to description
00:37:01 Helen Myers: ‘Listen and respond below’
00:37:06 Helen Myers: OR
00:37:12 Andriescu Carmen Elena: thanks Samantha
00:37:12 Helen Myers: use Mote
00:37:24 Helen Myers: now available on any website
00:37:29 Helen Myers: record a voice mote
00:37:36 Joe Dale: @Julie – It won’t record system audio
00:37:44 Helen Myers: copies to clipboard
00:37:48 Helen Myers: paste straight away –
00:37:53 Père Noel: CLEVER !!!
00:37:53 Helen Myers: 2 steps instead of 17!!!!
00:38:04 Emma Hoban: was that pasted into the description
00:38:28 Joe Dale: Yes
00:39:01 Eleanor B: Does the transcript work in a different language with Mote?
00:39:02 Père Noel: Can we choose to turn off the transcript feature in Mote ?
00:39:08 Helen Myers: Will it pick up audio form speakers? – Not ideal
00:39:15 Julie Mason: Yes you can turn off transcript
00:39:18 Kirsty McLaren: Mote also a lifesaver for marking and giving feedback
00:39:33 Myriam: When I am using mote the transcript is overall poor. Any ideas what the issue might be. Could it be a problem of having an accent?
00:39:36 Marilena : I share the tap with the students and mute my microphone and the students hear it well
00:39:42 Marilena : tab
00:40:01 Helen Myers: Best to upload sound file
00:40:06 Sandra Spiller: That works for me as well – muted mic
00:40:08 Emma Hoban: Likewise
00:40:09 Julie Mason: I agree the transcript is poor, I have turned it off
00:40:11 SSamia Saci: YES
00:40:12 Helen Myers: Mute your microphone
00:40:35 Liz: Tab sharing and muted microphone works perfectly
00:41:15 Julie Mason: While doing feedback I am speaking so quickly the transcript is very poor
00:41:40 Julie Mason: They are giving 30 days free on the 90 secs
00:41:40 Myriam: Is this per year per student?
00:41:47 Myriam: yes, many thanks 🙂
00:41:50 Alison Ballantine: So if I uploaded the mp3 of a listening past paper to google drive and put link in the description?
00:42:01 Daren White: Only teachers, students don’t need it
00:42:09 Alison Ballantine: Would that work?
00:42:31 Daren White: Alison, yes, as long as sharing settings are public
00:43:06 Alison Ballantine: OK great that answers my question then! Thank you!
00:43:18 Helen Myers: Note that you can directly share audio with pupils
00:43:30 Helen Myers: with Pearson Activeteach + Kerboodle
00:43:32 Fiona Winstone: Thank you – I didn’t know about Kerboodle direct link!
00:43:37 Helen Myers: Demo form Sam
00:43:55 Julie Mason: Alison I have put audio links in description of google form – I think it opened in a new tab though
00:44:00 Helen Myers: Resources / select / assign
00:44:22 Alison Ballantine: Thank you Julie!
00:44:36 Rachel Tattersall: Thanks, Sam – kerboodle links will be shared next week!
00:45:20 Emma Hoban: so that’s the same for active learn?
00:45:29 Julie Mason: Activelearn you need a code
00:45:32 Karen Bunker: Thank you we are sharing links tomorrow for Kerboodle!
00:45:38 Marilena : it has a code
00:45:46 Julie Mason: You need a code but not a login
00:45:47 Marilena : I did use it and it is really easy
00:45:59 Cristina virissimo: use a code
00:46:36 Helen Myers: How to create form which multiple classes can use and multiple teachers can see
00:47:29 Glenn C: agree !!!
00:47:40 Joe Dale: Keep the questions coming!
00:47:51 SSamia Saci: can you pls show us how to set up a Quickfire quiz pls
00:48:10 Joe Dale: Do you mean in Spiral, Samia?
00:48:21 Helen Myers: Create / quiz / 3 dots / make a copy / collaborate with teacher
00:48:44 Alice: Q: Biggest struggle is how to split screen so I can see my Google Meet but also a PowerPoint full screen (while still being able to monitor the chat with only one device)? Is that possible?
00:49:07 Nathalie Corré: Brilliant! Thank you for this and demonstrating it. very useful and helpful.Thanks
00:49:11 Emma Hoban: If there are two teachers on the classroom, do they not both get access to the quiz responses?
