ALL London January Event 2021

16th January 2021

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ALL London January Event 2021


Thanks to everyone who took part in our online January Event – a  whole-day event designed to cater for a variety of needs in our strange ‘lock-down’ world.

After an opening session promoting ALL and future events, we had 4 separate sessions.

Here are  links to the separate sessions, each with their own write-up, related resources and chat.

A Happy AGM photo


We are delighted to be able to invite you to the annual ALL London January Event which this year was due to be hosted by our good friends at the BFI but instead will be held online in our large Zoom room with its video, audio and chat facilities. The event is still being run in association with the BFI .

Obviously we are disappointed that we cannot all meet face to face, as this is the very special ingredient of any ALL event. But we are determined to continue the tradition of having an event with the usual aim of principally being a focal point for mixing together and celebrating being part of the ALL family, but at the same time listening to brilliant speakers.

The event will be ‘live’ and not recorded, to make it as relaxing an experience as possible for all concerned and as close to the original event as possible.

We normally make a small charge for ALL members and a larger one for non-ALL members for the January Event. Given the circumstances, we will not charge anyone and will carry the cost of small token payments to speakers and the extra payment for a large Zoom meeting ourselves, as well as volunteers giving freely of their time to coordinate the event. So we very much hope that people who come along and are not ALL members will feel moved to support us by joining up! Don’t forget to join ALL or renew your membership to ensure you have access to all the great member benefits!

In the light of the government announcements affecting school opening and examinations it seems sensible to amend our programme and our original speakers, Dr Michael Wardle and Judith Rowland-Jones, have kindly offered to defer and offer their sessions at an appropriate later date.

The session outline is provisionally as follows:

Confirmed sessions: (Exact timing to be confirmed)

9.45 – 10.00 – Chance to socialise online

10 – 10.20 – Welcome, introductions, announcements,

10.30 – 11 Mark Reid of the BFI will update on their digital schools programme, and look at films made during lockdown in 2020 as part of the international film education programme Cinema Cent Ans de Jeunesse. Children and young people in 15 countries kept ‘sensation diaries’: recordings of the sounds, sights, and feelings they experienced during that extraordinary time.

11 – 11.30

12 – 1 – Distance-learning Games with a focus on younger learners (primary + KS3)led by Cara Bleimann and Sharon Mangion

3.30 – 5.30 Technology in Language Teaching Show and Tell.

This will include presentations from:

  • Jane Basnett – Carousel Learning
  • Natasha Witham – Spiral
  • Rachel Grice with Sabine Pichout – Blooket
  • Ester Borin – Breakout rooms


