ALL Speaking Endorsement Sharing Webinar 2


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Extra Ideas for French (Helen) – shared on PowerPoint at the end

  • Describe a photo – French – 61 authentic starters organised into themes, each linking to an authentic reading text – Download here
  • French Group talk overview and lesson (thanks, Greg HOrton) Download here
  • French Group talk Teacher and pupil reference (Helen’s adaptation) Download here


Nolwenn Burkey:

Many thanks to  Nolwenn Burkey who has kindly shared these excel spreadhseets packed with useful GCSE French phrases to share with students:

Helen Myers


Shared experiences

We asked people to share their experiences, and are very grateful for the willingness of people to contribute , whether through chat or in person.

We have grouped responses below and we hope this is useful.

1. We asked : what is working for Speaking in Remote teaching?

Teacher/Pupil interaction

Conversation as they enter the Teams meeting
Lockdown enables good opportunities for speaking in small groups
Our FLAs are doing one to one speaking practice and it is working well via Teams
Did a role play with my students today
Hands down – just as in real classroom – and I pick on students to answer / read out
We do a lot of cold-calling asking questions [hands down method]
I have put together a knowledge organiser and make the kids read some sentences to practise their intonation / accent

Pupil/Pupil interaction

I use Breakout rooms – as starter activity working through a booklet
– reading aloud
– using sentence builders.
Teacher drops in and listens with tick sheet

Students can do a shared role play on a collaborative Ppt – haven’t yet tried this but a colleague has

‘Presentation’ – recording

I use It is great to record.
My pupils have found Vocaroo easy to use
Recording in OneNote is also really effective
Students recording themselves on their phones
I used Qwiqr with very small sixth form group so might be OK for small GCSE groups
Flipgrid photocard tasks
Recordings on phone/ iPads Used Wheel of names to choose topic
Need to get some of it out of the way now in lockdown, e.g. tell them all to send in a recording or something. They are out of practice of speaking.

Does it have to be topic related? Could we do more transactional stuff? That will be useful in future life
Yes that would contribute another context.

2. We asked : what was working for Speaking under school policies before the latest lockdown ?


Hopefully when we are back to school, I can do ’round’ table with my students that worked really well last year.

We do ’round’ table – students working in ability groups – higher/foundation
We put a table lengthways and sitting approx 2m apart

We asked students to wear their masks when doing group work/ trapdoor


We are not allowed to move. Recordings on phone/ iPads


Build conversation / description gradually in a row facing forward not looking at each other

3. We asked: how do colleagues share criteria and processes with students in their departments?
Departmental approaches

I have taught my GCSE group for past 3 years and know their level pretty well as we have always actively practised speaking – could that be used? We also did regular speaking mini assessments
This informs your endorsement really well.

Secretary of State : ‘Give them the grades that they deserve’ – give your own impression using your professional integrity

We made a Ppt which each teacher has or will show their classes so that everybody knows what the endorsement is about.

We are asking them to record their written paragraphs on their OneNote but they are all reading

I still we need to remember that we are not judging them just by one or two off speaking tasks, but overall how they can communicate and I think we do know the students we teach to judge their level…
I agree and does it really matter if they read on the recording?

I would say I know all my students levels without doing any ‘formal’ assessments

I made a presentation explaining it all with a very clear message that it didn’t mean extra work for them. All of the speaking they do in class can count

In my Dept. people are very worried about accountability hence the mini tasks in case parents query the endorsement, so records will be kept.