00:49:13 Connor Marston & Joanna Sneller: @Alice use windows key left arrow and windows key right arrow
00:49:48 Alice: Thanks Connor, I have done that today but when I try to make the PPT in presentation view it takes up my whole screen
00:49:58 Emma Hoban: Thank you
00:50:48 Andriescu Carmen Elena: I m
00:51:17 Maggie Douthart: go to set up presentation and use the 2nd option instead of the first then split your screen
00:51:21 Connor Marston & Joanna Sneller: how can I use Jamboard so that pupils have their own copy to edit rather than a group edit (like traditional mini-whiteboards)?
00:51:24 Andriescu Carmen Elena: I’m new to google classroom and I never created a lesson can you show please the steps of creating a lesson please ?
00:51:37 SSamia Saci: yes Joe, in Spiral Joe thanks
00:51:41 Helen Myers: Open Google meet in one open – present in another window
00:51:50 S Rigby: When doing a Google Meet and presenting a window, is there a way of still seeing all members of the google meet (not just the chat box) or being able to rotate the people you see? I only seem to be able to see about 6 students and a black box that says you are presenting.
00:51:53 Helen Myers: NB present takes over your whole screen …
00:51:57 Samantha Broom: @Andriescu – join my google group and watch the video I did from April – the link is at the top of the group. It explains EVERYTHING
00:51:58 Helen Myers: BUT……..
00:52:08 Joe Dale: @Samia – I suggest you watch last Saturday’s TiLT SHow and Tell. this session is focusing on Google ideas
00:52:18 Gaby Clay: IS there a way of getting students to send in individual recordings of them speaking? Sorry, totally new to this!
00:52:39 Helen Myers: If you share WINDOW / CHOOSE PRESENTER VIEW does not take over whole screen – keeps access to everything else
00:52:48 Fatima Khaled: that is amazing.
00:52:57 L. Giménez: would that work when using PowerPoint instead of Google slides?
00:53:36 Mrs Flint: Dualless is an extension I use to split my screen
00:53:37 L. Giménez: oh ok, brilliant, thank you
00:53:43 Helen Myers: OR replace /edit with /present
00:54:06 Jo Aughton: Dualless is really good
00:54:29 SSamia Saci: Will do
00:55:34 Fatima Khaled: I always wanted to know how not lose my students while sharing the work. I will try it this Saturday. Thank you again.
00:55:48 Helen Myers: NB – you can move tabs around and make them into windows
00:56:01 Helen Myers: Great, Fatima!
00:56:03 Fiona Winstone: Thank you I am learning so much!
00:56:29 Julie Mason: If you are working from home, any old tv will double as a second monitor, doesn’t have to be a fancy monitor
00:56:59 Emma Hoban: I have a TV as a second screen
00:57:07 Daren White: DUALLESS
00:57:52 iPhone de Eva: Hello! I have a problem with the Meet links automatically generated by my own Classrooms. I’m supposed to have an advanced user account with access to Breakout rooms, Pools etc. However, when I use any of the links to Meet from my classroom, it doesn’t let me use any Host features. It’s like I’m not the Host, the creator of the videoconference… I can’t even mute my annoying students 🤣. I can use my “superpowers” when I create new Meets and I tried resetting the Meet links of my Classrooms, but I had no luck! Any idea about what the problem may be?
00:58:56 Andriescu Carmen Elena: thank you so much
00:59:02 Daren White: Are you the first person to enter the meet?
00:59:03 Andriescu Carmen Elena: for showing
00:59:04 L. Giménez: very much so!! it’s being very useful, learning a lot
00:59:29 Daren White: You must actually enter the Meet, not sit on the join screen
00:59:56 Alice: Q: How can I mute all students (or particular students) during a meeting for the remainder of the class? I can click mute, but they can soon talk again.
01:00:03 Daren White: Once the teacher activates the link by clicking on to the join screen, it opens for students and the first one in gets host controls
01:00:21 Ruta Duļbinska: Q: How to share computer sound on Meet?
01:00:36 Daren White: Mute all isn’t a feature yet but there is an extension
01:00:43 Eleanor B: I have drop down envy
01:00:49 Helen Myers: 🙂
01:01:04 Daren White:
01:01:32 Helen Myers: Sam demonstrates setting up classroom
01:01:37 Marian Devons: Am I correct in thinking that you cannot ‘schedule’ and assignment to more than one class at a time. You can only do this if you assign the assignment straightaway.
01:01:38 Helen Myers: Advice: short title
01:02:02 Helen Myers: You can add from Google drive – recent things appear first
01:03:19 Daren White:
01:03:25 Helen Myers: NB make ‘copy ‘ for them to use
01:03:51 Eleanor B: Can you take us through rubrics please?
01:03:59 Helen Myers: NB use tags to place them in a topic area
01:04:36 Julie Mason: Q – if you want a slide for each student to work during the lesson on so that you can live mark by flicking between slides, can someone demo how to do this please ?
