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We are so grateful to Mark Reid of the BFI for his support for our organisation and for the film education he brings to our session.   Please see this video to find out about the BFI projects, stop the video when the film beings and switch to a smoother version on the link below.  Then scroll down to see the response of Judith Rifeser and the attendees to the question ‘which films and TV series do YOU recommend?

Mark Reid’s session on BFI projects:

Part 1 – Introduction.  When the film starts at 17:43, to see a smoother version of the film with sound,  please stop and go to link below.  Then return and listen to 26:24 onwards! Thank you.

Part 2: Watch the first montage film on this page.  montage film linked below

Les montages


00:56:35 Cristina: I miss going to the BFI! Thanks for all the times the BFI has hosted us!
01:01:23 Suzi Bewell: I studied la Haine back in 2000 with my first ever A level class…happy memories of being an NQT
01:03:36 Suzi Bewell: sign up for eflyer – looks amazing thanks Mark
01:03:51 Wanda Marshall: Q for Mark – any plans for any German film studies sessions, eg Das Leben der Anderen?
01:12:33 Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer): Such a creative project – I can imagine some of my learners really getting into this!
01:15:53 sarah: finding companionship in pets during lockdown – lovely
01:16:15 Judith Rifeser (ALL London): So true
01:16:45 Mark Reid: There are a lot pets featured – one of the things that children all over the world seem to have in common
01:19:21 Marie Elder: a sense of comfort in the ordinary, small things
01:19:29 Murielle Werner: spending more time inside make you spend more time with pets, for young people, new sensations linked to quiet and slower life rhythm which is novelty in this rushed society where being busy is glorified and sign of success.
01:19:33 Rachel Bondarenko: This is wonderful. My son is also watching it with me and the town shown in Colombia is where he is from but yet to visit – a lovely surprise for him!
01:19:51 ALL London: Love the juxtapositon there of cat and human soaking in th e sun
01:20:11 a.jones: Noting and appreciating what we often do not see.
01:20:12 Daniel Storer: It’s great to see that, despite the circumstances, so many still were able to see/experience the warmth of the sun and life outside in some form.
01:20:29 sarah: Lots of people alone all over the world, but sharing the same warmth from the sun, wherever they are. That gives me a mixed sensation of sadness and warmth!
01:20:33 Mauro Ferreiro Ávila: I wish we could hear the sounds of those recordings. Such a beautiful project!!
01:20:39 Marie Elder: a feeling of lots of time to observe
01:20:51 Lynne: Noting and appreciating what we often do not see. So true
01:20:51 Iris Dutch: People have time to appreciate nature
01:20:58 Nora Marouane: It makes the audience feel like travelling although we are watching videos of people on lockdown!
01:21:24 Lynne Coulthwaite: Feeling of international community
01:21:42 sophia jasieczek: Le confinement- life in “ slow play”-
01:22:15 ALL London: Love reading these comments
01:22:22 Judith Rifeser (ALL London): Join this project: E-Mail:
01:23:05 Daniel Storer: Nostalgia – so true. The weather was lovely and the anxiety levels (for many, although not all) dropped.
01:23:06 Helen Rooney: Definitely joining this project, just sent an email
01:23:08 Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer): Pets of lockdown – how excited do my learners get when my 2 cats take centre stage on a Teams meeting lol
01:23:21 Natalia Herrera: Amazing project to promote “understanding the world,culture ” empathy
01:23:52 lisibo: Missed the start of this – looked amazing!
01:24:09 Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer): Really is @lisibo
01:27:15 Mark Reid: the overall website is here:
01:27:42 Laila El-Kheshen: There was a bit of sound at the beginning and then it cut off 🙁
01:29:13 Mark Reid: The montages for sensations – with sound! – are all here:

Dr Judith Rifeser

Slides sourcing films for use in lessons. [to be added]