09:38:14 From ALL London : Message to waiting room: Welcome! We will open the room shortly.
09:38:44 From ALL London : (Just finishing my special K!)
09:45:18 From Carolina GR : good morning!!!
09:45:32 From Liljana Nezha : Liljana Nezha :Hello from Albania
09:45:38 From Marife Mayayo : Good morning everyone! 🙂
09:45:54 From Isabelle Jones : good morning everyone!!!
09:46:05 From Carole Parachini : Good morning
09:46:27 From Jerome Nogues : Morning all. 😃
09:46:31 From Judith Rifeser (ALL London) : Good morning and welcome to the ALL London January 2021 event. Thank you for joining us today.
09:58:36 From Judith Rifeser (ALL London) : Would you like to say hi in the chat and where you are joining us from virtually and which languages you teach?
09:59:28 From Kate Taylor : Good morning! Joining you from Stockport in Greater Manchester
09:59:28 From Laila El-Kheshen : Morning everyone!
Laila here – French and Spanish ITT from Goldsmiths Uni.
09:59:29 From Marissa Tomkins : Morning everyone. I’m Marissa. I’m joining from a little town in Essex called Great Dunmow, but I teach French in a school in East London
09:59:39 From Sarah Zezulka : Morning! I’m a MFL PGCE student at Goldsmiths with the marvellous Judith. Teaching languages are French and German
09:59:48 From Liz Fotheringham : Hi everyone from St Albans – My languages are French, German and bit of Mandarin
09:59:57 From Maria Isabel : Good morning from Spain! Teaching English here.
09:59:59 From Tracy Anderson : Hi. I’m joining from Lincoln and I teach Spanish and French.
10:00:12 From Rosa Gonzales Skinnari : God Morning from Sweden, Rosa teaches Spanish, German and English.
10:00:14 From Rachel Bondarenko : Hello, I’m also an MFL PGCE student – Spanish and French in Bradford.
10:00:14 From Iris Dutch : Morning. I’m here in London. I teach French to KS2.
10:00:17 From Kate Taylor : And I teach French in Primary, with many years previously of teaching French and Italian in Secondary
10:00:32 From Wanda Marshall : Hello from North London! I’m currently teaching German in a sixth form college, but have also done lots of primary French.
10:00:57 From Miriam Masip : Good morning! I am in London and I teach Spanish and French.
10:01:03 From Marife Mayayo : It stays for 20 days
10:01:14 From sian wills-sagoo : hello! From Birmingham! Teach only German at the moment but can do French and Spanish too.
10:01:34 From Elodie Juin-Rimbert : Hello – I’m a PGCE student, teaching French and German in Wallingford Oxfordshire
10:01:40 From Sarah Hau : Morning all! I’m in Bromley, the strange place that can be Kent, can be London! I teach mainly secondary French and KS3 Spanish 🙂
10:02:13 From Shaz Wasz : hi! Sharon Waszkiewicz/teaching French snd English in London -used to be ALL London committee till other things got in the way 😀
10:02:34 From Sarah Hau : @Marife – hiiiii! Long time no speak!
10:02:58 From Natalia Herrera : Good morning everyone.I am a PGCE student from Goldsmiths .
10:03:10 From Laila El-Kheshen : Hi Natalia!
10:03:17 From Alda whaley : bonjour
10:03:41 From Natalia Herrera : Hi Laila ,Bonjour,Buenos días !
10:04:10 From Carolyn George : Hello from Sheffield
10:04:38 From Sarah Zezulka : Oh to be able to meet people face-to-face!!
10:05:06 From Carole Parachini : Carole from Birmingham : )
10:05:28 From Helen Rooney : Morning, Helen Rooney, I teach French and Spanish, in Liverpool today but work near Blackburn
10:06:40 From Anne-Marie Lawlor : Morning. I teach French and Latin in Brixton, south London.
10:10:48 From Daniel Storer : Morning – Dan here – ITT French and Spanish in Plymouth
10:10:53 From Laila El-Kheshen : yes 🙂
10:11:34 From Nora Marouane : Bonjour, hello! I’m a PGCE student at the IoE – member of ALL
10:11:40 From Daniel Storer : Also a member of ALL
10:11:41 From Christine Adams : Hi, I am a PGCE student in Manchester, member of ALL
10:11:41 From Judith Rifeser (ALL London) : Hello, my name is Judith Rifeser, I am an ALL London Committee Member and the ALL Deputy Honorary Membership Officer. I am a German and Spanish teacher and the Co-cordinator of the Goldsmiths PGCE Secondary Languages Programme
10:11:50 From Caroline Okerika : h
10:11:50 From Julia Morris : I’m Julia and teach German in Somerset – group member of ALL.
10:11:57 From Lauren Mitchell : Hi! I teach French and Spanish in West London.
10:12:02 From Pilar Navarro : Good morning. Pilar Navarro here, I teach Spanish and French in Hereford.
10:12:03 From Keisha.Reid : Hi, from Birmingham
10:12:04 From Melike : Hello! I’m a pre-service teacher from Turkey
10:12:05 From Murielle Werner : Murielle teacher of Spanish, French and TOK in Duisburg
10:12:05 From Sarah Ferretti . : Morning, Sarah here – head of mfl, teacher of french snd italian in Newbury
