ALL London Primary Show and Tell 2021

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16th January 2021

ALL London January Event 2021: Primary Show and Tell [Page not yet complete]


Cara Bleiman slides: 2021 ALL Jan Event Primary (1)

Kerry Phipps – Primary games document: primary distance learning ideas ALL

Sharon Mangion  – Virtual Classroom Download from Google Drive here please

Wanda Marshall

Class Photo – an appreciative audience!


14:54:05 From Judith Rifeser : Good afternoon everyone. We hope you had a lovely lunch break. We are starting again at 3pm with a Primary session led by Cara Bleiman.
14:56:33 From Florence Barats : I exit full screen and then press chat and the chat appears on the right handside…. does this help?
14:58:25 From Florence Barats : Talking about share computer sound, it seems quite straightforward with Zoom I agree, but for Teams definitely not what did you say Helen?
14:59:53 From Kerry Phipps : I am here
15:00:11 From Jessica Fry-Morales : I appreciate recordings because I like to rewatch to remind myself of new things.
15:00:22 From Catherine Spiers : I pre- record primary MFL lessons.
15:00:25 From Hannah Myers : Is this talk suitable for pupils aged 11+ as well or just primary?
15:00:55 From Malika Power : I agree
15:01:04 From Florence Barats : I agree too
15:02:00 From Iris Dutch : I pre-record remote primary MFL lessons.
15:02:42 From Wanda Marshall : Yes I think this would definitely be suitable for older pupils too
15:02:48 From Adeline Moston : a
15:03:02 From Judith Rifeser : Cara’s e-mail address:
15:03:19 From Eugenie CK : a
15:03:19 From Iris Dutch : Could you please share your email address.
15:03:20 From marie.allirot : a
15:03:28 From Robert Fisher : a
15:03:33 From helen.farmer : preparing resources and uploading to VLE
15:03:35 From Kerry Phipps : live online and recorded
15:03:40 From Wanda Marshall : I was doing b in the first lockdown
15:03:40 From Kate Taylor : pre-recording on Classdojo and also teaching face to face
15:03:44 From Nick Mair : B
15:03:46 From Laetitia : live lesson x8/day
15:03:55 From RMoumen : pre recording live assebly
15:03:56 From Tracy Anderson : b
15:04:06 From helen.farmer : C
15:04:11 From Kerry Phipps : ab
15:04:12 From Kimberly Gaiswinkler : C
15:04:14 From marie.allirot : 2 teachers for MFL in my school French and Spanish , teaching live
15:04:19 From Eugenie CK : same here in my busiest day 8 live lessons plus tutor time
15:04:27 From Carolyn Baker : abcd
15:04:31 From marie.allirot : private school
15:04:49 From Simona Gravina : 2 teachers live every day in Glasgow for primary
15:05:18 From Adeline Moston : private prep school here, 6 French teachers, teaching our normal timetable live, Reception to Y8
15:05:19 From Jane Birtwistle’s iPhone : 5 primary schools … 4 classes in each. Teaching as usual with 50% still in. remote set for home learners so need ideas
15:05:48 From Tracy Anderson : my pupils love this from primary to A level
15:06:24 From Cara Bleiman (ALL London) :
15:06:40 From Kerry Phipps : love it for Y2!
15:07:37 From Carole Parachini : I missed the Wordwall idea?
15:07:52 From a.jones : 3
15:07:55 From katherine buck : 1
15:07:56 From Eugenie CK : bai se
15:07:58 From Cassie Triggs : 1
15:07:58 From Miki Carter : I speak Chinese. 😄
15:07:58 From Alyson Coombes : 1
15:07:59 From Amy Taylor (@MIssTayMFL) : 1?
15:07:59 From Adeline Moston : 1
15:07:59 From Wanda Marshall : 1
15:08:00 From Liz Fotheringham : bai se
15:08:00 From ALL London : 1
15:08:01 From Miki Carter : 1
15:08:01 From Ester Borin Bonillo : 1
15:08:02 From Helen Rooney : 1
15:08:06 From helen.farmer : 1
15:08:10 From Nick Mair : ta xihuan bai se
15:08:12 From Kate Taylor : 1
15:08:35 From helen.farmer : I am preparing lessons for years R and 1 and they will love it
15:08:38 From Kerry Phipps : this is being recorded Carole so you can watch later
15:08:49 From Carole Parachini : Thank you
15:08:59 From ALL London : @Carol – just follow the link on wordwall to see what it is – you can do it later
15:09:09 From Carole Parachini : Thank you
15:09:42 From Florence Barats : I missed the song website one….