01:04:37 Helen Myers: We’ll ask about rubrics
01:05:00 Liz: Question is really good as a plenary
01:05:25 Marilena : Julie, I usually set it as an assignment and then I can see what they are doing
01:05:35 Sam Gould: Question is great for measuring engagement – e.g. “how did you find today’s work?”
01:05:57 Julie Mason: @ Mrilena – do you label the slides in advance with student names?
01:06:04 Sam Gould: Reuse is also really good if you have multiple classes in one year group and you need to set the same lesson more than once
01:06:08 Andriescu Carmen Elena: thank you for showing, amazing !
01:06:21 Daren White: Slides are named automatically
01:06:28 Marilena : July, they will be automatically name
01:06:30 Fiona Winstone: I’ve used “Question” as a poll
01:07:08 Carolyn George: how do you move things around in class work? In my
01:07:55 Samantha Broom: @Carolyn – literally just click and drag
01:08:11 Carolyn George: sorry In my Classwork I am unable to do this.
01:08:21 Samantha Broom: What device?
01:08:38 Samantha Broom: The other option is to click the three dots and move up/down
01:09:35 Carolyn George: thanks. With the three dots the only options are edit, delete or copy link
01:10:17 iPhone de Eva: are iDoceo rubrics compatible with classroom?
01:11:10 Helen Myers: Demo form Darren on process for creating an assignment and attaching a rubric
01:13:06 Glenn C: Can we give half marks- i.e. 1.5/3 ?
01:13:23 Marilena : When students are handing in documents to assignments, I can’t always write comments on them to mark their work. What am I doing wrong?
01:13:35 Nathalie Corré: Wow! This (rubric) is AMAZING! Thank you, Daren.
01:13:39 Helen Myers: Vocaroo to hand in speaking
01:13:54 Fatima Khaled: This is really amazing. I wanted to know how to use Rubric. thank you so much.
01:14:12 Ellyse Jordan: Just tried to add a rubric to a piece of writing my pupils have submitted – how do I create a new one from their assignment please?
01:14:18 Maria O: I’ve used Voice Record Pro on mobiles, good integration with google drive for student voice recordings
01:14:20 Glenn C: Thanks !!!
01:14:34 Gaby Clay: thanks all
01:15:59 orlamccarthy: Q Is there a way to stop students clicking submit on an assignment that they didn’t actually complete?
01:16:21 Samantha Broom: @orlamccarthy no 😪
01:16:39 Helen Myers: If you cannot write on their assignment – may be they did not click ‘turn in’ – they clicked ‘share’ so it is no longer the same .. and they may have made it ‘view only’
01:17:05 Marilena : Thank you very much
01:17:12 Glenn C: A quick mention- I also use the “online Rubric” add on in Google sheets- sends an email directly to the student – slick !!!
01:17:33 Ioan: When I return a task I don’t get a returned section- what have I done wrong?
01:17:47 Karen Bunker: When I return a document with feedback it disappears from the classroom and I can only see it if they then read feedback and send back. Any advice?
01:20:14 Julie Mason: Does mote stay in comment history?
01:20:26 Helen Myers: Is that OK @Karen?
01:20:59 Karen Bunker: This is SO helpful everyone and a very supportive, warm feel! Thanks all
01:21:11 SSamia Saci: This Is fantastic thanks
01:21:15 Andriescu Carmen Elena: this is amazingly helpful
01:21:30 Helen Myers: What a lovely crowd!
01:21:42 iPad: How do you personalise GC? When I’m working on it it’s whole school so I can see all subjects/all assignments. Can the review/ to do just refer to my lessons so I know what needs marking ?
01:22:07 Julie Mason: Is there a gdpr issue with add-ons?
01:22:19 Samantha Broom: Yes – can just change the drop down menu to your own classes
01:22:31 Rachel Tattersall: Will use a lot of these suggestions. It is very helpful when the presenters share their screens to show us step by step.
01:22:43 Liz: Thank you so much to everyone, that was so useful, I have to go now but it was great!
01:23:56 Daren White: Add-ons do generally need approval from your DPO
01:24:30 Catherine Betts: This is so useful! Thanks so much.
01:25:04 Helen Myers: Obviously no problem as people need to go .. thanks for coming – we will contact you all by email vai Eventbrite after those with link to recording / chat and details of any possible future get together
01:25:12 Philip Greenwood: Thank you for all the help today!
01:25:19 Carolyn George: Such a helpful, practical session. Thank you SO much!