10:12:06 From Stéphane Derône : Bonjour tout le monde.
10:12:08 From Rowena Allen : morning. teacher of French in Peterborough
10:12:12 From Lynne : Bonjour du Lancashire
10:12:12 From Caroline Okerika : Hello, I’m a member,
10:12:13 From Lucy ipad : morning!
10:12:14 From Rich Margerison : Good morning everyone! Richard Margerison (ALL London Committee) French teacher at Berkhamsted School in Hertfordshire
10:12:16 From Adeline Moston : Bonjour ! I am a Head of MFL and teach French and English in a prep school in Berkshire. I’m a ALL member, definitely join if you haven’t!
10:12:19 From Rosa Gonzales Skinnari : I’m member!
10:12:30 From sarah : Hello everyone, I’m Sararh, French and EAL teacher
10:12:40 From Catherine Spiers : morning. I am Catherine spiers and I am a member of ALL. I teach French in Aldershot in a Primary school. I teach from Early years to year 6.
10:12:40 From Jess : Buenos días! Spanish and KS3 Leader / teacher in Northamptonshire!
10:12:48 From Liz Stillman : Hi! I teach French and Spanish at a secondary school in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire
10:12:49 From Mauro Ferreiro Ávila : Hey everyone! This is Mauro. I am Spanish, and I am currently in my ITT at Goldsmiths (Dr Rifeser is my course leader!). I am a member of ALL too
10:12:54 From Lynne Coulthwaite : Hi Lynne from Cumbria and a member of ALL
10:12:57 From Murielle Werner : Am still listening, just eating my mini German brunch…
10:13:09 From Rich Margerison to ALL London(Direct Message) : Hi Helen! Can you make the other Rich Margerison a Co-Host – I’m swapping devices
10:13:19 From Gurneet Chagger’s iPhone : Morning I am a Head of MFL and I teach German and Spanish from Rugby
10:13:21 From Jo B : Morning! Jo from Yorkshire – ALL member and lover of these online events. Thank you in advance for all you do and will do today.
10:13:22 From Charlie : PGCE Lead at Bath Spa University – Member and Events co-ordinator at the ALL West of England branch; taking the opportunity to stay in my PJs today so no camera! 🙂
10:13:23 From Rosa Pohl : Good morning! I’m Rosa, and I teach German in the MLC at King’s College London.
10:13:28 From Isabelle Jones : Hi there I am Isabelle Jones, teacher of French and Spanish and proud member of ALL. really looking forward to this. Join ALL it is a no brainer!!
10:13:30 From Uli Byrne : Morning! I teach German and English.
10:13:39 From Annette : Hello, Spanish/French teacher at Sandwich Tech in Sandwich, Kent.
10:14:39 From Cassie Triggs : Hi, Cassie here. I’m an ALL PGCE student member studying at St Mary’s University teaching German and French
10:15:31 From Kerry Phipps : I am Kerry Phipps, ALL committee member. teaching French and Spanish Primary and secondary. Lovely to see everyone today!.
10:15:32 From Laila El-Kheshen : yeay! can’t wait for the new one! The last one was amazing!
10:15:35 From Sam Dernley : Hi! Sam Dernley here from St. Barts School in Newbury, Berkshire. MFL German French and Spanish teacher.
10:16:47 From Carolyn George : proud member of ALL committee in Yorkshire. If there are any Yorkshire based teachers out there, do join us
10:17:44 From Karine Cook : Hi I am Karine Cook Teacher of French in Bucks. Must must renew my membership
10:18:30 From Yvonne/Eve Wood : Hi did TSST MFL 2018
10:21:39 From Daniel Storer to ALL London(Direct Message) : Good morning.. Can you please advise who co-ordinates the South-West branch? Thankyou
10:21:41 From laurahmcewan’s iPhone : Hi I am Laura McEwan from Scotland – I am a member of SALT Scottish Association of Language Teachers
10:22:36 From Judith Rifeser (ALL London) : ALL:
10:23:16 From Judith Rifeser (ALL London) : Join ALL or renew your membership. Special discount for PGCE student teachers:
10:23:51 From Helen Rooney : Just joined
10:23:54 From Judith Rifeser (ALL London) : Language World Conference:
10:23:54 From Helen Rooney : ALL
10:25:02 From Judith Rifeser (ALL London) : As non-member rates are charged at £100.00+vat we encourage any non-members to join the Association in advance of registering for the Conference. We are offering a 10% discount on 1 Years’ Membership for those who join the Association and then register to attend Language World, rates shown below.
To take advantage of this Membership discount please go to the ALL website, select the appropriate Membership Category and follow the on screen instructions. Once you get to the ‘Basket’ please enter this coupon code, Conf2021, and the 10% discount will be applied, you can then ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and complete your purchase.
10:26:30 From Judith Rifeser (ALL London) : Please give your opinion: Language Trends survey