15:09:44 From Laetitia : what was the name of the website with the mice?
15:09:56 From Charlene D : memoji
15:09:57 From marie.allirot : memoji
15:09:58 From Adeline Moston : memoji I think
15:10:07 From Florence Barats : and the song one?
15:10:08 From Laetitia : 👍
15:10:12 From ALL London : This is being recorded and we’ll share chat
15:10:53 From Lynne Coulthwaite : song one was musical microlistening
15:11:00 From Judith Rifeser : Memoji:
15:11:18 From Florence Barats : Thanks!
15:11:42 From Cara Bleiman (ALL London) :
15:13:10 From Kate Taylor : nutters
15:13:16 From Kerry Phipps : nut
15:13:25 From Wanda Marshall : Can you share your screen Cara so we can see what you’re doing?
15:13:30 From Kerry Phipps : nuggets
15:13:44 From Kerry Phipps : nutella
15:13:47 From Kate Taylor : nutella
15:14:33 From helen.farmer : I m having connectivity issues with scatter site, can you show what it looks like please?
15:14:47 From helen.farmer : Pls share screen
15:15:23 From Judith Rifeser : This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this, Cara.
15:15:24 From cecilia giordano : I think this would be great even without the categories, just ‘words starting with…’
15:16:32 From Lynne Coulthwaite : Q This is great . How do you use this in primary. It seems challenging?
15:17:15 From marie.allirot : no
15:19:06 From Judith Rifeser : Creating Bitmojis:
15:19:38 From helen.farmer : does this work with Class Notebook?
15:19:40 From Kerry Phipps : Does it take long to set up Sharon?
15:19:55 From Miriam Masip Asensio : Can you use Google slides on Teams?
15:20:13 From Esmeralda Salgado : you can share the link, yes
15:20:35 From Miriam Masip Asensio : Thanks
15:20:56 From Prim Herridge (ALL London) : can i do this from a mac?
15:21:55 From Isabelle Pan : I missed how Sharon added the picture of the table?
15:22:27 From Judith Rifeser : Yes, you can do all this from a mac as well.
15:22:29 From marie.allirot : insert pic > search transparent pic
15:22:40 From N Shabestari : @Kerry, it depends how many links you want to include. The more links, the more time!
15:22:41 From Helen Rooney : Noel Schmitt has great step by step on YOUTUBE for this , took me an hour but I have stories to click on and they have them to listen to
15:23:21 From ALL London : All is being recorded and I will give the link via Eventbrite mail list probanly this evening s o you can watch again!
15:23:52 From Esmeralda Salgado : There is also a FB group (Bitmoji Virtual Classroom for educators) or similar with lots of advice, tutorial videos and google slides that people, very generously, have shared.
15:24:17 From ALL London to Joe Dale(Direct Message) : Hi Joe. Natasha will start a sshe needs to leave earleir
15:25:33 From Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL) : Do the linked pictures still work as PDF?
15:26:08 From Helen Rooney : yes they still work in pdf
15:26:21 From Julia Morris : If you convert this as a powerpoint, you can set it up so you can’t go to the next slide except if you click a link
15:26:31 From Eugenie CK : this looks great ! I think it is a matter of having some time to try and make it fit for the lessons you teach
15:26:33 From Catherine Spiers : We use DB primary. Does anyone know if we can upload things like this on there?
15:26:53 From maggie sp : @Helen Rooney, yes, links work in PDF
15:27:02 From rabia : This looks amazing
15:27:05 From Kerry Phipps : This is amazing!
15:27:25 From Miriam : Wow; so hi tech!
15:28:02 From Jonathan Peace : This is a great YouTube tip!
15:28:19 From maggie sp : Thomas Blakemore’s Bitmoji classroom tutorial ,
15:28:26 From Kerry Phipps : Great tip!
15:28:46 From Tereska : This was so useful
15:28:51 From Cara Bleiman (ALL London) : Here’s a bitmoji guide and example character you can play around with
15:28:56 From katherine buck : Very useful, thank you
15:28:56 From Vivian Sun : Very useful tips! thanks
15:29:11 From Helen Rooney : You tube tip is fantastic thanks
15:29:19 From Helen : am learning so much in 5 mins
15:29:32 From Malika Power : i love the tip about you tube without ads
15:29:33 From Eugenie CK : brilliant ! thank you Sharon
15:29:35 From Lynne : Merci
15:30:05 From Carla Coelho : Obrigada, Sharon! 🙂
