ALL London June Event 2021



Introduction to the event + Benoît le Dévédec

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Steven Fawkes Chat June 2021


Show and Tell led by Dr Judith Rifeser

Chat download: Show and Tell chat June 2021


We are delighted to be able to invite you to the annual ALL London June Event which, as last year,  was due to be hosted by our good friends at l’Institut français but instead will be held online in our large Zoom room with its video, audio and chat facilities.

We have invited 3 excellent speakers who have all spoken for us before with great success and we are very grateful to them for coming along to share their expertise.  Here they are, accompanied by photos of them from our archive! 

Benoît Le Dévédec has so generously allowed as to use the Institut français space in previous years and is sadly (for us at least!) coming to the end of his assigned period in the UK.  It would be great to have as many as possible to hear his short presentation about what the Institut has to offer and to wish him well for the future.

Steven Fawkes: ‘What we do in our curious lessons’ .

Steven is guaranteed to make you remember why it is you love languages and want to be a language teacher- just in case you have forgotten!  He models what it is to be  an engaging practitioner: conveying the pleasure he finds in discovering  language, in playing with it, in sharing it, and most of all, in having friends and family who live in other countries.

Steven has spoken to us on many , many occasions and deserves a photo album dedicated to him alone (watch this space!) –  but meanwhile, but here’s a link to photos from out June 2019 event, held at l’Institut français.

Greg Horton: Talking again in the languages classroom

Here’s Greg  speaking to us in January 2012!  His talk was so poular that we invited him for two follow-up session so that we could explore his  ideas for getting our pupils talking spontaneouly in the classroom further and his formula for ‘Group Talk’ has become a reference point for anyone who explores the best way to  promote speaking.  If you’d like a trip down memory lane, here are some photos from 2012 ,(our speakers were Greg, Joe Dale + Sara Sullivan), some more from March 2012, and yet more from November 2013.  It’s time to see Greg again!

Obviously we are disappointed that we cannot all meet face to face, as this is the very special ingredient of any ALL event.  But we are determined to continue the tradition of having an event with the usual aim of principally being a focal point for mixing together and celebrating being part of the ALL family, but at the same time listening to brilliant speakers.  The event will be ‘live’, to make it as relaxing an experience as possible for all concerned and as close to the original event as possible.

The event normally makes a small charge for ALL members and a larger one for non-ALL members.  Given the circumstances, we will not charge anyone and will carry the cost of small payments to speakers and the extra payment for a large Zoom meeting ourselves, as well as volunteers giving freely of their time to coordinate the event.  So we very much hope that people who come along and are not ALL members will feel moved to support us by joining up!

Here is the provisional plan:

9.15     Room opens –  Open chat

9.30     Welcome from ALL London and l’Institut français

Welcome and info from Benoît Ledévédec of l’Institut français – resources, platforms – cinema

10 – 11 Greg Horton:  Talking again in the languages classroom

Speaking is intrinsic to the teaching and learning of modern foreign languages. It is the essence of our subject, from which all learning can flow.

For many students, online learning has meant less chance to speak the target language. Over the past year, it is likely that many students have written much more than they have said.

This session will explore ways of reinstating oral interaction at the epicentre of the languages classroom.

Greg Horton is an Advanced Skills Teacher with over thirty years of classroom experience. He has also enjoyed roles as SSAT Lead Practitioner and Hampshire MFL Adviser.

Greg has led many training events and presented at national conferences. His pedagogical passion remains an approach that enables learners of all abilities to interact confidently and spontaneously in the target language.

Now in his twilight years, (- NB – Greg wrote this!!) – Greg hopes he can still help to inspire the next generation of language learners and teachers!

11 – 11.40        Coffee break:  Open chat / breakout rooms / offline

11.40 – 12.40   Steven Fawkes: ‘What we do in our curious lessons’

We may see the same administration, classroom management, data collection tasks in others’ lessons, but some things are special to the Languages lesson.

How do we draw learners into words and culture? How do we try to engage them in using language?

Steven will try to stir up some feelings and thoughts, without getting too serious.

12.40 – 1.25     Lunch break:  Open chat/breakout rooms / offline

1.30 – 2.30 (longer if you want to stay!)         ‘Show and Tell’ led by Dr Judith Rifeser.

A chance for participants to share what works for them across a range of languages in short 3-4 minute slots.  Feel free to just come along and listen, but it would be great if we could have some volunteers to start the ball rolling!  The registration form gives you a chance to signal that you would be prepared to join in.

We look forward to seeing you!