Cara Bleiman – Mandarin film ideas: Mandarin Film ideas


11:08:34 From Shiovonne : the time in between is lovely.
11:08:58 From Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer) : Recommended LUPIN to my A level class – Omar Sy is brilliant in this and I have devoured the 5 episodes this week on Netflix – there is a second series coming soon
11:09:02 From Sarah Hau : I am binge-ing Spiral S8 on iPlayer instead of the usual watching 2 episodes back to back on a Saturday…whoops!
11:09:10 From Marie Elder : Personally, Engrenages/Spiral BBC 4
11:09:11 From Sarah Hau : Lupin is also very good!
11:09:20 From Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer) : I need to start Spiral season 1 – late to the party!
11:09:35 From Wanda Marshall : Yes def Lupin!
11:09:36 From sophie : Spanish series: Gran hotel, French: Call my agent, The Bureau, Spiral
11:09:46 From ALL London : Please write title / source
11:09:53 From ALL London : thsi will help us to collate the ideas
11:09:57 From Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer) : LUPIN, Netflix
11:10:07 From ALL London : e,g, ‘Call My Age.t, 10 pour cent / Netflix
11:10:10 From lisibo : I don’t have time to watch all these amazing series – which seems ridiculous when I can’t go anywhere but it’s true!
11:10:10 From Wanda Marshall : Lupin on Netflix for French.
11:10:27 From vanesa Macia Domene : Spanish: Alta mar, las chicas del cable, gRAN Hotel NEXTFLIX
11:10:37 From lisibo : I do like Chicas del cable, though this reminds me I need to catch up with it
11:10:54 From Kerry Phipps : For teachers not students: I have enjoyed Netflix films We are Family, Nothing to Hide. Series on Netflix: Le Chalet, The announcer, REd Shadows, Peur au Lac, Le bazar de la charite. Call My Agent new series on way! Lupin has been recommended. iplayer series Spiral.
11:10:56 From Jo B : – great for KS3 German
11:11:07 From Wanda Marshall : For German: ARD Mediathek – there are lots of German series available to watch.
11:11:41 From Kerry Phipps : Alta Mar -Netflix was enjoyable- if a bit far-fetched
11:11:42 From Sarah Ferretti . : Sixth formers (esp studying Un sac de billes) love Resistance y
11:11:57 From ALL London : Le prophète / BFI player – main actor Tahar Rahim in Eddy / Netflix
11:12:05 From Sarah Ferretti . : Resistance
11:12:09 From Elodie Juin-Rimbert : French : The African Doctor – Netflix. Great for the topic of immigration in France ! 6th formers love it
11:12:30 From sophie : The climb
11:12:41 From ALL London : Bande de filles / BFI plare
11:12:55 From Kerry Phipps : Spiral (iplayer) is onto 8th series! Gritty stuff
11:13:13 From Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer) : The African Doctor is beautiful film – I second that!
11:13:20 From ALL London : Les Mauvaises herbes / Netflix – recommended by Jamie in my Year 11 .. good for KS4
11:13:28 From Wanda Marshall : Re Sags Mir – they’re taking applications for year 12s and 13s to get involved in the next podcast during Feb half term
11:13:30 From Uxía Iglesias Fuertes : I am really enjoying the Spanish series “Patria”, although would only recommend it for A-Level students. It is about the Basque conflict and you can see the effect ETA has had in both sides.
11:13:39 From Mark Reid : Saturday clubs for 8-11 and 12-15 yr olds (now online) every six weeks: or Google BFI Saturday Clubs
11:13:41 From ALL London : (Thsi chat will be pasted on our website)
11:14:26 From sophie : The climb/Netflix
11:14:44 From Glenn Cake : French – Youtube- Chez Mimi-
11:15:03 From Wanda Marshall : There’s a German film on iplayer (free!!) called Balloon, about an escape from East Germany in the 1960s which is excellent
11:15:16 From ALL London : Plan coeur / Netflix (not suitable for cvlass – but great fun!)
11:15:22 From ALL London : (that’s a series)
11:15:54 From Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer) : If we download the chat, we can share all these great ideas with you after today! ALL
11:16:07 From ALL London : Tomboy / BFI player – fantastic film – woudl go with a PSE class too on gender / identity
11:17:25 From sophie : Not sur wher to watch this amazing movie more for adult: ‘the specials/ Hors Noames.’
11:17:47 From sophie : Hors Normes
11:17:51 From ALL London : Fienm to recommend filsm for us as well as for pupils!
11:18:59 From Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer) : Amazing – my trainee offers Chinese so I will email you for this slide @Judith – amazingly kind @Cara
11:19:35 From Cassie Triggs : For German speakers (probably suitable for A-Level students too) the series Dark on Netflix
11:19:50 From Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer) : Great to see German alive and well at Goldsmiths!
11:20:31 From Mark Reid : Summer 1993 is amazing!
11:20:59 From Mark Reid : Judith can we have the slides somehow?
11:21:32 From Glenn Cake : EXTRA- Older Series (French beginner-intermediate) –
11:21:33 From Uxía Iglesias Fuertes : That was great, thank you so much!
11:21:41 From LM : slides from the whole day would be great
11:21:43 From Cristina virissimo : can we have the slides, thanks
11:21:47 From Mark Reid : Thanks!
11:21:50 From Jo B : thank you – that’s amazing
11:22:02 From Cristina virissimo : fantastic
11:22:08 From Daniel Storer : I tried to take a snap of that French slide but was too slow – will they be uploaded? Thankyou – amazing resource!
11:22:11 From Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer) : So many rich resources to explore – thank you to your students too Judith x
11:22:15 From Lynne : Thank you
11:22:26 From Nick Mair : Really useful Judith!
11:22:26 From Laila El-Kheshen : Hello!
11:22:29 From Carolina GR : Hello!!!! Thank you Judith!!!!
11:22:31 From Rosa Gonzales Skinnari : Wonderful, thank you
11:22:40 From Maka Boizi : hello Judith and thank you
11:22:46 From Lilly : Hello!
11:22:48 From Laila El-Kheshen : Thank you again Judith! What a lovely list!
11:22:52 From Suzi (ALL Hon Membership Officer) : I have screen shotted some of these slides – @suzibewell on Twitter if you want to see the links before we make them publicly available.
11:23:27 From Daniel Storer : thanks@Suzi
11:23:32 From Prim Herridge (ALL London) : Thank you so much, just lovely. A delightful way of spending Saturday morning!
11:23:33 From Carole Parachini : Thank you for sharing all the links
11:23:39 From a.jones : If you save the Chat you will see all.
11:23:39 From Judith Rifeser (ALL London) : As always, please do get in touch, if you’d like to find out more.
11:23:43 From Sarah Ferretti . : Thank you!
11:23:54 From Helen Rooney : Thank you Judith and Mark
11:23:59 From Judith Rifeser (ALL London) : @rifjudy – feel free to tweet as well
11:24:18 From Natalia Herrera : Thank you Judith .I love Pachamama .
11:25:11 From Prim Herridge (ALL London) : great to see that Suzi!!!!
11:25:19 From Cristina : thanks Judith, as usual, lots of links to lovely resources

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