15:30:39 From HerefordUser : Good afternoon from Isabelle
15:33:19 From Robert Fisher : Are kahoot and blooket ok for KS1?
15:33:22 From Helen Rooney : – oops wrong name before apologies
15:33:44 From vanesa Macia Domene : can you put them in the chat please?
15:33:56 From ALL London : I’ll put o our all site later
15:34:03 From vanesa Macia Domene : thanks!!
15:34:08 From Cara Bleiman (ALL London) :
15:34:14 From ALL London :
15:34:28 From ALL London : maternelle de noustache
15:34:29 From ALL London : twinke
15:34:31 From ALL London : google images
15:34:34 From ALL London : seesaw
15:34:38 From Noelia Rivas Gutierrez : @Robert Fisher for KS1 better educandy
15:34:43 From ALL London : FB LIPS – wh isd amemebr?
15:34:48 From ALL London : a memebr
15:34:53 From ALL London : Rachel Hawkes – French primary
15:35:03 From ALL London : BBC webite – BBC website – virtually there songs
15:35:06 From Noelia Rivas Gutierrez : MR French has a free booklet too
15:35:13 From ALL London : KS1 French videos with dog vcalled Farley
15:35:17 From ALL London : Lightbulb langauges
15:35:29 From Eugenie CK : yes please
15:35:48 From Judith Rifeser : For Spanish: Canta Juego VEVO:
Spanish Mama: Zumba in Spanish:
15:36:10 From Noelia Rivas Gutierrez : I have problems when I share youtube videos when I teach on zoom
15:36:19 From Noelia Rivas Gutierrez : the children can see the video, but not hear it
15:36:24 From Fatima Khaled : wow, what an amazing activities. sorry i just arrived as I was teaching.
15:36:27 From Robert Fisher : Yes this is great – thank you
15:36:32 From Carolyn Baker : educandy is good for making games
15:36:57 From Jonathan Peace : lo-tech is good for me!
15:37:10 From Judith Rifeser : It could be that you have to specifically enable sound @Noelia
15:37:30 From katherine buck : @Noelia: there should be an option to use the computer audio/system audio. At least on Teams, audio needs to be enabled
15:37:36 From Marissa Tomkins : Noelie – when you share your screen, there is a button to press to click share system sound (bottom left) and then they can hear the youtube
15:37:57 From Lilliam : I can hear perfectly to her…
15:38:34 From Noelia Rivas Gutierrez : Thank you very much!
15:38:50 From Fatima Khaled : i live thé idea of getting the students off the screen to making things.
15:38:59 From Jonathan Peace : Tarsia puzzles are great too – maybe for older students to practice vicab
15:39:02 From Cara Bleiman (ALL London) : triarama
15:39:10 From Jonathan Peace : *vocab 🙂
15:39:12 From Fatima Khaled : Do you have a link of chatter boxes.
15:39:15 From ALL London : Clare Seccombe – lightbulb languages
15:39:43 From marie.allirot : oncertina minibooks are great too
15:39:49 From marie.allirot : concertina
15:40:00 From ALL London : Wnada needs to be on Blue Peter
15:40:34 From cecilia giordano : Wonderful, thank you!
15:40:46 From Esmeralda Salgado : I love that idea, Wanda!
15:40:47 From Jonathan Peace : Variety is good and time away from screens is important
15:40:47 From Prim Herridge (ALL London) : really good ideas, thank you!
15:40:56 From Esmeralda Salgado : You recording yourself doing something
15:40:57 From Jonathan Peace : Great Wanda!
15:41:01 From Eugenie CK : thank you Wanda
15:41:02 From Lynne : Merci
15:41:04 From Lynne Coulthwaite : Nice to get them away from screens for a bit
15:41:10 From Fatima Khaled : i totally agree. giving something to do is origine. well done.
15:41:12 From ltyler : I agree, Tarsia puzzles good for KS3
15:41:19 From helen.farmer : Especially KS1
15:41:51 From Prim Herridge (ALL London) : the ks1 has so much to add to ks2/3
15:42:07 From Jonathan Peace : Agreed Prim
15:42:32 From rabia : Yes, absolutely. All these activities are transferrable for older kids
15:43:28 From Lynne : Lesson planned for Monday now. Make a Chatterbox — opinions on school subjects in German
15:43:34 From vanesa Macia Domene : I have been using rockilingua website free resources for Spanish
15:43:56 From vanesa Macia Domene :
15:43:58 From Amy Taylor (@MissTayMFL) : *clap* *clap*
15:44:05 From Hannah Myers : Thank you!

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