01:25:21 Helen Myers: (Sorry about rubbish typing)
01:25:28 Julie Mason: OMG I use that
01:25:28 Helen Myers: Nice to see you Carolyn
01:26:18 Glenn C: Google Sheets Add on “online Rubric”-
01:27:21 Fatima Khaled: I have an issue when my students send back their home work, it all goes to the stream. how can I make their work goes separately under their names folders. thank you.
01:27:31 Helen Myers: Thanks so much Glenn – lovely to have you with us!
01:27:58 Samantha Broom: @Fatima – it shouldn’t be in the stream. Your original assignment notification might be there – you can turn off that feature in the Settings (click on the tog of your classroom at the top)
01:28:39 Helen Myers: I want a rainbow pointer!
01:29:18 Julie Mason: Custom Cursor extension
01:29:32 Helen Myers: Thanks Julie!
01:29:51 orlamccarthy: Q any tips on organising Jamboards? There isn’t a folder option within Jamboard that I can see to help with organisation or is there?
01:30:09 Christel G: I’d like to know more about Jamboard
01:30:13 Samantha Broom: Same @Orla! My Jamboard area is not as nice and tidy as I would like
01:30:56 Julie Mason: How do you do this with slides so that they get one slide in a presentation/
01:30:57 Helen Myers: Daren demonstrated how you can make comment banks memorable
01:31:52 Ruta Duļbinska: I tried to record a video for my students on Meet, but the sound of the song from YouTube video didn’t come up properly. Any advice?
01:32:16 Julie Mason: No it’s fine thanks
01:32:24 Daren White: You must present the tab and click the share audio box to play the audio
01:33:02 Andriescu Carmen Elena: how can we share bitesize videos ?
01:33:25 Ruta Duļbinska: Thank you, Daren, I thought I tried everything but didn’t manage.
01:33:52 Daren White: Videos can be added via add link to any assignment or message
01:34:27 Julie Mason: Canva has header templates for GC
01:34:37 Helen Myers: How to turn off notifications – setting -notifications
01:35:19 Helen Myers: Profile – you can change your name
01:35:27 iPad: Brilliant thank you !
01:35:31 Julie Mason: Thanks for the name tip 🙂
01:35:59 Helen Myers: To guarantee work is not at bottom – do not put in a topic
01:37:12 Helen Myers: To do breakout rooms …
01:37:19 Julie Mason: Helen – just out of interest – I think you use Teams? Do you prefer Google or Teams?
01:37:48 Helen Myers: I feel as though I am a spy in the camp here, Julie ….!!!!!
01:38:13 Mrs Flint: There are 2 – one is a purple b (sorry can’t remember name) which takes a little time to set up but my colleague really liked it. The second one is called Attendees and Breakout rooms and is easier to set up on the spot. I haven’t used myself yet..
01:38:50 Rachael Joss: Got to go now, but thank you everyone, this has been really useful!
01:39:59 Helen Myers: I have not used GC.. the comment from Julia Morris was that GC does not have anything as sophisticated as ‘class notebook ‘ which makes it extremely easy to watch pupils work ‘real time’ … but Sam showed a way that you can
01:40:19 Helen Myers: (That was an answer to Julie)
01:40:22 Julie Mason: Use grid extension
01:41:11 Julie Mason: There’s one that puts students in alphabetical order and gets rid of the presentation box
01:41:55 S Rigby: Great- thank you I will try this out!
01:42:41 Helen Myers: Be in the meet before you join
01:43:05 iPhone de Eva: But that even happens when I’m the first one in the meet…
01:44:07 iPhone de Eva: Ok, yes, they can create Meets
01:44:24 Fatima Khaled: very useful information. thank you so much.
01:44:35 Helen Myers: Good to see you Fatima!
01:44:41 Sheena: Yes…our school has it set that every student has to request access.
01:44:53 iPhone de Eva: Thanks a lot! Everything is very useful!
01:45:13 Sheena: We have meet attendance add-on
01:45:14 Sandra Spiller: Meet Attendance is an extension to use
01:45:16 Helen Myers: Good luck Eva!
01:45:36 Fatima Khaled: Thank you Helen. always happy to be with ALL great family. 😊
01:45:40 Sandra Spiller: You can take Snapshots and it sends you and email which shows when someone logs in etc.
01:45:56 Sandra Spiller: an
01:46:16 Eleanor B: I’ve created a sheets register in each class and not assigned it so it sits at the top as a draft. Then I put Y for all who attend
01:46:20 Sheena: Lovely to be able to participate from Ireland…thank you so much. Where can this we access this after?
01:46:24 Fiona Winstone: Yes we are told to reset the code every time
01:47:32 Julie Mason: Attendance: I ask a Q in the classroom with the date are you in the meet, so that it goes into my markbook – it’s open to abuse but gives me a record I can quickly double check
01:48:05 Helen Myers: Please could you all get ready to open webcams for a class photo please?!
01:48:13 Marian Devons: I move my jamboards into the lesson folder on my drive.
01:48:44 Clare Wright: Thank you so much for your time and for sharing. It was a really useful session.
01:48:45 Christel G: thank you all
01:48:46 Natalia Herrera: Please is there a webinar for beginners I can watch ?
01:48:49 Nathalie Corré: Thank you so much everyone!
01:48:53 Emma Hoban: Thank you!
01:48:59 Véro McCoy: Thanks!
01:48:59 orlamccarthy: Thank you
01:49:02 Daren White:
01:49:02 Natalia Herrera: Thank you so much
01:49:03 Sandra Spiller: Thank you so much.
01:49:05 Karen Bunker: Thank you to everyone this evening both presenting and in chat. very useful and I will share with our team tomorrow. Stay safe everyone!
01:49:06 Fatima Khaled: sorry can’t open my camera.
01:49:07 Julie Mason: Thanks so much x
01:49:22 Sally Hendley: Really helpful, thank you so much
01:49:27 Daren White: is my youtube
01:49:30 Alice: Thank you for answering all my questions! 🙂
01:49:32 L. Giménez: thanks for all the advice! really excited to try all these tips and hacks 🙂
01:49:35 Yaying Liu: Thanks
01:49:36 Mrs Flint: Thank you so much everyone – this keeps us going through these challenging days!
01:49:40 Glenn C: Super informative session – thanks all !
01:49:42 Eleanor B: Amazing thanks!
01:49:49 Alison Ballantine: So useful! Thanks so much!!!
01:49:57 Fiona Winstone: Thank you so much – yes please more of these!
01:50:03 Ruta Duļbinska: Fantastic! Thanks a lot!
01:50:09 Jo Aughton: Thank you
01:50:36 Marian Devons: Thanks – very helpful
01:50:46 S Rigby: Thank you!
01:50:49 Natalia Herrera: Thank you so much
01:50:56 Glenn C: Awesome Darren !
01:51:07 Glenn C: Great idea !!!
01:51:08 Alice: YES please!!!! to more sessions 🙂 this was so helpful
01:51:23 Daren White: @rangathetrainer
01:51:24 Myriam: Thank you so much – that was really very useful 🙂
01:51:29 SSamia Saci: how can my uni contact you Joe
01:51:29 Sheena: Lovely to be able to participate from Ireland…thank you so much. Where can this we access this after?
01:51:44 Fatima Khaled: I will be the first one to say how wonderful you both are. thank you.
01:51:56 Glenn C:
01:52:07 Samantha Broom:
01:52:20 Fatima Khaled: I am doing now.
01:52:49 Sheena: Thanks!!
01:52:57 Laura Lopez: Thank you so much!
01:53:15 Connor Marston & Joanna Sneller: Any guides on how to use Jamboard would be great!
01:53:45 Helen Myers: Joe Dale YouTube channel JoeDale100
01:53:51 Glenn C: It’s awesome Joe !
01:53:53 Connor Marston & Joanna Sneller: Thanks, will check it out!
01:54:27 Alice: Assessment tools in Google would be a topic I’m interested in for future? I predict we might need to do some kind before returning to school. Obvs we have Forms and Docs but perhaps ways to avoid use of a translator.
01:54:32 Emma Costello, Spanish and German: I feel quite privileged, Sam B is in the language department the where I am a trainee teacher. Lots of questions coming your way!
01:54:41 Samantha Broom: Happy to help Emma
01:54:49 Emma Costello, Spanish and German: Thank you
01:54:59 Helen Myers: Lucky you, Emma!!!
01:55:05 Emma Costello, Spanish and German: hehehhhe
01:55:22 Daren White:
01:55:25 Glenn C: show us Darren !!!
01:56:09 Glenn C: Merci Monsieur !
01:56:22 Emma Hoban: Merci – au revoir!
01:56:29 Maggie Douthart: thanks so much everyone!
01:56:33 Julie Mason: Thanks again – bye
01:56:34 Sheena: Thanks
01:56:35 Marilena : Thank you very much
01:56:35 Fatima Khaled: Thank you Helen and Joe and every one for the great session.
01:56:38 Glenn C: Take care all ! Thanks Sam, Darren , Helen and Joe !
01:56:50 Natalia Herrera: Thank you so much